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Wisconsin Enforces Tenth Amendment, Reopens Parks

By , October 4, 2013.

In an effort to maximize the pain of the government shutdown, the National Park Service (NPS) ordered the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to shut down a host of popular parks. However, the DNR decided to enforce its Tenth Amendment rights instead.

The DNR rejected the NPS’ request on the ground that a majority of the funding for the parks comes from its own coffers. It issued a statement noting that all state parks, trails and other recreational properties will remain open.

And, it removed barricades from a boat launch along the Mississippi River that was shut down by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, despite it being on federal land. The DNR claims it has the authority to operate the launch under a 1961 agreement with the federal government.

In a sign of just how easily states can do without federal assistance, Wisconsin plans to operate its parks entirely with its own funds. The sky has not fallen in The Badger State without Uncle Sam holding its hand.

Wisconsin’s efforts to protect its 10th Amendment rights by reopening parks it largely funds are a reminder of a growing effort by states to take back their freedoms.

Last November, Colorado and Washington effectively nullified federal marijuana laws by legalizing the recreational use of the drug.

In April, Kansas passed the strongest Second Amendment protections to date, nullifying a wide range of federal intrusions against gun owners. The law bars state and local officials from enforcing any laws that contradict the Second Amendment, provided the affected firearm was made in the state. Any federal agent caught violating this law would be subject to felony charges.

And, as Downtrend reported on Wednesday, California will not comply with the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA.

These and the many other actions by states to protect their Constitutional rights under Obama’s reign are helping prevent a total federal takeover. More such instances will be necessary as the Obama Administration becomes increasingly desperate to solidify its totalitarian grip on society.

Photo credit: Flickr/Richard Hurd

  • Anthony Quatroni

    About time we started taking our freedom back from the ratbag feds.

    • Ray Harbin

      TONY– !!!!~!!~!~!~!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glenn Faught

    The government should stay close and let the states run themselves like it should be.

    • Kelly Johnson

      Ya have fun with that when your military won’t run

      • Terry Gene Blagburn

        National Guard was first military and still going ….. if think cn make This ex guard run bring your kicking bots!

      • David Sparks

        Each State has command of its own National Guard and Air National Guard troops so the military issue is just a scary tactic! Maybe we need to make all citizens go through the naturalization classes so everyone would understand how and why the government is too big for its britches!

        • Jason McAllister

          Expounding upon what you stated, we have an expeditionary army at this point. If used for pure defense, our State’s own Army National Guard and Air Guard would be quite sufficient to protect us from foreign threats, at least for any near term events.

          • Kelly Johnson

            Hey I am all for less Fed gov with the exception of military. My point is while the military are still getting paid there are millions of civilians (Fed and Contract) that support the military that is not working right now. I know personally a command that is 80 percent civilian support, they pay the military, transfer them form duty station to duty station, check them in and arrange their travel. You have no idea the kind of work and hours it takes to do that. It won’t take long for almost a halt in movement all together..

          • Allan Hamilton

            Kelly, I agree with your particular example. There are hundreds of thousands of civilian employees that are being victimized by this regressive policy. But doesn’t this give the services a chance to re-evaluate a business structure that doesn’t have the Armed Forces capable of moving their own personnel and gear without the inefficient re-routing through a civilian bureaucracy. They need to be lighter on their feet and we (as a populace) should be cutting the reins on how the services handle their own affairs.

          • Kelly Johnson

            Oh I totally agree to a slim down of jobs. I hate to admit it form my point of view. However, this needs to be done with being prepared properly not just pulling the rug out.

          • David Valorose

            it used to be that the military was self sufficent with it’s own administration personnel, cooks, mechanic and so on. but since we went all volunteer they have hired many, many civilian personnel. these people are on the gov payroll making much more than their military counterparts. the military can take care of itself. get rid of these GS9 to GS16 moochers and bring back the military to fill these posts. how many of these civilian jobs are really needed in the military??

