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Obama: I Had To Violate The Constitution Because Republicans Are Such Partisan Hacks (Or Something)

By , August 9, 2013.

During his press conference today, President Obama was asked by Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry about ObamaCare. The President answered the question by saying that it’s the Republicans’ fault that he had to violate the Constitution.

Here is Ed Henry’s very sensible question: “October 1st, you’re going to implement your signature health care law. You recently decided on your own to delay a key part of that. And I wonder, if you pick and choose what parts of the law to implement, couldn’t your successor down the road pick and choose whether they’ll implement your law and keep it in place?”

Mr. Henry also asked about Benghazi, but we’ll leave that for another article. We’ll focus on the President’s answer to the above question here.

Here’s how President Obama started the ObamaCare answer: “I didn’t simply choose to delay this on my own. This was in consultation with businesses all across the country, many of whom are supportive of the Affordable Care Act, but — and who — many of whom, by the way, are already providing health insurance to their employees but were concerned about the operational details of changing their HR operations if they’ve got a lot of employees, which could be costly for them, and them suggesting that there may be easier ways to do this.”

In other words, President Obama consulted with business leaders before he decided to violate the Constitution. He violated the Constitution, of course, by changing the law on his own. He’s not allowed to do that. Congress passed a law that said that the employer mandate will begin on January 1, 2014. President Obama pushed it back one full year without any approval from Congress.

However, the President’s excuse for violating the Constitution gets even better. He blamed Republicans. Here is what he said: “Now what’s true, Ed, is that in a normal political environment, it would have been easier for me to simply call up the speaker and say, you know what? This is a tweak that doesn’t go to the essence of the law. It has to do with, for example, are we able to simplify the attestation of employers as to whether they’re already providing health insurance or not. It looks like there may be some better ways to do this. Let’s make a technical change of the law. That would be the normal thing that I would prefer to do, but we’re not in a normal atmosphere around here when it comes to, quote- unquote, Obamacare.”

So it’s the “political environment” that enabled President Obama to change a law by executive fiat? We must have forgot about that provision in the U.S. Constitution that enables a president to change laws on his own because the “political environment” isn’t favorable to his wishes.

On this point, President Obama concludes: “We did have the executive authority to do so, and we did so. But this doesn’t go to the core of implementation.”

No, he didn’t have the authority to change the law by executive authority. The fact that he even discussed changing it by the normal legislative process if the “political environment” was more favorable demonstrates that even he believed that Congressional involvement was necessary to change the law.


  • Karen Shores Kernes

    It’s George Bush’s fault… This incompetent piece of crap never takes responsibility for ANYTHING! All he does is incite unrest, deflect blame and insult the intelligence of the American people. Deport him.

    • Jill Villa

      Amen Karen. He never does own up to anything, does he? Wish I could punch him right in his face.!

      • Jeff Hillyard

        Don’t worry, Jill. When he weeps and gnashes his teeth at his upcoming judgment, it will much more than punch him in the face.

        • George

          You forgot the immature stamping of the feet. Stamping feet is mandatory.

    • Tina Ruiz


    • Jay T.

      Agreed, I can’t stand this fool. It is so irritating that we have a President who can’t EVER be responsible for anything. Nothing is his fault ever. He is the first President that I actually hate with every fiber of my being. I cannot stand to hear the sound of his lying voice. If he starts talking on the radio or television I immediately have to change it because he makes me so sick. Also the only thing he does is lie or blame someone else for any problem that is going on so there is no reason to ever listen to him. I wish people in congress had the balls to impeach him.

      • RoseMary

        Oh my gosh JT!!!
        You took every word right outta my mouth!!! :·)

      • Lewis Dowson Jr.

        I totally agree with you Jay T. There are a lot of people who feel, the same way about

      • Rhonda

        I love your comment ! I chuckled as I read it as it reminded me of me!

      • Lola N.

        Jay … I am 100% in agreement with you! I also turn off the propoganda-in-chief whenever I hear his voice. Never has the highest office in the nation ever been so abused as it is with this one reigning over his kingdom. We do not have a president … we have a king! And our Congress is a bunch of jokers!

        • CherrieB

          I feell the same way. He disgusts me !

          • onyxius

            they all disgust me every politician involved in the senate congress judicial and executive branches are corrupt and only care about their wallets or their mark on history

          • Robert

            If I heard this idiot had been killed by a bullet, I would party for a month.

      • bill m


      • Robert Kriegar

        I swear to God, I have never seen such a whine-assed crowd as the anti-Obama contingent is. You have no sense of history, no realisation of what prefaced the present day economic climate, and such a blindingly party-line mindset that you cannot leave off your own rhetoric long enough to see the woods for the trees.

