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Wheelchair Ramp

Neighbors Threaten Family to Remove Ramp for Disabled Child

By , August 16, 2013.

Photo credit: Flickr/Mateoutah

Here’s a heartless tale from The Centennial State.

Vincent and Heidi Giesegh’s 16 year-old daughter, Kirsten, suffers from cerebral palsy. To accommodate her disability, they decided to build a ramp outside their home. However, that has ticked off their neighbors.

KKTV reported Thursday that the family is being threatened with legal action by neighbors. The neighbors claim the ramp will reduce the value of their home.

Of important note is the Giesegh’s do not live in a HOA. And, they say the city they live in, Fountain, Colorado, green lighted the ramp.

If that’s not enough, as KKTV reported, a civil rights attorney has weighed in and noted the ramp is legal under the Fair Housing Act.

Predictably, the neighbors had no comment when KKTV approached them about the situation. What were they going to say: “That disabled girl should suffer more so we can make an extra grand 10 years from now”?

Stories like this are a sad indication of the direction America is heading. Neighbors are trying to bully their fellow citizens for their own profit. The ramp was built with private funds on private property and within the law, so it’s none of their business.

Not to mention, how can anyone be so callous when considering the girl’s disability?

Hopefully, no lawyer will take their case if they decide to press forward.

  • Thresea Hernandez


    • http://yahoo Rey

      Let me guess, the neighbors are Democratic?

      • Jeff Hillyard

        I doubt it. But I’ll bet they are democrats.

        • Semilogical

          I would say they are inconsiderate butts. Just for the sake of argument, ignorance isn’t always strictly with democrats, our side has a few too.

      • Joseph

        No they are dumocraps!

      • Thorne Kontos

        Democratic refugees from California, no doubt… I liken them to a plague of locusts destroying everything in their path… Is it any wonder the Northern part of Colorado wants to form their own state?

        • David Crocker

          I am a 60 years old, born and raised in Ca, all but the wonderful 6 months I spent in WV . I want out of here again so bad but I see what the liberals are doing, trying to get a major foothold in all the conservative states. I am scared to death that all states are going to have a liberal majority before too long.

          • Jerry Blake

            LibTurds spread like a virus! No know cure for them!

    • david

      the whole arm is more like it.

      • Brandon Z

        How about their legs so that they would suffer just like this poor little girl. put them in a wheel and see how quickly they build a ramp onto their home so that they can live some what of a normal life. stupid people i hope they do get a lawyer and loose!!

        • Chuck Smith

          Funny, I hope they all die in a fiery auto collision! Assholes!

          • Carl

            Better, they have the crash, become quadriplegics, and their HOA refuses to let them have a wheelchair ramp.

          • Laura

            No, we don’t want them to die,,,Just lose the use of their legs.

    • Joan Holland

      Tell your neighbors to shove it!

      • Richard

        The neighbors would be hard pressed to be able to prove a loss of their property value because the house next door is handicap accessible.

    • Ronnie Roberts

      I’ll hook you up with a sharpened axe if needed. Heck I’ll even swing it for you!

      • Bruce Hunter


    • Diamond

      I would ask the neighbors to please sell their house and move on out. neighbors like that devalue your property. I wouldn’t want to live next to them and a lot of other people wouldn’t either. THEY just brought the property value down about 50% being such. azzzzes.

    • Jerry Blake

      Shoot them in the legs – put them in a wheelchair!

    • Bob

      I would protect it with a shotgun AND an ax.

    • iraiam

      someone should put these evil neighbors in a wheelchair and see how they get along without a ramp! what a sorry state of affairs.

  • http://facebook mike mondary

    If that picture shows the ramp in question,it looks like it is well made and should not detract from anyone’s property value. If it was MY ramp,the neighbors would have to kiss my ass.

    • Sourlammynipplechop

      Not sure if that’s the ramp? But I sure hope that’s NOT the 16 year old girl…

    • David Crocker

      Actually, from the look of that ramp , I would say it would add greatly to the value of the property…That is a very nice looking ramp.

  • footballislife1962

    Names and address of the sick twisted peervs please. Intimidation is a two way street.

    • Martha

      Got that right!


    the neighbors against the ramp approve and welcome the physically challenged-NOT!!!


    goes to show the neighbors against the ramp welcome the physically challenged-NOT !!!!!!! how would they feel if it was them who needed the ramp and was treated that way?