          • Kelly Johnson

            I am sorry but I know people in a command that are only GS5 they don’t make anywhere close to their military counter parts. Granted I do believe all the “supervisors” are not necessary and there could be a streamlining of the jobs. But don’t kid yourself into thinking everyone gets paid that kind of wage. They don’t!

      • chrisdeitz

        What in God’s name are you trying to communicate with that sentence?

      • chrisdeitz

        I think you are trying to say the military won’t preform for all the states. Lady, without the people in those states, the military and the government in general cease to exist. The current administration better hope the citizenry doesn’t decide that they’re “had it” and start protest to withhold their taxes from the government. If the people get a big enough movement going, there aren’t enough jails in this country to hold ‘em. You seem to have forgotten that “We, the People” are the government. Those who are elected work for us, not the other way around.

        • Kelly Johnson

          I agree with your statement I am not saying the government isn’t being stupid. I just think people don’t realize what a shut down for a long period of time will do. Our Military won’t be able to function without its civilian support.

          • Appaloosarules

            Having been military OVERSEAS- I understand- WE DONT NEED TO BE OVERSEAS is what the people are saying. If some country wants to invade us we can take care of ourselves THANK YOU with our well regulated State militia. My commissary is closed so I must purchase locally. FINE. SO there are DECA people out of work. Many of them are LOCAL hires because they aren’t allowed to hire the spouses for many of these of jobs. We wouldn’t NEED all those civilian support staff if we weren’t overseas is the point need to be made….

          • Kelly Johnson

            Yup just close up the boarders and not let anyone in. Just like North Korea right??? Ya see how well that’s going for them.

          • Rodney Campbell

            I do not understand your rationale. At one time the military performed a minimum of 95% of its own functions. It repaired its own tanks, jeeps, trucks, cars, airplanes, ships and what have you. It had its own nurses, doctors, lawyers, secretaries, cooks and so on. It did quite well for itself and can do quite well for itself again.

          • nmpher29

            My grandson is in the Army. He repaired the Abrams tank while in Iraq and then the Blackhawk while in Afghanistan. The Army still does quite a bit of their own “fixing”.

          • Kelly Johnson

            That is not true anymore, the command I use to work for had 60% military and 40% civilian back in the early 2000s now it is 85% civilian and 15% Military.

          • TheRealEvilGenius

            A shutdown is the best thing for this country.

        • rob

          truer words have never been said they work for us we should be able to fire them all at any time we feel they are not doing their job

      • scienceteacher

        The military is essential personnel and is not furloughed anyway!

        • Kelly Johnson

          Yes but there civilian counter parts were now they are forced to come back to work without pay until this is all squared away.

      • Byron Shutt

        Product of the public education system….the worship of the Fed.

        • shara70

          You hit the nail on the head. Conditioning 101.

        • Say what?

          Have you actually talked to anyone working IN the public education system? A majority, if not all, want MUCH less government control. They are tying the hands of people who actually know something about education and the youth/community they serve. Be careful who you blame.

          • Byron Shutt

            My daughter is a teacher. I do not blame most teachers or many in the administrations but the system, including Federal mandates and controls. This includes a union that sure tries to make teachers look bad at times….eg. Chicago.

          • Kelly Johnson

            I know quite a few teachers. I use to blame them until I got to know a few. Then I realized the dead weight is really Administration. They just get in the way and are useless.

        • Kelly Johnson

          I don’t worship the Fed at all. How little you know about me yet you make snap judgements. I can’t stand extremists like you. There is a lot of gray nothing is ever black and white.

          • Byron Shutt

            OK…I’m sorry. I read all your post and see you are reasonable in that respect. By the way I’m hardly an extremist. Former progressive liberal who sobered up 10 yrs. ago. I do however feel passionate about the direction the current administration is taking us…….the wrong way.

      • marijman

        got to make sure we fund drone murder and al qeada operations

      • pam

        My state has one of the best Army and Air National Guard units in the country, not to mention the best governor who does things right. We have as many people deployed in combat zones at any given time than the active duty military. So even if the White House occupier could shut down the military, I don’t think we have anything to fear.

