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Neighbors Threaten Family to Remove Ramp for Disabled Child

Neighbors Threaten Family to Remove Ramp for Disabled Child

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Here’s a heartless tale from The Centennial State.

Vincent and Heidi Giesegh’s 16 year-old daughter, Kirsten, suffers from cerebral palsy. To accommodate her disability, they decided to build a ramp outside their home. However, that has ticked off their neighbors.

KKTV reported Thursday that the family is being threatened with legal action by neighbors. The neighbors claim the ramp will reduce the value of their home.

Of important note is the Giesegh’s do not live in a HOA. And, they say the city they live in, Fountain, Colorado, green lighted the ramp.

If that’s not enough, as KKTV reported, a civil rights attorney has weighed in and noted the ramp is legal under the Fair Housing Act.

Predictably, the neighbors had no comment when KKTV approached them about the situation. What were they going to say: “That disabled girl should suffer more so we can make an extra grand 10 years from now”?

Stories like this are a sad indication of the direction America is heading. Neighbors are trying to bully their fellow citizens for their own profit. The ramp was built with private funds on private property and within the law, so it’s none of their business.

Not to mention, how can anyone be so callous when considering the girl’s disability?

Hopefully, no lawyer will take their case if they decide to press forward.

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