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Russian Ships

Three Russian Warships Approaching Syria, China Joins the Party

By , September 5, 2013.

It looks like America’s military dominance on the world stage is about to face its most serious test in decades, as Russia and China appear ready to physically challenge Obama’s controversial plan to bomb Syria.

Agence France-Presse via Yahoo! News reports three Russian warships crossed Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait Thursday en route to the Eastern Mediterranean near the coast of Syria. Based on a diagram posted by Zero Hedge, Russia now has six vessels in the region versus 13 US ships and two US submarines.

If that’s not enough, Russian news source Telegrafist reported Wednesday that at least one Chinese vessel is en route to the region. However, it appears – at least publicly- China is only there to “observe” the situation, although it’s clearly sending a message for the US to back off.

Piling on to the drama, based on Zero Hedge’s diagram, the UK and France – both US allies, already have a naval presence in the region. The UK has a submarine while France has a ship in the Gulf.

All of this is over an alleged chemical attack by Syrian President Assad’s regime, which has yet to be proven remotely true. Of course, there are likely underlying issues contributing to the crisis, including the US’ ever-present desire to remove the said leader.

Is Obama really willing to risk igniting World War III over this?

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  • Tower

    Attacking Syria would be Obamas biggest mistake..

    • Big Mike

      Unfortuneately it might our cross to bear since we might all be dead cuz of this jack ass.

      • Jerome Huennekens

        If no Nukes were used the U.S. could take out the whole world. Just look at the size of our Navy.

        • Dmitri Yakimov

          Umm… history has a lot of examples where mighty have fallen due to arrogance or … “act of God”. Being in the wrong by being a bully may severely misfire, I would tread lightly.

          • Arelar2

            Hard to tread lightly when we are attacking and committing an act of war

          • Mark Cannistraci

            You’re absolutely right, Dmitri.
            Hitler was on a roll until he got stupid and greedy. Even back then Russia didn’t want a confrontation with us (U.S.) but, sure as hell didn’t want Hitler getting any further so they helped us out in the last act in the war. So, I don’t see Russia doing anything towards the U.S.
            China, on the other hand, has more than just the one observation vessel in the area, you know they’ve got 3 or 4 Subs guarding the observation ship. And the Chinese are smart enough to come fully loaded out and ready for battle.
            Now, the U.S. military knows that it takes it’s orders from Congress and not the President directly. I think the U.S. military will follow the orders given by the President but hold off on actually “Firing” until Congress issues the “Good to Engage” order. Which isn’t going to happen. (The last vote on Engaging Syria was 499 to 1 Against (a “NO” vote) taking action and engaging the Syrian Rebels. This is just a lot of Bluster for OUR benefit. There’s something else going on they don’t want the public to see.

        • Glenn Berman

          Pearl Harbor, Just Saying..

          • Butch

            Pearl Harbor was planned.. And was made to happen by the USA govt.. Check port master logs in Pearl Harbor weeks before and then on that day.. Instead of the normal 120 ships in port we had 35.. So you can take that off the tally board against us.. We just happen to be doing training missions near the coast of Japan? Come on..

        • Mike Jager

          Its not always size that matters sonny jim! The poorly equipped afghans handed russia its ass.

        • Salim

          The size doesn’t matter you kid

        • Salim

          Usa can beat any country in the world but not Russia

      • csunbean

        Incredible and preventable. JUST SAY NO.

        • Glenn Berman

          @butch of crap, so I bet you also believe that 911 was an inside job.

      • Traffic Jams

        Everything Obama does is “our cross to bear” he is to too arrogant to care.

      • http://YAHOO ROBERT


    • iiaok

      That’s a huge statement, since he has already made so many enormous mistakes.

      • Army Wife

        It’s way bigger IIAOK. and yes He is just one big mistake himself. I pray someone gets him out of the WH soon.

    • theway

      But I bet you supported attacking Iraq for those unproven “weapons of mass destruction”, but a proven chemical attack you don’t want to do anything about because it is Obama?!? No war is good, but we can’t let people be slaughtered, we turned a blind eye during WWII and millions of Jews were killed, we cannot stand for that to happen again- and if this psycho has not qualms about using these weapons on his own people he won’t hesitate to use them on someone else!

      • Brian

        And where exactly do you think Syria got most of their Chemical Weapons? We’ve always known that Iraq moved the WMDs to Syria, as admitted to early on in our campaign by Saddam’s Military Generals…

        And Saddam Hussein gassed MORE than were gassed in Syria (arguably by the Rebels’ hands, since they *did* happen to take control of one of Assad’s Chemical Weapons Depots, and they *were* caught with the ingredients to make “Kitchen Sarin” gas in their smuggling tunnels, along with their RPGs and other weapons caches), along with all the other war-crimes and atrocities (torture camps that I’ve *personally* seen liberated and all the Al-Qaeda funding, etc.) and yet I *GUARANTEE* you were right there calling *ME* a baby killer because we took out Saddam…and now *YOU* want to make the same mistake, all because *YOUR PRESIDENT* decided to…

        Hypocrite much?

        • thekhanman

          First, why would Saddam give these weapons to one his enemies? Secondly the No Fly Zones that were implemented meant that a convoy of weapons would be sure as hell noticed by the US (unless they turned a blind eye to the transfer, which i highly doubt).

          You should read into this myth, which has already been debunked. Their political and religious parties are NOT the same at all also.

          • dwr3333333333

            You could have seen it with your own eyes and you wouldn’t believe it, you’ve got that mental-disorder Michael Savage speaks of!

          • i12bphil

            Amazing how in the comments section the debunking is debunked. The article uses circular reasoning and no facts.

          • Rich

            That statement in and of itself is idiotic thekhanman. Why would Saddam give weapons to his “enemy”? Allow me to simplify my answer in the form of a couple questions:
            Why would he give Iran, who he fought against for 10 years and used nerve gas against his air force for safe keeping? and why would Iran grant asylum to their sworn enemies air force when the coalition invaded in 1991 (just three years after their war ended in stalemate) and again in 2003? If you can answer that, you will have the answer to you own question and realize how naive’ you are.

          • Dennis wholey

            Saddam didn’t ” give ” his airforce to Iran. The pilots knew they dead if they went up against coalition forces and took the only path open to them. I remember the reports quite well.

        • Greg

          You DO realize, that there were several Satellite photos that were scrubbed off the news media and internet that showed Convoy of trucks moving away from the Said storage facilities of Saddam’s WMD. Afterwards, UN investigated a Bleach clean and scrubbed from top to bottom facilities.

          IF that isn’t suspicious enough for you.

          Donald Rumsfeld was in the presidential administration that delivered Component’s A to Iraq, while Russia was delivering Components B to Iraq. When Components A and B are combined you have WMD.

          IF THAT doesn’t raise the suspicion!

          Saddam THREATENED the United States for intervening in Afghanistan in retaliation to 9/11. Were we suppose to turn a blind eye to that threat? Wait till 50k troops were deployed before Saddam bad true to that threat? He did not apologies to his threats. He stood by them to his end. He did not regret and no doubtly had full intentions to deploy them if it wasn’t for the U.N. doing the investigations that led to them removing them from storage.

          FINALLY!! to the real curve ball here… How exactly would it look for the United States if we claimed, “Yes, we have found and secured the WMD” Which country wouldn’t have a problem with the United States holding WMD as evidence? Russia doesn’t trust us already, let alone telling them we have WMD. Whether we found them or not, This is not information the Government strategically would admit to. We may have them all, we may have a few, The bottom line is, Russian, UK, Australian, German and USA intelligence confirmed that Saddam had weapons. AND they were stalling the entire time while the UN attempted to investigate.

