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Greta Van Susteren: Obama ‘Tried Very Hard’ To Discourage Fox News From Reporting About Benghazi



January 20, 2014

Hey, it’s the Chicago Way™, right?

On her blog, Greta Van Susteren, who hosts a 7PM news show on Fox News Channel, recounted how the Obama administration has repeatedly attempted to punish Fox News for its reporting about Benghazi. Apparently, the administration hoped that its retaliatory efforts would prevent the most popular name in cable news from reporting about the subject.

It didn’t work.

Van Susteren recounted the various strong arm tactics used by members of the President’s team. She claimed that the administration “tried very hard” to discourage reporting about the terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi in September, 2012.

First, she wrote: “In the early days after Benghazi, the State Department omitted only Fox News Channel from its conference call to all the media when it claimed to be answering questions about Benghazi for the media.”

Second, she noted that the CIA would later provide a briefing, for all networks except Fox, about Benghazi.

She also wrote:

And there were many times in the months and years since September 2012 when Obama Administration officials would make comments to suggest that Fox was just doing the Benghazi reporting for political reasons. The Administration was doing what it could to deter and demean the Fox News Channel investigation. They did not want to give us the facts — so their strategy was to attempt to belittle and demean our reporting.

The kicker: Van Susteren claims that a “friend” of hers in the administration attempted to get her to tell her colleague, Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin, to stop her reporting on Benghazi. This so-called “friend” claimed that Griffin would “ruin her career” over her reporting.


Van Susteren also took the administration to task for attempting to claim that the terrorist attack in Benghazi was a spontaneous response to a video as opposed to a planned effort.


  • BEAR

    good job FOX news

    • David Dunn

      bull shit news.. there is a woman in Denver was hurt 5 Islamic pigs.where is the news on that

      • Vance P. Frickey

        The news director in Fox’s Denver affiliate is pretty much conformist with the rest of the Denver news media (the hiring line for writers begins well left of center and the editor of “Westword,” Denver’s “alternative media weekly” with advertising revenues almost completely drawn from ads for clubs, dope stores, escort services and masseusses is pretty much the dean of the local journalism community).

        That being said, how do the five Islamic pigs get past the ushers in that mosque south of town? Does someone just hand prayer rugs out to them in the parking lot?

      • fafhrd

        Islamic pigs? Isn’t that a contradiction?
        I don’t live in the Denver area, is there some reason why you think this should have made national news?

        • Reneé Kunkel

          It did make the news. I just read about it. Other than the details of the attack that may hold them back from reporting about it during family viewing hours- I would say that it does take time for them to make the rounds of other news sources, check out the facts the best they can before taking up the story as well.

          • merrily

            Damn, you mean they have to vet it for truth? Teapublican’ts can’t allow that!

          • brianjconway

            Yeah. they are too busy making up imaginary scandals like Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Phony Iran nuke deal, IRS political harassment, NRA spying. Allowing terrorist connected people into the country, ObogusCare, Unlawful Executive orders. Shall we go on?

          • Renellin

            You’re saying then that none of the items you just mentioned are important, don’t exist, or were done right?

          • brianjconway

            Calm down. See my response above. I was being sarcastic towards the dem/libs who are trying to sell that the scandals are made up. LOL

          • Renellin

            Well, jeez. It’s okay, the smelling salts worked.

          • bravo27

            if you believe they are phony scandals, then you are truly stupid ! !

          • brianjconway

            Easy big boy ! I’m being sarcastic about the dem/libs trying to push that the scandals are made up or exaggerated. Put the pin back in that grenade. LOL

          • Helen


          • Rhonda Clark

            Benghazi Would not be a scandle if a Minority was in the Casket you as*

          • Helen

            Geeeezzzzz you dumbo-rats are really DUMB

          • probono

            Merrily your a closed minded liberal idiot. You voted for the liar in chief “you can keep your doctor””your policy” “AFA will put people to work”‘You will get a check for $2500.’ “the AFA will lower the deficit” .”The Benghazi attack was a result of a you tube video’”I know nothing about “F&F” orNSA or IRS targeting of conservatives and they just continue and the braindead keep voting for these liars.

          • Rhonda Clark

            They are voting these black back into office same type of racist race baiting trash utube Civil war us whites wont take them much more

          • Renellin

            On the contrary, we insist.

          • Rhonda Clark

            A white is called a white a minority is called a Suspect hell no

          • festmatt5440

            And ‘ ; you were saying ‘ , ………?

        • Alan Higginbotham

          If an Islamic woman had been attacked by say some Christians do you think that would make national news?

          • fafhrd

            Yes, if only for the fact of Christians attacking anyone.

          • marla1

            Much more than muslim slime attacking a Christian!! That’s oslima”s way!!!!

          • Rhonda Clark

            BLACKS ARE BEATTING EVERY RACE TO DEATH WHY NO NEWS DEMOCRATS just killed 11 Mexicans last weeek

          • Capt Tee

            If the news gave proper coverage to people being hurt by Muslims, nothing else would get coverage.

      • Renellin

        Actual pigs? Because, you know, they think a lot of people are monkeys and pigs.

      • Rhonda Clark


        • festmatt5440

          The two biggest racists ‘ ;are occupying the residence at 1600 W. Pennsylvania Ave.

    • Rhonda Clark

      I also like the Mexican Hannity and the other Mexican the Judge , and Huckabee and the other Mexican Judge BUT THEY ARE RACIST TO DEMOCRATS they have more minorities WHAN WILLIAMS HOPE YOU ENJOY HELL YOU RACIST BLACK FROM HELL DROP DEAD

  • Kristy Patullo

    Go, Greta!

  • johnanaguski

    Vindictive, vengeful administration, his way or the highway a very immature person.

    • UnaffiliatedVoter

      THE MOST EVIL President in Amerikkkan histoire …

      • Helen

        Do not use a Capital P when discussing Obamas presidency….IT IS A FRAUD. He is not even an American! Just had a ciommunist mother and grandparents. lHis father was a drunkard from Kenya and that is where he is from as well!! He is a wanna be Dictator!!!

        • Capt Tee

          Do you believe in a Sovereign God?
          Read the Book of Job lately? Do you think anyone could steal an election and surprise God?
          Do you think God could be using the Obama Administration to get us stubborn Americans to repent of worshiping (and putting our trust in) everything else but Him?

  • osamaba bin mooch michelle


  • C.B.

    very transparent administration. NOT. if the White House can’t control what they want the public to know, they implement tactics to smear you in some form or manner. I wonder why no other reporters have the guts to investigate on any of this (the truth about the Benghazi mishap & the cover up)?

  • madgrandma

    Thanks for having intestinal fortitude Greta!

    • GoneApe

      This president is well beyond deserving of impeachment. It is ashamed they stole the last election.

      • mike cumpston

        the didn’t steel it. It was given to them by a bunch of fecundating idiots who are too stupid to vote.

        • Renellin

          I think they did steal it. I think they voted obo a population that doesn’t care. Don’t tell me the dealers on the street corners took time out of their busy schedule to get to the booth. They probably didn’t even know about the election. Or the homeless guy is going to come out from under his bridge or cardboard box? He doesn’t know what day it is!

          • mike cumpston

            well maybe. but i know at least one baby boomer/gun owner who voted for him because ” Ah thank he’s really gonn Hayulp me.” He is in his selfish entitlement mode believing that the far left wants to help “The! Elderly!” The college- age children voted for him in droves= at least in the first term and I know one politically indifferent couple who voted for him because it bothered them that George Bush mispronounced words. There are a lof of people like this who think the country is too big to fail and that communism is sophisticated. They believe that history began on the day they were born and will fall into a black hole on the day they die- or more likely rise up to live in the Big Rock Candy Mountains with Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, Elvis and Jesus.