        In case you’re missing something here, enough Americans were so disgusted with the Republican president, that Obama was voted in by the majority. Instead of crying, offer something better!

        • Raymond Andrews

          You forgot to mention all the non-racists black folk who voted for Obama just because he is black.

          • Jeff Hillyard

            …and the millions of additional welfare votes he received.

          • Norma Sawyer

            Where has Robert Kriegar been these last years, asleep, dumbass!

        • Martin

          Yep how long do we nned to wait forthe left to admit this clown has made a mess on his own ? Blame Bush forever… But ol Obama has violated the constitution all by himself. He should be I’meached. No doubt he took an oath to protect the constitution. Impeach the liar socialist pig bastard.

        • Robert

          Go away Obamabot. Your lemming response to the obvious shows your lack of intelligence.

        • Billy

          Yep…blame Bush again! If anything goes wrong with this administration, don’t take responsibility, blame someone else numb nuts! He violated the U. S. Constitution! His fault and he even admits it! But of course Bush caused it…Impeach the LIAR now!

        • Shirley Robinson

          Voted in by dead people

        • pcove39

          You are slowing down the progress of all mankind. Its so sad to see sheeple like yourself blindly following their political parties agenda, regardless of their representatives adherence to their sworn oaths to the Constitution. Wake up, buddy. Elements of our government have been involved in criminal activity for a very, very long time. BO and GWB are pawns. This a global agenda to dismantle the constitution and maintain the technocracy that will inevitably give way to a full blown theocracy.

        • Bud Brota

          Whining doesn’t mean the irritation isn’t real, Bob. The conservative sense of history goes back to 1791 when the Constitution was ratified. Yes, Clinton did away with Glass-Steagall, and Bush fiddled while Rome burned, but you’ve had 5 years to re-instate Glass-Steagall, and all we got was Dodd-Frank and the bank bailout. Now that they’re bailed out, the banks have no incentive to remove the underwater mortgages from their books and get the economy going again, so the houses languish, deteriorate, and become a blight in their neighborhoods… thanks to your guy, Bob. Good job, Mr. President! But that’s only the economic outlook. The Constitutional outlook, which is what this thread is about, is really bleak, Bob, because your guy doesn’t abide by it, even tho’ he swore to do so twice in the same day, earlier this year. Actually, Bob, the legal prescription for what your guy is doing to the Constitution entails a bit more than whining. You should content yourself with the fact that the anti-O crowd is just whining and not taking all the action against your guy which the Constitution permits. And by the way – Thank you for not using the race card in your post. I appreciate it.

        • Jerome jackson

          Dear Mr. Robert Kriegar, When we exercise our freedom of speech we are within our right. Mr. Kriegar, get a life and learn not everyone believes as you do. I voted for the idiot and I am against him violating the Supreme Law of The Land. Obama made me an anti-Obama voter. When others speak you need to open your mind you need listen to your own words.

          • kenautump

            Take it back!

        • Long 4 Lord (@Long4Lord)

          It seems that the inbreeding causes a lack of responsibility and believing their own lies as truth. This president is so caught up in wanting everyone else to be held responsible for their “Oath of Office” that he forgets that he is the #1 failure when it comes to his word! Oh yes, let’s remember the dead, the illegal, and the prisoners votes that helped get him in the door!

      • Alan

        I agree with you on this. But according to this article, “he believed that Congressional involvement was necessary to change the law.”, so he knew what his responsibility was according to the US Constitution and knowingly ignored it, making it an impeachable offense by not upholding those laws or his oath of office. Now all we need is to have our representatives that believe this to take action and start impeachment proceedings and also impeach any other representative that does not agree to stand behind the Constitution.

      • Brenda Y.

        I won’t go so far as to say that I hate him but I do walk away or change the channel when he speaks ( with a forked tongue , no less). I am quite angry with Congress for not acting on his impeachable offenses. What concerns me more is the mind and will of the majority of Americans that re elected him. Our government is a reflection of the will of the people. Scarey indeed.

        • Gerry

          I don’t think our government is a reflection of the will of the people, it is the will of the government!! they do nothing for the good of it’s citizens, they force harmful foods on us, harmful laws and harmful ideas. They have trampled our constitution and our rights, we are in a police state that is only getting worse by the day. WE AS A COLLECTIVE OF AMERICAN CITIZENS NEED TO STAND UP TO THIS TRAVESTY, REBEL AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!! TIME FOR A REVOLUTION.

      • Mark

        Totally agree with this – the worst excuse for a president in history!