          Why would Syria a known enemy of Iraq?

          Because, Muslim culture isn’t defined by country boundaries, they are very tribal and clan in nature. This is how they were transported. From one Citizen of Iraq to another in Syria… both in the same family/tribe.

          Nuff Said…

          • Doc Gonzo

            Greg, awesome info, and you last paragraph says it all. As a Veteran of Desert Storm and IF 1, your comments could never have been a more correct statement. Anyone whom has spent anytime in the Sandbox and has worked with the Muslim culture will agree with you. I think that we are stepping on an IED and the Cold War has begun again… Russia has had enough time to regroup and they went silently for a time period but are flexing there muscle with China backing them….

          • Grumps

            Great comment, Greg. And DNI Clapper has said publicly that he believes the WMD in Syria came from Saddam.

          • Chan

            Out fucking standing Greg! I’ve swore I saw some odd looking stuff in Iraq that could have possibly be the WMDS, unless I’m seeing shit. Since they know what we were capable of, they will find other means to transport those materials. It doesn’t have to be in a convoy. It could be transported commercially. Only a true idiot would show the might of his strength to the world as it causes them to expose their weaknesses. China learned their lesson from that shit after getting their asses handed to them by Vietnam years after the US left. LOL

          • Cathy

            Yes, the media is told what to report and not to report. I would trust a person who has seen the truth with their own eyes while serving our country. I know a lot of Vets and have learned so much more of the truth from them. They have told me and my friends what all the media was forced to keep quiet on.

          • http://Downtrend Rosemary

            There was a book written by Georges Sada who was the top fighter jet pilot in Iraq who worked directly with Saddam and chemical Ali. The weapons were in Iraq. There was a major emergency in Syria and it was during this that the weapons were moved on flatbed trucks and by plane across the border into Syria. By painting a Red Cross on the vehicles border inspectors alowed them to pass thru withoutinspection since they thoughtthey were delivering humanitarian supples. Georges fled Iraq and has a price on his head. Read his book. Saddam’s General.

        • Dennis wholey

          Syria was part of the coalition in the first Gulf War genius. England has already stated that they came from them. And you personally saw nothing but your keyboard. Get over yourself.

          • Cathy

            Dennis, If you don’t know a person….. Don’t say what they did or did not see. It sounds like he was there, If you don’t trust our Vets…… Shut the h&!! up. You can trust what you read but let me tell you this, the media is told what they can report and when to keep their mouths shut.

        • geemason

          There head is still stuck up their ass to see the WMD’s. Denying they’re there will just make them go away, because the Democrats said so.

        • Rob

          Yep, I agree with Brian. Those long convoys into Syria meant nothing huh. I bet some of the nuke tech went into Iran.Hmmm.

        • John Dusek

          Amen to that!!!

      • Brian

        Here’s a small list of Saddam’s Top 5 Atrocities…how many can you even name for Assad? And yet you want to get us into a war over (relatively) nothing but ego…

      • green57

        So where did you serve over there that you never saw the thousands of dead Kurds from Chemical Ali Hassan???? Again you suck up the kool-aide provided from the left. Iraq had hundreds of fighter jets but those were not found either….were they never there??? Wake up and smell the muslim!!!!

      • jimmy

        I didn’t realize there was proof !! where is it?

        • wrickard

          Funny how the 5 thousand tons of yellow cake uranium that was sneaked out of Iraq and sold to Canada for their reactors is never mentioned by the press at all, it of course was just there for Iraq’s new nuclear plant.

      • Manny

        Apparently your logic implies that dying because of a gas is worse than dying off a bullet or a bomb. There have neen hundreds of thousands of death in Siria in the last couple years and Obama didn’t intervene. Is it really the gas what you (and the Clown in Chief) are worried about?

        • Balan

          I agree Manny, and where was Obama when students were being shot and killed in the streets of Tehran asking for our help? When is he going to invade Iran, China and North Korea for their atrocities against humanity? He won’t, we know this is about getting rid of a dictator and letting the Muslim Brotherhood take over control. What worries me is I don’t think Obama cares one bit about what may happen to us or our Sailors and other Servicemen, for Obama the ends justifies the means and Obama is all about Allah in the end, if America has to be destroyed in the process I think that’s okay with him.

          • prophet

            Obama is a puppet, to a puppeteer. We can’t blame him for something he has no power over. Pray for him, Pray for yourself, Pray for everyone, ask God for forgiveness we all fall from Grace sometimes. Godspeed

          • Mike Kiewert

            I imagine him screaming”allah ackbar”

          • Patriot Jan in Georgia

            Balan, I agree with you completely! O’Buzzard is all about helping the “brotherhood,” and isn’t even slightly concerned about human lives. He wants the brotherhood in power in Syria and does not care one bit about the lives of our military personnel in harms way or the innocent women and children who could be killed in a U.S. strike. He appears to be a human without a soul–evil incarnate.

        • Donnie

          I agre Manny over a 100,000 dead because of bullets, middles, abd tanks nothing from the good ol USA. Are how mant people have died ib Africa because of civil war. So as long as its not gas kill away ….

      • Troy

        By…..theway, it has NOT been PROVEN that Assad used those chemical weapons…..this time. And why is it suddenly up to the U.S. to police the entire world? If the Russian or Chinese Rulers decided to do this to their people, do you think the U.S. would get involved? NO, because Obama knows we would get into something disasterous for everyone. The same thing that will happen if we strike Syria. I guess you’re too dumb, or blind to see the ramifications of a U.S. attack on Syria? Did you not read the article? RUSSIA and CHINA are getting involved!! Not to help us, but to launch a counter-attack…..ON US!! Maybe you don’t care how many more people, especially AMERICANS, will die as a result of this. This has been going on in Syria for decades. Why do you think we are just now getting involved? I’ll tell you. Because Obama, and the “shot callers” who make these global decisions have a plan to destroy the U.S.. Obama wasn’t re-elected. He was fraudulently kept in office to be the puppet for the real powers that be. He just happens to have the same Marxist/Socialist views as them. If these people have their way, freedom and liberty in America will be a thing of the past. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DESTRUCTION!!

        • Mike Kiewert

          You’re correct Troy. This is it. Thanks to the outright obvious voter fraud!

        • Don

          Don’t forget the government buying billions of rounds of ammo, and trying to disarm the people

        • LYNN

          @Prophet & Troy I’ve been saying the same to my now x-Obama friends that there was some unknown puppet master calling the shots and if any of my now ex-friends had half a brain to re-read what they as well as myself learned in high school. Don’t know what their final grade was , but mine was A+. I was given first-hand accounts from relatives who lived & a few who escaped being sent to the concentration camps. I have been their chosen one to pass this on . When I questioned why this part of history wasn’t being taught back in the late 90’s; I was told it wasn’t necessary & that all students needed to learn black history because that was the future. Fine…
          but don’t make the entire semester. I in turn was banned from the school.


        • Ian Beddowes

          Please, Obama is not now and never has been any kind of Marxist. he is working for the US and israeli elite like every other US President. If you want to know about Marxism I can teach you. It is my job.Send me your email and i will send you some basic literature. Unlike Obama we are sane and do not like Muslim extremists. Neither do we like American extremists. You will find that there are two Communist parties In Syria, both of them are critical supporters of the government. the difference is that the alaite led government and its Communist partners protect the ancient Christian church in Syria, whereas the ‘Christian’ US government, if it gets its way, will destroy the Christian Church of that country.