    • http://Facebook Donn B

      What comes around ALWAYS comes back around to bite you in the ass. Hope the neighbors get bit a lot

      • Brenda Person

        lets pray CARMA gets em

  • larry

    What the hell has happened to the people who live in Colorado, I lived there for 15 years, was a great part of my life. The only thing I worried about was the amount of snow! I use to go back to Colorado every year to visit the great friends that I met while living there. I have not been back since the dope smoking crap started, and YES, wont be going back again, keep in contact with the few friends still living there, this is total CRAP, what the hell is wrong with you fucking idiots in colorade.

    • Jeff Lambeth

      What the hell does legalizing pot have to do w/this? Some of ya need to smoke and chill the hell out some!

      • Bob

        Probably just a bunch of transplanted California Socialists flapping their yaps.

    • john Fillius


      • Ron Peterson

        John, An old Army D.I. Once told me ” If your going to fight , fight to win. If your fighting fair , your tactics suck “. Screw the rules, bring a gun. we are too old to be throwing hands.

        • ken

          you have that shit right count this 73year old vet in john sounds good to me:):)

        • Michelle Mae Souza

          I knew this old guy, he was like 10 in 66. His neighbors were shitbag druggiee and hippies. Bikers types, mean. One day after months of /contant parties fighting and general disruption, the morons surrounded hismother and felt her up and made her drop groceries. She broke loose crying with a torn dress. They terorized the neighborhood. No dared faxe them. This boy watched the episode with his mother. The next time the wholemlot took a road trip, he suck out at 3 am , broke into this house and staree the house on fire. The was a 10 yo man taking care of business.

    • Sourlammynipplechop

      They’ve been taken over by Californians. And unfortunately my home turf in North Texas is suffering the same fate.
      They sell their overpriced (for reasons of tax purposes by the government so they can fund their social programs) homes and buy up our cheap, free-market created, low tax properties here.
      I pray they don’t try to run for public office.

  • http://sameasabove Jeannie Johnson

    with all of the disabled vets coming home, this well made ramp should actually add value to the neighborhood. We built one for my Dad and his wheelchair and we actually have people come to our door to ask if the house is for sale. They should remember that Karma will get you three-fold.

  • ipsakrebuenowitz

    enter 10 harley riders with the neighbors house number….garanteed…problem solved* IMAGINE THAT

    • Charlotte

      I like this idea!!

  • Martha

    If any disabled vets need a wheelchair ramp in my area,i’ll build them one for free.

    • Blake Thies

      And you are a patriot.

    • Michael Ruocco

      I’ll help

    • Shira

      Do you live near Indianapolis?

    • Rhapsody Pride

      You’re an awesome person n.n!
      All I can do is volunteer at the vet center.
      It’s nice to see people willing to help those who sacrificed so much for bolluxs wars

    • Shannon

      They don’t have a LIKE button on here, so I just had to comment. God Bless You, Martha…

    • Holly

      I live in Georgia, but MS aside, I will find a way to come help. How shameful for this to be the majority consensus in this country, but it is unfortunately. God will handle those neighbors.

  • wills

    high quality professional news casters doing a great job reporting the news SHAME ON THE NEIGHBORS a simple read of the ADA would have saved them from looking like the heart less creeps they seem to be

  • Charles Butterfield

    Hope KARMA returns to them Neighbors 10 folds…………………

  • Evelyn McGee

    Anyone who would gripe about a ramp like that for a handicapped girl should be tarred and feathered and kicked in the fracas. They are heartless. I cannot imagine why a ramp would reduce the property value, anyway.

    • Nurse Nono

      Amen Evelyn and instead of being selfish pigs, why couldn’t they go over to the house and ask of they could plant bushes or flowers or paint the ramp and make it awesome looking instead of making it more difficult for a family who has already been through enough having a special needs child, yeah lets do the latter so we can make this family clearly more miserable than they deserve to be!!! People are heartless and selfish!!! They could possibly be on welfare themselves maybe someone needs to take that away from them!!!

  • David Finn

    If it were my ramp the could kiss my ass.

  • Richard Okeeffe

    Are the people around there insane. It would bring Up the value in my eyes. Shows the great community to live in and makes it look safe also. I want to meet the people that are against this…Oh Boy do I want to meet them.

  • Vpmmoe

    Uhhh Don’t they know that their actions are against the American Disability Act. What a stupid community. And a self centered one too.They certainly would not want to meet me. After all I am disabled too AND very vocal about the ADA.

    • TemplarKnight

      The Americans with Disabilities Act does not apply to personal, private homes and facilities. It is a federal law covering public access to public spaces. But your sentiment is understood and appreciated.

