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Ann Coulter: Democrats “Well on Their Way to a Permanent Majority” with Republican Help on Immigration

By , January 30, 2014.

In usual form, Ann Coulter has come out swinging against House Republicans’ plan to advance amnesty. She claims to have been slipped a report on how immigration is changing the United States and she certainly makes her opinions on the situation known in her latest writing on the matter.

Coulter explains that the report “overwhelmingly demonstrates that merely continuing our current immigration policies spells doom for the Republican Party.” She explains, “Immigrants — all immigrants — have always been the bulwark of the Democratic Party. For one thing, recent arrivals tend to be poor and in need of government assistance. Also, they’re coming from societies that are far more left-wing than our own. History shows that, rather than fleeing those policies, they bring their cultures with them. (Look at what New Yorkers did to Vermont.)”

She’s right. Most people seem to move elsewhere for economic, not political reasons. In addition to Vermont, check out what has happened to Colorado, Florida and Virginia, which have all moved left presumably due to migration from other states. Transplants never seem to realize the policies they voted for back home were a big reason they decided to leave in the first place since liberal agendas usually result in a higher cost of living and less freedom.

Coulter continues, “At the current accelerated rate of immigration — 1.1 million new immigrants every year — Republicans will be a fringe party in about a decade.” She justifies this statement by explaining that, in poll after poll, immigrants reveal Democratic leanings such as believing international law trumps the U.S. Constitution as well as support for gun control and ObamaCare.

Commenting on House Republicans’ odd support for relaxed immigration laws, the hard-hitting conservative ponders “…why on Earth are they bringing in people sworn to their political destruction?” She then answers her own question, explaining that liberal immigration laws are great for ethnic lobbyists, politicians and the wealthy. She also states, “And it’s fantastic for the Democrats, who are well on their way to a permanent majority, so they can completely destroy the last remnants of what was once known as ‘the land of the free’.”

Maybe House Speaker John Boehner (R – Ohio) and his colleagues know they’ll be long gone by the time that happens so they’re willing to sell out their constituents for their own gain. But then again, that’s what politicians do.

It’s up to Republican voters to demand better from their Representatives or kick them out in the mid-term elections. Otherwise, their ideals may go the way of the dinosaur in national politics.

Photo credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

  • Thom*

    Why are illegal immigrants above the law? Do you think that as an illegal immigrant in Mexico what do you figure would be the outcome

    • nicmart

      A person who measures American values by comparing them to the Mexican govt’s actions is deeply pessimistic. Do you also think torture and rape in American prisons are acceptable because worse happens in North Korea?

      • Steve_in_SoCal

        That’s a red herring.
        The US law is pretty clear. Come here illegally, regardless of method, and you’re here illegally.
        If we would enforce current law rather than have sanctuary cities and states, there would be less illegal immigration.
        Its an enforcement issue, not a irrelevant comparison issue.

        • nicmart

          Illegal immigration is at its lowest level since the 1950s, but you are still worried. One can’t help but think of the immigration scare of the 1920s, led by the Ku Klux Klan.

          Govt has the authority to guard the border. It should have no authority to interfere with the employment policies of private American companies.

          • Pappy Hinnant

            Nice. Toss the KKK in to panic everyone. Ass**ole.

          • nicmart

            Not a fan of history?

          • hmp49

            Bring back slavery and indentured servitude

            “Government should have no authority to interfere with the employment policies of private American companies.”

          • Steve_in_SoCal

            Gov’t isn’t guarding the border. If it was, following Reagan’s amnesty in 86, we wouldn’t have 11M illegals.

            Crossings went down because the economic opportunity dried up.

            “It should have no authority to interfere with the employment policies of private American companies.” Tell that to te EPA.

      • pateriot

        I thought that the worker’s paradise of the Socialist Republic of North Korea would be something you think the US should emulate!!

        • nicmart

          I’m a libertarian. I leave the authoritarianism to liberals and conservatives.

          • hmp49

            Libertarian =

            “I only care about what’s good for me, F#%k everyone else.

            I want my freedom, the h#%l with what happens to everyone else.”

          • nicmart

            Your comprehension is limited. I’m not here arguing for my freedom at all. Can I make it simpler?

            I’m content with an ideology of freedom rather than one of authoritarianism and hatred, as with Left and Right.

          • YourMindIsLikeAParachute


          • Stormitus

            Red Herring indeed. Please stop skirting the real issue and focus on main point of the article.
            Through illegal immigration, the Democrats are seeking to create for themselves a ‘Permanent Majority’.
            The Democrat leaders by and large don’t give a crap about the general welfare illegal aliens.
            The Dems do give a crap about securing the advancement of their power, and their socialist agenda. As usual, they do this under the guise of compassion (for illegal aliens in this case).

          • nicmart

            If Dems are the only ones supportive of the “socialist agenda,” why aren’t Republicans agitating for an end to Medicare and Social Security?

          • jimam

            Republicans have and are. Where have you been?

          • nicmart

            What bill is before congress that would abolish Medicare and SS?

  • Vietnam vet

    What about the rest of the people that are stuck with the burden of paying. I know many people the movie to states that offer more b r new it’s for the retired and California is the worst. Oregon and Nevada as well as Arizona are great places they have there set bags with property tax or weather. What’s even worse is Obama is pushing the minimum wages and the foreigners will work for less. If there’s enough people living in onehouse they ccan survive while the average American suffers. Good job our wealthy politicians are doing for us. And our Republicans can’t figure out how to get the Democrats out of office. Easy get out of the way of youself.