          • Renellin

            Man that media biz really gets to them. George Bush had a Texas accent, but he really didn’t talk much. Obama thinks there’s 57 states, Hawaii is in Indonesia, he doesn’t know what states border his ‘other’ home state of Illinois, He pronounces corps like corpses, but none of that matters because republicans have a war on women and they’re racists. *sigh*

          • Rhonda Clark

            Let these white hating Democrats from Hell Satins people get abortion

          • HW13568

            and he spells respect RSPECT…

          • marla1

            Typing error you moron.!! There are a lot of people who can’t type or spell and are very educated intelligent people! Men are terrible spellers! Grow up you moron , all you have to contribute is spell and typing corrections!!

          • Lilys

            WHAT are you talking about? HW13568 is talking about OBAMA, who spelled respect “RSPECT” while TALKING (not typing) about Aretha Franklin and her song…and there was nothing heard about it from the media (who went nuts over Bush’s mispronunciations and Quayle’s “potatoe” error)…HW is HARDLY a moron, as you keep calling him.

          • Taurus63


          • Rhonda Clark

            income equality means do not hire whites utube civil war

          • Rhonda Clark

            Illegals voted in states with no ID laws THE KKK and the Black Panther s was holding base ball bats at us I wish they tried there African Ship on me Id shoot the Knockout gamers , Lately they have been Lyinching mostly Mexicans latino in CA NY AL FL and NO DAMN NEWS DEMOCRATS CONTROL OUR FREEDOm to know what’s really going on

          • mtncrusr

            Ha. The Dems and unions had two weeks of early voting to gather all the dopers and street dwellers and feed/pay/drive them to the polls. Plus they helped the senior homes to vote for Barry, not to mention the cemetery. Early voting must end.

          • thtom

            ROMNEY lost by over 130 electoral votes.That means a lot of the votes he got were from republicans.There are only about 38% registered democrats.Those other votes came from people other than the ones you describe.On the surface they may be Republicans,but when they vote they think about there social security,Medicare,and their retirement.If the republicans get there way,there want be any of these.They haven`t forgotten President Bush wanted to privatize S.Security,give seniors a15,000 vouture and kill Medicare.

        • Rhonda Clark

          Get the black vote get the Hispanic vote get the Latino SKIN VOTE DEMOCRATIC TRASH Socialist Marxist Communist pigs

          • thtom

            Don`t forget white seniors who want to keep there Medicare and social security,also women.

        • jimmie redding

          No. They stole it by multiple voting. Dead people voting. All sorts of fraud. It would help if all registered voters would vote.

          • mtncrusr

            Too many so called Christian bigots stayed home rather than vote for a Mormon. So, they got a Muslim. Happy?

          • Taurus63

            mtncrusr, ignorance is bliss, eh?

        • festmatt5440

          They ” s t o l e ‘ , it . and they allowed George Soros ‘ ;to count the votes

      • LiberalBob

        Your man lost twice. Get over it! Move on with your life. I just get a big laugh reading all the nasty idiotic comments by wingnuts, and teabaggers. Keep them coming!

        • Rhonda Clark


        • Helen

          You just identified yourself as a Dumbo-rat who is willing to sell out America and do not even realized you are being USED!!!! What an idiot!!!!

          • Taurus63

            KUDOS, HELEN!

        • Renellin

          Which is it? get over it, or keep them coming! You can’t even write an effective insult.

        • jay5775

          You call us teabaggers yet its halfwits of your ilk that continually insert male genitalia in your mouths.

        • RoMo’s Groove

          Were you one of the “popular vote”whiners when G Dub beat Gore? Every few terms you libs get your man in office based on all your rherhetoric….. playing the race card and claiming the right hates women… its only a matter of time before this shit show ends and we get back in and right the ship, like Reagan after Carter…. believe it or not, all minorities are not helpless and victims of racist whites as the left makes them out to be…. pretty soon common sense will prevail, and they’ll realize all their tax dollars are funding escalades and 65 inch flatscreens and not creating jobs… unless of course you can somehow let the illegals vote, but I seriously doubt that’ll happen… enjoy it while you can, I don’t see the left destroying the country after 2016

        • wriprodir


        • GoneApe

          Your kind will rue this arrogance some day as you go down with the rest of the country. Obaggers are delusional.

        • festmatt5440

          Another , ignorant ‘ l e f t y ‘. spews his ignorance ‘.

        • Taurus63

          Well keep ‘em coming, in HOPES you actually LEARN something.

      • Rhonda Clark

        SKIN VOTERS VOTED FOR HIM RACIST PEOPLE WHITE HATING PEOPLE…ROMNEY IS OUR REAL PRESIDENT AND WE DEMAND EVERY DEMOCRAT GET OUT AND GO TO JAIL, and illegals take your hate for whites your race card your race war back to your own nation

      • Magik13

        For what? Saving the economy, ending 2 illegal wars, capturing Osama Bin Laden, or preventing doctors and insurance companies from turning away Americans for pre-existing conditions? Or is it for providing health care insurance to 40 million Americans that lack it? Go ahead. Ill bet my paycheck that you cannot list 1 bona fide impeachable offense. Right Wing Whacko racists have lots of hate inspired fantasies… That is the only conclusion one can draw from your ignorant stupid post

        • DeMarquise Elkins

          Those wars are necessary to continue building an empire.

        • GoneApe

          In your dreams. We have more wars going on since your boy got in. His healthcare debacle is a joke. It must be tough being an obagger.

        • Debbie Hogan Tate

          He armed our enemies! Al Quada has been on our enemies list since 1991! That is TREASON!

        • S. Ploughman

          I have been reading how you reply to others. Your name calling is amazing. When someone calls you on something, you can’t reply honestly,(because you don’t know the truth) so the name calling starts. You will defend this administration, even to God. I pity you.
          Read Proverbs 26:24,25,26. Perfect description of the
          socialist in charge. King Obama! Do you bow when you see his picture?
          His obama care made my health insurance go up $1200.00 a year. He has done nothing to help anyone in my family. Prices are up, and as far as bin laden is concerned, your cowardly
          president did NOT give the go ahead to kill him. A commander
          in charge did that, but your “I am the greatest” took the credit.
          He is a phony, arrogant, lying, wanna be dictator! God help us from him and idiots like you!

          • Magik13

            You are amazing…amazingly ignorant and judgemental… and that’s why you identify as a “conservative”. Conservatives are fear based and afraid of change and progress so they cling to the past, to religion, and guns. I call it as it is and do not hold back and if that disturbs you or anyone else, so be it…and grow a skin.

          • festmatt5440

            Liberals , are ” C o m m u n i s t s “.

          • Taurus63

            Hear festmatt5440, Mag?

          • Taurus63

            Magik13, S. Ploughman is amazing, because he/she is right. You can’t stand to be wrong. You want to talk about the health care that millions of people are getting, curtsy of the WORKING class?

          • GoneApe

            Osuck alert.

          • GoneApe


          • crosshr

            yawnnnn !!!

            tell me lies, tell me little little more lies !!!!!! Yawnn !!!!!

        • festmatt5440

          You are just another , ‘ ignorant ‘ f o o l ” .

        • Taurus63

          Mag, Mag, Mag. The more you open your mouth, the stupider you look. Try giving it a rest for a while.

        • speedeesam

          Me thinks Thee protest too much….

      • Taurus63

        BOTH elections!

    • DeMarquise Elkins

      Obama brought his Chicago “Community Organizer” thuggery, corruption, and racism to the White House.

      • Rhonda Clark

        UKRAIN VENUZEALLA has a great idea, utube Civil war

      • Magik13

        Obama rescued the nation from the Republican created Great Recession when under Republican rule, the USA was losing 800,000 jobs per month. The economy has in fact been gaining jobs for over 5 years straight. Obama ended the 2 useless Republican quagmires in the Middle East… both wars the result of the always faulty republican facilties of perception. No one identifying as Republican perceives reality correctly but through the distorted perception of their inner soul disease… which is narcissism. Narcissism is the reason Republicans are heartless and completely lacking compassion and good will.

