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Krauthammer On Budget Deal: ‘Boehner Is Right’

By , December 13, 2013.

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer made his usual appearance on the Special Report All-Star Panel last night to discuss the budget deal that passed the House. He thinks that Speaker of the House John Boehner was right to support the bill. With that assessment, he parts company with famous conservatives like Mark Levin.

“Look, I think Boehner is right,” Krauthammer said. “What we had here was a matter of logic. The only choice of those who would reject the deal would be to go up until the deadline of January 15. And the only leverage Republicans would have would be to shut down the government.”

“Well, we tried that in October,” he continued. “It was a disaster. And what it would have meant in January is that instead of everybody focusing on the collapse of ObamaCare, the train wreck, all the stuff we spoke about in the first segment, it would be more stories about Republican obstructionism. You’d have nice, sweet TV shots of Iowa schoolkids in tears over a cancelled White House visit and again it would go against the Republicans and you would get a change in the polls exactly as it happened in October.”

Have a look at the video below.

  • JustTheFactx

    Charles is a very sharp guy… would make an awesome VP if health allows… I am amazed the swine Dems gave this much up… now we can hold the gains, capitalize on the Obongo freefall in the polls and take back the Senate in 2014… if there was another shutdown, levin buddy, the corrupt media would again spin it as the GOP fault,,, and we loose all gains.

    • LibDebunk

      Problem is the liberal media is spinning this as Republicans hurting the poor by not passing an extension of unemployment. New flash liberal media it was a bipartisan budget!!!

      • JustTheFactx

        True… they still have the Goebbels press… but… the stench of Obongo, Reid and Pelosi is becoming unbearable…even for those corrupt maggots!! Where is the Supreme court on all the violations of the Constitution by this Barry Soetero roach?

  • Fairfax51

    Judge Napolitano was on the same panel and expressed his displeasure at not just decreasing the debt but increasing it. Charles had a real look of surprise at the Judges disapproval at the budget agreement. Charles argument is all on logic. So principals mean nothing. And when you wave the white flag, you surrender, you don’t lose. Believe me there is a difference.

    • JustTheFactx

      The ONLY alternative was another shutdown. you know how the press spun THAT…against the GOP. Why not tread water with the diving ratings of Chakka Odogturd? Wait for 2014…

      • Fairfax51

        Because we are moving from crisis to crisis and from surrender to surrender. At some point, you have to take a stand and say “no”. We lost the shut down due to spin, yes. But the LSM is going to do that all the time. You can’t not fight back because you’re afraid the press will blame you for something. What? We have to wait until we control both houses and the Pres before we stand up for our principles? What if Candy Crowley jumps in the next debate she moderates and incorrectly corrects our candidate making him look a fool or a liar and we lose most the House & Sentate elections in 2014. Wait til 2016, and Chris Christy is the nominee and we lose then. At what point..what fricking point do we stop being afraid and fight for what we believe in. I’ll tell you when……every issue.

        • JustTheFactx

          Bold but foolish… the enemy owns the press… Obongo and his corrupt, lying maggot clowns and themselves destroying the Demodrappers… if we do as you suggest, the GOP is back in the sewer with a hopeless shutdown…again… and we lose 2014. It is called strategy… necessary especially when you are fighting a corrupt media and an large percentage of uneducated, parasite populace.

          • Fairfax51

            What guarantee do you have we win 2014? We are going to get hammered all year over every bird that poohs on a car. We always do. The Pres has the bully pulpit & the media. Big odds to overcome…yes. But what is the choice? That’s why Reagan went around the media. The Dems are scared of the tea party. When we yell $17.2 Trillion is too much debt, they have no reply. You ever hear the saying “if you fall off the horse, get back on”. Well we lost the shut down argument because we were fighting to end Obamacare instead of about the debt, the spending on garbage and we didn’t work as a team. People didn’t understand what Obamacare was going to do to THEIR health insurance. A house divided…and the establishment reps like McCain & Graham spent more time fighting Ted Cruz than the Democrats. Our first goal seems to me to get the establishment republicans to realize they cannot win without their base. If not for Sarah Palin, John McCain would have lost about 40 states. Palin was his savior. Most people voted for Palin, not McCain. And Romney thought he had it in the bag and listened to the advisors and quit fighting. He should have come out fighting hard and strong for conservative values in all three of those debates. Conservatives can win elections, but beween now and then we have to start saying no to these irresponsible fiscal policies. Look right now. The Senate may not pass the budget the House passed. Republicans in the Senate are bucking. Irony. They realize one of the big arguments against Obamacare IS the debt and it’s cost. Don’t give up. The sequester was 1/2 of 1% of growth and we give it up in this budget. Fight like you owe $128,000 of the debt out of your own pocket, because you do. Say not just no, HELL NO.