          • Josemann

            Ian, so you teach Marxism, lies and large scale extorsion to the the retarded liberal thirsty of poison KOOL-AID. What a degenerate professional you are, excuse my French.

      • tom

        Saddam killed over 500,000 of his own people with chemicals. Get your facts straight before you go texting bull crap

      • Jeanine Ruble

        They are killing their own people over there, we need to stay out of this. It will not help the situation at all, only drawing us into WW3. Those we are wanting to help hate us and would love to kill us, they hate us. Don’t you understand that?? Obama needs to stay out of it! This isn’t even about the gassing of their people, it’s about doing the Saudi’s dirty work of gaining control of the oil and preservation of their petrodollar!

        • Edgardo Miguel Cedeño

          your country sadly always want to stick his nose in matters that are non of his bussines i dont hate your country or your people but i hate the way your country wants to be everywhere for selfbeneficit i hope president obama stay quiet because migth be a war

          • Heather F

            People need to realize and understand that this is a decision that we are trying very hard to PREVENT. But he is the president, and we literally have no control over the situation. WE are hoping too that he doesn’t make the worst mistake of his life. None of us want to be involved in his shit storm

        • Dennis

          Its only a matter of time before their war is our war. Remember in wwII we were attacked by Japan even though we had nothing to do with the war.

          • http://yahoo kevin

            ok dennis really. we were supplying the allies through cash and carry, then lend lease. we were funding the allies war efforts, hell we had ‘civilian’ avaitors flying in the raf. we were in the war but behind the scenes, japan bombed us to cripple us. we were at war, anytime you supply on side and not the other you are involved. to say we had nothing to do with ww2 your ignorance will doom you to repeat the mistakes of the past.

          • Nick

            We blocked trade to Japan because they were allied with the Axis powers, we weren’t attacked for no reason…..they just had no idea how much backing our government would have from its people to be able to go to war on two fronts.

      • Gloria

        What about the genocide that occurred in Rwanda? No one cared about it, either. It seems we are only interested in attacking if there is economics at stake. It doesn’t really seem to me that we are interested in the population in these countries. I hope that I am wrong in this. I understand that we went to Iraq but remember, our own U.S. had been attacked September 11 and we were, also, reacting and responding to it.
        In this case, the U.S. has not been attacked.

        • EDOGZ818

          Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

      • stephen

        I totally agree. When it was bush everything was ok. He was the same idiot as we have now.

      • Tim

        Those Syrian chemical weapons are the ones that Bush was talking about. They were moved to Syria from Iraq, which is why they were not found….if you recall…

      • Justin

        The way are you smoking Obama crack. They found massive graves of saddams own people that he gased. How much more physical evidence of WMD’s do you need. This is not our civil war. I’m sure most “true” Americans would not have liked another country coming into our civil war.

      • Jason Arnold

        Oh, get off it. Israeli Mossad reported exactly what happened to those WMD’s (hint: they followed a road from Baghdad to Damascus — check your maps) 10 years ago, and it’s only ironic that they would once again rise up to thrust another leader into the crosshairs. France put up the “wait” sign back then, and Congress listened, giving Saddam something like 14+ months (if memory serves) to get his supply “redistributed”. I’m sure he figured he’d be getting them back soon.

        There IS a difference. Everyone in the world knew Saddam had used Sarin on his own people. That’s a FACT. While everyone suspects Sarin was used in Syria, and the British report shows that Assad has used them some 14 times on his own people, I’m not sure that we’ll ever find out who exactly used it this most recent time — Assad or al-Qaeda (aka “the rebels”). That being said, while I do believe that Bashar should be held accountable for what he has done, how does it get handled? Give the country to “the rebels”, the offshoot of the same group that gave us 9/11? Does anyone know what next Wednesday is the anniversary of? Does anyone else think this is suspicious timing?

        • Brian Davidson

          Yes, because Mossad doesn’t have an history of deception for its own purposes. That’s sarcasm in case you didn’t realise.
          Mossad even engaged in espionage against Australia (for examples, look up the passport forgery & Prisoner X scandals) for the proposes for committing murders & assassinations. Seriously, how screwed up in the head is Mossad for them to consider Australia the enemy?

      • Rose Elliott

        The people in that country were getting slaughtered for over 50 years, WHY do we need to step foot there now… This POS in office does not have a MORAL bone in his body and does not care about America.. Please don’t be so liberal that you would listen to the nonsense they like to feed you so you feel so empathetic that you would risk a REAL WWIII that WILL LAND ON OUR SOIL!! QUIT blaming Bush for this POS’s bad choices, he could have NOT gone to play a round of golf or meet with football teams and instead stayed in place and took the issues of today a bit more seriously! Your case along with theirs is MORALLY MUTE! Stop funding the very people that want to see us all dead!

      • Paul Bevington

        WHEN did we become the world policeman or its concious? There is already a group within Syria fighting Assad, it is an internal affair. It is NOT the business of the United States to interfere in other nations internal affairs. We are to spend our treasure and the blood of our patriots for what? So we can say we did it? So Al-Queda can take over the nation once Assad has been overthrown? This has turned into a pissing contest with the other two superpowers of the world, armed with nuclear you REALLY support us having a limited nuclear war, our infrastructure destroyed, our children dead or dying from hunger, ALL because you feel bad that in a civil war one side broke the rules? This has NOTHING to do with us, other than Obama’s bruised ego from running his mouth, and now he is willing to drag us to destruction with the threat of world war over machmismo? People do bad things, the Nazi’s lost the war and paid the price for what they did, but they were aggresive and attacking others, Iraq was attempting to become a nuclear power which Saddam stated he would use as soon as he had, he DID have chemical weapons, and he DID use them against another country (Iran) as well as the ethnic Kurds in his own country. If he had not provided a safe haven for Al-Queda after 9/11 he probably would still be in power and taunting the West. Assad on the other hand has not invaded another nation, has not provided a safe haven for enemies of our state, and is concerned solely with the civil war raging in his own nation. It is NOT our business what goes on there, it is for the people who live there. If you feel so strongly, pick up a gun (which I doubt you own), and go put YOUR life on the line to “protect” these poor innocent people, while leaving the rest of us out of your crazy belief system. If Obama used poison gas on the citizens here, I would be one of the first to come to arms, to put my life on the line, since THIS is my country and I need to defend it, but over there, we are not wanted, nor are we morally correct in attacking them. All we can do is send missiles, with an estimated death toll of 1,400 men, women, and CHILDREN…there goes your moral argument out the window, this was stated today in the news. Try becoming more informed before you grab your pom-pom’s and cheer the “Great Orator” on to World War III.

      • Adore

        I have to say I am glad to see someone on here with a head on their shoulders. i see everybody complaining its not our fight to fight but you are saying exactly what I have been thinking, If this guy will use chemical warfare on his own people whats to say we wont be the next target. On top of that this report is bogus. What do they mean that it hasnt been proven that their was chemical warfare used? Did they not hear the pleas of the people who survived and the cries of the ones who lost their family including their children? If people want to complain about all this go ahead but dont mouth off some bs that is known not to be true. Kudos to you my friend for paying attention to what has been going on!

        • Ruth Dunlap Brackett

          Yes Gas was used.However, it has not been proved who used it. It looks more and more like the rebels set it off and tried to put the blame on the government.

      • Gnrlbecky

        Yes I did support attacking Iraq those weapons of mass destruction, where do you think those weapons went? They went to Syria. The weapon’s of mass destruction did exist. When we attacked Iraq it was not over oil!