  • Dave Smith

    I am almost certain that there is a sleazy lawyer out there that will gladly take their case if he can suck the life out of that girl and her parents for a dollar. But I suspect some other neighbors may come to the families defense and advise the others against their stupidity and greed.

    • AFMomXs2

      Probably the same lawyer who is defending those two black punks for shooting that 18 mo old baby in the face and killing him. They are now saying it was the mothers fault they shot the baby!!!

      • Christin Patrick Hunter


  • pat

    That’s right!!

  • http://Facebook Richard Kauffman

    Their attitude will reduce their property value a lot more that anything else!! I sure wouldn’t want to live next to them!!!

  • pat

    I like you! :)

  • Pat

    Sounds good to me!!

  • Gregory Petzold

    How cold can people really be? Also, better figure there will be one lower than dirt lawyer who would take on this case.

  • Scott

    I wouldn’t want to be the sleaze bag lawyer that took that case, simply because I would hope even a sleaze bag lawyer wouldn’t touch a case like this because of the disabled little girl….And if they did, they just might might not be able to show their face anywhere ever again…

  • Terry Lundy

    yep the neighbors were democrats,how do i know my uncle is a democrat and many yrs ago go on the town council of the town we lived in and tried to use his position to bully my dad,well that did not work like he thought it this day me and my aunt and uncle do not see eye to eye on alot of things,they believe in govt control,i believe in we control the govt..

    • CB

      Wow you make yourself sound ignorant! Your situation has nothing to do with theirs and could NEVER mean they are Democrats. Next time you comment on a subject, stick to the facts!

  • Dave

    Wouldn’t it be neat that if the family WITH the ramp got a tax break for having the ramp. What I do on my property is none of my neighbors business (and of course I don’t do anything illegal here either). If they don’t like it, they can move.

  • ariemay

    If they were smart (and empathetic) they would have offered to help build it and landscape around it.

    • Juanita R. Williams


    • Katie Keeton

      Actually…the more recent pictures of this ramp show the beginnings of landscaping boxes and plants being laid….with the intention (from what I could see) of hiding most of the ramp behind the shrubs, etc. HOWEVER, what with the neighbors being jerks, I wouldn’t spend one red cent to camo it!

  • Betty

    Americans With Disabilities Act……..the ramp stays !

    • Bevery

      Betty, Well stated; simple and to the point !!!

  • Jimmy Mize

    What diminishes the value of the homes are the neighbors who live within them. Who would want to buy a house in that neighborhood? If anything, the neighbors have diminished the value of the Giesegh’s home. With this revelation, anyone who lives in that city knows the neighborhood and now that know the Giesegh home is surrounded by assholes.

  • http://Dancer Butch

    The parents should take it one step further. Paint the ramp some gaudy colors just to piss off the neighbors some more…. purple, pink, pea soup green. Add a goofy garden gnome as a “Ramp Guard” at the base. Make it as unsightly (a.k.a. little-girl-friendly) as possible with Barbie Dolls glued on the rails, spinning flowers, Blow up owls, etc. Anything they can think of to make their point.



  • Albert

    What is going on in this country? Everyone loosing their minds! Seem like people are turn against the handicap and unfortuned ones. Who can not defined for themselves! This sounds like something Obama and all his chroneys would attempt to do!

  • Gene Pinkham

    If you have a child with CP. Contact your state Knights of Columbus State Council. State Charity Accounts can provide up to $7,000 in a one time allotment for Wheelchair Ramps, Van Conversions or any other devices or changes to your home. This is what the Tootsie Roll Drive raise money for.

  • Bruce Sanders

    They have no chance of winning their case against the ramp. ADA comes in, also the ramp had to been approved by the town they live in. As long as it was built with a permit, if applicable, and to code, nothing can be done.

  • Gabriel

    The so called “neighbors” names and contact information should be found out and posted EVERYWHERE!

  • Steve Meade

    people ought to find out who the couple bringing the suit is and shame them into dropping it – disgusting worms.

  • Eirik Toft


  • Carol

    My first instinct is to flip off the neighbor. But, what will that prove? The matter is this, the young girl needs the ramp. Her family did right & legal, so the only thing they have to be concerned about is the back lash from morons like their neighbor! God sees the heart of all mankind, He created it! So, that being said, vengeance is Mine say the Lord. He will take care of ignorant people like the neighbors. This family is within their rights as far as building the ramp for their daughter. It will NEVER hold up in any court, so the neighbors need to invest in a huge fence! Get over it folks, you don’t run the place.