        • DeMarquise Elkins

          It was Bill Clinton who signed deregulation that caused the financial crisis and subprime mortgage lending in the first place.

          • Jerry Serious

            And Jimmy Carter started it with the CRA in 1977. 5 presidents and 15 sessions of congress had their fingers in that pie. When Countrywide met with Fannie Mae in 1999 to protest the forced subprime lending that Clinton approved, they were given $300 million to go away and make more loans. This was at the time when Fannie CEO Frank Raines was caught cooking the books so he could get a huge bonus. He left with a golden parachute and some $50 million in compensation. He was rewarded for his crimes by being named Obama’s first economic advisor. John McCain tried in vain to get Fannie Mae audited and to change the subprime lending requirements in 2003 but he was branded a racist by – I think – Sheila Jackson Lee. Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Barack Obama took huge sums from Fannie Mae to keep the subprime loans going. Obama passed 98 other Senators in donations from Fannie Mae in just two years (only Dodd had more and it took him 30 years to get it). Oh yeah, and the final two years of Bush’s presidency were his worst fiscally (running the highest deficits), and they were the ones where the budgets were controlled by a Democrat majority in the House and Senate. Of course, the Senate has abdicated it’s responsibility (and Obama has allowed them to continue to do so. It’s planned – this way when historians look at what a fiscal disaster his presidency has been he can say he never signed a budget b/c the Senate never ratified one.) and stopped ratifying budgets in 2009 so people can be forgiven if they forget that the President doesn’t set the budget. So in essence, Obama ‘inherited a mess’ from himself. But yeah, let’s blame the GOP – who, by the way, are the only party in recent times to balance the budget (in 1996) but Dems are quick to give Clinton credit for that when all he did was sign the thing.

          • Leevora Harris

            Hate only needs a face for most, and Obama is the perfect face to blame every failing in this country on.

          • [email protected]

            so it Clinton’s fault? How about it was all the people who bought houses and knew they could not afford? Why not them? If they all paid their mortgages we would not be having this conversation. That is whose fault all the Fannie and Freddie problems came from. Clinton took a chance that the Americans would pay their bills. The Fool!.

        • DeMarquise Elkins

          Massively spiking the deficit via bailouts and interventions can only give people the impression of an improving economy for so long. Japan tried that after their housing bubble, and got mean reversion and then stagnation. You are only correct about mean reversion.

        • DeMarquise Elkins

          The US can conquer other lands, just like how other great empires are built. Liberal pussies don’t get that.

        • Drew Croy

          Spoken like a true liberal. At least you believe in your platform, no matter how misguided it is.

          • Magik13

            Spoken by a spiritually awakened and conscious human being. Conservatives are fear based and are the least evolved people on the planet. Hence why republicans and conservatives support the polluters that are destroying the planet and also why they are the first to rush into war….even though most so called conservatives have never served a day in their life in the US military.

          • Old Tanker

            ” Conservatives are fear based and are the least evolved people on the planet. Hence why republicans and conservatives support the polluters that are destroying the planet”
            I see what you did there…..accuse conservatives of fear mongering then immediately fear monger about us wanting to destroy the planet. Don’t forget, we want to starve children and throw old people out in the street too. Pot meet kettle….

          • Taurus63


          • commonsense4sure

            Magik13… is 13 your age or your IQ? True we need to stop the pollution that corps cause – that said – we haven’t been rescued from anything… job losses and the GDP shrunk 2.9%… bad news. More scandals than any admin ever and …. you think WHAT?? Obviously you don’t know how to think critically …you just listen to the 10 second sound bytes that tell you what to think! SAD! Now go look up critical thinking for dummies!

          • Taurus63

            I suspect both, COMMONSESE4SURE. Love the name. Anyone with COMMON SENSE has got my vote!

          • ATexasGirl10

            The spiritually of which you speak must be from the devil as lies is what you speak.

          • festmatt5440

            Quit showing us that you really don ‘t have a ‘ clue ‘ .

          • Taurus63

            OH, EVELUTION!!!! Forgive us Magik 13! NOW we understand!!!

          • RIDGERUNNER29

            LOL.Woodrow Wilson,FDR.Harry Truman,JFK.LBJ and Clinton were President when these wars started.WW1,WW2,Korean,Vietnamese(JFK+LBJ)Bosnian.In fact,we still keep troops in Bosnia today,20 years later.

        • EJG

          Obama has done NOTHING for Americans except LIE to them every time his mouth is moving. PERIOD.

          • Leevora Harris

            Every President has done the same! Stop crying about it! You were stupid enough NOT to get more votes to usher him out of the White House, not once but twice! So sit back, take the loss up your @ss and do a better job to get votes for who you want in office after Obama!

            I swear you all act like spoiled brats, crying about how you didn’t get your way! Boo who. Obama ruined the country! Boo who, Obama is a non American, Muslim, Black White Nazi who is killing good people who believe what I believe. Boo who, his wife is telling me to exercise, be healthy, and eat healthy! How dare she! Cry…cry…cry!

            Pu-lease! Shut the hell up! You’ll get your new white president in due. Good grief!

          • [email protected]

            Get used to it. I heard my whole life how we are on the brink of disaster that will end the USA and can only be saved by a take over by the opposition. .

        • ATexasGirl10

          You really have studied the Demoncrats talking points. You are using Obammas habits of lying when you lips are moving.

        • Barbaree

          Are you for real!?? I mean, really??!! You can’t possibly be this stupid! The dems VOTED for the wars, REMEMBER?! They (hillary, john kerry, etc. etc. etc.) made speeches about having to get rid of sadam! obama ended NOTHING. He just brought the troops home, and left all the military equipment there for the terrorists to use. My neighbor’s dog could have done better.

          • [email protected]

            That is what we do. It is the the stupid philosophy of Colin Powell with his” you break it you bought it Bullsh1t! That is what has killed most of our troops. Must did not want to occupy these crummy places. The no fly zone was working fine.

        • festmatt5440

          And ‘ ; do you also still believe in Santa Claus ‘ , and the Easter Bunny ‘ ?

        • Carolyn Parish Taylor

          The economic meltdown happened after the housing debacle blew up. Why did it blow up? Because both houses of congress refused to do anything to stop it. Chris Dodd & Barney Frank, both democrats, one in the house & the other in the senate, the two people who could have done something to stop it, refused to & made fun of GWB for implying that something was wrong. I’m not a huge fan of GWB but I do know that he went to congress 17 times & worked behind the scenes to try to get them to stop all those bad housing loans. When the housing crisis finally blew up, they put it all off on Bush & people like you bought it, hook, line & sinker, but you probably don’t know anything about fishing either.

          • crosshr

            you speak as a true Patriot lady, thank you.

          • [email protected]

            it blew up because the PEOPLE who bought the houses did not pay for them. The people who could of fixed it are the people who did not pay their bills. The only thing the pols could do is raise the requirements back to where they were when you needed 10% down.

        • protoham

          US Work Force from 2000 to 2008 grew by over 9 million jobs

          US Work Force from 2009 to Today Shrank by over 700,000 jobs

          Source US Dept of Labor

          What were you talking about, sounds like a lot of lies to me!

        • RJ Mar

          The man does not have a clue-Clueless-Do you have a clue on how to balance your checkbook?Check out youtube you will see the people that voted for him were just as clueless!Do you ever take responsibility for your actions?THIS IS COMING FROM A REGISTERED DEMORAT/HE IS BAD BAD BAD HERE IS ONE YOU CAN COUNT ON WATCH ALL THE PARDONS HE DISHES OUT.

        • Stolling Rone

          Blame Bush.
          Fox News.
          The weather.
          A YouTube video.
          Whatever it takes to hid the fact Obama IS NOT CAPABLE OF BEING AN EFFECTIVE AMERICAN PRESIDENT.
          He was raised by Communists in Hawaii, by Muslims in Indonesia, and is still spending his life trying to win the love of a worthless, deadbeat father who abandoned him when he was 2 years old.
          And lickspittles like you buy into the lies.
          If government’s the solution, why does it keep making so many problems?