  • theame19

    Here’s my take in a nutshell: Lose a battle win the war. Anything the GOP does the mainstream media will try to make them look bad and the mass of idiot low info people out there will believe it. This affects the impending 2014 midterms. The only way to stop Obama is to take the Senate. I think Ryan used this strategy in agreeing to this budget deal. Focus on Obamacare hurting millions of people; keep investigating the scandals—hold the liberals accountable. Win in 2014, then in 2016. We have a legit chance to do this, otherwise it’s Hillary as president and that will be worse than Obama.

    • Sam Felts

      i agreee best way to keep hillary out is to get the indypendant vote back…..ask the religious far right to dial it back a bit and stop roe v wade talk all together

      • LibDebunk

        I think it’s important to keep beating the democrats up over abortion. They bypass the Hyde Amendment by requiring abortion coverage with ACA. That mean my tax dollars that pay for a subsidized plan WILL go to abortions. This is a big problem for myself and 80% of Americans! I’m glad my state of Michigan just passed legislation that removes abortion coverage from ACA. If a woman wants it THEY can pay for it as a rider on their insurance!

      • theame19

        Another thing I didn’t mention regarding Clinton is I don’t see her connecting with the younger voters the way Obama did. I hate Obama but he is a slick campaigner and he has the ability to fool people, especially the young and dumb. Do you think a 68-yr old Hillary Clinton in one of her legendary pantsuits is going to relate to 25- year olds? I don’t and I don’t think she get the black vote the way Obama did. Highest black turnout in history in both 2008/2012 and Obama took some 93% of the votes. No way this happens for Hillary. Even if she wins the majority of the black vote, big if, she won’t get the big numbers Obama did. I also agree with you about the R. V Wade. I’m pro-life w/the exceptions of rape/incest danger to the mother but you can’t stifle women’s rights in the process. Politically you have to let it rest.

        • ECM

          How is being pro-life “stifling women’s rights” in any way? You people need to *stop* antagonizing the religious right–they vote with us, and if they stopped, there would be *no* conservative movement.

          At all.


          (I’m not religious but this “get in the back of the bus” mentality that pervades much of what passes for the conservative movement is tiresome, childish, and self-defeating–if the left packed away the parts of their party the way we (attempt to) do with parts of ours, they’d never win another election, but somehow you guys can’t quite grasp this.)

          • theame19

            I think the best way to answer you is to refer you to the recent gubernatorial race in Virginia. The dem who won is a complete liberal yahoo who once acted as a part of the Clinton inner circle. He is a female version of Hillary who is going to destroy the states economy. The rep who ran was ultra conservative who was adamantly opposed to abortion. He would have been a much better governor than the idiot who won but he lost because of his position on abortion. He won every demographic except women, single women where he was slaughtered. In the opinion of the women voters his position stifled their rights. It cost him the election.
            I don’t disagree with you I’m just trying to ensure we have a GOP president in 2016 and control of the congress. It’s the only way to clean up the mess Obama is making and flush the stench of liberalism out of our system.

  • BeenAround

    Charles Krauthammer is insightful and logical as always. When will the Repubs wake up and run this guy for Pres or VP (health permitting, of course)? At the very least, should we be lucky enough to keep the House, win the Senate and win the White House in 2016 against the low info crowd, he should be a cabinet member. Very few can stand up against his logic and I think he has the guts to push back when confronted.

  • Ratt Stone

    So, basically, they just cut $2 Dollars and 30 Cents off the Budget for 10 years.

  • mindsetnc

    My take on DC is that main stream democrat or main stream republican are pretty much in it for themselves. October shut down should have gone on. Obama said he would not negotiate… and the republican let him have his anti american way. Now they are trying to fault the tea party in the media for all that is wrong in government. Well wake up folks… it’s been going south for a long time now… and they are the only ones trying to put on the skids. Obama wants to be king and they(main stream party members on both sides of the isle) want to gather round the table with a leg of lamb, wine and women(or boys for the more perverted)… Tea party is being hammered, but the truth is, tea party is made up of loyal Americans that love our country and want it back. They are the ones saying God bless American even when it isn’t politically correct. As for me and my house… GOD Bless the Tea Party

  • Kyle McCoy

    Look, the fundamental thing about this is that we finally separated the debt ceiling from the budget. The reason Dimocrats won in 2012 is because the American public doesn’t know how much it costs.