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Michelle Obama Is Going To China To Convince Asians That Education Is Important

By , March 3, 2014.

First Lady Michelle Obama will travel to China later this month on a vital diplomatic mission. She’s been tasked with selling the Chinese people on the virtues of education. Yeah, you read that right. She’s going to try to convince Asians that getting a good education is important.

I guess Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry figured Michelle was the right person for the job considering how good she is at preaching to the choir. After all, she’s the one that spent taxpayer money to convince people to drink water. Why not send her to China so she can tell the Chinese that education will help them compete economically.

It’s not like China isn’t an economic powerhouse or anything. Oh wait, it is. They are kicking everybody’s ass in the global market, so it is possible that they’ve already figured out that education makes you more competitive.

Also, let’s face it; Asians generally excel in school. This is not some kind of racial stereotype; it’s a fact. Asian parents push their kids hard. They already place an importance on academics. Asians are among the top-achieving students at every major university in the U.S. They don’t need additional prodding.

Really though, this important mission is all about Michelle.

“I’ll be focusing on the power and importance of education, both in my own life and in the lives of young people in both of our countries,” she wrote on the White House blog.

She plans on boring the Chinese people with stories about how she grew up poor but somehow ended up getting degrees from Princeton and Harvard. Much like her husband, who has degrees from Columbia and Harvard, anyone can attend prestigious Ivy League schools if you can mysteriously get someone to pay for it.

This weeklong visit to China looks like another monster expenditure for the American people. Accompanying Michelle will be daughters Sasha and Malia as well as the First Mother-in-law Marion Robinson, who for some reason actually lives at the White House. Barack is sitting this one out because he doesn’t really like doing presidential things, and he probably needs a break from the gyno-centric pecking order in his household.

Millions were spent so Michelle could convince children that school lunches are disgusting. Million more so she could let people know that drinking water is an essential component to staving off thirst. Now, an untold fortune to get Asians interested in education. What’s next? Will she travel to New Delhi to let Indians know that curry is a wonderful spice?

I guess we shouldn’t blame Michelle for trying to sell snow to an Eskimo. She’s just copying what she sees her husband doing. For five years in a row Barrack has been convincing gun owners to buy more guns. It’s just in the Obamas nature.

  • BO_stinks

    try starting with our own people, Detroit has a 47pct illiteracy rate.

  • BO_stinks

    Try starting with your own people, over half of Democrats believe Astrology is science.

  • nordic templar

    I really hope this one is just a joke …. please say it is .

  • Richie

    Who and the hell is she trying to convince that going to a country that does not want there people to learn nothing more but how to be a slave, ping pong is probably lhaf at this bimbo

  • Ray

    NO! This is my money and I say she cannot go. No more trips for this
    disgusting ghetto communist!

    • Chrisput

      The Simeon-like MOOCH-Elle, considers it her Birthright. “You MF’ing Crackers owe me MF’er.”

  • TimB

    Another thinly-veiled vacation for the First Lady and her entourage; afterall she hasn’t been on one since January. I sure hope she, her 2 daughters, and all her personal assistants get a chance to take in some of the sights.

    Even if the Chinese did need convincing on the merits of education, why would we want to spend our taxpayers dollars doing that. Isn’t that just helping the competition in this global economy?

    • Richard McGrath

      Her 2 daughters, and all her personal assistants and her mother.

      Yes we are paying for moms trip to China

    • Jose Hernandez

      Everybody know that she will go there but..nobody know that her two princess ,her mother and the obama aunt and uncle-the illegals oyangos-will go too.

  • osamaba bin mooch michelle

    Can we just leave her there? That would be great! Send her “husband” soon to follow! China can keep them!

    • Tatiana Covington

      That would be a really sneaky way to ruin China and F it up completely. Then we could dump the other libtards on Russia and Putin would never know what hit him.

  • verna

    Is she going to ask them for a loan because her husband can’t count.

  • DoucheOwebama

    Same SH*T, different vacation day for the tranny last “lady” Moooooooooooooochelle (or should I say Michael) Putrid, vomitous, nauseating….feel free to add your own disgusting adjective here…

  • Jan Bradley

    Just another vacation excuse. Too bad she doesn’t get enough vacations, bless her heart!

    • Bonnie Boyles

      I wonder if the girls will be considered paid assistants again, maybe granny will be paid too. Disgusting people.

      • AnewAmerica

        Disgusting people? What people would you be referring to? Funny how no one questioned previous President’s wives spending. Your White ancestors lived off the backs of slaves and you have a nerve to call a whole race black people disgusting. America is bred full of hypocrites. It was founded and based on hypocrisy. A bunch of rejects from Great Britain come over to a land and establish themselves as free. Yet at the same time put a whole people in slavery and still refuse to break denial about the truth. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Chuck Bump

    Thank a democrat if you’re still talking to one–I’m not! They sold us down the river. Think I’ll start calling them Judascrats.

    • Chrisput

      Nazicrats is more appropriate Chuck.

