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Krauthammer On Budget Deal: ‘Boehner Is Right’

Krauthammer On Budget Deal: ‘Boehner Is Right’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer made his usual appearance on the Special Report All-Star Panel last night to discuss the budget deal that passed the House. He thinks that Speaker of the House John Boehner was right to support the bill. With that assessment, he parts company with famous conservatives like Mark Levin.

“Look, I think Boehner is right,” Krauthammer said. “What we had here was a matter of logic. The only choice of those who would reject the deal would be to go up until the deadline of January 15. And the only leverage Republicans would have would be to shut down the government.”

“Well, we tried that in October,” he continued. “It was a disaster. And what it would have meant in January is that instead of everybody focusing on the collapse of ObamaCare, the train wreck, all the stuff we spoke about in the first segment, it would be more stories about Republican obstructionism. You’d have nice, sweet TV shots of Iowa schoolkids in tears over a cancelled White House visit and again it would go against the Republicans and you would get a change in the polls exactly as it happened in October.”

Have a look at the video below.

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Brian Carey is a software developer who also thinks that ObamaCare is one of the worst, most irresponsible, economically pig-ignorant pieces of legislation ever passed in the history of this country.

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