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‘Oklahoma’ Means ‘Red People’ In Choctaw You Guys

By , June 20, 2014.

The self-appointed and self-righteous scolds who infest the Democratic party and its communications arm known as “the mainstream media,” are quite hot and bothered about the name of a professional football team: The Washington Redskins.

However, they don’t seem to be too worked up about the name of one of the 57 50 states: Oklahoma.

That name literally means “red people.” We assume, with some level of confidence, that the “people” are “red” because their “skin” is also “red.”

You see how that works?

Oh, it gets better. The origin of the name Oklahoma, as you might have guessed, is not from any English word. It’s a conjunction of two Choctaw words: “okla” and “humma.” Those words translate to “red” and “people” respectively.

Yeah. It’s in Wikipedia.

The Choctaw, of course, are a Native American people originally from the southeastern part of the United States.

Now, who came up with the idea of naming one of our states “red people” using Native American words? Unsurprisingly, it was a Choctaw chief. The state was originally meant to be an all-Indian state under the governance of the United States.

An all-Indian state named “red people.” Hmmm…

We have to wonder: Where is the outrage?


  • Wyatt Urp

    Wow… the left outrage machine is going to be REAL busy here in WI, because we have literally THOUSANDS of little towns that have Indian names. Gee… one of them might be… wait for it… OFFENSIVE… ooooOOOOoooohhh NO! We better check every name and make sure!

    On another note, I am so sick of the STUPID progressive left and their MORONIC “political correctness” and their FAKE OUTRAGE, that I just can’t help but think that there’s some PUSH BACK coming. Give them an inch and they TAKE A MILE, and the sad part is, they DON’T STOP! Well… it’s time to stop them. Enough is enough.

    • “Penned” In

      Same here in Minnesota bro…And I haven’t heard “Fake Outrage” for a while…and really…most don’t. They just have to squak..

  • FearthenutIII%

    Its all just a smoke and mirrors power play. They get a little tiny boner when they can make you do what they want. Its Viagra for a stupid,crazy bunch of morons who want to take away your country from the inside. They dont want to really fight. You did that for them while building this country. They want to take it now that the hard work is done. Show them the business end of the shit stick. How many dykes do you think died forging this country. How may Libs do you think fought in the world wars. And you already know where they were during Vietnam. They were taking ours!! They still want to take ours! Its what they do. Worlds largest lamprey eel!!

  • Asperger

    Bad News NAZICRATS. I think you will have your hands full. Talk about “UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES”!

  • floridavet

    Oklahoma means “Red People?” Oh, my, how offensive.

    Let’s change it to something less offensive, like “colored people.” HEAVY SARC

  • Lex Gnosticos

    I think that the Patent and Trademark Office really stepped in the shit on this whole issue. I think that when the litigation is all over with, it will be found that they grossly overstepped their bounds. Perhaps before people decide to get so offended by these imagined race based “attacks”, they might want to examine whether they are possibly being played or not, by whom, and for what reason. That analysis will tell them who the real enemy is.

    • orrineldredii

      It was s 2 to 1 vote. So it is not like many people decided this. This is all just more Obama BS.

  • Rogue1

    Here’s a nice picture of 4 real WW2 heroes being honored by the Washington Redskins. Semper Fi, Brothers. Your legacy is part of Marine Corps history.

    • “Penned” In

      Wow…the code talkers. That is way cool. anyway to email this to Dingy Harry Reid?

  • Leo

    Every street in our town is an Indian Name. Oopsie. I guess we’ll have to change all of our addresses.

  • Roy Scott McNutt

    The logic in this post is based on a lack of info. The term “redskin” originates during the colonial period, when the colonies paid cash bounties in order to eradicate panthers, wolves, Indians, and other “dangerous vermin.” The bounty was collected by turning in hides of whatever was killed. Since a single scalp could be stretched and cut to make up to four scalplocks, the practice was to cut the skin from the inside of the forearms of Native people who had been hunted down for the bounty. A pair of these constituted one “red skin,” to be totalled up with however many wolf skins, panther skins, etc. The term is HIGHLY OFFENSIVE to Native people. The Patent Office didn”t ban it per se; they simply removed the copyright protection of it, in keeping with the same long-standing practice of NOT providing copyright protection to titles, patents, etc., that are considered racist or derogatory to entire groups. The term for us would be like referring to Jewish Holocaust survivors as “lampshades” or “gas logs,” thereby making light of the horrors of the Nazi extermination camps.
    Scott McNutt
    Muscogee Nation of Florida.