Senate Candidate Releases “Constitutional March Madness” Bracket

Senate Candidate Releases “Constitutional March Madness” Bracket

Senate candidate Ben Sasse may have just created the best and most accurate marketing gimmick in the history of U.S. politics. Just in time for March Madness, the Nebraska Republican has released a “Constitutional March Madness” bracket to highlight President Obama’s unconstitutional actions.

Some of the more notable issues in the East include:

  • “Allowing congressional Obamacare subsidies”
  • “Forcing taxpayers to violate religious conscience by funding abortion through Obamacare”
  • “Empowering IPAB to govern health care without Congress”
  • “Changing welfare work rules without legislation”

In the West, Sasse’s first round bracket includes:

  • “Six-month moratorium on deep water drilling in the Gulf”
  • “War in Libya without congressional authorization”
  • “Collecting bulk data from Americans’ cell phones”
  • “Warrantless searches of Americans’ international phone calls”

And in the North, the bracket touches on the IRS-Tea Party controversy as well as other notable issues including barricading the World War II Memorial and “Secret monitoring of Fox News and the Associated Press.”

Finally, for the South, Sasse touches on issues such as:

  • “Asserting executive privilege over Fast and Furious investigative documents”
  • “Bailout of the auto industry despite not being ‘financial institutions’”
  • “Rule to make farm chores subject to child labor laws”

Sasse invites you to make your own picks. You can view the bracket and submit them here.

What do you think of Sasse’s sassy move? Which violation do you think will win the “Constitutional March Madness” tournament?


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