          PS – According to the math from a CDC study, more people have contracted an STD than found a full-time job under Obama. FEWER people have work now thn in January 2009. In fact, at NO point in Obama’s tenure have more people been working than the day he was sworn in as President.

          Be glad you don’t have the balls to put your real name on here. I’m making a list of people not to help when it all hits the fan. You’ll be on it one way or another. Let your Holy government come riding to your rescue.

          You deserve what you’ll get.

          • [email protected]

            left out sun in my eyes and dog ate my home work. Wind in wrong direction….The devil made me do it…..and the ever popular we owe it to God and country.

        • allen goldberg

          You are so damned dumb, so misinformed that you comment ought to enshrined in the Hall of Stupidity.

        • [email protected]

          Almost all pol wanted these wars. Stop with the it is bush’s fault are a One trick pony just as with the brithers Both sides suck because people like them (and you) do not hold ALL responsible for their actions. instead they pick one side and blame them. Do you really believe it is still Bush? .

      • Magik13

        List 1 bona fide act of ” thuggery” and “corruption” committed by Obama. You right wing whackos are full of accusations and slander and hate but have no facts or reality in your distorted hate and fear filled worldview. When a Republican dies they spend hundreds of years in ” purgatory” which is the lowest levels of the Astral planes. There they suffer profoundly from their own hate, racism, misogyny. bigotry, and shame.

        • DeMarquise Elkins

          For starters, look at the incarceration rate of Chicago politicians.

        • DeMarquise Elkins

          You don’t understand Chicago culture and history of corruption in that city.

          • DonTfg

            Ok, here is jist one, irs

        • Ticked Off American

          Oh, (raises hand**) I’ve got one !! Remember “Joe the Plumber” and what was done to him after he asked one simple, spontaneous question? No, you probably don’t. Selective memory seems to plague the lefties.

        • Old Tanker

          Good thing you liberals aren’t into that fearmongering thing….eh?

          • Barbaree

            The left is just sick. You cannot get through to them. They’ll have to find out when it hits them, and they’ll be sqealing like pigs.

        • festmatt5440

          Your ‘ ignorance ‘ , lack of intelligence ‘ ,and “stu – pid – ity ” are showing .

        • Matt Sweitzer

          no when republicans die their voting status gets changed to pro dumbocrat

        • Bob Marly

          Bona fide???? Where are you from?? Bona fide LOL!! I did not sign up for socialism, and Obama lies about everything that comes out of his mouth, it is not witch lie there all lies!!

    • Rhonda Clark

      OUR TROOPS DO MATTER YOU RACIST TRASH get the Black vote get the Latino vote get the Haspanc vote you racist trash Democratic Racist Against Gods Law pot GAY Abortion , higher taxes for all, destroys middle class Socialist Communist Racist, Race Card throwing, Marxist..NEW WORLD ORDER progressive SKIN VOTERS FROm OVER THE 50 black counties blacks are so racist, into Skin not content Not 1 Romney vote Look at whites and every race being slaughtered by blacks daily as Democrats control our news Violence against whites..World…NEW NATION NEWS Blacks and Illegals slaughtering every race daily up dated daily…Blacks are now cooking heads….COUNCIL OF CONSERNED CITIZENS will make you sick to see Africans lyinching every race Q U I E T L Y , and NO NEWS….Top Conservatives..Angry white dude, SEE WHAT THESE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE ARE REALLY DOING , SOCIALIST COMMUNIST KILLING RACIST RACE CARD THROWING MARXIST, NEW WORLD ORDER S H E E P , SKIN VOTERS..Obama Eric Holder Hillery sold guns to durg Cartel now 76,000 dead Mexicans illegals invading USA for Jobs welfare AND WHAT VENZUALA UKRAN is doing will happen here WE WANT OUR REAL PRESIDENT ROMNEY IN GET ILLEGALS OUT OF USA ….utube Civil war..just see blacks and illegals kill every race daily see it every day see the truth CNN ESPN ABC CBS NSNBC FACE BOOK YAHOO NEWS Huffington Post all CONTROLLED NEWS ALL DEMOCRATIC NEWS SO THEY CAN KILL U …INCOME EQUALITY IS ONLY HIRE THEM NOT WHITES WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS DEMOCRATS WHY WOULD YO BE SO RACIST WE ARE ALL = AND ALL AMERICANS FIND JESUS CHRIST NO TO YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER…NO TO BEING LIKE CHINA NORTH KOREA

      • LongDongFernando

        Honestly I don’t even know if it’s possible for someone to be as stupid as you sound in your comments but hey – anything is possible in America nowadays.

        • Buck Ofama

          Anything is possible. A person named LONG DONG, who happens to be of Spanish origin lectures somebody who is truly speaking from her heart. In the mean time, is oblivious to what is happenening to the Republic in which they reside.

        • festmatt5440

          You have just proven your point ‘ ; you have the credentials ‘.

  • attli

    Who’re you going to believe? Greta or the liar-in-chief and his prevaricating administration?

  • Charles Gugins

    If republicans truly cared about what a bad job obama is doing(and believe me I think he is doing a bad job too) they would have fielded a better candidate in 2012. If that is all the republicans have, then I think the country is doomed.

    • Vance P. Frickey

      And if Democrats really thought Bush sucked all that badly, why did they run JOHN KERRY against him? The who man admitted to committing war crimes in Vietnam before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee? The man who was the Soviets’ biggest agent of influence in Congress in the 1980s? Joseph Lieberman was available, and probably would have done a better job than either Bush OR Kerry.

      If Democrats were so opposed to the PATRIOT Act, why did the Democrat-controlled Senate and House (at the time) renew it and Obama sign it ? Why is the NSA being backed totally by the White House and the Democratic Senate leadership?

      The fact is, politics draws busybodies and power junkies, and the higher in politics you go, the worse that gets. Ronald Reagan, for his several faults, was the closest thing we had to a dedicated, basically honest President since Eisenhower. Note their party affiliation.

      And notice that Ronald Reagan began running for the Presidency in 1968. Where’s the guy who started running for the Presidency 12 years ago that you’d like to see be President from either party?

      • Gayle

        The 2012 election was stolen by IRS vote rigging, overseen by Holder and Obama. RINOs don’t have the gonads to do something about it. Romney may also be a RINO but at least would have made a positive and successful presidency by now.

    • marla1

      And without the whites you scavenger blacks are doomed! So you better treat us nicer than you have been, we are the ones with the brains who have been feeding your black asses!!! Our tax dollars have been keeping you alive!!

  • Terry

    Obama and his cabinet wreak wiyh corruption !

  • Unclelou

    It’s tyranny! Give pats on the head and a bone if you obey and slam you in the kennel if you don’t. This regime is about as low as possible and still remain part of the human race.

    • wyatt48

      Obama really isn’t part of that.

      • jim wood

        Isn’t part of the human race?

      • marla1

        You are so right!

      • festmatt5440

        No , you ‘re right , and when is Santa Claus ‘ coming to see you , again .

  • Publius

    Sounds like a lot of you under-educated fools just need to have that ménage with Greta & Sarah that you’ve always fantasized about – idiots all contributing to the dumbing down of America…

    • Joe

      Hail plubius and “his” intellect.

  • Jacob Avi Cohen

    Greta Van Susteren is a beautiful woman. God bless Greta.

  • Vance P. Frickey

    No real difference from how the Democrats in general have acted since the 1800s. It’s a dirty party with a dirty past, a dirty present and a dirty future assured by the number of Democrats who, directly or indirectlly, control most of what we see and hear on television and read in newspapers.