  • Fedup

    DISGUSTING!!! Somehow I cannot help but think they are some of those oh so tollerant liberals!

  • dee martin

    it is preaty sad the only excuse these “neighbors” have is the value of their homes? the value of their houses has nothing to do with the ramp. the value of a persons home is general when they look at a neighborhood.
    this is a very sad moment pitting neighbors against neighbors. you don’t like the ramp that is needed to accommodates the daughter who has cerebral palsy? tough sh@@, deal with it.
    how can a person be so cruel to another person. this is lower than low.

  • David C. MacLEAN

    As I suggested earlier, take some bricks that match the house and brick the sides of the ramp so it looks like the home and then remove the pipe railing and replace it with white wrought iron or 4×4/2×4 wood painted white and bingo, you have a very nice ramp that matches the home and should be an asset to the home. Then tell the butt-heads next door to kiss you ass!

    • Kelly

      This family should not have to go through the added expense of making the ramp look like part of their home. It appears to be a well made ramp, and the neighbors that have the problem with the ramp should just shut up! If they are that unhappy about the ramp being there, let them foot the expense to move away from the ramp.

  • Cheesy

    Knew about Denver long ago, but when did Colorado Springs turn into a liberal shithole?

  • Suzanne

    It’s not their property so it’s none of their business. What is wrong with people anyway! Of course they declined to comment. If one of them comments, then everybody will know who the assholes are and they will have to deal with the backlash. Cowards.

  • Cat Beaty

    Whatever happened to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you? I can remember a time when the whole neighborhood would have been eager to help their neighbor with a handicap or a bit of misfortune. The world has definitely gone downhill with this “me-attude” and entitlement outlook.

  • http://facebook Judy Collins

    How can people be so mean and hateful! It could have been their child that was handicapped! They need to count their blessings and leave them alone and if they don’t like it MOVE.

  • nick nichols

    rent it out to the local Hells Angel’s
    really my house has two ramps one on front and one on the end facing the road nobody says a thing

  • buddy

    Sounds to me that the neighbors need a change of priorities.Someone needs to burn down their garage.The complain about the smell and smoke in the neighborhood

  • Wesley Knapp

    So let them then sue their butts off under the ADA. Then you can own the whole neighborhood.

  • Steve

    This reminds me when I put up a Ham Radio tower, 20 years ago. There was no HOA, at all. A neighbor started sending me anonymous letters. Needless to say once I discovered who it was, I had a chat with him. I told him, “bring on a lawsuit”, you will certainly lose. That ended our little episode.

  • Cindi

    Doesn’t even matter if it was an HOA! By law they HAVE to build a ramp out EACH door of their house! So it doesn’t matter what the neighbors think! what jerks!

  • rjk

    If any of the neighbors needed to do this they would do it also !!
    Tell them get a life , the phony fucks. And this is in Colorado
    surprising . If its that bad why doesn’t someone plant some nice
    bushs to hide the ramp , this is for a young person that is sick
    and is disabled. Please People stop this hatred !!!!!!

  • todd cooksey

    As a neighbor, I would have helped him build the ramp. All our neighbors would. Helping neighbors are something we take for granted… here in Oklahoma. :-)

  • Betty Ferrell

    Tell the stupid neighbors to mind their own business. Try being in her shoes and see how much they want a ramp for themselves.

  • http://Yahoo George gilmore

    TYpical stupid people with nothing to do but play with themselves. I was born and Raised in Colo and wouldn’t give a red cent for I square inch of the state..It was a beautiful place and wonderful state back then but now it is a s—hole. N.Y. moved in and destroyed it..The Democraps ruined a place where you could be proud when you said “I am from Colo.”

  • Brian Haggerty

    How about this. Let the neighbors do anything to the ramp or file legal action. After that, take criminal or civil action ( which ever applies) and drag their asses through the court system. Let them hire attorneys to defend themselves ( using second mortgages of course), waste as much of their time running them through the legal system. Shame on them trying to violate the rights of a 16 year old disabled girl. F*** them.

  • Eddie Daniels

    I lived in this town 2 years in this town and I plan to seek out these neighbors and see where there coming from. I have an idea these are not hometown folks but those that are liberal implants from Calif. or somewhere. For the most part the locals in this town are pretty good folks but these Calif. implants weren’t happy screwing up their own state they moved here to screw this one up too.