  • Mitchel Mcguire

    Just think every time an illegal comes to USA that is one or two less jobs. Every time the minimum wage goes up milk, bread, and on and on all goes up in price if i have pay more for goods and have to pay more to the people that work for me i have charge more. So if I have to pay .05 cents an Hr, per employee just to stay no top I have charge .10-12 cents more so by the time you pay for it it’s $.50 cents more

    • nicmart

      An illegal worker is also an illegal consumer. If it is true that an additional person who immigrates illegally to the U.S. diminishes jobs for Americans, the same must be true for legal immigrants. It must also be harmful when an American has a baby that grows up to become a worker.

      Your view is first based on the misconception that illegals are workers who “take” jobs, but not consumers who create jobs. It is second based on the notion that there is a fixed number of jobs, and more are not created by consumers of any origin. In other words, it is economic nonsense.

      • sickntired

        Some businesses want illegals so they can have higher profits. More illegals, less wages, no benefits. Legal workers cut down on their bottom line. Legal immigration into this country is regulated by laws. So, which laws is it OK with you to break? Where do you want to draw the line? Is it OK for the criminal to come in illegally? Is it OK for those that want to harm this country to come in illegally? They are also consumers. They’re not all the yard boy or the field worker. Or is it OK for all the poor to come here illegally, so that they can use the benefits, none of which they have contributed into, that are supposed to be given only to citizens? We cannot support the world’s poor. Your heart can bleed for every illegal alien that came here, right up to the point that you no longer have any more blood. So where is the line? Close the border. Take care of our own poor, elderly, veterans, children. Our nation was built on immigrants. We continue to have a pretty good legal immigration policy. Let them come here legally, contribute to our tax base, or stay out.

        • nicmart

          It is very simple. If you are not perpetrating fraud or violence, you should not be guilty of a crime. Americans decide which laws to obey and disobey every day, and feel no guilt.

          Americans respect, even honor, law breakers, such as M.L. King and Rosa Parks. Who today thinks that a decent person would have complied with the fugitive slave or Jim Crow laws? Yes, laws are sometimes unjust and should not be complied with.

          As I have already said, illegals should be ineligible for social welfare benefits, and should have to pay taxes for those benefits.

          • pateriot

            If you come into a country outside of its immigration policy you HAVE committed a crime. Try waltzing into ANY other country, including Mexico, without the proper visas. You will be rounded up and thrown out on your rear, after serving a jail sentence and paying fines. Why you moronic Leftists think that the US immigration policy should be any more lacks than any other country’s is beyond me!

          • nicmart

            Law professor Harvey Silvergate estimates that the average American commits three felonies a day. I’m sure we wouldn’t have to dig too deep to find reasons to put you in the slammer for a few years, in the land of the free and home of the brave.

          • Stormitus

            Roughly half of our incarcerated are non violent drug offenders. Where do the drugs come from?

          • nicmart

            Same sort of places booze came from during Prohibition I. Do you think that was a good idea that worked?

          • Stormitus

            Not a good idea, didn’t work. Thanks for making my point, almost. Let’s Legalize drugs and release all non violent drug offenders. We’ll fill our now empty jails with the repeat offender illegal immigrants. The multi billion dollar prison industry will be happy as can be.

          • nicmart

            Which was my point. Except I don’t think people are in jail because of the prison industry’s profit. Lawyer’s are the main players, and physicians control the flow of legal drugs. The problem is not merely that intoxicants are controlled by government, it is that ALL drugs are controlled by govt.

          • James

            Who the hell is Harvey Silvergate and why should anyone care what ridiculous BS he spews? Explain how the average person commits 3 felonies per day. That is out and out lying of the worst kind and YOU are using it as factual?
            Go pound sand you utterly foolish person.

          • nicmart

            Since you don’t know him, haven’t read his book, and don’t seem like the intellectually curious sort, that would not make you his most fit critic, would it?

          • James

            So that makes any two bit liberal moron who writes a book, an expert that you blindly quote? I just googled ol’ Harvey, and I’m no more impressed with what he has to say, than I am with you quoting his far-fetched contentions.
            So yes, I DO consider myself more than qualified to call a quack a quack. Harvey’s a quack.

          • nicmart

            My, you are a deep thinker. Not every day you meet a bona fide expert re a book he’s never read.

          • James

            I don’t need to read any more than the excerpt I read from his so-called book, to know that he has a liberal agenda which means every word he writes is automatically suspect. Unlike you, I don’t believe everything a liberal writes in a book. You try to come across as a rational thinker, but in fact, you are an indoctrinated tool for the left. You are a poser, Nicky boy. Just a poser.

          • Robert Feldman

            Did you stay up all night reading “The Overton Window”?

          • James

            For what purpose?
            I no longer stay up all night reading anything. I need my beauty sleep, believe me. I did enough all-nighters in school to last a lifetime.

          • Robert Feldman

            Look it up…you suggested the ability to use the google.

          • James

            Bobbie. I didn’t say I never read the book. I simply asked for what purpose would I have stayed up last night doing so. I still do not see how in any way the Overton Window is applicable to my comments.
            Perhaps you should elaborate for those of us who just can’t follow your brilliance….

          • Robert Feldman

            James, when you say, “I don’t need to read any more than the excerpt I read from his so-called book, to know that he has a liberal agenda which means every word he writes is automatically suspect. Unlike you, I don’t believe everything
            a liberal writes in a book.”