      • George

        I sympathize with you, but without the corrupt Democratic Senate on board, impeachment is impossible. There are few Democrats that would buck Reid, even if Obama shot and killed someone on the Senate floor.

    • Lee

      Just how is it Bush’s fault? I’m missing your logic. Just what “Special Power” does he have to create this problem?

      • Lee

        Never mind. I haven’t had my caffeine yet. I posted the previous comment with my brain in neutral.

    • Xlint Neumanatti

      Well if ya really want to place blame, I think and correct me if im wrong but Prescott Bush is a huge contributor of all of this. Just think what woulda happened if he was actually brought up on the charges that were put up on him. I think they were Aiding the enemy during the 30s n 40s making him partially responsible for the extermination of 12 million. Father of Goerge sr. & grandpappy of good ole G.W.

      • http://Patriots Barry Gerald

        Your an idiot

        • Tyler Ressino

          No, He is correct about Prescott Bush aiding the Nazis…but that doesn’t make any of this his fault.

          • Butch Benningfield

            Could you provide some proof of this?

          • Robert Kriegar

            It’s a matter of history, Butch. Look it up.

        • Grammar Nazi

          From your incorrect grammar it appears you’re the idiot.

          • CandyCamp

            Sad that one must call other names…appears you have time to sit and check everyone’s grammar. Must be a boring life.

        • Christopher Bowen

          No Barry, you’re the idiot. Prescott Bush aided and abetted the Nazis before and during the 2nd world war. Obama is merely facillitating the illuminati to gain dictatorial control over the USA.

          • Robert Kriegar

            As best I can tell, Christopher, these folks are required to be illiterate and ignorant of history.

          • Martin

            You sir a a nut job

        • Robert Kriegar


          However, it is true, just the same.

        • kenautump

          Ya’ll respect this day the 12th it’s my birthday!

      • melissa

        92 days, of 14 vacations…..WOW, what a great life the potus has….

      • Daniel Back

        Don’t leave out all the players, looking at it with today’s perception is false. back then they would have needed a time machine to know they were protecting future President’s. The protection was for the current President at the time FDR, History should be viewed in the correct manner as to what was happening at that time it took place. nice liberal twist leave out the crucial information.

        Thatcher M. Brown, Sr (His family was the very 1st investment bankers)
        Prescott Bush
        Granger Kent Costikyan (Turkish importer)
        Louis Curtis
        Moreau Delano (Related to FDR the reason for no charges)
        E. Roland Harriman
        W. Averell Harriman
        Robert A. Lovett (Secretary of Defense for Harry S. Truman)
        Ray Morris (Board member Federal Reserve )
        Knight Woolley

        • Steve

          Remember that George Herbert Bush was a WWII flyer that got shot down in the defense of his and our country. That makes him a hero in my book. He also served as our president before G.W Bush his son. I might add that he didn’t do too bad of a job. Compared to George Herbert Bush, Barack Obama is a miserable excuse of a president, legislator, and leader. Both presidents Bush had and still have more concern for the people of the United States of America in the tip of his little finger than Obama and his wife in their body. So if they want to blame G W for every thing they are blaming a man who has more legislative experience than Obama will have in a life time. We have a couple of vacation sailors in the highest office in the land.

      • Crate P. Tucker

        Keep your lying liberal crap off , we are sick of it!

      • Angie

        Just HOW far back are you willing to go for blame? Wow.

      • christina Bond

        Maybe Im too simple but you just made no since what so ever to me all I know is its a very sad time for the US that all it is taking is 1 man to bring down the greatest country in the world and I just hope the people realize what is being done to the US and elects someone who really does have the best interests of the people as a whole at heart

        • christopher maness

          agreed there. sure aint hilary clinton or michelle obama either. need a republican or an independent like me.

      • Anonymous

        Incredibly the Blame-it-on-Another Game continues.

    • bernard

      It is the American people’s fault by not standing up for their constitutional given rights and DEMANDING this all STOP. We should demand that everyone be FIRED just as in the public sectors if you do such a rotten job and cost your employer trillions of dollars when there is no money to be had. No public sector business could operate as the government does and survive. America will not survive and will suffer as any business would. Maybe a hostel take over of sorts. Beware that we become to weak financially to ward this off. This is where we are headed. Owned and operated by China.

      • hho bo

        I believe you mean private sector. Public sector refers to the part of the economy controlled by the government.

        • Angie

          Yeah because you can pretty much do ANYTHING in the public sector and still have a job and all your bennies.

      • Janet

        I definitely agree with you there! See the USA in you Chevrolet? I don’t think so!

