Sarah Palin Says That She Went To Fox News To ‘Piss Off’ People Who Wanted Her Dead

Sarah Palin Says That She Went To Fox News To ‘Piss Off’ People Who Wanted Her Dead

There are many reasons to love Sarah Palin. Her rationale for going to Fox News might be one of the best.

“Fox’s Roger Ailes says he hired me ‘to piss off the people that wanted her dead.’ Hmmm. Funny. I accepted for the same reason!” Palin wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Those of you who are old enough to remember the 2008 Presidential election will remember the deluge of Palin Derangement Syndrome that shook the left-wing commentariat and lamestream media blowhards once John McCain named her as his Vice Presidential running mate. We also got to see more than a little misogyny from our liberal friends during that era.

Palin was hated more than just about any politician in recent memory. It’s quite likely that so-called “progressive” hatred for her exceeded the hatred for President George W. Bush. We saw the climax of that hatred just recently when MSNBC host Martin Bashir suggested that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth.

Bashir was fired (or resigned) for that statement.

We have to admit that we love the fact that Palin irritates liberals so much. That’s a good enough reason to ensure that she consistently appears on the most popular name in cable news − Fox News Channel.




Brian Carey is a software developer who also thinks that ObamaCare is one of the worst, most irresponsible, economically pig-ignorant pieces of legislation ever passed in the history of this country.

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