            It is obvious you care not about learning, you just need that reminder of who you are from Glenn Beck. Lets be clear, you are a large part of our problem in this country. You only believe what you are told by a certain subset of ideological predators cashing in on your ignorance.

            Keep up the good work dittohead.

          • James

            Like I just told Jimmy Carter below, who made the same incorrect assumption as you did, I can’t stand Glen Beck. In fact, only now am I guessing that he must have written the ” Overton Window” ??
            So you are way off base in trying to tie me to someone I do not, nor have ever, followed or read.
            By the way, what’s the big deal about him anyway, that it sets you guys off like shrill little girlie men? It would appear from your reaction, the guy is akin to Kryptonite to you and little Jimmy, below.

          • James J.J. Carter

            It doesn’t take brilliance to figure out who’s a Glenn Beck fan. You just have to understand the basics of how the government works, not from making up your own version of it but the real thing, and when you hear somebody saying the things Glenn Beck does, it’s very distinctive because he’s got his own brand of selfish paranoid delusions which his followers parrot and emulate, coasting on their own BS. It has its own smell and you reek of it.

          • James

            Sorry dude, but I can’t STAND. Glen Beck. Your whole argument just flew the coop.
            Talk about jumping to false conclusions… Brother, you’re an expert at it.
            I have nothing else to say because you were so sure that I was a Glen Beck supporter it consumed your entire response in an epic fail. Sucks to be you right now.

          • James

            That’s because the Russians shot them in the back of the head instead of throwing them in prison. The ones they didn’t kill were not sent to prison. They were sent to a gulag in Siberia.

          • James

            I think he meant democrats commit 3 felonies a day and if your a member of Obamas administration, it’s about 20 felonies a day.

          • James J.J. Carter

            Reagan’s cabinet alone had more indictments and convictions than every Democrat since and long before, combined. Do your homework, don’t just make up answers from thin air.

          • BinThereDunThat

            Obama has deported more illegals than any other President, way more than Bush. And by the way, that’s ‘lax’ to you, genius.

      • Steve_in_SoCal

        Illegal consumer?
        Supply and demand. If illegal immigrants did not come here, would businesses still produce the same amount of product?
        Again, if they are being paid under the table, they pay no state or federal income taxes. So, in good “you did not build that” usage of roads, bridges, etc., they aren’t paying for it.

        • nicmart

          Many businesses know that illegals are important customers, and they seek to attract them, though obliquely.

          Illegals are not responsible for defective tax policies. Some states that have no income taxes do just fine.

          • Steve_in_SoCal

            “Some states that have no income taxes do just fine.” Yes, but with state sales taxes. And typically, unless you’re cali – a higher state sales tax.
            For simplicity, let’s assume illegal persons 1-4 pay no state income tax. However, sales tax – though not on food in cali – their “taxable expenditures” equal 10K per year. At 9% sales tax, that’s $900. Does that cover anything close to what they use? In the words of Elizabeth Warren – all those roads, bridges, buildings, fire, cops, various agencies, etc. it does not even come close.
            As for businesses, if the gov’t made it mandatory to use e-verify, we would have fewer issues.

          • nicmart

            You’ve made claims, but offer no evidence about the costs of services used by illegals. How about some data? The truth is that most Americans do not come close to paying for their share of government costs. How are you going to measure the marginal cost per person of using the services you mention? If you can measure it, then provide the data, not just idle speculation.

            You leave out the additive taxes paid by those who make money from product sold to illegals. They buy billions of dollars in goods and services from Americans who use the money for many things, including taxes.

            One could easily infer from your statement that the main value of an individual living in the USA is to feed government. We are, first and foremost, tax drones. Secondarily, we are subjects to be spied on (e-verified) to ensure our obedience to the ruling masters.

          • James

            Just because businesses find a way to profit off people invading this country illegally, doesn’t mean it’s something to support or promote. All efforts of our elected representatives should be directed at reducing the levels of unemployment for American citizens first and foremost, before giving the seal of approval to those here in violation of our laws.
            When black unemployment is under 5%, then! and only then! can we start to discuss how and why we should allow criminals to be forgiven.

          • nicmart

            Blacks are unemployed due to five main factors. Poor schools (not the fault of illegals); minimum wage laws (not the fault of illegals); mass drug war imprisonment (not the fault of illegals); the wreckage of the Black family and the destruction of motivation by the welfare state (not the fault of illegals). The total expulsion of illegals form the US wouldn’t modify any of those factors.

            The illegals have, on balance, been a great benefit to the USA, just as were the legal Chinese and European immigrants who were so hated by nationalists in the past two centuries.

      • m

        Not really, businesses with no regard for the law would rather hire illegals paid whatever they are willing to work for, and not have to worry about any hiring/firing costs, benefits, etc., than hire one legal immigrant. Do you know what a headache it is to legally hire or fire one legal individual?
        The law should be upheld here like it is in any other sovereign nation- but the individuals who illegally work are no more at fault than those who illegally hire them!

        • nicmart

          The constitution affords no power to congress to determine the hiring practices of businesses. Such laws are unjust.

          • pateriot

            It does however require that the government secure our borders!!

          • hmp49


          • charlie Mcadams

            The same was said about slavey.

      • jt5542002

        It is harmful when a baby is born, or at least in a ratio to death such as the baby boomers. we have to be aware of the size of our population. and sure jobs are created and destroyed, so their is no fixed number, but if there were truly enough to go around, our unemployment rate wouldn’t be what it is today. also, consumers don’t necessarily create jobs. if a new store opens, the first job will have been in existence before the consumer ever arrived. and I read below that the average American commits 3 felonies per day. I understand that we have thousands of laws and many of us are unaware of them. but, don’t we hold some laws too a higher standard? do we not value our murder laws over our J-walking laws? to just allow people to have free rein in our already struggling economy, sounds to me like nonsense.