    • Rennolyn White

      We live in a mess up world! what is wrong with you people You are idiots! If that was to be one of your family member maybe your eyes will open to see that those people did not choose to be born like this.Those individuals are strong. Also, what about all those people that were hurt defending your freedom? I do not wish bad on no one but what comes around goes around….. Maybe we should walk in their shoes for few hours and stop complaining.

  • Andey

    To those of you blaming Californians for this, stick it. We don’t all think like this.

  • Rita

    I don’t know why people are putting ” They must be democrats ” on here, this has absolutely nothing to do with being a republican/democrat. It is to help someone that has disabilities! I don’t see anyone with a right mind wanting to bitch about something like this? Just shows that some people just want to bitch about anything they can and to see how far they can push other peoples buttons. There is absolutely nothing that these neighbors can do because they did get permission from the town to build the ramp. I would just smile at them and tell them to ” suck it up “, and smile, kill them with kindness :-)

  • ? Ken Sterling

    If it was my rampand my little girl
    , I’d settle out of court ………in the middle of the night, if ya git my drift !!!

  • JC

    My son is in a wheelchair in CA. A contractor friend and I spent a day building a proper ramp at his new place. The older, conservative neighbors cheered the progress and fired up the grill to celebrate meeting their new young neighbor. Nobody brought any complaints.

    Same contractor friend and I built a ramp for a friend in Los Angeles who became chair bound due to bone cancer. Her noisy, nosy liberal neighbors pitched a fit and we had to build it to her back door where it couldn’t be seen. This caused her to have to negotiate a narrow path and a gate to get in and out. We had to change the flowerbed and widen a section of the sidewalk to make it work. I’m sure it could have been fought, but a cancer patient has plenty of other things to deal with and doesn’t need the stress.

  • Ocean

    Here are the neighbors on 7010 Goldfield Dr. Bree & Joshua Hobgood and here are the neighbors at 7030 Goldfield Dr. Eduvijen M Martinez » Barbara M Martinez » Lori B Martinez. The family that built the ramp lives at 7020 Goldfield Dr.

  • http://Facebook Kevin

    Just wait until all of the sheep vote in an all dumocratic congress with Hillary cracking the whips on their backs. that will be when this country will reach a point of no return and be forever changed. I am starting to pack my bags.

  • RoseAnne Shaw

    Those kinds of people who would threaten a family because of a ramp for a disabled child or threaten the parents of an autistic child are not neighbors. They are simply the selfish and evil people who happen to live next door.

  • Ruth Gonyer

    The family should call the American’s with disabilities association they may be able to sue the neighbors for harassment and discrimination against a disabled person.

  • Thomas Robert

    The neighbors are douches!! Their names and addresses should be postedsomewhere so we can go cripple them\

  • Mike Roberson

    Ya’ll must do things differently elsewhere in the US because down here Mississippi, this wouldn’t have gotten past the F**k You and the middle finger and possibly an ass whipping in the street if you didn’t go the hell on…….

  • Beverly

    I can’t even imagine what the parents go through daily with a child having cerebral palsy. God Bless Them !!! What the hell are their neighbors thinking. The first thing my husband said “I wish I had their neighbor’s address”.

  • Diana Sierra

    Well, if anything, a nicely constructed wheelchair ramp like this could possibly
    increase the value of the home, depending on who wants to buy it. It certainly won’t devalue the homes around it so what are these Nazi neighbors complaining about? If it were me, I’d add a junker truck up on blocks and an old toilet with a plant in it. Then they could kiss my ENTIRE ass. Geeeezzze.

  • Rosemary Jans

    I can’t believe that you would do this to a handicap person what is your problem. Put yourself in this poor girls shoes she needs to get out to. I can not believe that there are people out there that are so mean. God help all of you remember what go’s around comes around. My Dad had a stroke and all the neighbor’s got together and helped put a ramp in for him. I think you should support this girl. What kind of people do this?

  • Terry Hillman

    Just another case of American self-centered greed, They have assholes for neighbors.

  • Henry Kulesza

    There is always some sleazy ambulance-chasing attorney ready to take this sort of case.

  • Ilma

    Why can we just learn to get along with each other?

  • Sen Bjorn

    I wish we could publicly shame these neighbors…what a soul-less scum sucking group of “people”. These are not the type of people I want to have in my country…i hope they feel deeply ashamed…I wish ANONYMOUS would help find these assholes and put them all over the net as the neighbors who want to take away a disabled girls ramp to improve home values…fucking sad

  • Scott Scott

    The aluminum is rather unappealing. A nice front porch with ramp made of wood is better. Since when did 75 year old men become little girls? I think this article is fiction.