      • DirtDiver76

        The time is coming; for something big. But it will not happen until many of your homes have been invaded by social workers who report their falsified findings to the hierarchy, who then send their cronies to disarm and disembowel you (collectively speaking). When evils are no longer sufferable, then and only then will mankind take a stand. Many who know, have prepared, those who are naysayers, remain in denial and will only wake when the alarms go off.

        Firing all those involved in the misdealing’s of our Government, sounds very appealing, but will likely not work. The layers of cannon fodder they have surrounded themselves with, will take the fall (the Lois Lerners’, the Napolitano’s… ). And these cronies will never see justice… they will fade into the distance only to re-emerge later. Only when we the people take control and prosecute, incarcerate and on crimes of high treason, enforce the highest sentence possible to re-establish deterrent to further damning behavior as this, will we begin to see once again, a stronger nation.

        If people of this nation want to be angry at anyone… they should be angry at themselves, for allowing their elected officials to carryout such crimes against our liberty and our Constitution. Facing denial is the first step to the road to recovery, is it not… consider this our first intervention, then and lets be on with it.

    • Melisissa

      This is the first president EVER to blame or talk badly about a previous president. This is the peoples choice. This guy is classless enough to do so on a daily basis, never taking responsibly for anything. The most embarassing president ever!! I am ashamed he is in charge. Oh, but of course he is on vacation…golfing…again…DB
      He sucks at golf too….just like everything else…

    • jt

      we need to get bush out of office RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Z. Williamson

      Remember when a famous Democrat said, “The Buck Stops Here”?


      I place most of the blame on the RNC for running with McCain and then Romney.
      And, as long as the GOP keeps the tent doors closed to new conservatives, independents
      and Libertarians, we will continue to be given NEOCON choices or Democrat Light choices.
      When they made the rules changes at the Tampa Convention, it guarantees more of the same.
      But, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The Elephant is turning into a Wooly Mammoth. Extinct! And a renewed conservative party will be born. It’s just a matter of time.
      The RNC is digging their own grave. They think they are going to get more voters by bringing in more women into the party but, most of the women who are running (Namcy Mace etc) are
      more in line with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz which is a good thing for this country long term.

      • KJB

        C4LNC you are correct. We true conservatives are growing and the more active group. Don’t give up. I won’t

    • Jesse

      Are you just flat out retarded because after what you just said it would look better on your behalf if you were I mean good lord that makes Forrest Gump look like an Ivy League graduate

    • dave

      Yesterday wasn’t soon eno

    • DoopDiop

      Bush hasn’t been president for 7 going on 8 years. Get Obama’s pencil dick out of your mouth, you ignorant twat.

    • DirtDiver76

      Hell, it’s George Washington’s fault.

    • Steven Littlefield

      George Bush’s fault? Dude we’re going on Obama’s 2nd term. Let it go already. This man, President Obama is clearly at fault, let him take some damn responsibility. If you meant it sarcastically than i apologize. lol

    • Publius

      Hang him from the Washington Monument, and hang the entire House and Senate from the trees on the National Mall.

      • kenautump

        Dang me! Dang me! They ought to take a rope out and hang me!

  • C Stone

    But it’s good to be the King. The Constitution has never gotten in Barry’s way, why should it start now

    • Mark Riggan

      so the obam determines it is the spirit of the law and not the law itself. i will try that the next time i get pulled over for speeding

  • Jim Rowell

    Obama is a pathological liar. Everything is someone else fault. Never does anything that he says or does is wrong. I just can not believe how this guy got elected in the first place. Of course, George Soros and his money helped.

    • Lloyd

      Don’t forget the low information voters that got him to where he is now! They got to be very low scum to vote for this charlotin!

    • Scott

      It amazes me that he still blames Bush for all of HIS mistakes and ignoring of the law, then has the BALLS to push Bush SR around that Liebrary named after Bush in his wheelchair , not to mention how much Obama blames on the Republicans when it is clearly Obama’s fault…

    • Ssg Sprek

      This has become a nation of “wanters ” and not “doers “. Our binder American brothers and sisters are more concerned with what they can get or “deserve” rather than what they can create or earn by the sweat of their brows. As long as the free-rides at the water park continue our nation will continue to spiral morally, economically, ethically until there are only the boat owners, charity passengers, and rowers… Just how far can a boat of billions continue with none working to make it happen? Quick hint look up Rome. Its time to take it back.. Not just speak while wasting time arguing over and waiting for the next wave of ridiculous unconstitutional nonsense. Tell your representatives , brothers and sisters when they are done bitching and ready to take a stand ill take that first step.. Call me.

