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Study: Less Than A Million Of The Previously Uninsured Who Signed Up For ObamaCare Have Paid Premiums

By , April 2, 2014.

That victory lap might have been a bit premature.

As the whole world knows by now, the White House claimed yesterday that 7.1 million people signed up for ObamaCare. What the White House did not tell anyone was how many of those 7.1 million people a) never had insurance before and b) paid their premiums.

We have noted repeatedly, in this space, that the Obama administration seems awfully reluctant to inform the American people about how many ObamaCare enrollees are actually paying for their insurance. We have heard as many as 80%, but that’s not a definitive number.

The administration also doesn’t want to tell us how many of the (supposed) 7.1 million ObamaCare enrollees were previously uninsured. If they already had plans that were cancelled because of the health care law and were essentially forced into ObamaCare plans, then that’s not really giving people something they didn’t already have, is it?

An even more interesting question is this one: How many of the previously uninsured who signed up for ObamaCare have paid their premiums?

Well, not many, according to one study.

A triumphant President Barack Obama declared Tuesday his signature medical insurance overhaul a success, saying it has made America’s health care system ‘a lot better’ in a Rose Garden press conference.

But buried in the 7.1 million enrollments he announced in a heavily staged appearance is a more unsettling reality.

Numbers from a RAND Corporation study that has been kept under wraps suggest that barely 858,000 previously uninsured Americans – nowhere near 7.1 million – have paid for new policies and joined the ranks of the insured by Monday night.

This story isn’t over. The actual data will trickle out, the objections of the Obama administration notwithstanding. Eventually we will know the answers to these questions that we’re asking.

Our suspicion is that the answers won’t make ObamaCare look like a viable health care law.

  • laura

    whoever believes what this “writer” is putting out needs THEIR own brains checked!

    • Reagan Lathan

      If you happen to have the actual numbers of paying customers feel free to enlighten us!!!! I for one would like to know if the newly insured are paying their own way or if that 7,000,000+ are all government subsidized.

    • Donato

      Whoever believes anything that comes out of the lying sleezeballs in the Obama Administration needs their brains checked.

  • TimboT

    The Mindless Herd rushes to destruction expecting another “Freebie” only to find they are actually expected to “Pay” something. How can the uninsured be expected to pay a “premium” when they are flat broke. Is this making any sense?

    • CommonSense

      So everyone without health insurance is flat broke?

      • jam117

        No…..most of them lost their insurance with the advent of obamacare and are now trying to replace what they had (and which they “liked” and expected to be able to “keep”) with insurance containing coverage they neither want or need and which will destroy their family budget……..or……they will go under medicaid and be totally at the mercy of bureaucrats. I guess you could call it equal distribution of misery.

        • CommonSense

          Oh I didn’t realize what you said were facts or based in reality. Thanks for clearing that one up!

    • Robert

      premium will increase yearly

    • Vaughn Monti

      It makes no sense whatsoever…..

  • dg

    Time will tell or maybe not lying is nothing new with these people so lets just give them enough rope to hang themselves with

  • Brian Hughes

    “‘As a mother of two 30-something sons, I know they’re more likely to get their information on “Funny or Die” than they are on network TV,’ she [Sebelius] added.” And this tells you all you really need to know about Obama supporters.

    • jam117

      She is speaking about HER children, not mine. Of course, obama, sebelius and their ilk are depending on these uninformed and lemming-like voters to continue in that state and return them to power year after year. So far……….they have because they are a majority of people who vote. Hope we see a change in november. If not, we are over the edge of the slippery slope we have been on for so many years.

      • CommonSense

        We’ve been at the edge of a slippery slope for years? Seems like it’s not so slippery…

  • Mike Alan

    Nobody cares about the numbers and what they mean,. Obarry hit 7.1M and the media will not get into the details They do not care. T Its no different then 425 a gallon for gas. The media will not get into it.

  • George Turick

    Yes why the fuck do I need maturnity leave????

  • Wayne Nagata

    I’m 67 , male and I need maturnity leave; )

  • amazingoly

    When will we ever get any truth from this administration?

  • candyman49

    smoke and mirrors, people. Nothing but more lies. Of course the liberals are easy to fool with these bogus numbers, with their weak mind, they’ll believe anything anyone tells them

  • williamdobie

    I was wondering where the author got his numbers from. It seems he is making them up, just like Obama did. No new information here. We are going to have to wait until the real facts come out in several years.

  • Vaughn Monti

    You can’t get blood out of a turnip.

  • griefman

    Mr. Transparency will never let the true numbers get out.
    44 million had no insurance.
    7 million lost their coverage and had to sign up with the exchange.
    90% of the new “enrollees” did not pay afterwards.
    Nationwide about 60% of the new “enrollees” signed up for Medicaid. They don’t pay for that; you do.
    The ACA was sold as a budget neutral (it pays for itself) piece of legislation. It isn’t and it will never be.
    The ACA was sold as a cost lowering (-2500 dollars per family of four) plan. It didn’t and it won’t.
    The ACA was foisted on the American people as one that will allow you to keep your doctor and your plan. Well, at least 7 million found out otherwise.