      • shara70

        It is obvious you don’t understand the Constitution and the way government is SUPPOSED to run.

      • soujerner

        The Rs have offered legislation to keep the military funded…. rejected by our petulant Pontus and his minions.

        • cindiaune

          You are missing the point. The military will be paid, and are being paid, that bill is passed and signed.
          The Military requires civilian support and they are the people furloughed. Things just don’t run very well without the Admin Assistants and such

      • Tom

        Yeah, who is going to alienate the United States among all foreign nations without our military?

    • Robbie Tacescu

      We tried, and failed, with the Articles of Confederation

  • me, myself and I

    Hell yeah! Go Wisconsin!

  • Phineas J Whoopie

    On Wisconsin !!!!

  • Charles Lemons

    It is not that the Federal Government is the “enemy”, but that too many states have allowed it to take on tasks that do not belong to the Federal Government under the Constitution. If more states would simply reclaim their rightful place and status within the original framework of the United States, most of our problems with the Feds would go away.

    • Eric Swanson

      The real problem is that WE THE PEOPLE have allowed our governmental agencies to take over the things WE should be doing. The only responsibility of the Federal Government is to provide for the Unified National Defense…..

      • Daniel Rayl

        We the people are coming to take our house back heed the people wish’s or by ballot or bullet we will remove the Jack boot of big gov. off our throat!

      • RJ O’Guillory

        …the “real” problem is that we “elect” (if that’s so?) and allow to hang around for decades…”leadership” that is without ethics or morals…and we have allowed the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama Criminal Cabal to front for the elite who want to wipe out “Constitutional America”…and kill millions of us “useless eaters” along the way, as they make trillions off our illnesses and deaths…

        …we need impeachment hearings…retroactive treason hearings and murder/assassination hearings and trials involving all the conveniently dead people over the decades..and we need to build a new National Monument at Ground Zero 911….The National Gallows for American Values…. needs to be constructed with thermite tainted steel from the WTC and when we start getting convictions … start hanging these people…especially the Bush family …Kissinger…Rumsfeld…Cheney……convict and hang them all…


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

      • Aaron Barnes

        and to speak for the American people on the world stage also and to provide the general welfare of the people and states. wht we need to do is get rid of the law tht lets the people elect sen. and give tht power back to the state govt. the house was design to speak for the people and the senate was design to speak for the welfare of the states. tht y the senate votes on treaties not the house.

    • Doubleace

      No Charles you are incorrect. The Federal Government is the enemy. They have intruded into the states and the citizens personal lives, and they are messing things up.

    • Richard StJohn

      Disagree sir. States should indeed reclaim their authority. But to say the federal government is not the enemy is to accept their actions as legitimate. I for one find the stonewalling on scandals like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS worthy of explanation and consequence. The spying on all Americans by the NSA is the act of an enemy during time of war. Not the act of a government trying to serve the people.

      • Aaron Barnes

        and that the first thing a tyrant does first spy on his people, then try to take all the means for them to resist his rule for example their weapons. Then he get people on the payroll of the govt by social programs. and what i read in the history books the last the time people were making praising and sing songs on how grt their ruler is, which blinded them to the truth was during the 1930s and in germany.

    • Susan Fuchs

      the federal government IS the problem! They overspend, then tell US WE are to blame! They give all their unionized workers raises and all sorts of retirement benefits, all on our dime, then tell US that we are responsible! Close the whole place down, let the states do the work they are responsible for, let the local governments educate their children, NOT with the federal government books, which are baloney, but let’s get back to actual academic education and help our children actually learn, reach higher and do better! The rest of the Unfunded mandates that states and federal “regulations” have been thrust on us, dump! The EPA gone, Dept of Ed. gone! Dept of energy, which stops energy from being created here, gone! Teachers unions, gone! Teachers now again responsible for actual academics being taught, responsible to local parents, back! And this is just the start! More money for working families, no more welfare for life, no more helping muslim countries who hate us. it goes on and on. The complete opposite of what Obama and the Liberals have been pushing down our throat! And no more obamacare, get rid of insurance, Pass torte reform, let people deal one on one with their doctor and hospitals, costs come down, because you don’t have middlemen, like government, like insurance…

    • nmpher29

      States have tried to enforce immigration law, which they have a right to do since the feds won’t, and every time Obama sues. That is a big pain in the butt and costs a lot of taxpayer dollars. He knows this and that’s why he does it. He is the most corrupt and evil person on the planet.