    • hmp49

      ” Every time the minimum wage goes up milk, bread, and on and on all goes up in price”

      Oh yes, it’s the poor who are picking your pocket. The top 0.1% make as much as the entire bottom 50%. Jamie Diamond just got a 76% raise after overseeing the $6 billion loss on the London whale, and $13 billion in fines and legal fees for illegal actions under his watch.

      But keep on thinking it’s the poor that are the problem.

      • YourMindIsLikeAParachute

        Good point, hmp49….
        It seems clear to me that complaining that raising the minimum wage makes business harder is a moot point. The math:
        In 1964, $1.15 was the minimum wage, so you could receive almost 5 90% silver content US quarter-dollar coins for working for an hour at minimum, or $17.50 worth of silver at today’s values… then they amended the constitution to allow institutionalized theft of the people’s money and funnel it into the federal reserve (a portion of which is probably private equity backed by Jamie).

        The problem is not immigration, or the wage, these are distractions.
        Bankers like Jamie here are chipping away at the value of individual freedom and time on this earth simply by buying treasury bonds as banks and selling them back to the treasury as currency, at a profit. This kind of profiteering and currency creation through fractional lending practices at the banks like Jamie’s are why we feel recession.

        They’ve got us at each others’ throats over minor political differences when its really the federal reserve that should be beheaded and redistributed to the treasury so that none of this could even be a concern.

      • K68

        Yep, there’s the problem… Rich people. And the solution is to make them not rich. (And how does this help the poor?)

    • Charles Mitchell

      this is a dumb way to look at the economics. we should want MORE immigrants. so that everyone can have a nanny, gardener, housekeeper. the problem is that dumb Americans are losing their mindless jobs to spanish speaking immigrants willing to work for less. if Americans wanted to work so badly, they’d get more education. the TRUTH is that the Americans complaining about immigration don’t want to give up their low skill jobs.

  • VenturaCapitalist

    Amnesty: Why? Why NOW?
    The White House punks have got some big-time NSA blackmail dirt on Boehner and Cantor.

  • Jimmies Cousin

    I still say her sex-change surgery was the best I’ve seen.

    • Jason Lewis

      Way better than the first lady’s.

      • James J.J. Carter

        Spoken like a man who fears strong women… keep cleanin’ that gun, Jethro, that’ll make you a man someday

  • oldwhiteguy

    Anyone who takes advice from Ann Coulter deserves it. The point being missed here – over and over and over again – is that “limiting” voting blocs by demanding voter ID laws or ignoring immigration reform or otherwise trying to undermine the opposition NEVER works in the long run. A party has to run on positive ideas, not on marginalizing the opposition. Anytime the GOP wants to start proposing positive steps across issues instead of voting 43 times to repeal Obamacare, it will start to be a more viable alternative. But if your vision is only to stay in power, you’re doomed to lose power.

    • YourMindIsLikeAParachute

      Very true. Most immigrants I know are very, very conservative. Yet many simply identify with the democratic idea of inclusion enough to sway their vote. Establishing exclusivity seems counter-productive to gaining new votes.

    • PammyJ

      The Dems are only interested in immigration reform because they think it will translate into Dem votes. The immigration laws we have now aren’t being enforced by the Obama administration. What would make you think any new laws would be enforced? What is the problem you have with a voter ID? It would insure more accurate elections. The GOP has proposed ideas about health care. Look up HR 3121.

      • Tyrion4Prez

        No taxation without representation. Thats it. If you pay taxes you are not required to do anything else to cast a vote.

      • David Brands

        Obama has sent more illegals home than Bush by a wide margin. Do your homework. Also, voter ID fraud is almost non-existent; the goal of ID at the polls is to make it more difficult for people to vote because it means they must get a picture ID if they don’t have a driver’s license. Many old or poor who don’t drive also don’t have the money to pay for a picture ID just so they can vote. Coincidentally, most of these are Democratic voters so this is a blatant form of voter suppression by the GOP. Why? Because the Republicans can’t win on any of the major issues so they have to mess with voter turn-out. Why do you think only Republican legislatures are pushing for voter ID laws? It’s un-American to say the least.

        • PammyJ

          The deporting numbers for Obama are as high as they are because they changed the way they count them. If a person is turned away at the border they are counted as deported. The Obama administration is not deporting the illegals that are already here according to the laws we have and his oath of office.

          In Michigan at the Secretary of State they asked people getting their drivers license if they wanted to vote. Many signed up. What they didn’t ask is if they had the right to vote. The current list of registered voters is 102% of the voting population. They are trying to fix that now. Many that are on government assistance have to have an ID to cash their check. It isn’t as hard to get an ID as you are suggestion. What is the problem you have with guaranteeing accurate elections? Also, it would seem that the Dems cannot win without the illegal votes.

          • David Brands

            Dems cannot win without illegal votes? Show me an example, Pammy, of a successful prosecution of an illegal voter. Who would want to risk a felony conviction to vote or to vote twice? The reward is not nearly worth the risk. Also, it’s the Michigan Sec of State’s fault to have not established residency of those registering to vote when getting their drivers license, not the person’s fault. Finally, many older people have their Social Security, SS disability and pension check direct deposited in their accounts so they don’t necessarily need to have a picture ID. When my father died my mother had to get a picture ID because she never drove but needed one to cash checks. But she didn’t need it to vote in CA because her residency was established when she registered to vote. It’s that simple. As Americans, we should promote every citizen’s participation to vote and not hinder or block it in any way. The Republicans are making all the moves against minorities, women’s rights, gays, unions, fair wages, environmental protection and education while supporting taxes breaks for the oil and coal industries and tax cuts for the rich in general. For once I have to agree with Coulter; the GOP is making itself a permanent minority party. And as a lifelong admirer of Lincoln, he would be appalled by his party today.