    During the 2004 Presidential election, an alleged historian at the University of New Orleans, who had a major financial interest in his biography of John Kerry basically go away once his REAL record in Vietnam came out, tried that intimidation tactic with Kerry’s former commanders on the Swift Boats. It didn’t occur to him that men who actually traded fire at sea level with the Viet Cong would just laugh at him.

    • Duckler

      So what’s your stance on Allen West, then?

      • Paul

        What’s your point?

      • brianjconway

        Allen West is a distinguished retired military officer. He is a fine example of American manhood and a truly patriotic American. He does not deserve to have his name mentioned in the same breath as Kerry. Where are you from? The moon?

    • brianjconway

      A+ Nan.

  • Luis Bon

    WHO Cares, the BLACK Messiah is too popular, Blacks/mex/jews/gays and Hollywood ,he can be president for ever. not enough whites left in this country.

    • Duckler

      70% isn’t enough whites for you? Or do you mean old, bitter, bigoted whites – because you are dying off.

      • Luis Bon


      • jack nichols

        Whites are good whites, ni66ers, fags, wet-backs gressers, are the bigoted ones, especially supporting Osambo the Magnificient

        • Chaz Jones

          Eff Off hunky, lololol, The Honorable Barack H. Obama is POTUS for two FULL terms and we are loving every splendid minute of it!!! deal with it red neck Bigot, lolol. Eat your evil heart out! GOBAMA!, lololol.

          • jack nichols

            Touched a nerve did I, Sorry I didn’t know that you are a negro, grezzer fag. Did just the thought of Osambo cause you to touch yourself? Are you touching yourself right now?

          • Bernie Daniel

            You mean you are loving every minute that you have been
            LOSING money under the Honorable President Odumbo? Under Odumbo: more minorities are below the poverty line then EVER in the USA, Under Odumbo: minority employment is the lowest EVERr in the USA (then again what do you care? You are kind of a welfare, freebee, obamaphone, EBT card, free-loader kind of guy eh Chaz?) Under Odumbo: more citizens are on food stamps then EVER. Under Odumbo: more people out of the workforce than since the great depression. Yes, Chaz, you name calling dummy (because you are to ignorant to present actual information) you must be loving every minute of it but only because you aren’t smart enough to know your anus from a hole in the ground. Nice to hear you “thoughts” — surprised that you can write.

      • probono

        duckler i hope your hate is eating you up,and it will.goodbye

      • Wayne Patterson

        Blacks will decrease by 5% in next 30 years according to latest studies. They are now 14%. Doesnt look to good for you white haters. The “dying Off” works many ways. Studies say whites will still be 48% in 50 years…….

  • Joe Petrosky Jr.

    This kind of news discrimination will continue until we have the right to ” line item veto networks” from our cable bill. Why should I have to pay for networks that are continually opposite of my values and I never watch? Its fox news vs. False news

  • Doc

    Obama complaining about FOX news, is like a football player badmouthing the only cheerleader who won’t sleep with him.

    • TRGIRL

      Great simile!

    • javanaut

      Obummer wouldn’t even make the cheerleading squad, what are you talking about?

      • Rhonda Clark

        His wife is a man and hes a gay

  • Floyd Brown

    Doc you are so right.. Obama and his lying administration can’t shut up FOX news and thank god for that.. It is the only news provider that we can trust for the truth any more.. It is becoming the American “Radio Free Europe”…

  • Guest

    But did they close the bridge to get even?

  • coacht11

    This so called president is the biggest piece of SHIT America has EVER Had for a President,, Hell he makes NIXON look like the best ever. This man and his thug administration AND His welfare wife are about as LOW CLASS as you can get. Yep,, can’t take the THUG out of Chicago and the whore. The idiots that continue to Believe and Support this piece of shit ,, well I just hope that EVERYTHING BAD that he is doing to America WILL HIT YOU and your families FIRST AND HARD. oh now don’t be upset with me,, You don’t believe it anyway right ,, You F-In Morons

    • marla1

      Hillary Clinton and America is going to allow her to be nominated to run for the 2nd. piece of shit to control America??? She is a murderess!!

    • LiberalBob

      LOL, your man lost, TWICE

      • coacht11

        Hey Bob,, My So called man as you say DIDN’T Lose,,, YOUR LITTLE God is destroying America RIGHT IN FRONT of your dumbass. That’s fine continue to support this scumbag,, HAHAHAHAH,, I just wish I where there when you get SCREWED because OF ovomit,,hahaha,, I really can’t wait until the truth REALLY Comes out and you fuckin morons will have HELPED Screw America for ” YOUR” Children AND Grandchildren,,hahahah, THAT’S where I really willl laugh my ass off because MORON YOU,,, YEA YOU JUST FUCKED Your own children and Grandchildren You ass hole

      • coacht11

        Hey MORON my man didn’t lose Twice,, YOUR Scum bag is the Biggest Disgrace to America it HAS EVER SEEN. So good luck WITH YOUR welfare check moron,,hahah

  • Robert L Nipper

    What do you expect from the Marxist Muslim Chicago Thug. I swear…every move Obama makes is straight out of the “Communist Manifesto”, Cloward/Piven’s book on destroying Capitalism in America, Mein Kampf, or Agenda 21. His minions do his will without question.

  • Robert L Nipper

    What do you expect from the Marxist Muslim Chicago Thug? Every move he makes is straight out of the “Communist Manifesto”, Cloward/Piven’s book on destroying Capitalism in America, “Mein Kampf”, or “Agenda 21.” His minions blindly follow and carry out his orders without question.

    • brianjconway

      A+ Robert

  • artfudd

    Why wouldn’t anyone avoid including the most biased and deliberately misleading news reporting agency in the world..

    • jtak101

      That would be msnbc..but then again, you cant honestly refer to them as a news agency can you??.t

    • neo rambo

      who? pmsnbc?

  • Richie

    Atta Girl

  • jake barnes

    Hey, it’s Fox-Noise channel. Who cares? It’s like listening to a fart in an out-house and trying to make sense of it. Hold your nose and turn the channel.

  • Enzo

    obama hates conservative media because they EXPOSE too many of his hidden secrets and baggage.

    • LiberalBob

      At least the man I voted for (Obama, and proud of it) didn’t get us in a war all based on lies lie lies and more lies. Who am I talking you say, Your Friend Bush/Cheney. Now if Pelosi had any guts she should have started impeachment proceedings immediately when she became speaker of the house!

      • brianjconway

        Ahhh. Just shut up you G o d d a m n e d fool. That punk in the White House won’t stop till he’s got us all in the poor house. He leads the most disgusting administration in the history of the Republic and deserves to end his days on a gallows for treason. And you can tell him I said so.

  • Enzo

    Meanwhile, Pew Research just discovered that MSNBC = 85% OPINION

    • DoucheOwebama

      Um, that should b e 85% LIES and 15% opinion (which are also LIES…)

  • THeDuDe

    Hilarious, and so what does that prove? Where are the Benghazi charges, wingnuts? Exactly, just grab headlines with hysteria, how’s that working for ya? Greta’s permanent snarl says it all.


    If Obama is criticized in any way by anyone or anything – such as a media outlet – than he’s an enemy for life. The country is not the pre-2008 America we knew where we had liberties such as freedom of speech; just ask D’Souza. Three years cannot go fast enough to see this petty, arrogant man OUT of the Oval Office – his presence there has shamed it and the Nation. So much for hope, and the change turned out to be a socialistic nightmare.

  • mo up in the northeast

    Here’s my letter to Hillary re: The Set Up of Chris Stevens, aka Benghazi:

    February 6, 2014

    Dear Hillary Clinton in care of the Clinton Foundation:

    I came across this article, 1/9/13, that shows you blamed Benghazi on the muslim video, “Innocence of
    Muslims” while Woods and Doherty were still alive. Here’s part of the CNS

    On the night of Sept. 11, 2012 — before former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and
    Glen Doherty were killed by a terrorist mortar strike — Secretary of State
    Hillary Clinton released a public statement linking the attack against the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya,
    with an anti-Muslim video, which she referred to as “inflammatory material
    posted on the Internet.”