        • Andy Wilson

          is this a joke

      • Adam Broderick

        Those “unproven” wmd’s are more than likely the same ones syria supposedly used….notice the article says unproven attack….We know saddam had chemical weapons because we gave them to him and supported him in the iran iraq war…..and I don’t recall us turning a blind eye during WW2, I have a lot of relatives that fought in that war..and I’m sure if most of them weren’t dead they’d beat your ass for saying that…perhaps you are unaware that over 500,000 American soldiers died in WW2….hardly seems like turning a blind eye.

        • dezzi

          You’re kidding right? We did turn a blind eye during ww2…we dismissed what was going on for years. We finally stepped up after so so so many innocent people died. Honestly if we as a world see genocide in the works we should work together to save lives. Sadly countries are too concerned about what will financially hurt them.

      • jack smith

        Proven? By who? The same gov that overthrew Mosaddegh for BP? The same gov that supported and grew to power, Saddam? The same gov that funded the Iraq/Iran war, a horrific war to say the least? The same gov that overthrew half of south america for corporate stealing of resources? The same gov that would NEVER be involved in two planes knocking down three towers. This same gov would NEVER falsify evidence. No. NOOOO!!! The same gov that is ruled by a large independent multinational banking cartel? The same gov chock full of conflicts of interest between gov and corporations? The same gov that grew and supported a criminal intelligence arm called the CIA???? Ur an idiot dude!!! Here is your sign —> moron

      • Ben

        So we are going to go kill more people with our bombing and take the risk of starting WWIII? It doesn’t matter what we thought back then.. What is done is done. The USA was still upset from being attacked on 9/11…. Syria has nothing to do with us, We have our own problems we need to fix right here at home instead of becoming a baby sitter in a war that does not involve us.. They have killed 100,000 of there own people and we turned away.. Now all of the sudden we are going to go doing something because they did it with chemicals instead of bullets and bombs? Please… If Obama was truly concerned or you were truly concerned we would have done something 2 and a half years ago when this started.. Its not our war we need to mind our own business for a change..

      • Guardian53

        A lot of people didn’t support that attack on Iraq because of the same allegations of chemical weapons and so far nothing the same here. It’s all got to do with his support of the same people or same side we’ve been fighting in Afghanistan, this makes no sense except that their the same ones.

      • Gail Dontigney

        Iraq gassed over 100,000 of their own people. The problem with this case and Iraq, we are giving them a big chance to hide the WMDs, same with the Iraq war, we should have taken care of them in 1990 instead of coming home.

      • dwr3333333333

        He idiot, those “weapons of mass destruction” are the chemical weapons moved from Iraq now in the hands of Syria! Do you homework democrat/liberal waste of oxygen!

      • dwr3333333333


      • Rick

        and I cannot believe that you believe anything Obama says is True! How do you know that he didn’t give the Chemical Weapons to the Rebels and that the Rebels actually used them? An d to answer your question about Iraq I disputed the implementing of that war as well. Both wars are none of our business, and if you think World War III and the killing of Billions of people are ok more power to you.. They have been fighting long before Jesus Christ came to the Earth and will be fighting when he returns. I am glad to see you like Obama supporting and giving aid to the Rebels aka Al Queda enemies of this Country !

      • Heywood Ya Mouthhugit

        The attack on Afganistan and Iraq came after 9/11. As a nation we were sold on the idea of radicals, terrorist cells and Saddam’s brutal treatment of his people. So the idea of WMD’S was not far fetched. Looking back. We were sold a bill of goods. Hell, Im pretty certain our government operatives are the ones that gased the Syrians to make it look like Assad. Hence giving us an avenue to attack and move forward w agenda 21 among other agendas.

      • George

        Time to wake up,its not about chemical or the killing of innocent people. How many are being butchered by the rebels occupant wants to help?Its about a pipeline they want to cross Syria that their man wont okay.They have proved to anyone who can reason that they really don’t care about anyone’s life.Look at the christians being slaughtered,and no one gets up in arms to protect them

      • Thomas

        are you really that stupid where do you think the gas came from moron it came from Saddams ware house’s the US knew he had them because he had used them before in the iran iraq war he also used them on his own people and as for ww2 who do you think help win that war it was the US .and there is still no proof as to who used the gas it could have been Assad or any one of the many rebel groups that are trying to kick him out.if you cant see this as a set up your blind as a bat

      • Juan C Malave

        True Story…

      • rls0054

        In the 20th and 21st Century the number of dictators who allowed or committed genocide in their countries is staggering…here is a link… Do you think the U.S. had a moral imperative to intervene in each and every one of these cases? If so, do you have any idea how we could possible involves ourselves in that number of conflicts globally? Why the U.S. and not other countries? Is there a difference between the death of children by chemical weapon compared to their death by airstrikes…will those civilian casualties matter less? How many Syrians must we kill with missiles to teach Assad he cannot kill any more Syrians with gas?

      • lucian

        So you would rather help the muslim brother hood the so called freedom fighter rebels there who killed our troops in Iraq and other countries and took down out our twin towers in New York and killed over 3k americans there so why should we help the ones who are killing our troops ?

      • booty smith

        Hell no we should not support this huge mistake I am all for taken of others but lets take care of us first. we need to stop being a parent figure for everyone else and start taking of the bullshit here first.

      • mullis

        You didn’t read the article did you? The attack has NOT yet been approved! Still banging on Bush. Pathetic.

      • Obama is a piece of shit!

        where was Obama when the rebels used chemical attacks back in march against the Syrian military? proven it was the rebels, but because Obama obviously is muslim and supports them he is going to turn a blind eye. Assad, as shitty as a dictator he is, is fighting al-queda. so, as we battle against them in Afghanistan and Iraq we are going to support and fight with them in Syria? open your fucking eyes, you’re just as big a douche as Obama!

      • John Kochendorfer


      • enough is enough

        What he is doing is not ok. Maybe he should have protected our people in Benghazi like he is protecting the people in foreign countries. Where was he then! He wouldn’t send help to Americans, he told an American soldier to stand down when we were being attacked! He is a worthless excuse of a presiden and he needs to back off before he gets us all killed! Dumb a$$ is what he is!

      • Robert

        we should not police the world, it is not our place. we should bring our troops home and stop all the funding. WE build and sell arms to all these people and noone thought they could ever come back on us. please it’s all about money and power the next step is warships on our coast line

      • matt dixon

        Yea when Bush was in office he got criticized bc he went after WMD

      • Rochele

        You are a complete and total moron. Do you ever read or educate yourself past what is fed to you by the government-controlled media?! Syria is not at all like Iraq in that there was congressional bipartisan approval (yes clinton and kerry who Im sure you love supported invading iraq). They only wavered after the fact because the war became unpopular with American people. Mr John, “I voted against the war before I voted for it”, Kerry. There was also actual evidence, yes evidence, that showed there were weapons of mass destruction. There is also evidence that the weapons were moved. A whole facility was scrubbed with bleach and surveillance shows covered trucks moving away from this site. I wonder what was in them? Intelligence shows these weapons most likely ended up in Syria. Saddam wasn’t an idiot…. He moved his weapons while he had the chance. If this is about the greater good of humanity, where was Obama in March of 2012 when another large scale chemical attack occurred? The UN presented evidence months ago that these chemical weapons ended up in the hands of rebels. They aren’t even sure Assad was responsible for this attack, not to mention that a big percentage of Syrians support Assad still which was shown by several of them speaking at the town hall meeting on CNN last night. Oh ya, there’s also that big issue of Russia (their pipeline which is threatened) and the fact that they are one of Syrias biggest arms dealers, China, Iran and no doubt North Korea will join the party… Sounds like the makings of WW3 and seems like you sir, should go to Syria and fight while the rest of us want to worry about our country falling apart piece by piece.