          • PammyJ

            If the Dems can win accurate elections they why are they fighting making sure only legal voters are voting? The illegal voters are aliens that do not have the right to vote here. They have little to lose because many of them are illegal anyway. My point about getting an ID is any poor person could get one. Since it is not a problem then why wouldn’t everyone do that? It seems you have come here to regurgitate Dem spin lines. There is no reason to carry on a conversation if you have nothing new to add.

          • David Brands

            OK. I’ll spell it out for you: Voter registration requires proof of residency. So, when you show to vote and sign your name next to your printed name and legal address, there is no need to show identification. Period. It works here in CA and I know of not one successful prosecution of an illegal voter in the state since moving here in 1978. I know a per person can get an ID but if he/she registered to vote legally, why should he/she need to prove identification again when voting? And you still haven’t shown me an example of a person caught and convicted of voter fraud. It’s a trumped-up issue by the Repubicans because that party cannot win on the issues.

          • PammyJ

            Just because a person has an address that does not make them legal. An illegal alien can have a driver’s licence but that does not give them the right to vote.

          • David Brands

            Obviously, you didn’t read what I wrote. There are ways the gov. can verify residency by address–by way of rental agreement or mortgage statement. And I never said having a driver’s license allowed anyone to vote. At least I take the time to read your drivel.

          • PammyJ

            Your post specifically said “Voter registration requires proof of residency. So, when you show to vote and sign your name next to your printed name and legal address, there is no need to show identification.” That would be true if they verified citizenship during the registration process. They do not. Just because they have a “legal residence” does not mean they are citizens with the right to vote. It does not even mean they are legal aliens. Because they have not caught anyone in CA does not mean it is not happening. It means they are not checking.

          • David Brands

            You keep evading me. Give me an example of a successfully prosecuted case of voter fraud. You will find your party has made this an issue that really is not an issue.

          • PammyJ

            First of all, I don’t have a party. You do not know me. You should not assume that you do. Second, you haven’t answered my question. What is the problem you have with accurate elections?

          • David Brands

            If you’re not in a party, you are definitely right wing. And there’s nothing wrong with accurate elections. But you haven’t given me any substantive information that elections are not accurate, have you? Now answer my question: Can you name a case of voter fraud that was successfully prosecuted?

          • PammyJ

            I will admit to leaning right. I have given you an example in Michigan where illegals were allowed to register and vote. It seems you hear what you want to hear.

          • David Brands

            That is not a case where they voted illegally. In fact, if they did vote it would be legal because they were registered legally, if incorrectly, by the state. You lose.

          • PammyJ

            They are not voting legally because someone made a mistake. They do not have a legal vote so your logic is wrong. It seems you are not here to discuss the issues. You are more concerned about winning or losing.

          • David Brands

            And once again, you evade. But suffice it to say it’s not really an issue at all.

          • PammyJ

            It is obvious that the government has fallen down concerning its’ responsibility to ensure accurate elections. To point out there are no successful convictions for voter fraud only points to that fact. There are plenty of examples of voter fraud in spite of the lack of convictions. There is still the need to ensure that we have accurate elections.

          • K68

            Anybody heard of Acorn?

          • PammyJ

            it is obviously and issue. There is plenty of proof that there is a problem. Why are you trying to sweep the problem under the rug?

          • PammyJ

            It seems this is all about winning and losing to you. As a country we all lose. If a person has no right to vote and they vote it is illegal. You are rationalizing a clerical mistake by the registration office. That does not make them a legal voter.

          • Obamarrhoids

            “There are ways the gov. can verify residency by address–by way of rental agreement or mortgage statement.”. HEY! You just shot yourself in your own foot. Here the ways you are suggesting people “prove” their residency IS as ridiculous as photo ID. You say on one hand your sympathy for poor people and about the financial burden photo ID is. Then here you say people renting OR buying a home are two ways they can prove they’re legal right to vote. If they can afford rent or even more so to buy a house then they have the means to pay for photo ID,. PERIOD!

          • xzerob

            That is a fallacy, in Massachusetts the Secretary of State will accept identification as simple as a gas bill to an apartment for the voting rolls. Suggesting that Democratic AGs would prosecute those illegals for voting is ludicrous. Even Republican AGs don’t prosecute because they don’t want to be perceived as meanies. These same illegal aliens are often not prosecuted for many crimes simply because they don’t show up in court. There is no way to trace them. The Obama administration just printed out tens of thousands of IDs for “undocumented workers,” they wanted to give new amnesty to by executive order. You argue that IDs couldn’t be given to the elderly for free?

          • TommyD6of11

            David Brands,

            Here’s PROOF

            Undercover videos showing:

            1) Undercover volunteer says he’s Erick Holder and is OK’d to vote … which is how Dem’s get dead people to vote.


            2) Dems, including a sheriff, helping illegals vote:


            So, David, watch these videos and then tell us voter fraud is not real.

            WANT MORE PROOF?

            Jaw-Dropping Study Claims Large Numbers of Non-Citizens Vote in U.S.


