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Three Russian Warships Approaching Syria, China Joins the Party

Three Russian Warships Approaching Syria, China Joins the Party

It looks like America’s military dominance on the world stage is about to face its most serious test in decades, as Russia and China appear ready to physically challenge Obama’s controversial plan to bomb Syria.

Agence France-Presse via Yahoo! News reports three Russian warships crossed Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait Thursday en route to the Eastern Mediterranean near the coast of Syria. Based on a diagram posted by Zero Hedge, Russia now has six vessels in the region versus 13 US ships and two US submarines.

If that’s not enough, Russian news source Telegrafist reported Wednesday that at least one Chinese vessel is en route to the region. However, it appears – at least publicly- China is only there to “observe” the situation, although it’s clearly sending a message for the US to back off.

Piling on to the drama, based on Zero Hedge’s diagram, the UK and France – both US allies, already have a naval presence in the region. The UK has a submarine while France has a ship in the Gulf.

All of this is over an alleged chemical attack by Syrian President Assad’s regime, which has yet to be proven remotely true. Of course, there are likely underlying issues contributing to the crisis, including the US’ ever-present desire to remove the said leader.

Is Obama really willing to risk igniting World War III over this?

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