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Harlem Pastor: Putin Will Out Obama As Gay Within 100 Days

Harlem Pastor: Putin Will Out Obama As Gay Within 100 Days

Yes, we’re laughing as we’re typing.

As we noted previously, we absolutely lovely the right Rev. Dr. James David Manning, of ATLAH Ministries. That’s not because we agree with everything he says, but because he’s refreshingly politically incorrect.

And that’s a bonus these days.

In a recent YouTube video, the right Rev. Dr. Manning predicts that Russian President Vladimir Putin will “out” President Obama as gay within the next 100 days.

Yeah. We’re still laughing.

“I want to prognosticate today that 100 days from this very hour… either Vladimir Putin himself or one of his assistants or someone within the Russian government will call Mr. Long-Legged Mac Daddy, will call him an outright gay, pervert, homosexual, sodomite,” Manning said.

“This will happen within 100 days,” he said. “We’re starting the countdown today. Tomorrow, obviously, will be 99 days before it will actually take place.”


The basis for this “prognostication,” Manning assures us, is that “it’s true.” He claims that “the Mac Daddy is a sodomite.”

We’re still laughing.

As evidence, Manning cites the irrefutable source known as Newsweek, which promoted President Obama as “the first sodomite President.”

“You don’t promote sodomy at the level that he holds office unless you are integrally involved in the process,” Manning said.

Sorry, we’re laughing too hard to transcribe any more.

Have a look at the video below.

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Brian Carey is a software developer who also thinks that ObamaCare is one of the worst, most irresponsible, economically pig-ignorant pieces of legislation ever passed in the history of this country.

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