  • GlarryB

    Did he “TRY” to call up the Speaker and discuss? NO
    He sincerely believes he’s above the law, acting much like Hitler did in Germany. The law must be whatever he decides it to be.

  • JoAnne Rich

    They why don’t we do something about it. He is acting like a Dictator instead of a President who needs to follow the rules of the Constitution. We must not let him get by with it.

  • GBinSC

    So, given Obama broke the law, why is he not being impeached?

    • BrianB

      He is not being impeached because the entire general government operating in DC is not subject to the Constitution of the united States of America. Their allegience is wholly owned and actions fully directed by offshore interests. One need not look for proof of this with certainty any further than the actions of this rogue regime with ever increasing antipathy toward Our Constitution ever since the 1930’s. We absolutely cannot rely on the general government to bring itself back under the rule of Our law. Elections are completely meaningless. There is only one answer here, only one avenue we have at our disposal to rid ourselves of this despicable, treasonous ruling class who tread upon us daily as if we were their chattel: VIOLENT REVOLUTION! Long live the Republic and long live the Spirit of ’76! Death to Tyranny!

      • Geoffrey Pfister Sr.

        Look past the 1930’s …way back the the “Act of 1871″, for therein lies to greatest act of treason ever committed against we the people…That is when they exempted themselves of any Constitutional Restraints by declaring the United States Gov’t a “private corporation”, and also limited their own authority to within the boundaries of the District of Columbia….We have been lead here by the greatest actors the world has ever known…they have retained illegal power by projecting legal authority that they themselves revoked!!! O’Perfect execution of the phrase “Power perceived is Power achieved”

      • mike

        I’m with ya Brian.That’s our only hope.

    • Thomas Weatherwax

      Because there are to many chicken shit politicians and media…No one has the sand to do what is right…Clinton was impeached for sex, yet we can’t Impeach a president who violates the constitution and is a traitor to this nation…It’s our right as Americans to oust someone who violates the law..Yet no one is standing up and saying enough is enough.

      • Kevin

        When was Clinton impeached? I keep hearing that, but I’m still trying to figure out when this happened. I think he should’ve been, but he wasn’t. And it would’ve been for perjury, not sex. Personally, I think the sex scandal should’ve made him impeachable, but most people don’t agree with me there.

        • Diann Merritt Morales

          Clinton was impeached for lying, not for sex. He just wasn’t found guilty. Look it up on Wickipedia.

          • Kelly

            He was never impeached. He was censored. That means they spanked his hand. To be impeached he has to be convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors.

          • Robert Kriegar

            Congress voted to impeach, but the Senate did not. Clinton was not impeached.

            Moreover, he did not lie. The term “sex” was defined by law as conjugal sex, and the fact of the matter was that what they engaged in was fellatio.

          • Raymond Andrews

            @Robert Kreiger – Diann is correct. Clinton WAS impeached for lying. Impeachment is equivalent to bringing charges against someone for a crime. The Senate did not find enough evidence to convict him. Learn how government works.

        • Mark Arnold

          From Wiki:

          Definition of Impeachment: Impeachment is a formal process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity, the outcome of which, depending on the country, may include the removal of that official from office as well as criminal or civil punishment.

          From Wiki:

          Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998. Two other impeachment articles, a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power, failed in the House. He was acquitted by the Senate on February 12, 1999.

          • C Stone

            Impeachment can be compared to indictment. After a person is Indicted there will be a trial. A prosecutor or Grand Jury can indict a person, then he will be brought to trial. The court will decide guilt.

            The House of Representatives can impeach any office holder, then the Senate will act on that impeachment. If they are found guilty in the Senate they can be punished up to and including removal from office. If the Senate fails to find them guilty charges are dropped. That is what happened when Clinton was impeached.

        • Roy

          For you low information participants – Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998. – You have the means to look this stuff up at your fingerprints. Do so before you show your ignorance.

      • Rae

        There are people ‘standing up’, just not getting the support of the american people. What are you doing, other than talking?

      • http://None Joe Hagan

        Term limits ! The only way for America to reclaim our country.

        • http://msnbc Mr.29

          We have term limits….they are called elections. The problem is people keep electing the same assholes every time….nothing changes.

  • http://wdm Tnm

    Isn’t this a confession of breaking the law. Why are we allowing our “president” to do this?

  • Seante Wilson

    Impeach? Please? NOW?

    • Gingin

      It is my understanding that the impeachment proceedings have to be approved by the Senate and of course the Democraps are in control.

      • Stella Jobe

        Don’t vote for incumbents next time!