  • Robert Maller

    Go Wisconsin!

  • Linda Galli

    I am from there and all I can say is I wish I were back there now! I love what WI and AZ (took down the barrycades to Mt. Rushmore)did to take back their sovereignty.

    • DawnMom

      Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota.

      • Adrian Taylor

        Sounds just a no it all DEMORAT

    • Jonathan

      BARRY-CADES! First time I’ve read that term, and I LOVE IT! Obama, you got your monument!

    • Joyce Edwards

      AZ told Obama they WOULD over see and run the GRAND CANYON…….He told them NO!!

  • DawnMom

    If the states handle this right, they can effectively take power back and don it with zero bloodshed!

    • nmpher29

      The federal government has gotten way too big and has overstepped its boundaries. It has taken away rights from the states. IMO the states have the right to enforce immigration laws if the federal government won’t do it. The border states also have the right to put their national guard on the border. The president and on down has taken an oath to protect us from our enemies, both domestic and foreign. Obama isn’t doing that. It’s up to the states.

  • Sarah Owens Betar


    • shovel

      um… all citizens should enforce all of the constitution…

      • Tannim

        Those two statements are not incompatible. :-)

        • George

          No read the 10th what does not belong to the states DOES belong to the PEOPLE.

  • Ks

    I hope Michigan wakes up too…the Platte River campground is a financial boon for the Feds…and yet, it is closed…that makes a lot of sense. How stupid do they think we are!!! It makes great federal sense to close a campground that is profitable…cost vs income…….our leader is just trying to spank citizens…make his point…or shove Obamcare down our throats……wake up Michigan!! Take down the baracades….

    • ckeeler

      c’mon michigan lets stand our ground. no fed f-ups telling us what to do. Mr. Snyder stand by your citizens.

  • Daniel Rayl

    Thank god for Ted and Rand and Lee they took the risk and lit the fire that is awaking the eagle. We the people are coming to take our house back heed the people wish’s or by ballot or bullet we will remove the Jack boot of big gov. off our throat!

    • nmpher29

      We have had government shutdowns before. I don’t ever recall a U.S. president running amok and shutting down National parks and monuments and kicking people out of the homes they own on federal land. Obama is being unnecessarily cruel. He is trying to teach us all a lesson. He is the King and we will do what he says or else. The Republicans need to stand their ground and keep the government shut down until Obama agrees to the defunding of Obamacare. There are 20 new taxes in that bill and a whole lot of pork. I believe that’s why he’s going to extremes to get it funded. He doesn’t want anyone to find out until after it’s funded. From what I understand Obamacare is the biggest tax hike this country has ever seen. That info comes from someone who actually read the healthcare bill.

      • Susan Fuchs

        Obama is waking people up! Thank God! He is a loser, but he is uniting the people together, against HIM! Keep it up! Obama must be impeached and get rid of all his CZARS! That name should bring up communism because that it where it came from!!!!! Get rid of him! And all that don’t take our constitution seriously!!!

        • Liberal

          Wow you people sound like you’re either paid by conservatives or extremely unintelligent.

          • Susan Fuchs

            Not paid by anyone, very intelligent, and looking forward to Obamacare and Obama being gone!

      • julius

        yes, i agree, i was told that there is also a sales tax for the transfer of property in it also. talking about hardships, about half the sales are short sales nowadays.
        they are trying to steal whats left of america to give away to the terrorist and the lazy.

  • Michael

    Looks like we are getting closer to the revolution.