    The statement first notes that a State Department officer had been killed in
    Benghazi — an apparent reference to Information Management Officer Sean Smith,
    whose body had been recovered at the U.S. mission in Benghazi by U.S. security
    officers by about 5:30 p.m. Washington, D.C., time on Sept. 11 — or 11:30 p.m.
    Benghazi time.

    The statement then talks about Clinton’s
    communications that night with Libya’s
    president and refers to what Clinton
    calls “inflammatory material posted on the Internet.”

    “I condemn in the strongest terms the attack on our mission in Benghazi today,” Clinton said in the statement. “As we
    work to secure our personnel and facilities, we have confirmed that one of our
    State Department officers was killed. We are heartbroken by this terrible loss.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and those who have suffered in
    this attack.

    “This evening, I called Libyan President Magariaf to coordinate
    additional support to protect Americans in Libya,”
    continued. “President Magariaf expressed his condemnation and condolences
    and pledged his government’s full cooperation.

    “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to
    inflammatory material posted on the Internet,” Clinton said. “The United States
    deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.
    Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our
    nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts
    of this kind.”

    “In light of the events of today, the United
    States government is working with partner countries
    around the world to protect our personnel, our missions, and American citizens
    worldwide,” Clinton’s
    statement concluded.

    On Jan. 8, I contacted the State Department press office three times by
    telephone and once by email to ask when exactly on Sept. 11, 2012, the
    department released this statement by Clinton.

    “I just want to know at what time on Sept. 11, 2012, this statement was
    released,” I asked in an email that I sent at 2:20 p.m. Eastern time after
    my second phone inquiry.

    I was later told that a group that answers questions on Benghazi for the State Department was working
    on an answer for me.

    However, the Associated Press first published a story quoting Clinton’s statement at
    10:58 p.m. Eastern time on Sept. 11.

    The AP released a story that night datelined Cairo,
    written by Maggie Michael and Sarah El Deeb, and carrying the headline, “American
    killed in Libya protest over film.” The story noted that Clinton had confirmed that “one State Department
    officer had been killed in the protest at the U.S.
    consulate in Benghazi.”
    It also quoted directly from Clinton’s
    statement: “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a
    response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet.”

    The Associated Press’ Media Relations office confirmed to me that the AP
    first published its version of this story quoting Clinton’s statement at 10:58 p.m. Eastern
    time on Sept. 11.

    A CIA timeline of the Benghazi events provided by a senior U.S. intelligence
    official, the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s report on Benghazi and the
    State Department’s own Accountability Review Board Report all indicate that
    Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed at the U.S. “Annex” in
    Benghazi sometime between about 5:14 a.m. and 5:26 a.m. Benghazi time on Sept.
    12. That would be between 11:14 p.m. and 11:26 p.m. on Sept. 11 in Washington, D.C. — or at
    least 16 minutes after the AP reported Clinton’s

    The CIA timeline indicates that a security team sent to the rescue by the
    U.S. Embassy in Tripoli got to the Benghazi
    Annex about 5:15 a.m. Benghazi
    time. “They arrive with Libyan support at the Annex by 5:15 a.m., just
    before the mortar rounds begin to hit the Annex,” says this timeline.
    “The two security officers (Woods and Doherty) were killed when they took
    direct mortar fire as they engaged the enemy. That attack lasted only 11
    minutes then also dissipated.”

    The State Department ARB report provided additional details, but also set
    the time of the attack that killed Woods and Doherty at approximately 5:15 a.m.
    Benghazi time.

    “The seven-person response team from Embassy Tripoli arrived in Benghazi to lend
    support,” said the ARB report. “It arrived at the Annex about 0500
    local. Less than 15 minutes later, the Annex came under mortar and RPG attack,
    with five mortar rounds impacting close together in under 90 seconds. Three
    rounds hit the roof of an Annex building, killing security officers Tyrone
    Woods and Glen Doherty.”

    On Dec. 31, Senate Homeland Security Chairman Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., and
    Ranking Member Susan Collins, R-Maine, published their own report on Benghazi. This report
    confirmed both that Woods and Doherty were killed between 5:14 a.m. and 5:26
    a.m. Benghazi time on Sept. 12 and that Benghazi was six hours ahead of Washington, D.C.

    “American government officials outside of Benghazi
    learned of the attack shortly after it started at 3:40 p.m. EST (9:40 p.m. Benghazi time),”
    said the Lieberman-Collins report. “DS (diplomatic security) agents, in
    addition to notifying personnel at the Annex, immediately alerted officials at
    the U.S Embassy in Tripoli and the Department of
    State Headquarters in Washington,

    “The team from Tripoli
    finally cleared the airport and arrived at the Annex at approximately 5:04
    a.m., about 10 minutes before a new assault by the terrorist began, involving
    mortar rounds fired at the Annex,” said the report. “The attack
    concluded at approximately 5:26 a.m., leaving Annex security team members
    Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty dead and two others wounded.”…………………………………………………

    So, this helps to substantiate my claim that Chris Stevens was set up by his
    own gov’t, perhaps influenced by Jimmy Carter trying to save the hostages years

    First, we have the former Co. of John Brennan, Stanley Inc., bought by CGI, coming up through
    an avatar /hyperlink search as the people responsible for changing the name of
    the “Innocence of Muslims” video. So, this was created ahead of time, to blame Benghazi on the dopey
    video, which has been attributed to your pal, Nakoula, who is NOT a Copt, but a
    Muslim. Yet, you had the gall to shake hands with the parents of the Benghazi dead, knowing
    full well that Brennan concocted the video.

    According to Walid Shoebat, there is evidence that Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim
    Brotherhood thugs murdered Chris Stevens. The attackers knew exactly where the
    jerry cans of gasoline were, they knew where to find Stevens (who was sent to
    be in Benghazi
    at that exact time, by Obama). IMHO, the planned kidnapping of Stevens, was to trade
    the blind sheik for Stevens, to make Morsi happy, which has been one of Obama’s
    goals- since the Muslim Brotherhood practically sleeps in the Lincoln Bedroom
    these days. And your best girlfriend, Huma Weiner: has relatives up to their
    eyeballs in the Brotherhood.

    So, now we await a false flag “event” since the pig Morsi is being tried by
    Egyptian military who might get out of him, Obama (and his half –brother’s)
    deep Islamist connections. I’m sorry, Hillary, that your Arab Springboard to
    the Muslim Brotherhood just didn’t work out too well. Syria is your
    failure too, btw. You should have threatened to quit over trying to get Assad
    to reform. Instead, your ego and your Presidential ambitions kept you from
    doing the right thing and hundreds of thousands lay dead as Al Queda slits
    throats right and left. Maybe the Pope
    can convert Assad, for St. Paul was met on the
    road to Damascus,

    So, when Woods & Doherty arrived to help, the kidnapping plan fell
    apart, and Stevens was raped and then murdered. Nobody is talking about the
    rape anymore, or the fact that Stevens, a gay man, was sent by you and/or Obama
    into a middle eastern country. We don’t know if the man with the phone in his
    mouth, was helping Stevens, or hurting him. We do see the reddened back of
    Stevens, though, indicating being beaten. We do know that Libyans for the most
    part, liked Ambassador Stevens. Zillions that taxpayers dole out for facial
    recognition, yet no names of the henchman.

    Then we had the CIA making everyone shut up. Threats, intimidation if they spoke
    to Congress. John Kerry (who is currently screwing Israel) visits a witness, but no
    one else does. Anderson Cooper gets allowed in to contaminate the crime scene,
    and FBI doesn’t arrive until weeks later. No autopsy for Stevens, from an
    American doctor.

    The Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST) had instructions to be ready
    the DAY BEFORE Benghazi.
    They then received a stand down order after which four would die.