        • Leone

          No, Obama hasn’t sent more illegals home…He’s set free more illegals under “catch and release.” That’s not the same as sending them home.

          True the Vote disagrees with you on voter fraud…They’ve documented millions of cases of voter registration irregularities and thousands of cases of voter fraud.

          It’s just not easy to prove or prosecute under existing laws; especially with Democrat prosecutors…We may need to go to a fingerprint system to truly safeguard the integrity of our elections.

          Why are Republicans pushing voter ID laws and not Democrats? Answer: Democrats usually benefit most from voter fraud. They know it…You know it…And now, we all know it.

      • fuzzball

        That was supposed to be a serious bill? I thought it was a joke put out by The Onion, or Saturday Night Live!

        • PammyJ

          There are other bills. I just pointed out the one. The GOP has been saying the free market solution would work better. I agree with them. Why do you think more government control of your life is a good thing?

          • fuzzball

            If it worked better, the ACA would not have been implemented. or even thought of…but it does NOT work better. A capitalistic society is simply pure greed> Without control, rules, regulations, there would be chaos. as everyone did what ever they felt would earn them money. Food inspectors forget it, why can’t FI sell my diseased cattle, let the buyer beware. Why do we need regulations on air traffic? Why should I pay the hospital bills for some one injured in an accident because he didn’t want to get insurance or maybe we should just cancel emergency services except for those who have insurance. Insurance is based on statistics but if many people cop out of it it means the costs go way up for those who participate. Perfect example is public schooling. Suppose we said only those who have children of school age need to pay taxes for school. Almost all people in the USA could not afford to send their children to school. Same thing with auto insurance. Medical care is the same way.

          • PammyJ

            It seems you make the wrong assumption that most make. We did not have a free market system in effect when it came to health care. In a free market people shop for the best deal. There is constant downward pressure on prices. If a business did not efficiently provide quality goods and services they were likely to go out of business. Instead, we have had a third party payer. People did not shop for the best deal. They shopped for convenience. The MDs concern was to get as much as possible out of the patients health care coverage as possible. That is not a free market system. it is true in a capitalist economy there has to be regulations. Too much regulation can be just as harmful. No one has suggested no regulations. Many have suggested that Obamacare is too much regulation. I agree with that point of view. You pointed out that you should not pay for someone that did not get health care coverage. With Obamacare you will be sharing the cost with everyone. The CBO estimates that there will still be 31 million without health care coverage with Obamacare. You will still be paying for those without coverage. Obamacare will not solve the problems we have. You are comparing apples to oranges with auto insurance. Driving an automobile is optional. There are many areas that are inherent government responsibilities of the government. Fire protection, police, military and infrastructure building and maintenance are a few. Health insurance is not. Every government program is both inefficient and very costly. What have they done to make you think this will be anything different?

    • Jimam

      Melowese Richardson is oldwhiteguy’s hero

    • Leone

      What a bunch of Lefty hogwash…You need a valid ID to get a job, cash a check, board a plane, drive a car, purchase a firearm or obtain welfare services or food stamps….Why not require an ID to cast a ballot and restore integrity to the system?

      What are you afraid of? Most every state with voter ID laws will come to you in a mobile van and process your ID for free–or at little cost…And if you don’t have a valid ID in today’s modern society–voting is the least of your problems: you must be living like a mushroom in a closet, somewhere.

      Even people living under a bridge–can cast a provisional ballot right up until election day…And all they have to do is visit the Town Clerk or the Registrar’s Office to get that ballot approved.

      It’s so simple even most Democrats should have little trouble doing it…And there’s plenty of Lefty party hacks willing to assist you….And they’ll even drive you to the polls.

      You make voting with an ID sound as complicated as brain surgery…It’s not and never has been…And the vast majority of Democrats support voter ID laws, as well.

    • xzerob

      That strategy sounds egalitarian, American and nice. Nice doesn’t win elections. That facts are that the main stream media prevent the positive messages of Republican ideas from getting out. Elections are won with absurd sound bites piquing the fears and emotions of ignorant voters. Too many Americans are more concerned with Jay Lo, Jay Z, the NFL and other superficial entertainment then their own traditions of freedom and hard work. The sad thing is that we have become so polarized. The development of FOX news was a good thing. It represented an alternative view to the overwhelmingly liberal dominated media. However now with the internet and social media sites people get more dug in with group think. They often choose only the websites that think alike and link to one another. This says nothing about the education establishment that promotes itself endless as a panacea and altruistic in nature. Education is always sold as the answer. At what cost, the sky is the limit. Americans need jobs not education. Those jobs are usurped by illegal aliens that pervert the job market and lower wages. Where’s your platform Republicans? You don’t have one.

  • Lawrant

    It’s amazing how the racist attitude of the conservative movement is what is burning them to the ground. Not all brown people are illegals, also, I think its funny how you are worried about martial law (with no basis in fact) but want an army of G-men to go after all the illegals, if republicans don’t realize that they have to start compromising on immigration to stay a viable party then let it fail – maybe that will give us more than 2 viewpoints in our political process. Unfortunately for the american people the current process only allows for the viewpoints of the Far Right and Far Left and the 80% of the country that is left in the middle is completely unrepresented.

    • YourMindIsLikeAParachute

      They’ve already got an army of G-men for both the legals and illegals. Its called the department of homeland security. If you learn but one thing from the 1930s german rebound from recession, its that you MUST create a gestapo, or the economy is doomed, right?

