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US Warns Illegal Border Crossers That They Won’t Qualify For Immigration Reform

By , December 19, 2013.

In a massive case of jumping the gun, the United States issued a warning on Wednesday to those considering crossing the border illegally that they would not qualify for any potential immigration reform. The bill passed by the Senate that would provide a path to citizenship is deader than Obama’s credibility, but that didn’t stop his administration from giving a friendly heads up to Mexican nationals thinking about sneaking in.

Alan Bersin, the assistant secretary of international affairs for the Department of Homeland Security, is worried that unscrupulous smugglers known as ‘coyotes” may be encouraging people to cross before such reform is passed. He doesn’t have any evidence that this is happening, but look at how long his official title is, he must know what he’s talking about.

“It seems to me that it is supremely important that people who are crossing, or trying to cross … they have to realize they will have no right to take advantage of any immigration reform law that gets passed,” said Bersin at a news conference.

Edgar Ramirez, the DHS attaché at the US Embassy in Mexico City, is also equally concerned that people considering breaking our laws may be taken advantage of.

“If some person they know, some ‘coyote,’ makes them a promise that if they go, they’ll be eligible for a U.S. immigration reform, that’s a false promise,” Ramirez said.

Isn’t this just a wonderful service we are providing for potential illegal aliens? There isn’t even an immigration reform proposal that has a chance of passing in the House of Representatives and we’re already advising people on the impact of a democrat-coveted amnesty program.

One of the reasons why the Senate bill is DOA in the House is because of the concern that any type of offered amnesty will bring a flood of new illegals hoping to cash in. Chalk this statement up to an Obama PR stunt trying to put to rest any fears of more illegal immigration. The administration is saying, “See, you don’t have to worry about more illegals coming into the country, we issued a warning. Now accept this legislation that rewards law breakers and erodes our country’s sovereignty.”

Continuing with the propaganda offensive, Bersin wants us to think the administration has already done a bang-up job of securing our borders. He said, “…crossing illegally has become extremely risky and, together with heightened border security, it is practically impossible to cross without a coyote.”

I feel better, don’t you? They’ve already sealed the US/Mexico border tighter than Nancy Pelosi’s sphincter. We don’t even need to pass a reform bill that includes heightened border security because Obama already took care of it. BS. Our border is so “hole-ly” it could qualify for sainthood.

Besin was also quick to point out that he personally hasn’t noticed a surge in illegal border crossings. This is an observation that is probably better made by the Border Patrol, but whatever. He did note that there has been an increase in volume of unattended minors making the cross. In other words, the so-called “dreamers” are flooding in because they know they can at the very least get permanent resident status. It turns out our fears were correct: more illegals are coming in to take advantage of immigration reform.

  • kelly9107

    No one is buying this horseshit. We all know we have been invaded and that no one is going to enforce our laws. The scumbags like obama need these people for votes.

  • RETUSAF1995

    Don’t be so sure with democrats in power. Look back at the 1986 amnesty. Fraud was so rampant that the government was rubber stamping everyone’s paperwork. Even for the DACA backgrounds checks were stopped in Dec 2012 because the gov was swamped. What’s 20+ million going to do to the system?

    Illegal aliens coming over the border will have fake papers saying they have been here 10 years with no background checks and with other illegal aliens swearing they lived with them and no follow up there’s a good chance they will fall through the cracks, rather large cracks considering the government’s willingness to not to enforce immigration law.