  • scoggin

    Time to immediately impeach this POS for perjury of oath, which is a classified high crime / misdemeanor.

  • vicki

    How can you blame Bush or anyone else for that matter? That is like saying because the employee before me in my position {who got fired] is the fault of my inability to do my job. NO ONE man or one political party is responsible for this mess. but Obama is thr woese thing to ever happen to this country. SOME people need to wake up and smell the mess.

  • rich

    obama hasn’t been held accountable, for anything in his life…he kills, covers it up, blames it on someone else, then moves on….the boom is about to drop on obama!!….

  • BrianB

    He is not being impeached because the entire general government operating in DC is not subject to the Constitution of the united States of America. Their allegience is wholly owned and actions fully directed by offshore interests. One need not look for proof of this with certainty any further than the actions of this rogue regime with ever increasing antipathy toward Our Constitution ever since the 1930′s. We absolutely cannot rely on the general government to bring itself back under the rule of Our law. Elections are completely meaningless. There is only one answer here, only one avenue we have at our disposal to rid ourselves of this despicable, treasonous ruling class who tread upon us daily as if we were their chattel: VIOLENT REVOLUTION! Long live the Republic and long live the Spirit of ’76! Death to Tyranny!

  • Kiki

    The GOP lead house voted for this measure not just OBama..
    Check your facts.. But his website is not really all about that though… Can’t get the stupid to read boring truths… The crazy stuff is far more glamorous

    • Raymond Andrews

      @Kiki – I read the article you quoted and you definitely have a different interpretation than the average person would. The article said that the Republicans were trying to use the delay of the employer mandate to also delay the individual mandate which has been there goal the whole time. The Republicans understand that this law will be bad for the country. That is why Obama had to ram it through with his lapdog, Nancy “Pass it then you’ll find out what’s in it” Pelosi.

    • Geneva

      Anybody calling herself ‘kiki’ shouldn’t be calling anybody else stupid. By the way, ‘kiki’, Did you read the article’?? If you did or if you didn’t, guess that would make you stupid as well. The facts of this article are correct, and typical of liberal logic, yours are skewed! Might want to do a bit more research…… kiki!

  • Mike Neal

    Hey folks, it isn’t just Obama who should be impeached. The whole damn congress needs to be removed. They’re playing us against them, instead of us for America. I am so sick of this political crap

    • Robin Owens

      First smart thing on here. Yes, it is all them. Not just Obama. The whole government is winning in causing a split in our own country. Instead of bringing everyone together, they are tearing us apart. They are using the divide and conquer rule. Look at it. Everything on the news to cause racial tension, or to find ways to take our rights away. I am looking forward to a new election, if there ends up being one and all of Washington doesn’t take that away from us.

  • Kimberley Knott

    Lets all Vote for Si Robertson to be the next president.

  • David Wayne

    So now se see what is in the Un-Affordable Care Act. Obama’s totalitarianism is in the Obamacare. Absolute power to circumvent congress? This is rescission of contract and having broken the contract the law must be rescinded and unenforceable.

  • Tina

    Well Said Karen

  • Geneva

    So, why is it that no matter what laws the President breaks, no matter how he shredds the Constitution, no matter what treasonous acts he committs, nothing is EVER done about it. Seems this President can get away with murder. Why is that???

    • aney67

      duh, that would be racist, automatically.

  • Ed Marko

    Well basically he just admiited to violating his oath of office, that’s MAJOR grounds for impeachment!!! GET HIM OUT NOW!!!!!

  • Mike S.

    That lying snake, the reason that usurper violated the Constitution was 1.) So the GOP couldn’t blame congressional democrats house or senate in the very near election, hurting their chances of taking the house and keeping the senate. 2.) Read what I said under #1, the Senate elections are coming up and that lawless tyrant wants a majority in the house and senate so he can carry out his plan…. Allow the elections to pass before Obamacare shows yo why so many opposed it… I hope every person who voted for that snake enjoys their affordable healthcare, it is going to eat up all of their extra spending money not to mention a bill or two wont get paid…

  • FUWS

    He will break all laws and ethics till he is caught! Then he tries to run in circles in the effort that it tires everyone out and he can get away with it. Don’t let him fool anyone of what he is!

  • FeatherBlade

    … Was he really using “the royal We” to speak about himself?

    • Donelda

      Yes he was FeatherBlade, very arrogant isn’t he.

  • Christopher Blanton

    and of course,from the very media he gave the answer to: crickets….

  • Jacqueline Hicks

    His facial body language speaks volumes…………….

  • j.


    • Kevin

      Not just new blood. Blue collar workers who’ve never made more than 35k a year and would rather shoot lobbyists than take they’re money. Someone who has no personal vested interest in the market.