      • billy

        theway Iraq had WMDs , facts ..Saddam use them against his own people , not to say using them against Iran…facts my friend

      • Aub2010

        The WMD’s were moved to Syria genius!!!

      • Riley Townsend

        Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons on the Kurds. Saddam would not allow the U.N. inspectors to do their jobs in Iraq. We had the U.N. and numerous other countries backing us. Now we are on the verge of WWIII because of the opposition of our going it alone to use military force.

      • Josh Valentine

        WW3 is not a answer, there’s two super powers sending a a message too back off. That dnt say anything to you.get off your obama trip and look atvwhats going on in our country

      • rhowesr

        you are a fucking idiot ! you mindless bonehead liberals still blaming Bush at the point of extinction from this piece of shit war mongering Obama

      • Judy Thorne

        Obviously there was WMD’s there using them in Syria now,. It was after all rumored he had moved them. We don’t support any war unless it’s necessary and we stand a chance to help or win. This is a loose, loose fight, again. Hopefully we learned something from the other wars. This is a war that won’t help the people and we will hurt ourselves not to mention our young men and woman in uniform. What you think they won’t use them on our soldiers. Do we really want to piss off the rest of the world to save face?

      • http://None ArmyDawg

        what was proven was that sarin gas and chemicals were used, by whom is not clear. you have one side stating they did not use chemical or biological weapons and the other side with comments that they accidentally released the agents. whom is right?
        ever wonder where syria recieved all these chemical and biological WMD from? the rebels received there’s from saudi, but one has to question where syria’s WMDs and technology came from?

      • Michael Fahey

        This is really going to upset you, but the WMD’s Bush was referring to, was reported to be moved to Syria. CHECKMATE!!

      • Sarge

        Actually yes we can turn a blind eye! Its time to start minding our own business. Its all this prying that is about the get into WW3. We have enough problems of our own in the US. We need to stop helping everyone else and start helping ourselves. Their issues, they need to deal with them, simple as that. No one comes running to solve our problems for us!

        I don’t know where this sense of being everyone’s big brother came from , but it needs to stop.

      • frank downs

        :No war is good, but we can’t let people be slaughtered,” WHY NOT? The Mid East has been killing each other for thousands of years for less things, Where is the REST of the WORLD or the UN for that matter.
        As for But I bet you supported attacking Iraq for those unproven “weapons of mass destruction”, WHERE DO YOU THINK HE GOT THE WEAPONS FROM, CNN reported that Iraq was moving them while we waited for the UN!!!!!

      • Rich N

        Well, I’m not going to jump in here like I’ve done before and say whether we should bomb them or not. But, it’s a viable argument that Syria will likely be willing to use them again if nobody stops them. There is NO argument that they have a huge stockpile. Iraq certainly did have them at some point, and obviously they could have made them again if nobody stepped in. I think the biggest problem will be who will get their hands on Syria’s chem weapons. Their leadership won’t hold out forever.

      • rayski

        I for one said when I heard of the Irag invasion because of WMD that it would be another Viet Nam and indeed it was, only now continued into Afganistan .. I would be prone to agree with bombing Syria if indeed there was proof … but while Obama says it’s happened the U.N. says now .. while Kerry says thousands dead and hundreds of kids dead, those doing the investigating find no proof of this .. there are so many dead because of the war .. but there is no proof that it was due to chemicals .. and to invade just because there is a war when it appears anyway that up to 90% of the country is saying mind our own business is just wrong at this point ..

      • buddy

        Open your REAL eyes ‘theway’, it’s already been proven that the WMD’s from Iraq were transported to Syria (which in your own words exist), the fact is, it has NOT been proven that Assad used them, in FACT it HAS been atleast shown, not proven, by Syrians, that it was the rebels that used them., at any rate, your beloved bho is still trying to be ‘the big man’ with all the answers (note: last year when ‘mr. big’ set his ‘red line’) and now has found himself in a pickle, so to speak, and is being CALLED on his ‘calculus’!! wake up,,,,I’ll be nice and not call you a dummy!!

      • Rick t

        Hey genius saddam h. Used chemical weapons on his own people too in Iraq. Killed more people than Assad.. Why don’t you do a little research … Idiots in this world

        google that u Obama drone…

      • scott

        for years the un was saying there was wmd in iraq, as far back as the clinton years. Sadam hussein used the on the kurd after desert storm. There is no side to take in this civil war, and no way of knowing who used them. Bush got congress and the un approval on iraq. How old are you 13 or something.

      • http://Facebook Dode

        Saddam used the same chemical weapons on the Kurds and Iranians during their war with Iran and we did nothing. The real reason Bush went in to Iraq is because he tried an assassination attempt on George HW Bush, a former US President. Who was also his Father. But yes, Weapons of Mass Destruction was used as a reason. However, Saddam’s Chemicals were moved into Syria as we were building up forces to invade Iraq. And IF attacked, I would imagine how they, Syria, Hezbollah and company backed by Iran, would attack Israel. But short of an invasion of Syria, I do not see Russia getting involved. China on the other hand, would not join forces against us, hell they practically “own us”.

      • Glenn Berman

        President George W. Bush had authorization by a 70% of both houses (with a democratic majority), the backing of the citizens of the U.S.A. and the U.N. before moving forward. Not only did Saddam have plenty of time to simply move any weapons, but could have prevent the war simply by letting the inspectors in. It is fact that Saddam had used chemical weapons and by other means murdered his own people, That being said, we all know better than going into Iraq was just about weapon of mass destruction,.but the world also sleeps better knowing that Saddam is no more.
        Syria is having a civil war they are not attacking their neighbors or looking for world dominance, It is not clear who used the chemical weapons, regardless of what we are being told, some learn from the past while others make the same mistakes. I would hope that America is smarter not to repeat it’s mistakes.

        • Glenn Berman

          In a vastly diversified country such as the United States of America, the “Pledge of Allegiance” is the one thing that teaches our children to overcome differences, unite us as one people. We stand united in the pledge, take it away and we remain further divided as a people. For those that believe in nothing greater than themselves, there is always home school.

          • Glenn Berman

            Computer gone wild, wrong thread for the pledge piece.

          • Tyrcarnesjr

            I myself am in the Army stationed at Ft. Lewis WA, if I’m going to go and fight against a country like Syria I would like to more then just a maybe. God Bless those who serve!

      • Chris

        Have you considered this may be a False Flag, just like Hitler did prior to invading Poland in WWII.

        • Glenn Berman

          @Chris, good call.

      • Harry McDwyer

        A proven chemical attack, yes…but UNPROVEN who actually is behind the attack!!!! Those weapons if mass destruction that Bush went looking for allegedly in the hand of terrorists….ummm and what did you say was used on Syrian civillians???

        • Glenn Berman

          Just curious to know what weapons would be acceptable to murder, the kind Obama wants to send to the Muslim Brotherhood? This is a civil war, we don’t know that the rebels are any better than the government, the innocents are caught in the middle, and unless our government has a clear course of action that includes boots on the ground to secure and remove the chemical weapons so as not to fall into the hands of the Muslim brotherhood, we should stand down at this point in time.

