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‘Oklahoma’ Means ‘Red People’ In Choctaw You Guys

‘Oklahoma’ Means ‘Red People’ In Choctaw You Guys

The self-appointed and self-righteous scolds who infest the Democratic party and its communications arm known as “the mainstream media,” are quite hot and bothered about the name of a professional football team: The Washington Redskins.

However, they don’t seem to be too worked up about the name of one of the 57 50 states: Oklahoma.

That name literally means “red people.” We assume, with some level of confidence, that the “people” are “red” because their “skin” is also “red.”

You see how that works?

Oh, it gets better. The origin of the name Oklahoma, as you might have guessed, is not from any English word. It’s a conjunction of two Choctaw words: “okla” and “humma.” Those words translate to “red” and “people” respectively.

Yeah. It’s in Wikipedia.

The Choctaw, of course, are a Native American people originally from the southeastern part of the United States.

Now, who came up with the idea of naming one of our states “red people” using Native American words? Unsurprisingly, it was a Choctaw chief. The state was originally meant to be an all-Indian state under the governance of the United States.

An all-Indian state named “red people.” Hmmm…

We have to wonder: Where is the outrage?


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