  • justus1

    what is it about the word “illegal” that you can’t understand. if ten people walked into your backyard and set up tents, and then started living there, I wonder what you would do? call the police? what if they said they would not come out and make these people move from your yard? hmmm. would you allow them to stay? think about it, and be honest with your answer.

    • T.W. Dee

      Like those advocating a GUN OWNER database, we need an ILLEGAL ALIEN database, I’m sure it would have the same practial applications.

      I’ll register my guns, when I see the illegals register themselves.

      • jimam

        Wont happen. Illegals are here for the money and the benefits. The freedoms granted under our constitution and the obligation of a citizen are a distant 8th on their priority list.

  • M J

    So Coulter says, “overwhelmingly demonstrates that merely continuing our current immigration policies spells doom for the Republican Party”

    I have to admit: my first thought on reading that was, “so what’s the catch?”;)

    • William_JD

      The catch is that your race will be wiped off the face of the earth.


    American consumers and employers want low cost goods and the only way they get this is through low wages. With the types of things Coutler says about immigrants (which I would call insults) who would want to follow any party she is in.

  • Jason Lewis

    Thank Reagan for legalizing millions in 1986. Yep gotta do that and they’ll vote for us for sure!

    • T.W. Dee

      Don’t forget Ted Kennedy…I mean, if you’re interested in being fair.

  • Syndi Helgerson Gates

    Funny thing is illegals don’t have the right to vote in this country. And I think making voters go back to the polls and show ID like they use to is the only way to stop this corrupt government.

    • hmp49

      If there WERE a problem (and there’s not), you would need to ID REGISTRATIONS, not appearance at the poll. What’s the good of IDing someone who has successfully gotten a fraudulent registration. But it’s too tought to stop legitimate voters from registering, so come up with a scheme to disenfranchise likely Democratic voters, as they did in NC.

      How real is voter fraud? Out of nearly 7 million votes in NC in the primary and general elections in 2012, there were 5 people indicted for voter fraud.

      You’re twice as likely to get hit by lightning.

    • SeanThomes
  • tigerbalm2010

    LOL! RePIGblicans are in a LOSE-LOSE situation.
    Get voted out if you pass immigration policy now or simply wait until all the old white farts die out and be replaced by the Millennials who aren’t as racist nor bigoted as the current RePIGs and wait until then to allow amnesty.

    Sooner or later, immigrants will tilt the country to a permanent LEFT.
    The only difference will be which shade of Blue you prefer.

    For all the remaining Red-states, we’d much prefer you secede since most of the red states are so freaking obese that you (literally and figuratively) weigh down our healthcare costs. We’d much rather you NOT accept Obamacare so you can die off faster in abject poverty.

    Hillary in 2016!!! LOLOL!!!

    • William_JD

      Wouldn’t weighing down healthcare costs be a good thing?

  • voxon123

    Please… it is all over… the old america is gone and in comes the new. The humanists grabbed our schools, without much of a fight. Now even children from conservative homes are being brainwashed to support humanistic, democratic positions and beliefs. Sad to see a great nation become enslaved to the state. King George would be in his glory if he could see this.

  • voxon123

    Our leaders aren’t concerned about a “crime” they are concerned with remaining in office to push their agenda’s. Both groups are very weak in leadership skills, and caring for the nation.

  • King Crimson

    Anne Coulter defines the word “bitch”. And she is from the Rush Limbaugh school of bloviation. “Just having said said something (without substantiation) makes it true.” What an idiot.

  • T.W. Dee

    So in the Coulter’s version of Republicanism, she recommends “kicking out” those who don’t support her agenda or else the Rep’s are doomed.

    No one said she wasn’t arrogant. I can easily see her in a beret and cammies.

  • Malichite

    Poor…. conservs…Gop..bitching and whining all the way…have no idea why they are loosing favor…they have no idea how to win!!!.. while .pompously blurting out how their views are superior….they can’t rectify …why their belief doesn’t resonate with the majority of the populous…they think if you keep hammering the same message…eventually it will work…instead of coming up with something that actually works….and includes EVERYBODY

  • Lets_Think_Again

    Why are we listening to this clueless Tea Party featherhead? America was built by immigrants — almost all of us are descendents of fairly recent immigrants, when we are not recent immigrants ourselves. The Republican Party will not prosper by whipping up hatred and bigotry against immigrants.

    If the Republican Party keeps focusing on trying to hang on to power by means like gerrymandering of electoral districts; excluding citizens from voting (by interfering with the voter lists, as in Florida, and by unwarranted voter ID laws; or by treading on immigrants, then the Republican Party will be doomed — and will richly deserve to be.

  • bigdog

    Jobs, jobs, jobs. It’s the only thing Americans care about. what does the GOP talk about? Abortion. Immigration. Stopping people from voting. It ain’t rocket science what’s happening.

  • Andrew

    i left the south for more opportunity in the north…economic reasons yes…higher cost of living, sure, but much more income to support it…the less freedom part..haha..i don’t see that….i see more freedom in movement of ideas…but what this guy meant in terms of “freedom”..he’d have to clarify…it seems to be the catch phrase for slavery ironically in this country under views such as these

  • JohnDille

    She explains, “Immigrants — all immigrants — have always been the bulwark of the Democratic Party. For one thing, recent arrivals tend to be poor and in need of government assistance. Also, they’re coming from societies that are far more left-wing than our own YEAH… MEXICO IS CERTAINLY A LEFT WING PARADISE!!! It is one of the more Conservative places in the Western Hemisphere… pretty much right wing for most of its history… which is why there is so much ignorance and poverty there… and why so many people leave Mexico as soon as they can find a way to that Socialist America!!! HMMM… Mexicans HATE Conservatives and prefer a LIberal society??? Maybe their poor educational system is better than what we have in our Republican states… but that ain’t saying much, I guess!!!