  • Tom Worrell

    States are taking charge of their own constitutional rights. See this also

  • Guesswho

    Good For Them. Now If The Other 49 States Would Do This & Then Tell The Obama Administration Where To Go How Fast To Get There & Where To Get Off At When They Get There Then We Would Once Again Become The Land Of The Free & Not The Land Of Big Government.

  • Dennis – NY

    This and other stories like it won’t make the cut at msnbc, they’re tweeting for people to send in their shutdown stories, but I’m pretty certain they are looking for the Obama narrative.

    • Doubleace

      Nobody but Whitney little liberals, watch MSNBC anyway.

  • MeanieHead

    Now if the states would have just done this bull$hit with Obamacare we wouldn’t have to be in this tantrum-throwing tornado we’re witnessing from Obama and Reid (and occasionally Pelosi when she is finished with her hot flashes).

  • Eric Smith

    Don’t think for a moment that the liberals in Madison, Wisconsin will sit idly by and let the DNR disrespect their Messiah Obama and jeopardize his shutdown and tantrums.

    • Doubleace

      That’s when the majority of Wisconsin stands up to them, and boots their asses out of the state. The idea that the minority get’s their way because they shout the loudest has to stop.

    • Jeremy Phipps

      the Liberals are convinced that the shutdown was caused by the Republicans in Congress (I consider myself Moderate, and I tend to agree with them). You’re all on the same side here. It’s not “Liberal vs Conservative” at all! It’s “We The People vs Our F-ed up Fed”

      • Pushfoot

        When you say you “tend to agree with them,” which “them” did you mean? The way your sentence and parenthetical was written, it could be interpreted either way. Then again, perhaps that was what you meant by considering yourself moderate?

    • Brandon Jim Brinson

      Don’t worry, all the liberals will run to Illinois again and hide like they did not too long ago!!!

  • seeingeye

    The states are fighting back! More power to them!

    • Quantummist

      No they are not… In this case Wi is making a stand on Parks but the vast majority will follow blindly and close parks and even Private Biz if it’s connected with the fed in any way… what needs to be done is the States need to Stop sending their funding to the FED and use it to pay for their own instate programs… Opt Out of Federal funding of In State programs all together

      • Faith

        That’s what I’d like to see. Good point, Quantummist!

  • ProudAmerican247

    Thank You DNR of Wisconsin. You just kicked b.o. and his thugs in the face.

  • Gregory Fritz

    Makes me proud to live in Wisconsin, government should be small, and not slammed down our throats.

    • mydnytmover

      Well the DNR is a little corrupt also

  • BuckTard

    Its a slow start but its a start.

  • Cathy Maloney

    Federal Government is a mess, States, get your acts together to uphold our rights!

  • Mike Terri

    love It!

  • John Lepper

    Even though I’m a Bears fan, I now have new found love for the cheese heads. Way to go Wisconsin and Thank You for leading the way.

  • Pamela Bennett

    I knew I loved Wisconsin for other reasons besides it being a gorgeous state.

  • Matt

    Too bad I live in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Connecticut =(

  • InfluenceOfBlue

    I like a lot of this. I like States remembering that they have some control. But there hasn’t been a federal takeover, and hello, Barack Obama is not the reason the National Park Service had to shut down.

    • Richard StJohn

      “I will not negotiate.” Barack Obama. Try again, it is Harry Reid and barack Obama who are responsible. Every part of government could be open but Obama vetoes whatever Reid doesn’t kill in the senate.

    • b l

      Really? Not Obama’s fault? You’re going to say it’s money?
      Then why is the National Parks website down?
      There are websites still on the net from TEN YEARS AGO, long after their businesses vanished. They are not saving a dime by shutting their website.. because… get this… they have a page that says “Because of the federal government shutdown, all national parks are closed and National Park Service webpages are not operating.” and keeping THAT up costs EXACTLY as much as keeping the regular web page up!

      Obama took the web page down because he hates you and wants to hurt you. That’s it. And all the other parks which the government DOES NOT SPEND MONEY ON. Those are down because we have a vengeful tyrant instead of a leader.