      • Jack

        If they want to kill each other let em!! There never gonna use them on anyone else. What about the physco he wants to back , who eats the hearts and liver out of his dead enemy’s. there’s no oil there so leave it alone

      • Cora Nickerson

        I am in total agreement with you we have to stop this man from using chemical weapons on his own people, before h gets the idea to use it on other countries like ours, and I don’t want to see our children be in pain o even de because our country was afraid to do something to stop this mad man. If there was ever a reason to attack Syria or any other county in my opinion is when they start killing their own people, especially women and children. I we turn our backs on these people, then we are doomed as a country. How would you feel if it was your child, wife or husband or even whole family would you not want help. This is a Christian Country and built on Christian values, Let star acting like it, I am my brothers keeper and in gods eyes we are all brothers and sisters. I am for the United States of America to help People that can not help them selves.
        I do not agree with everything the government does, but on this topic they have my total support. It is time the people in this country pull together and stop worrying about them selves and worry about other people for a change. very one says we have enough problems in our own country to worry about. Well you are right, if you are talking about the violence or drugs, Then the start of getting this problem under control is teaching your children right from wrong, everyone needs to stop blaming all their problems on the government. They did not force you to go out and acquirer more dept. that you have coming in. Start by stop living a champagne diet on a water in come, the reason I say water is because most people do not even have a beer diet. I the Government decides to attack Syria then I am behind them one hundred percent. We asked my grandchildren what they thought, They know everything that happened in Syria and they said we need to help them. God would want us to help them. Well my grandchildren are smart and compassionate. Take a lesson off of children, teach the right an they will know what’s right. God Bless America and the Children of Syria. My Prayers are with you and with America who I hope in my heart does the right thing. Russia and China also need to have a heart and stand up with the US and tell Assad they do not condone what he has done and he needs to destroy his chemical weapons or they will.

        • Reality

          How’s this for an idea? How about we fix ourselves first. You don’t want to see “our children” in pain? Look around you idiot. Go to the impoverished areas of the major cities. Go to the south side of Chicago. Or perhaps you should go visit Detroit to get a feel of what a war zone looks like. Good luck making it out. But no, let’s not help ourselves; let’s help others by killing their enemies! And for all of your “Christian Values”, when’s the last time you helped the underprivileged in this country? Do you volunteer at a soup kitchen? Do you donate to charities? You speak of living beyond our means? Do you have any idea how much a war costs? Not only in dollars, but in human life? Do you honestly think our military going over there and “helping” won’t cause even more deaths. You are so ignorant to the world you live in it’s ridiculous. I have an idea: how about you and your grandchildren go grab some rifles and make a difference by traveling to Syria and fighting your own moral crusade. It’s easy for an idiot to say we should send Soldiers to war when they can sit at home comfortably and watch the carnage on CNN.



      • Red Phalange

        Stop yelling you maroon! You dont need to yell to show your ignorance.

        • Christine Forslots Robinson

          Red Phalange – That was uncalled for.

      • rob

        well said

    • Elsa Lambert

      Correction! It would be Congress bigger mistake together with the lack of proof of who is really guilty for the gassing and the Allies joining for profits on the area, 3/4 of the world want no war, it is a coincidence that the same nations taking part in Iraq’s war because there is too much at stake to lose , right? they do not give a damn about the people of the gas missiles; are taking part in Syria and add Iran as well! UK, and France are afraid to say No war. The US President is just obeying the majority of the Congress votes and the wish of the ones above Congress ! It is going to be a terror for USA citizens for a big revenge somewhere, someday. Children living in fear now! It is another crazy war, which ought to be solved among the Middle East people alone, they have always been at war, especially Israel! I hope New Zealand keeps its foot down for no war like Helen Clark did. Bush terrorism propaganda did not stick over here, and although we have lots of refugees from Iraq we remain a peaceful country. Who is going to take the millions of homeless if a full blown up war takes place. Not Australia for sure, and we are too small to take any more. USA has a lot of desert to be compassionate of the innocent people that will be hurt, add take them aboard, would you? After all you are a Christian country, are you?

    • Thor

      it sucks that Obama has this kind of power to make a decision of such magnitude when he doesn’t even know the difference between the gulf coast and the east coast

    • Pam

      China & Russia both know how stupid Obama is, they are not even the least bit intimidated by him or his cabinet! They have been watching, they realize America has screwed itself when he was elected. They have seen his performance, his lies, his unpopularity with so many countries and so many Americans as well! They know he is a screw up and they are taking the opportunity that presented itself before them.

    • JB

      The sophomoric Obama has made so many drastic mistakes while in office, although this one would be his most pernicious to date……he has no idea what he is doing
      In my opinion he is the most worthless modern era Prez to date.

    • Moondog

      I hope someone will let them know the Americans are not behind Obama.

    • Seaman Timmy

      His biggest mistake was blinking when confronted by the Russians, These weapons need to be taken out, now all the other players in the region know he will not back up his big talk with action. It is likely to late for missile strikes to be affective and if the rebels do win, now the really bad guys have a huge cache of chemical weapons.

    • Mike

      Obama is America biggest mistake!

    • csunbean

      We have to get as loud as we can .. he is going to get us all killed.

    • http://facebook dave

      Obama wants to over throw all these leaders maybe he piss of enough Countrys there going to come and over throw him.

    • Carl

      Now that Obama thoroughly embarrassed the United States at the G-20 Summit Meeting. And insist on starting another war ,which is a side show to draw attention away from the rest of his crimes .And due to his arrogance this President has the Chinese and the Russian ships of war breathing down our necks.. Obama need to Back off.

    • Joe Harley

      MAY BE THE NEW “9-11″ ?????? Just waiting to Happen !

    • karl

      lol, i don’t think so that would be Russia biggest mistake to fuck with usa &do you think china would fuck with the usa your a joke they are china biggest bank they make $$$ off the usa and they owe a lot of money to china so i call it a bluffing &russia there nothing to the United States Of America they’ll will fuck them up any time russia wants to find out all they have do is make the 1st move…

  • Scott Mottaz

    Obama has to be the worst president in U.S history. So far, he has succefully racially divided our nation, contributed to our increased poverty levels, disregarded the opinions of the people, and is trying to start a war that we have no business getting involved in.

    • stacy

      I AGREE! our nation as it is right now can not survive a war! the president has made sure that we are on the closest verge of another civil war than we have ever been not to mention the state of our economy, America needs to stay out of this! for once mind our own business and let Syria deal with their own problems! they have not requested any type of help and us attacking is just a way for the president to keep attention off of his schemes here at home!!

      • Reign

        I am so sorry for those in Syria … my heart goes out to them … BUT – we really need to worry about us. We are so in debt, we cannot afford to help no one. We need to stop sticking our noses in other countries business and concentrate on fixing this mess Obama has us in. We are TRILLIONS in debt, but that is not enough for Obama?????? He has destroyed OUR country … in every way possible. Dont WE have a say whether he stays in office? or go to war (especially where we do NOT belong)?

      • karl

        they have asked for the usa help for over two years now if you don’t know what your talking about don’t speak

    • Tom Hughes

      totally right its not are problem let them bomb themselves

    • purplehaze15

      MSNBC contributed to a lot of that dividing..they never stop preaching that repubs are racist, tea party is racist, if you disagree with Obama Policy you are old, angry, and bible thumping racists. Those who accuse non stop of racism are the worst offenders, its th eonly answer as to why people dislike Obama and his policy..could be maybe they hate democrats also..but that aint racist..

    • Gloria

      I agree with Scott. Why is it that President George W. Bush was always under scrutiny for his actions but allow Obama to do the same or worse, and he is just doing his job?

    • Billie Jo

      That’s the ploy… divide and conquer. The United States has never had a King, and he wants to be the first one in history. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I have been told numerous times that if a world war, or whatever is going on, and the President enforces marshal law, he does not leave office. So he’s creating distractions that will lead to him declaring marshal law, and then we’re all f***ed.