    It all points to treason charges for you, Obama, Brennan, Jarrett, and God
    knows who else.

    I hope you guys like orange jumpsuits,


    Cc: Speaker Boehner

    Sen. McCain

    Barack Obama c/o Sen. Schumer
    because of character no. limitations on white house website

    Sen. Rand Paul

    Sen. Ted Cruz

    Rep. Paul Ryan



    New York Times




    His holiness, Pope Francis

    • probono

      Mo that was fantastic I have not seen it so nicely tied together,great job,THANK YOU

      • mo up in the northeast

        You’re welcome. If you want to see my other Benghazi letters, dated Jan 16, 14, 1, here is the link: , And since Paramount Pictures is producing a movie on Benghazi, I gave them the link as well. We all need to speak out for justice for Four decent Americans.

  • ReduceGHGs

    fix news is a puppet for the vested interests. flush nimrod, ann bolter, and glenn reck dance to the same tune. An amusing lot with their denials of Climate Change, the need for universal health care, and even Obama’s citizenship. Good grief! Between them, their House’s boinker, and the flea party, the republicans are going down the tubes!

  • JW Newkid

    Obama is a dictator – no surprise

  • MoreFreedom2

    That’s how the government captures the media. Deny access unless the reporting is friendly. Threaten those who don’t comply. Give access to friendly reporters.

    It also pressures the media by being a big advertiser. Ask any reporter and they will tell you that the media corporations don’t like to bite the hand that feeds it.

    Then it also lures reporters thru the revolving doors with overpaid government jobs in speech writing, communications, spokesperson, and public relations jobs.

    Politicians provide offers of great temptation to not only media corporations and their owners, but also to the lowly reporters.

  • disqus_tKkLtMUxPt

    Benghazi is a bogus story that has been debunked!

    • Ghosts of Benghazi

      Your response is a good, liberal example of stupid, textbook in fact, thank you for your transparency…..

    • Chaz Jones

      A dreamed up RW scandal wanabe….. lololol.

    • Chimookman

      The US Senate doesn’t think so. And remember it is controlled by Democrats. They think there is culpability for the deaths. Calling it bogus does not make it so.

  • disqus_tKkLtMUxPt

    Benghazi is a bogus story that has been debunked!

  • ArmyAviator

    Greta has come a long long way! She is one former Liberal, who thankfully, got “wisened-up.” She sees the corruption, the lawlessness in the 0bama regime and it turns her stomach, like the rest of us. Go Greta! You are one helluva lady!

  • ZorroRidesAgain

    Obama didn’t want them to report on his incompetence!

    Obama tried hard to discourage FOX from reporting about Benghazi?????

    Did President OLiar even know that Benghazi occurred? He always claims he “don’t no nothing about nothing” until he reads about in the paper. JUST LIKE US!

    Where was the Conspirator & Chump that night? I was watching a news show that indicated OLiar was going to LAS VEGAS for a fundraiser that evening, but where ever he was he abdicated the throne to someone else because apparently he couldn’t be reached and he had no input or involvement. There’s our “Leader of the Free World” that wants respect. He’s an “Empty Suit,” an “Empty Chair.”
    Then there is Hillary, remember her ad about asking whether the phone will be answered at the White House when the tough calls come through at 3:00 am? Hillary never picked up the phone again after her last conversation with the Deputy Secretary of State at 2:00 am and he was TRYING to get hold of her! They were probably reading books to little school children and couldn’t make it. Once again, the Left Wing Lying Lemmings Media doesn’t hold them accountable at all after trashing Bush constantly about NOTHING!

    What’s the difference, right Hillary, you shrill harpy! Just let them be murdered!

    LOSERS, LOSERS and INCOMPETENT LOSERS, the whole OLiar Administration!

    They are taking this country down one day at a time!

  • ZorroRidesAgain

    I can hear President OLiar now saying to Greta “I’m sending over some smoke and mirrors to use for this Benghazi story Greta, make sure you use them!”

  • Rickshaw Buffoon

    The right has been lying about Obama for so long that now i won’t ever believe anything coming from the right about him. This whole site is like joke news created for the hopelessly gullable.

    Enjoy your 40 years of wandering in the political desert, haters!

    • Chimookman

      So why are you bothering to comment.

    • Glen3

      You just keep being a good little Nazi for your fuehrer.

  • johnsnare

    Typical Chicago style politics, and Obama is the Dictator in Chief. This Kenyan Born Muslim, has the balls to call himself President of the free world, and yet he has the mentality of a Hitler, and Stalin.

    • Glen3

      He isn’t a Muslim. They follow Allah. The only god Obama sees is the one when he looks in a mirror.

  • Brian Pierce

    Expect more of the same if Hilliary gets in office in 2016.

  • Rick

    It must take an inordinate amount of time and effort for all of you commenters to be so willfully and stubbornly ignorant and pointlessly angry.

    • Glen3

      You truly are obtuse. Grow a brain and learn to think.

    • Me

      Why do you live as stupidly as you can?

  • Tommy Tunez

    Obama and his thugs tried VERY hard to discourage ANY news agency from reporting about what really happened at Benghazi and why it happened. And it worked because very few people in this country know what really happened that night and why the CIA was using a building in the middle of no where to store weapons retrieved from the Libyan stock piles. Nor are people in this country aware that the administration was in the process of shipping those weapons to the Syrian rebels.

    The most transparent administration my a-ZZ.

  • nopc4me

    Greta kicks tail. She has no ax to grind and this continually proves to be a pain in the administration’s backside!!

  • merrimack1

    Thanks to people like Greta the hilldebeast has this whole despicable episode tattooed to her prodigious posterior.

    • gordiduk

      Cankles in a pant suit…

  • Eagle in NYC

    And the Dem-Media Complex calls Gov. Christie a “bully”?

  • Mike Barry

    Thank God for objective reporters. The NY Times iis still blaming Benghazi on a spontaneous outburst by a crowd. I guess that crowd always walks around with heavy machine guns and RPG’s.

  • Carrieann1

    Whatever happened to FREEDOM OF THE PRESS??

    • Hangman54

      IT DIED January 2009

  • Warren Wilson

    Obama’s tactics seem to be working.
    How many of you know that our ambassador’s dead body was sodomized dozens of times by Islamists while being dragged through the dirt streets of Benghazi?

  • RayOne

    Greta should call for his arrest.

  • wyatt48

    You get them Greta. Make them do what they are unable to do. Take responsibility for their actions and tell the truth. Rough job for anyone to try to teach any liberal anything. They already think they know everything.

  • Robert E. Hugelmeyer

    Thanks Greta for beginning to recognize what is going on with this administration. Many, too many times you’ve been bent over backwards to afford this president the benefit of the doubt only to have him continue to attack FOX so as to redirect people’s focus away from his and others in his regime’s screw ups.

  • Wartface

    Had enough Fascism yet?
    It is time for our Military to do their DUTY! Their oath is NOT to the President. Their oath is not to Congress. Their oath is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!
    If ever there was a time for our Military to man up and do their duty… NOW is that time! Congress and the DOJ has proven to us that they chose NOT to protect We the People against this tyranny.

    • Chimookman

      And what is their duty? Stage a coup d’état? Get your head out of your behind. Show up on May 16 in DC and show your views as a citizen, not as a seditious nut with no cojones to do anything yourself. Military will not do this because you think it should. You made the list with that one, warto

      • Wartface

        Yes a coup d’état is the ONLY way we are going to stop this tyranny. You guys going to DC and asking them to go is laughable… Come on man. Do you really think the MSM will even cover it? They are in on the whole thing.

        They will do it because it is their duty to fight enemies of the Constitution. They will not watch us dragged into Fascism without putting up a fight.

        • Chimookman

          Actually I hope you are right. Maybe I wish you were.

  • Chainreactionary12

    Fox news is a new organization?

    • Me

      Obama tells the truth?