  • Harv

    Save you time and money spouting. The US is the one at the bottom of the list compared to the world.

  • davecross

    Education was powerful for her? Other than trying to move into my kitchen with her stupid food standards, exactly what has she done?

    • Jack Frost

      She invented the “Doctorate of Moochology”

  • Ricky Soliai

    Hell, skip pretense, just tell us you’re going on a another vacation!

  • SIG.40

    When will this primate evolve?

  • edgineer

    What a pathetic joke. Asians consider blacks one step below monkeys.

    • Jack Frost

      They are correct!

      • edgineer

        Almost correct. Actually it is two steps.

    • Jose Hernandez

      or maybe less than a monkeys;specially this type of ape.

      • AnewAmerica

        Wow…ignorance reveals itself, but America has no racism. Right.

  • 2Kool

    We must be a nation of idiots if we let her go on another 5 million dollar spending junket…….is she serious? She doesn’t believe the Chinese know the value of a good education? She has to be the stupidest person to walk this planet!

    • Enrico Pallazo

      She’s going to run for President. Maybe not in 2016, but at some point. And the media plus Hollywood will convince the sheeple to elect her. Qualifications don’t matter, look at Bathhouse Barry. She will be able to rule with an iron fist, any opposition will be deemed racist and sexist. #Bowdown America.

      • granny esti

        you don’t mean bowdown you mean bend over.

    • Dan Hittle

      5 million won’t start what the trip will cost.

  • Jack Frost

    How do you translate “I’s be gots my ejumicashun from a big skool and sheet. Look what it be dids for me!” into Chinese?

  • doug

    Maybe we mite get lucky and they’ll throw her ass in jail for being a lying bitch like her husband

  • Bojac

    This is BS the Chinese student’s that I had in class during 31 years of teaching were some of my top student’s .

  • Bojac

    Michelle should go to Detroit and convince the HOOD the virtues of education. This trip is just more waste of taxpayer money.

  • CharlesH

    Isn’t there anyone that can shut this freaking woman up?!?!?!??!

  • Barbie

    China’s people are all much smarter than the americans.. they have accompolished so much . . Is she looney ? I would be very embarrassed to do such a thing as this.

  • Marceen

    She really needs to talk to her own race and help them to understand the importance of education instead of being dependent on hard working citizens.

  • Chrisput

    MOOCH-Elle should be taking notes on how China does it, and I hope that the Chinese Education Minister schools her, on how her ilk and the Scum Teachers’ Union, have destroyed Education (deliberately I might add) in this country. I wish that she was going there to ask for asylum.

  • Joseph

    This is such a joke. Last time I checked the Asains were kicking our ass. We have our own problems here i America. The dumbing down of our students is alive and well.

  • patriot

    Hahaha. So she’s going to China to teach the children of one of the most technologically advanced countries that education is important when kids in America are more interested in learning about how to make children. She just likes the fact that WE PAY FOR HER TO TRAVEL….can we impeach him already? Have any of you seen the movie “Idiocracy??”

  • De

    What a waste of money. China is threatening Japan and this administration wants to encourage good eating habits. I dought Michelle even knows anything about China’s eating habits. China is gonna have another good laugh at the U S. Stop the monthly vacations.

  • Jeremy White

    I’m sure they will listen. After all, we have a lot we can teach them about education! She ought to be going to find out why they actually care about education. Maybe she could learn something we could use.

  • Katrina Donovan

    I thought the Chinese were already smart. Why not go to the low income areas here and spread the word (but I think this area has been covered by numerous people before you).

  • historyshowsus

    LOL, the demographic in the US that knows this most and she is going to get the info out to more asians??
    You need to do this work in the American black community instead of continuing to blame racism for their problems.

  • wildman

    the uneducated trying to seel education ideas- thats the liberal way

  • elimination20

    Her homo muslim husband should put burka over her fugly ass asap

  • mullis

    Ego maniacle, attention seeking, self promoting mooch! I, for one, am so sick of her and her husband. These people seem to focus on getting as much attention for themselves as they can, degrading Conservatives, racially dividing, and spending as much tax dollars as they can to promote inane programs that have obvious results. They are both just chocked full of “insignificant information” and seem to think that this has value just because they are in the position they are in. Aaaaaaarrrg!! Go away!!

  • Ron Babineau

    Isn’t there anyway our elected officials and representatives can “defund” this junket BEFORE it begins ? Obviously it’s another vacation “ploy” Michelle should concentrate on convincing the Chinese to adopt her school menu plans, that way the US may get the upper hand as millions and millions of Chinese starve to death ……..

  • Indynana

    Teaching Asians that education is important is like teaching blacks how to use the race card~~~~~~~~~~~

    • bbeans

      LOL! good one!!

  • Ibulena

    Defund the vacations!

  • Indynana

    This has to be a JOKE ! NO ONE is that stupid! No one – even a liberal can be this ignorant! This is just a way to mock someone! These people need to be locked up!