  • william

    a mistake that we will pay for

  • footballislife1962

    I’m convinced Barry would actually enjoy starting WWIII.

    • fuck barrack obamma osama

      i agree. he seems like a little piece of squirrel shit that got pushed into his locker to much at school (in kenya). now he is a big tough guy who can hide in a tunnel while the rest of us get killed.

      • Tom Hughes

        he was born in hawaii but is an idiot that should be impeached for all the dumb ass shit he has done he is one of the most retarded pres. we have ever had worse than Bush

  • Dana

    Remotely true? You lost credibility with that one. Mistake by Obama? Yes. Mistake of journalist integrity? Yes.

  • dustin

    This is another Korea made over… a war that is unwinnable and k
    ills American soldiers for no reason….except politics….

    • Reign

      I agree … politicians do not care, it is not their relatives that are on the front wall … not their money paying for it …

  • cody

    we’d fuck up russia and pussy ass china. i say, let them come

    • Reign

      trust me … we wont win if we do go to war … we do not have the money or able to get the real resources we need. China already owns us … we owe China so much money know it isnt possible to pay them back …

      Obama has made sure he fixed it to where we wont win this war … he has us completely broke … we are all tapped out.

    • purplehaze15

      then China calls us on our debt..and then we are screwed..want to see our economy tank real quick? but you are right..we’d waste them

    • Lloyd Lewis

      You, young person, need more knowledge before you spout off. Are you really ready for WWIII and all that goes with it? Your nasty alligator mouth could very easily get your canary rear end overloaded.

    • Trevor

      A war with Russia and China would result in the U.S. Military strategy term MAD (Mutually Assured destruction) The entire northern hemisphere would become unlivable within 6 hours. all life (human) would cease to exist save extremely small pockets close to the equator. The radioactive debris in the atmosphere would block so much sunlight the cold alone would kill most life. Nuclear wars are unwinnable. I am a veteran, I have studied these things, and believe me, Syria is not worth the trouble it could bring.

  • Disasteraid

    Obama is NOT President Kennedy. I was a kid but remember it well. This is NOT OUR WAR! Obama MUST GO! >>>NOW<<<!

  • dan

    it doesn’t really matter how this thing turns out now , America looks like fools,thanks to our foolish leaders. that’s what we get for electing a 1 term SENATOR. who couldn’t find his own ass with either here’s to our first illegal prez go away self deport .

  • doug kincade

    My Cousin was MSgt. Tim Martin, Delta Opp. Killed in Somalia 1993. The last time he was in was about 5 yrs before his death (1987). My mother asked him if we was going to have a War with Russia. His words was, The small Country’s will start the War between the US and Russia. Then he said “Nancy your not ready for the real truth”. Sleep on that people. That came from a real Delta Opps. and not one of these want to bee’s….

    • Reign

      Everyone wants to see the US fail … and to have a large country do the dirty work for them makes it that much sweeter … U.S. is a joke – between Bush and Obama … we dont have a chance. Bush was put in to take the economy from – Rich income – middle income – and the low income … and he succeeded. Obama looks as if he was to finish … the poverty level is the worst seen since WWII … no jobs, higher taxes, debt so high that we will never get it paid no matter what, ect. This war will just finish us off.

      • Dave

        Bush is getting to much credit from you for the economy.
        1996-CRA Act-Directed banks and Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac to loan money for home purchases to people they knew could not pay it back-So basically allowed banks to get into the real estate business failing miserably leading to the housing crisis.

        NAFTA-sent union jobs over the border-loss of manufacturer jobs

        China was not a full member (year to year status) of the WTO until sponsored by Clinton for full membership- at which time immediately after they began to dump cheap steel and manufacturing products into the USA- Yes the USA became their dumping ground for cheap crap- Steel industry almost collapsed in the USA and lost union jobs-also weakening the union that was left. Union jobs lost in the USA to the country of China sweat shops.
        The union support the same party that sent their jobs overseas and then want me to feel sorry for their brotherhood. Democrats are anti business but want there to be jobs while they promote their anti-business policies.
        I’m not saying Bush did himself any favors with his policies, but the shape of the economy falls more on Clintons policies and his shipment of jobs overseas and watch and see if the same people getting screwed by Clinton’s policies don’t turn around and replace Obuma with the scandalous Senator from New York.

        • Gail Dontigney

          Our country is falling apart and Obama wants to spend more money and time, and perhaps even lives to invade Syria? This certainly doesn’t make any sense at all. They have no proof that the government gassed those people or the rebels or al quada.. If they send scud missiles they will just kill more civilian. Besides that we should NOT go there alone. No backers from anywhere.. Someone said that Israel is on our side… WRONG!! They are preparing now for a war with Iran is this happens. Go home Obama and get our people off welfare and food stamps!!!

  • clayton

    The illuminati is behind all this shit they have been behind every war. The pos was put into office by the illuminati so he could do just what he is doing and there is nothing that we can do about it. We are so f@#KED that it can’t even be put into words how screwed we are because the American people have sat back and allowed all this shit to happen. Goodby America.

  • mikw

    get rid of this lunatic while there is still time

  • Sharon

    I say that we all need to have bent knees, and pray about this…If you are with Christ (JESUS) then there should be no worries, If WW3 happens, it would only promote His people…My heart is saddened for those young men and women, (mine being one of them), but he has excepted Christ, and I have faith that HIS will shall be done…HIS TIME IS AT HAND!!!!!!!

  • bob

    I’m not seeing this being reported…can you please give us some of your sources where you substantiate this claim….

    • bob


    • Sharon

      Whom are you referring too Bob…

  • J.Eckerman

    ALL of this is a big mistake, we should NOT get involved at all, the only humor I find is FRANCE sent a warship????? A FRENCH sisssy men in uniform …..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH The French are all COWARDS

  • J. Wf

    FEMA is currently training russian troops in urban warfare, this is all a red herring to confuse us about what is really happening “because we can’t handle the truth.” FEMA issued High alert for US Region III (Washington DC ect) with 386,000 foreign soldiers to replace our domestic troops in time for oct 1. They are ordering 13 million Heater meals for Reg. III and Texas both, Antibiotics, 13 million Emergency Water packs, ect for Oct 1st. The gov’t is staging a syrian war. The governement is preparing to shut down, stock collapse in preparation for Comet Ison / Planet Nibiru due to arrive November. They are planning for US rebellions.

    • Maria

      J. Wf – how do you now? (very sincere question) – not sarcastic at all – Just thinking about if we (U.S.) need to be “getting ready” -



  • juliet

    obama aid -send arms to the rebels way back few months ago-syrian rebels link t al qaeda-loyal assad forces cliams its the rbels did it-the rebels admit they mishandling the cheical weapons killing syrian people -obama -kerry lying then?omg

  • rea


  • Barb

    Let see. Let all the Congressman who voted to go to war with Syria, send their daughters instead of their sons. Would that make a difference?
    Obama has nothing to lose. It is our service men who had their raise taken away, who will be sacrificing our soldiers What does he have to lose. Face? You can’t lose something you do not have. Right???!!!?!?!?

  • Matt

    They won’t actually do anything to each other, they are just there to direct and equip their proxy forces in Syria to keep killing each other.

  • Rob

    Once again we need to stay out of this!!With Russia and China getting involved it will be a totally F***ed up deal for the entire world!

  • Dwayne

    WMD’s aside in Iraqi: If your heart bleeds so much for the dead in Syria, where was your bleeding heart for the millions upon millions Saddam and his sons tortured, killed, and don’t forget gassed themselves. If you feel Assad needs to be taken down then why did a man who had killed many times more in Iraq not deserve to be taken down. The hypocrisy of the left is true pathetic.