  • Huge_Heffner

    All of these “Administration” people are working for the wrong government country, they would be welcomed with open arms in Russia.

  • marla1

    Chris Matthews is a communist pig! If he doesn’t like this comment, he should curtail the way he talks!! The days cannot go fast enough to rid our white house of the slime that has covered it! Can America last that long??

  • BunkerHillPatroit

    A true believer in the 4th Estate, thank you Greta.

  • brianjconway

    We expect no better from those in this administration any longer. Fox will be here and strong when Obama and his ilk are cast upon the trash heap of American history

    • brianjconway

      Good job Greta.

  • dandeman

    White House and Obama = Lie, Cheat, Steal, Blame. period.

  • SR Ruger

    Good for you Greta! Speak truth to Power…. !!!

  • Peace

    Where was the funding for security and what date did Hillary’s team request the back up support ? Do you have a copy of the State Dept. requesting security ? Did Obama drop the ball on that back up security ? I think they all lied to cover it up and Hillary never should have gone along with that lie but Obama was running for president and she’s not.

  • MickMcMick

    Step 1: vote in a strong majority in the Senate and strengthen the House majority.
    Step 2: IMPEACH this entire criminal Administration.

  • Realist4U

    How bout F&F, NSA spying, IRS attacking Conservatives, EPA overstepping, Voter Fraud, and all the other criminal behavior of this administration?

  • Joe Oglesby

    Greta doing what Greta does, Talking Straight.
    You always know you are getting the straight story from her.

  • fez

    Greta is true to her calling..a classy lady.

  • Kjell McLean

    Greta didn’t have any fortitude when she had the opportunity to ask hillary clinton face-to-face! Greta touted on her program how she was going to ask the tough questions – the questions nobody has asked before: Who pushed the video? Why wasn’t help sent? Where was the president during the 8.5 hour attack? Why the cover-up? And so on…
    I’ve lost all respect for Greta after her tea and crumpets’ party with mrs. clinton! I will not watch her show again!

  • OkiePacker

    Well heck yes the reporting was for political reasons, but it’s the president himself that was reporting the “protest over the video” for political reasons. Remember he had one handed handled all the bad guys and they were on the run. He couldn’t be bothered by four Americans being butchered, he had a campaign to run. He had to run to Las Vegas to campaign for money. If America knew what he had done, he wouldn’t be sitting in Our White House.

  • Peter Boddie

    They tried to discourage me too from reporting about Obamacare. It didn’t work.

  • JaneRogers

    Obama and his ilk will not be prosecuted over any of their crimes. The ONLY reason is because Obama is black.

    • Daniel Pickering

      Actually his race has very little to do with it. The problem is that Obama will do a blanket pardon for everyone within his administration so no one will get prosecuted. That includes Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, even Hillary Clinton. Additionally He will pardon all his friends which will include the new black panther party, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, all his corrupt supporters, and I suspect he will pardon Al Qaeda, and a few other terrorist organizations. Then watch how all this bringing the races together will work out when the ghetto thugs break loose and the knockout “game” (assaults) will become riots in the major cities.

  • michaelpc

    No one has the balls to impeach the traitor, terrorist lover.

    • Ron S

      That’s why we need to vote them all out of office ASAP

  • Bokshil Kim

    There is not a smidgen of evidence that the DemocRATs did this.

    • olddog


    • Ron S

      P.S. he doesn’t tell the truth….

  • Willik

    This from an avowed Liberal!
    Good on you, Greta.

  • Memegalt2012

    Greta should be testifying in front of Congress on this. All the others, Sharryl Atkkinsson etc should be shouting from the rooftops!!

  • John

    Is Obama the Soviet Premier or the President of the U.S.? I guess he thinks he’s the Soviet Premie. Barry you need to change your name again, Karl Marx would fit your elitist, socialist mentality!

  • FedUpLibBS

    Thanks for Speaking out, Greta .. but … from this REGIME, it doesn’t really SURPRISE Anyone, does it???

  • Merry

    You GO, girl! Thank you for standing up to that fetid, mincing, prancing poufter that unfortunately passes for what’s laughingly called ‘the president’ – small ‘p’ on purpose.


      “mincing, prancing poufter”???????

      Oh, MY.

      That’s a KEEPER!

  • Ron S

    This Admin. needs to end ASAP…. all these officials need to be voted out, and the American people need a new start and reps.

  • Magik13

    Bullshit. This article is complete bullshit and is just more right wing cabal propaganda.


      Heh-heh-heh. Go have a drink and calm down.

      The baby’s awake – and SCREAMING.

  • jimmc1952

    I’M SHOCKED!……Well, not really.

  • lazybumranch

    Now that the American People, specifically the Kardasian-following, self-centered no-nothings, have decided that this “Presidential” is acceptable as long as they get free phones, I guess we have that to look forward to for the rest of our country’s existence. Which should be another 10 years or so.

  • mary

    She’s the best on FOX.


      That’s because she has ‘liberal’ cred. She’s not a flaming progressive, but she’s definitely left-of-center.

  • Difcan’s Avatar

    Ah yes, just insult with smug arrogance those who go against your absolute corruption and treason. Sound tactic. Seems to really work with the millions of hateful rejects in this country.

  • Barbaree

    With the exception of the couple of good reporters, when is the WH press corp going to hammer the administration with the tough questions, and follow-up questions when the press sec hems and haws?


    Obamacus is the R-Rated Caligula.

  • Steverye

    I don’t think they invited the Cartoon Network either.

  • Bill Davis

    Greta is Racist…got to be

  • Taurus63

    DeMarquise Elkins, you’re a lot smater than Magik13! But then, You obviously saw the OBVIOUS! WAY TO GO!!!!

  • Mark Dreher

    Fox News

    Is “Saving the earth”

    With people

    Like “The Beloved”


    “Greta Van Susteren”.

    God, kid you not, keeps, “your picture”

    On his desk.

    As “a member”

    “Of his family”.

    Kid you not.

  • marla1

    Greta you are the greatest! Always tell we the people the truth! For that we cannot thank you enough!!

  • patty

    FOX NEWS is the ONLY place where you can get the truth, at least where cable news is concerned. that’s why the left hates it so much……

  • Savannah

    Oh pleaaaase you Obama loving idiots, you are hmmm lets see, most likely on public assistance, use food stamps, probably have an Obama phone, of course you love him, you get everything free, hopefully with the influx orchestrated by the President, you will lose some of the freebies cuz guess what, we are out of money. There is your hope and change you morons.

  • danny d dog

    Guess what? The majority of the American population DOESN’T CARE WHAT HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI. 2 U.S. civilians died.

    • chris

      So illegal gun running for the purpose of over throwing a sovereign country is not a problem? Supporting known terrorist groups with weapons is not a problem? Your talking the deaths of tens of thousands of people. Millions have been displaced by this operation.

    • Darko714

      Most of us were insulted by the transparent lies to cover it up.

  • Grandma Go

    Greta is tough and I am glad she is at Fox News!


    Greta is as radiant as the morning sun! We need more of her and Jennifer Griffin!

  • ktoo


  • Bob Marly

    Just spit the country in half already!! The Liberals can take the south, and the border problems!! Conservatives will be happy in the north!! Shut DC down completely!! Obama, Reid, Pelosi enjoy the south. We will be building a wall to keep your @ss out thats for sure!!!!

    • Darko714

      Why split it? All 50 states should simply declare independence from Washington, DC.

  • Mike Barnes

    CBS ruined Sharyn Atkisson’s career because she insisted on investigating Benghazi. Head of CBS News has a brother in the Obama WH who helped craft the video lie.
    So who is “being political?”

  • Steve Brown

    You can rest assured, all this administration wants is: 1) a vote, 2) you tax dollars and 3) a tight lip.

  • Darko714

    Back in the 60s, liberals were all about freedom. Now they hate it. What happened?

  • Will R

    I love Greta’s objective and professional reporting. My favorite news anchor by far.