    • Dustin

      j. for president

  • Mike Roberson

    Impeach this son of a bitch and his puppet no brains Bieden and let’s get someone in here that can fix this shit!!

  • John

    How O got Elected: voter fraud

  • Kevin

    If you all want to get him impeached (an act by the Senate), get out and vote in the mid-terms – in droves. Bring you rneighbors. Get the word out that if Republicans control both the House and the Senate, Obamacare can be repealed, along with impeachment proceedings. Holder can also be tried for both treason and breaking laws. We need 6 votes in red states to get back the Senate. Get out to vote in November 2014. It won’t be easy. Obama’s communistic team will bring every person holding a welfare check and Obamaphone to the polls. We MUST win back the Senate.

  • Darnell

    Now what would happen if you had a class action law suit against the president of the United States ?

  • bernard

    The American public should be able to fire him!!!!!! You could NEVER do all the wrongs he has done and lies he has told and keep your job in the public sector. Maybe someday with mass communication there will be a change in impeachment proceedings and we will be able to end this before they can do MORE damage.

  • bernard

    After thinking for a bit I realize I am not a Rep., Dem., Conservative, or any other political hack. I AM A PISSED OFF AMERICAN THAT WANTS OUR AMERICA BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the political party differences and EVERYONE work FOR THE U.S.A. and the GOOD OF THE PEOPLE. Thank you.

  • dfh

    What we really need are good candidates to run for office instead of voting for lesser of two evils. Who wants to run after reading all this criticism?

  • Chazz

    My god I never thought I’d flame anyone but you are all idiots and the absolute cause of 99% of the problems in this country. Also invest in some spell checkers, they’re free.

  • justapatriot

    He thinks we don’t see through his machinations. The bottom line is he made the decision to change the law without approval from Congress making it an unconstitutional decision. There was no “consensus” and his consultations were of no concern to the American process. He needs Congress’s approval to make any changes to this ‘law’.

  • william c

    We are now going all the way back to the 30s and 40s for our problems today? Nazis? George HW Bush got shot down fighting the Nazis, and how does this relate to the disaster that is Obama?

  • http://Facebook James Snodgrass

    How many of us (all humans) don’t, or have never lied? That does not merit job threats on any level. No matter what; he is our elected leader. Just shouting out to the world sounds idiotic..(and is). He ran, he won…..The future? …….God knows…….and tells…….open up “THE BOOK”….. & heed what it says……. If you don’t ……Keep reading the book & learn.

    • Raymond Andrews

      Lying to the American Public when you are the President DOES merit job threats. He forgets that he is not a Pharaoh. He is not a deity nor does his power to rule come from God. His power to rule comes from the American People which means he should be answering to us. We are, in effect, his boss. Lying to your boss in any company in America will get you fired.

  • Tim Mauch (@teemuch)

    If the president stated that he violated the constitution, he should have been arrested. The constitution, like it or not is the final authority in the land. If you don’t like the constitution there is a process to change it, but violating, disobeying, or ignoring it, are criminal acts. Someone needs to enforce the law on the president.

  • Tom dee (@Tomdee1)

    If the President admits to violating the Constution, Is this Not a impeachable offence??
    WHERE is the Speaker of the House???

  • paul

    how can he just violate the constitution? and nobody is doing anything about it? it’s time to impeach the lying muslim bastard.

  • therain

    Impeach now!

  • Robert Mackowiak

    You’re day/s to stand up, shut down DC and Change what almost every American can see is the problem.

    The Elitist/ Statist mentality that permeates our Constitutional Republic

  • Dr. Steven Antal PhD.

    Which takes me back to the root of the problem that is not only a problem here, In the U.S. but everywhere. That is a dwindling supply of resources and a explosive growth in human population. Health care is a resource, as it directly relies on resources. These problems are only going to worsen over the next few years we have left, as resources become more constrained, and quality becomes less reliable. THIS INCLUDES health care.

    As a side note, no plan, can any longer, effectively provide the level of health care required to maintain a predominantly healthy population. Hence the run away cancer, autism rates, obesity, diabetes, and so on. Remember, that is in industrialized nations where resources are distributed more vastly through the population. in non developed nations these amenities don’t even exist. Obama care, the republican plan, privatization, socialization, serfdom, fiefdom,,,,. Get use to the fact that it’s only going to get worse as time goes on, and no plan will work, not just Obama Care.

    • aney67

      if healthcare is a ‘resource’ then is carpentry? plumbing? maid service? all directly dependent on actual resources as well. I am also curious what level of health care negates obesity or the birth rate of autistic children.