  • corprimo

    The Republican Party has already allowed themselves to become a fringe party.

  • ricardoh

    To quote Hillary at this point what difference does it make. In the case of immigration it is better to not come up with a plan than to come up with one. Either way is a loser.

  • bobtr900

    Coulter continues, “At the current accelerated rate of immigration — 1.1
    million new immigrants every year — Republicans will be a fringe party
    in about a decade.”
    Maybe so. But before that time the GOP is very likely to do huge irreversible damage to the nation, that will take a hundred years to correct.

    In any case to be rid of Coulter, the GOP ansd all GOP haters will be a blessed relief. When we get them OUT of our lives we can then build a better world.

    The enormous damage done by the GOP going back to Pope John Paul II(my religion), Reagan and their deadly and extremely costly(we were taxed to death) attacks on Communism cost America and the world an enormous amount of destruction, Pro-death and Family Destruction!!!

    Pope Francis IS proof that you win more hearts and minds with decency and respect towards others than with hate and viciousness.

    The GOP should take note. So should all future extreme Right Wing popes.

    • LAPhil

      That is complete and utter bullsh!t.

  • James

    What makes her think they’re all going to vote? They’ll all be standing in line at the welfare office waiting for their handout.

  • ConeyIslandBaby75

    People who immigrate to our country represent the most ambitious and entrepreneurial of the society from which they left. It is these types of people that has always given America its dynamism. Ann Coulter wants to cut America off from this renewing life force for our nation, just because she doesn’t like the color today’s immigrants come in.

  • charlie Mcadams

    The GOP needs to realize that they are not only losing the immigrant vote but also the young, some of which they will win back with age, women, urbanites, a growing group while their base, Southern, rural, small town males are soon to become dinosaurs. It is like a party committing slow motion suicide. I am a liberal but we need a healthy Republican party.

  • Travler X

    The immigration policy reforms are demographically driven. In the coming years it is purported that the U.S. is going to have a hard time competing globally due to the fact that we cold actually lose population advantages since other countries are modernizing and bringing higher percentages of their population into their newer modern economies. also, the U.S. population is ageing. In 2015 51% of the will be age 45 or over. In 2016 25% of the U.S. population will be age 65 or over. It has been surmised that at some point the U.S. will actually have to compete for immigrants in order to have a younger workforce. This is no secret and has been studied by many types of disciplines in business and politics. One of the most vocal about this a man named George Friedman. He talks about it in some of his books, and he is a right wing neo conservatist. The republican party is well aware of this newly forming demographic situation and knows its consequences. They politicizing and framing the situation because they know that for now it isn’t in the mainstream consciousness. They understand the short term gains they can make with their paranoid right wing nutcase base. She is correct that immigration will ultimately relegate the conservative movement, but not for the reasons she gives. Down the road, those in power on the right right will be reminded by the left of their xenophobic rhetoric at a premium political cost.

  • Bubba

    Latinos would be strong Republicans (like in Miami) if the GOP would just stop asking for proof of legal residency every time they see one. Not all Latinos are illegal, and they are going to show up on voting day and send a strong message to the GOP.

  • James J.J. Carter

    Wow… I agreed with almost every conclusion she stated in the article, except the joke implying that Democrats will spell doom for freedom. It must be a pretty dire situation if Republicans are finally being honest about something and educating themselves.

  • Charles Mitchell

    The republicans are old white men unaware that the country is changing. If you listen to republicans Obama is the worst president in history. yet they couldn’t get TWO of their best white bread candidates to beat him? what’s that say about them?

  • Charles Mitchell

    If the GOP wants a fighting chance they need to abandon the religious
    right voter. this would eliminate the need to pander to the
    abortion, anti gay crowd and allow them to focus on fiscal issues. It would also allow their primaries to not be dominated by people like Rick Santorum or Mike Huckabee. Who don’t have a snowballs chance at a general election win, yet make waves in primaries because they focus on the lame social issues that were decided decades ago.

  • Charles Mitchell

    The truth is that the Americans that are against immigration are the ones who don’t want to give up their mindless low skilled jobs to immigrants who will do it cheaper. Nothing more. all these jobs are for mental midgets or those that can’t speak the language. It’s not like our CEO’s are getting taken out by spanish immigrants….

  • a_hick_in_hixville

    Ayn Coulter once said that the GOP must nominate Chris Christie (in 2012) or lose. Next year she will say her party must nominate Jeb Bush, or lose. They will take her advice this time, and lose again.

  • Ann

    No, actually Pammy J, many democrats are interested in immigration reform because it helps people. That seems to be the difference between the two parties. One wants to help and one wants to help itself.

  • semby

    Republicans have a much better message than Democrats in regards to economics and family values.
    We should not be afraid as Republicans to bring immigrants into our vision; they want the same things as Republicans.
    We have to move ahead, define our vision and bring those who agree with along.


    The obvious plan is now well under way. Import a new population from banana republics to the south, make this country a banana republic and then keep the top banana and his retinue of Marxists and mohammedans in power forever. The fact is that unless we strive relentlessly for regime change English-speaking Judeo-Christian European-Americans, particularly heterosexual ones, are going to be displaced, dispossessed and then decimated by government-incited riots, mohammedan burnings and beheadings and tropical diseases deliberately imported by a criminal regime that has turned on its people.