  • Marty65

    Baloney. She and her family are trying to pack in as many expensive vacations as possible during the remainder of their reign. Disgusting and despicable. They have no shame but a great deal,of arrogance.i have absolutely no respect for them.

    • xmrax

      I wonder when the trips to the moon start. maybe moo and the girls could hop on .they haven’t been there yet for sure.

  • mark

    Well, at least we get rid of her for a while.

  • cmd

    I guess that’s one way to get the taxpayers to pay for the trip without any question. Just say she’s on a diplomatic mission. What a joke. I hope those that voted for the Obamas have come to realize their mistake.

  • jeff cole

    WTF CHINA? We have enough to get with the schooling in the USA.

  • jeff cole

    Hell she should fix Chicago’s problems before she tackles a billion!
    Another Bust Ditch with a gay husband!

  • Jack Frost

    Moochelle: “Konichiwa! I’s be here to be telling you hows you alls be need to be gets yoselfs some edjumication”

  • Wayne Van Scoyoc

    The sights in Highland Park must not have been good enough for Moochelle.

  • Martin Ellacott

    So Michelle Obama is going to tell the Chinese that education is important….What a contradiction. It seems to me that the present Administration is doing everything possible to dumb-down the citizenry, keep them in the dark and under absolute control… room for dissension now. Obama’s Governance is the worst I have ever seen….Junior Bush’s is second.

  • Cheryl Garand

    Well, now she will be able to take credit for all the brilliant Asian students, because if they do well in school and at University it MUST be because MoMo told them it’s important….

  • Brian Hughes

    Hey, someone needs to give them an example of WHY education is important – so you don’t end up an ignorant cow like her!

  • Valerie Waddelove

    Several years ago when I was teaching at a small private school, we had a group of about 8-10 Chinese students visit our school and spend a day with us. Believe me, these kids did NOT need to be reminded that education was important. Their education was rigorous, and well-funded (they had their own computers). Now maybe out in the country in China it’s a different story, but these kids were from the big city. they also were up on the latest clothing styles, and looked pretty stylin’. So watch what you say, Michelle Obama; I think the Chinese could be easily offended on high-handedness.

  • Jerry Donahue

    Hey, she needed somewhere to bring the kids for spring break! Have you seen the prices at the Great Wall Hotel? She had to get this one in off her bucket list while we are paying for it!

  • matt miller

    Mooch-ell is going to China because she wants to go to China on the American dime…Ultra First Class. She”ll probably try to convince them to eat rice while she’s there. You think she’ll convince the Chinese leaders to support us against North Korea , Iran, Russia? Nah…too much work. Maybe she’ll take The Oprah with her and they can both claim they were victims of racism when someone doesn’t bow before them.

  • stevor

    if we’re lucky, this is a ruse and she’s planning to go there to stay and get plastic surgery so she’ll fit in (maybe she’ll join the muslim Uighers there)

  • rightffielder

    Let china keep this bittch!!

  • Jac300

    Hilarious LIE. Just like her ShovelReadyLiar of a Husband, a reason to spend taxpayers $ and Travel. Why don’t you go to east harlem, south central, east LA, Phil, Cabrini-Green, Washington DC black/hispanic neighborhoods. We know why. The gangbangers that look like her husband would rob her.

  • Abby Sapp

    First she needs to stop acting like some type of diplomat because she isn’t. She can’t even be the first lady without making the budget blast! What she knows about education almost got her disbarred.

    Lay off lady. You haven’t got the “stuff”.

  • JThomasAlfaroJr_44137

    Is this some kind of a joke? Asians look at college education as a MUST to succeed in life. It is rooted deep down in our culture that if you have a college degree, you are more competitive in life. We do not need a Michelle Obama telling us to go to school.

  • Jose Hernandez

    Yes,last thing moche,go there and bring with you a beyonce porno video and plenty crime,sex,drugs and violence rap videos,show to the chinese a couple of black skins full of tattoos and tell them not to wear a Flag of China at schools;I hope ypour next trip will be to Cuba and Venezuela.

  • Kathy LaPlant

    What a whopper of an excuse to waste more American taxpayer dollars. Hey, honey, check out China’s standing in the world when it comes to education. China’s people are some of the highest educated in the world. In my business college, I was taught by two Chinese professors, both with doctorites and both extremely young. I think they know the value of a good education. We obviously know the value of their education and they teach in our colleges all across America.

  • AnewAmerica

    Michelle Obama you keep doing the great job that you are doing. Being a strong woman and an excellent supporter of your husband. The comments below do no reflect the views of the majority of America only the selected few who just can’t get beyond immature name calling and name labeling. This is what America is trying to get away from. We need people with real solutions not a bunch of whiners, condemners, and complainers. You both are two wonderful leaders of a new, great country where all races are equal. Keep up the good job. We love you and we are praying for you and your family. P.S The negative things that people say about a person are usually a reflection of how they feel about themselves…