  • Chuck Flack

    Which part of Scottie’s budget cuts will be cut deeper to keep the parks open?

    • Brenda Sveen Anderegg

      Chuck, WI has a surplus… in case you’re not familiar with that word, since it is rare now days… that means we have money we haven’t spent yet! It;s an old fashioned way of handling money that we happen to like. It works well for us!

      • Chuck Flack

        And, just where did you receive your degree in economics? In case YOU haven’t noticed, the Walker administration’s claims regarding the economics the state is currently “enjoying” are imaginative at best, flat out lies at worst.

  • Jonathan Johnson

    The Constitution does not provide authority to the Federal Government for the ownership of public lands, except for very limited circumstances. Federal control over “national” forests, parks, wildernesses, and other public lands is unconstitutional. The states should exercise their 10th Amendment rights and assert authority over all “federal” lands not constitutionally permitted.

  • Tenoha

    I wish Missouri would take backit’s rights, but we are run by Governor Obama…uh Nixon, and Clair McCaskill, both Democrats without backbones. I once believed in them, but they have totally failed to protect the state they vowed to protect…guess what that makes them?

    • voter gang

      I really liked Jay as a person , now he has proved to be just a regular SOB

  • David Sparks

    Where can one find out which parks are run mostly on state funds? Also, can that be done to places like Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower?

  • The Contentious Otter

    Wisconsin will have to assume all financial liability for those parks during the period of the shutdown, because if they impose any additional costs on the Federal Government the state will be in violation of the Anti-Deficiency act, and therefore guilty of committing a Federal Crime. Additionally, if anyone has an accident and attempts to sue the Federal Government for injury while on government property, the state of Wisconsin will automatically assume those liabilities as well.

    • RahRahAmerica

      Gov Scott Walker has broad shoulders. I’m sure he can deal with this.

      • The Contentious Otter

        Scott Walker is a Tea Party stooge. He’s already driven the state deeper into debt, cost the state it’s reputation as a leader in public education, and utterly failed to deliver on any of the job creation promises he touted during his campaign.

        Walker is a complete and total failure who has no right to tell anybody how government should be run.

  • Roger Glynn Richardson

    Go Wisconsin

  • ElmerTheFudd

    I love it ! Way to go Wisconsin !

  • Ignatz

    [n an effort to maximize the pain of the government shutdown]

    The bizarre thing is that right-wingers think closing a park is “maximizing pain,” and not infants who can’t get formula, workers not getting paid, and soldiers getting IOUs. The PARK is more “essential” than any of those things.

    The most fucked up set of priorities I’ve ever seen.

    • billy86

      Heh. Right off the American Communist Party’s page of talking points.
      Hey! How about Obama saying strikers should be fired? Don’t ya love the duplicity?

      • Ignatz

        [Heh. Right off the American Communist Party’s page of talking points.]

        Wow. The Communist Party believes that human beings are more important than STATUES?

        Maybe. So would any decent human being.

        Apparently not YOU, though.

        • b l

          No, they don’t.
          Communists consider the party more important than anything- people, laws, scientific reality, whatever.

          • Ignatz

            [Communists consider the party more important than anything- people, laws, scientific reality, whatever.]

            Then they have something in common with Republicans.

    • Pdailey

      And the Republicans are the ones fighting to keep funding going for Veterans while Obama says no, no, no. “I will not negotiate”. Sound familiar? States have money set aside to fund the WIC program for at least three months. Again, liberals using children to try to get their way. But, in this case, your argument is moot since the States can keep it going without the Fed.

      • Ignatz

        [And the Republicans are the ones fighting to keep funding going for
        Veterans while Obama says no, no, no. “I will not negotiate”. Sound

        Yes, they want to pick and choose, taking full control of the Government, like dictators, when they are in the minority.

        Sorry, only an idiot would play such a transparent game, and give Congress what amounts to absolute power over the United States Government.