  • Paul Smith

    At least President Bush took his vacations at his on ranch i don’t think Obama has a home in the United States

  • Angie

    Lie of the day. I “consulted” with businesses. Yeah, riiiiiiight. Lazy AH.

  • Joe

    I think it’s Christopher Columbus’ fault. lol.

  • kenautump

    If it helps people to change the law then so be it! The law against tapering with the vote was not in question when G.W.Bush stole the votes too steal the Presidency. So leave Obama alone. You the press created this monster. So deal with it!

    • Robert Kriegar


    • Raymond Andrews

      Wow! Still blaming G.W. By the way, he didn’t “steal the vote” so get over it…and yourself.

  • Robert Kriegar

    If he did not, and he does not, how then can it go into effect, if congress does not allow it to do so?

  • kenautump

    Why not allow it to go into effect? G.W.Bush did a lot of criminal things!

  • kenautump

    Stealing the vote is against the law! I worked in voter registrar. I knew how he did it! If you go after Obama, you have to go after Bush!

  • kenautump

    I’m not black and I voted for Obama! I’d do it again today! He is a good man!

    • Ken Barry

      kenautump–do you know how to spell stupid?? I didn’t think so

      • you only make yourself look ba

        asking someone how to spell and than not using proper punctuation goes hand in hand nowadays huh?

    • Raymond Andrews

      Obama is a socialist piece of crap that is driving this country into the ground and driving away our allies. If you voted for him once, you were misguided. If you voted for him twice, you are just an idiot.

  • http://yahoo Shelly

    Obama is a self serving moron puppet put here by the world elite as a smokescreen to keep us from seeing the real agenda which is world depopulation and world domination.

  • Forrest

    Lets be real, although he has broke the law numerous times, disregarded the constitution more times than I can remember and lies almost every time he opens his mouth, he will never be impeached or brought up on charges. This would scar his reputation and everyone that did this would be categorized as a racist. They cannot allow this to happen without an all out race war. We can only hope the American people see what is going on and when it comes to voting day they turn out and get rid of him and his administration (throw Holder out on his ear also)

    • hora

      I believe in November be will a to dark butcher day for all Dems, some GOP be will down too, but a guy who confess broke a Law must remove now. All happening when for decades we leave a liberals became a lawyer and Judges, when was must remove all liberals because not respect any Law and not qualified for be a Lawyer. If real Justice and good Judges time before was remove a illegal president and vice president, ban socialism and communist from USA and make felony, all Supreme Court Judges see and know all atrocity Nobuma and Dems doing, but nothing doing and merely remove all in especial liberals.

  • Jacob White

    It’s Adam & Eve’s Fault. lol

  • Stella Jobe

    I wonder when Presidents are going to be honest and do what they promise? We love America and want it back!!!!!! Stop blaming others for everything or telling them they have to be the fall guy for your mistakes or decisions.

  • r.g.l

    its coming down, take the mark of the beast or die…..

  • http://cox susan

    It’s to bad Obama doesn’t blame to last President for everything. And who was the last term President? You got it Obama. He likes skipping over a 4 year term to blame someone else. This morning I saw on the news that they got another dog in the White House. I sure hope these 2 dogs get along and are able to fly on the same plane when they vacation with their owners. There goes more of our hard earned tax dollars. Maybe they should have made a donation to our government instead of the humane society. (nothing against the humane society, they just have more money than our government fund). I have voted for the last 45 years, so I have a right to complain, unlike those you never voted until 2 elections ago.

    • kenautump

      All the Presidents are the blame! All of these men do something wrong! How else do they get elected but to do something wrong!

  • willie m. fletcher

    I for one am getting sick of republican talking about all the violation of the constitution that President Obama have committed. Have we lost our zeal for the truth or the rule of law? Are republican that scare of President Obama that we would aloud our country to be destroy with a coke and a smile. The only organization that has file article of Impeachment is the NBRA, National Black Republican Association, thank you Dr. Rice. Republican, Rhino’s and the Tea Party and Congress should support this effort; it is a foundation to build on. Either we impeach this President or shut the hell up.

  • Stopblamingthepuppet

    if he “violated” the constitution than how is he still in office. Congress hates him. Explain how this is possible. Its because he hasn’t there maybe on the fringe type actions but nothing that clearly broke the “law” I know your hate burns vigourously but dam. and to say it has nothing to do with skin color, not even slightly, is jsut a flat out lie. This man has done one thing and people hate him, than he does what they want, and people still hate him. lmao you cant mask racism. ignorance lets it shine brightly.