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It Looks Like At Least One Gun-Grabber Will Go Down In Defeat In Colorado

By , September 9, 2013.

If early voting is any indication, it appears that one of two Colorado state senators who supported gun control earlier this year will be out of a job.

This, of course, is excellent news for all who support the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

In case you’re not familiar with the back story, here’s a quick recap. Earlier this year, to capitalize on the hysteria of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, Colorado Democrats decided to push through some extraordinarily unpopular gun control legislation in their state. After much controversy, the legislation eventually passed and was signed into law.

The gun control law contained the usual, ineffective provisions. It limited the size of ammunition magazines and required universal registration background checks. The fact that neither of those provisions would have prevented the shootings at Newtown was irrelevant to the statists who don’t like it when their constituents have certain freedoms.

Two of the state senators who voted for that gun control legislation became the targets (no pun intended there, haters) of an NRA-backed recall election. Those two senators are Angela Giron and John Morse. John Morse is the “white whale” out of those two because he is also the President of the state senate.

The good news for freedom-lovers is this: although Republicans comprise only 26% of Morse’s district, early voting indicates a 41% Republican turnout. We think that Republicans are serious about tossing this guy out on his rear. The NRA might get its white whale after all.

Unfortunately, things are not looking quite as good in Giron’s district for people who support constitutional freedoms. We wouldn’t feel comfortable predicting that one in favor of the NRA.

Still, the loss of just one of these recall elections will give legislators at the state level pause before they mess around with our Second Amendment rights again. We think that is a positive development.

(H/T: Breitbart)

  • Dan Twing

    While the NRA is backing the recalls, they got involved late in the process. This was a grass roots effort and only after the recall efforts were well underway did the NRA begin to participate. I like the NRA, I am a member, but the fact is they joined the effort after there was serious momentum. I think you give them too much credit.

    Secondly, do not assume that the vote will be down party lines. More Democrats voting early in Giron’s district is likely just based on the numbers registered, but not necessarily all in her favor. It is a more Democrat heavy district, but there actually are a number of Democrat 2nd Amendment supporters (I know, I too wish they could be fully aware of what their party stands for, but on some issues some of them can think clearly). I do not know how it will turn out and it is certainly less likely that Giron will be recalled. But when the votes are counted, I suspect we will see stronger support for the recall from registered Democrats than you think.

    • Ed Smith

      Wished we could oust all of these idiots here in Kalifornia!!!

  • John Warren

    Anyone who tries to take weapons away from the law abiding citizens should be thrown out on their ears and left to fend for themselves against the criminal element. They should also be stripped of all pay they have received while in the employ of the tax payer.

  • joseph barfer

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  • http://CrowBusters Bob Aronsohn

    Colorado will continue to lose revenue from out of state hunters (big bucks) until they reverse this new gun law.