  • common sense

    You people are so stupid. I just thought you should know.

    • Luke Meter

      And you’re a 12 year old liberal asshole, just thought you should know.

  • Tyrus

    Think about all of the money we owe china? Is this just a coincidence or is this one big old scheme. I do not like the way our country operates

  • hamza

    the only reason obama wants to go to war is that it wants to draw attention and from the economy that is going to destruction and to revive an economy a country must go to war like happened when the great depression ended in america when the US went to world war .

  • John Kochendorfer


  • Glenn Berman

    This is like the Cuban missile crises but in reverse.

  • Glenn Berman

    We have the wrong president and cabinet at the wrong time, we are F-Ked, pardon the explicative, it seems appropriate at this time.

  • Dawn

    Our president has done way more than awful Bush and for the people that are saying that it has not been proven that syria has chemically bombeb and killed people, it showed it right on the news, Im not saying we should or shouldnt bomb them, its a big controversy, we shouldnt sit back and watch all innocent poor children and women just die, but again I feel should deal with out own problems in the us. But for putting Obama down, people are just awful, he has dug us out at least 50 feet of the 200 foot hole that Bush left us in!!!!!!!!!!

    • Manny

      Easy with that Kool Aid. It’s addictive and eventually will kill you. Not that we will miss you, though. Libtards like you are just plain ballast.

  • j p hooper

    War Games. International big business.

    • Lisa Page

      That’s what’s really going on. I live in West Texas, they can’t pump the oil fast enough to supply this wasteful country. OIL is the real agenda. Everyone knows Iran will immediately be involved.

  • Marial Gidney

    HE is trying to ruin our country so that he and his Muslim buddies can take over the country. He has already removed any of the military leaders that knew anything about how to run the military. What he and his Muslim brotherhood friends really want is for there to be no one left on the earth except for them. You are going to see the largest ethnic cleansing around the world anyone could have ever imagined if the people of all these nations that are being over run by Islamist radicals don’t stand up and fight for their right to be alive and believe in a God other than Allah!

  • http://Google Taxed out

    I wonder if the Nobel Prize committee is second guessing their decision giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize?

    • Manny

      Not really. Since the world is so upside down nowadays, they are considering to give him another this year if he finally bombs Syria.

  • Nelson

    Let’s do it NOW!! Start bombing. WTH

  • Kim

    People are reading too much into this. Russia and China are not there to stop the U.S. They are there to defend their own interests around Syria, not Syria. Both are outnumbered and out gunned and won’t risk going to war over a little country like Syria. However they must keep face with their allies.
    People seem to think these are a bunch of school kids throwing their weight around the school yard. These are the BIG 3. Not one of them wants to butt heads with the other for real. So they will fluff their feathers and roar but that will be it.

    • Lisa Heiss

      I agree…

  • Peggy

    Oh ye of little faith. You have got to realize that we are living in the end times. Our generation is coming to a close. Have faith, God is in control, and what ever happens, it was already written 2000 years ago. We can’t stop it or control it, it’s inevedable that war is coming to all countries. Jesus is coming back soon, so pray and look up. One way or the other in the very near future, Damascus is going to be completely destroyed, someone is going to do it, whether it be the u.s. or some other country, it is going to happen, and yes world war three is upon us, and so is the final tribulation. Come Lord Jesus.

  • Lisa Heiss

    It seems to me that the bully is Syria’s leader: he took it out on innocent civilians. If he didn’t have proof of that I certainly would hope that he wouldn’t do this. What in the world makes you think you know the truth????

  • Sterling Wulff

    So waddaya gonna do now, BITCH ?????

    Gonna show the world what a bad ass 5 year old PUKE Community Organizer you are ???

    B-O is a big mouth NOTHIN’ and the world knows it.

  • Lisa Heiss

    Truthfully, this is the only fact I care about:

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

  • shawn

    Yes Obama is willing to take the chance, I have said it for a long time and it is becoming clearer and clearer. All though I have no proof, I believe he somehow has ties with the muslim brotherhood and since they couldn’t get anything done by blowing up the trade center on 9/11 they are going to destroy the US from the only way possible, from the inside. Its exactly what is happening. JMO, Conspiracy theory? Yes, but from the way things are going it looks more and more true all the time.

  • dawn cox

    Look what obama has started. He just replaced America from the top world leader by starting this whole mess. Now as we decide to do the right thing by NOT bombing syria, we will look to be the weakest of Countries and being afraid. IF we do bomb syria to protect the stupid prez since he opened his big mouth and started all this……WWIII begins. Now we’ve lost no matter what our fool of a prez decided he will do.

  • http://DownTrend dobber1029

    Laurel and Hardy: = OB and Kerry; Look OB at the fine mess you got us in…Now the Russians and Chicnes are playing chicken with us…Now what smart ass?

  • Floridastorm

    Let’s stop with these wars, please. Just let them fight each other until nobody is left in Syria. Now, if we can get all other countries in the Middle East to fight each other, I think that would be a positive move. Russia doesn’t have to capability nor is it stupid enough to confront the US militarily. Most of the Russian military went to the scrap yard right after the fall of the USSR. In a war against the US they wouldn’t last a day or two. Iran’s military would last about as long as Iraq’s did, maybe less.

  • M Johnson

    oh another genius. “they showed it on the news” so that makes it true. hey moron, anybody can make a piece of videotape. and that hole you are talking about that Oblowme dug us out of? it looks to be just about as big as the one you have your brainless head in. we don’t need “weapons of mass destruction” in this country. we have Ovomit who is killing this country off one by one with no bullets or chemicals. our economy has never been this bad in my lifetime and it is NOT getting better, although “they said on the news” that it was. I still live here. I know what is “better” and what is not. our country is not the country I was born in. this president doesn’t deserve anything less than impeachment. and anybody who thinks Russia and China are just there to “watch,” why don’t you get on that freaking boat and find out because WE DON’T NEED YOU.

  • Josie

    In Iraq Sadam used gas on his people also. And it wasn’t only because of weapons of mass distruction that we went to war.

  • David


    Are you really that much of a dumba**? WW3, really? The only base Russia has mid-east is in Syria, this military presence is not new in the region but hype it up all you want.

    • Floridastorm

      David… are correct. In fact, at the end of the cold war, the USSR scrapped most of its military equipment and training because it couldn’t afford it. Russia is just a shell of itself militarily and is no threat whatsoever to the US military. Iran’s military is a joke and is probably not even as well equipped and well trained as Sadamm’s military was. And, we all know what happened to that military in a few short days. There is no military, in the world today including China’s, that could possibly go up against the US military and survive. I spent most of my career working and living in the Middle East, including in Iran. So, I believe that I have some pretty good knowledge of that area. If Israel is threatened, by either Iran or Syria, through long range missiles or other means, Israel will unleash a retaliation that will devastate both Iran and Syria..

  • Glenn Berman

    After reading many posts it is clear that the majority are against taking action without a clear plan of action and good reason. I feel for the innocent lives that have been taken, weather it was the Syrian government or the Muslim brotherhood who used these weapons are not 100% clear. Is it that unimaginable that terrorist who use women & children to hide behind, would think twice about killing their own just to turn America on the Syria government. Ask yourself what would the Syrian government have to gain by this action? We the people should not allow our government to act as a lynch mob, or a hits squad for political ends..

  • john ohn

    maybe they would think different of my ideas

    • john ohn

      remember the steal door on a safe is strong but not what holding it

  • John W

    Two month old – nothing has happened. what’s the purpose of this?