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Republicans Should Fund ObamaCare, Let It Fall By Its Own Weight

Republicans Should Fund ObamaCare, Let It Fall By Its Own Weight

We are accustomed to generating controversy with our friends on the left. With this article, we will probably generate quite a bit of controversy with our friends on the right.

We disagree with the advice being suggested by our conservative brethren that Congressional Republicans should move to defund ObamaCare. There are a couple of reasons why we think that is a bad suggestion.

First, it’s a political loser for Republicans. Almost every single time, in recent memory, that Republicans in Congress have attempted to force their ideological will, via legislation, on a Democratic executive, they have lost. They not only lost in the outcome, but they lost in terms of their image with the American people.

There are exceptions to that. These exceptions are when the Democratic President, up front, signals his intentions to compromise with Republicans on the issue. That’s not happening here.

During the 1990’s, Republicans repeatedly tried to attach provisions which were popular with their base to various pieces of legislation. These provisions were unacceptable to then President Bill Clinton, a Democrat. Republicans didn’t care, and were willing to play chicken. Bill Clinton was willing to play chicken, too. And he did. And he won, every time. Congressional Republicans would eventually rewrite those bills so that they reflected exactly what the President wanted.

Please note: That was when Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress. Now, they only control one. There is only so much that Republicans can do while controlling only one half of the legislative branch of government. Defunding ObamaCare isn’t one of them.

Simply put: if Republicans attempt to defund ObamaCare, it’s a practical and political loser for the party.

There is good news, however. Republicans don’t need to defund ObamaCare.

We believe that ObamaCare will fall by its own weight. It started off as an unpopular bill, and now it’s an unpopular law. We only see it becoming more hated over the next several months as certain portions of the law are implemented.

Why is the President recruiting celebrities to “sell” ObamaCare to a naive American populace? Because he knows that the law can’t stand on its own merits.

Even high profile union members, who originally supported the bill, are turning against it. Note: these are people who represent working-class families. They’ve called for changes to the law, and they’re not going to get those changes.

As we noted previously, the Democratic advantage on the issue of health care has been cut in half since the beginning of the year. We see that trend continuing, until ultimately there is a Republican advantage, in the next couple of years.

As more and more Americans learn about how ObamaCare negatively impacts their own health care, there will be a groundswell of outcry against it. Nancy Pelosi will get her wish, and we will all find out what was in the bill that she helped ram through Congress. When that happens, then we, as a people, will despise that law even more than we do now.

We believe that ObamaCare will then collapse as a matter of popular will.


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Brian Carey is a software developer who also thinks that ObamaCare is one of the worst, most irresponsible, economically pig-ignorant pieces of legislation ever passed in the history of this country.

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