        It isn’t for Congress to pick and choose which they will implement. Keeping the Government running is their primary job. Fund the damned Government. That’s their job. If they are not willing to do their jobs, they should have the decency to resign, and give the job to somebody who will actually do the damned work, and keep the Government running.

        • b l

          You might want to count up the elected officials in Washington, and re-calibrate your definition of “majority”.

          Also, picking and choosing is EXACTLY what congress is for. That’s why it’s called the Legislative branch. It makes laws.

          The president is the head of the Executive branch. It executes laws. So it is the president’s job to keep government running, and congresses’s job to decide what government is.

          You’ll note that the House has submitted multiple bills for keeping government running. The constitution creates no limits on the riders of those bills. The Senate blocked them all. ALL the players in this are acting within the bounds of the US constitution, everything is posture, spin, and games.

          • Ignatz

            [You might want to count up the elected officials in Washington, and re-calibrate your definition of “majority”. ]

            They control one-half of one branch of Government, and they only got that from gerrymandering.

            [picking and choosing is EXACTLY what congress is for. That’s why it’s called the Legislative branch. It makes laws. ]

            Yes, they MAKE the laws. The law is now MADE. They don’t choose which ones to implement AFTER they have been made. If they don’t like, they can repeal it. If they can’t repeal it, too damned bad. Then they don’t get their own way. They’ll just have to win more elections.

            [The president is the head of the Executive branch. It executes laws.
            So it is the president’s job to keep government running, and
            congresses’s job to decide what government is.]

            No, the President doesn’t have the POWER to fund the Government. So obviously that isn’t his job. Where the hell did you get THAT crap from?

            [You’ll note that the House has submitted multiple bills for keeping government running. ]

            Yes – “We will keep the Government running if you do everything we say, and if we always get our own way.”

            It may be the single most radical and completely UnAmerican action of any Congress in the history of the United States.

            And no President – NO President, Republican or Democrat – should EVER cave in to an attempt at blackmailing the United States of America. If he does, they will do this crap EVERY SINGLE TIME they don’t like something, and they will completely destabilize this nation, and destroy the entire American system of Government. They are infants throwing a tantrum.

        • kilroy was here

          Only an ignorant person would not know that the House is responsible for overseeing govt spending.

  • k8vf

    National guard works for Governor, not President……..US military cannot enforce laws on US soil…..unless we are under attack from foreign power. (as I understand the Posse Commatatus act)

    • TarheelNative

      k8, I can’t cite a source (don’t remember where i read it) but I believe that Posse Comitatus has been – what is the correct word? repealed? Made of no effect. Might be some a search would bring up. I remember being shocked when I read it. Here’s much of what I remember that now appears in Wikipedia, but a Google would turn up more, I think.

  • Glenn Mason

    and all states need to do this

  • KC

    The federal Government is simply to big, the longer it goes with out any reform or some kind of change to fix what is not efficient, the more harm it does. I might not be able to word this to where it makes much sense, but what I do know that if I ran my budget like our government is I would be bankrupt. We need more common sense and less corruption from our politicians… If America doesn’t wake up and realize that we cannot afford all these government programs we will destroy what we have worked so hard to build. In my opinion this administration is out to cripple our economy and install a Communism Regime…

  • Ron

    Propose a law that keeps the federal government out of our states, and That State laws supersedes all Federal laws.

  • Billy

    thank god some body finally is standing up to being bullied.

  • Terry Smith

    Thank you
    Wisconsin !

  • Shane

    Bravo Zulu!!!

  • Tommy Troyer

    Way to go Wisconsin!!! Michigan we need to follow their example!

    • Seahawk

      I am replying to this thread because your comment towards me in regards to the closed memorials included profanity and was under review from the site and I could not answer there. Here’s a little insight for you, don’t imagine it will be effective, given your post history you’re not exactly a deep thinker, but here goes:

      I’ve walked the beaches of Normandy, basically followed the route taken in Band of Brothers, paid my respects at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington, Westminister and Paris. My father fought in Korea, I take him to the VA in Bellingham once a month, and have been outspoken in regards to improving the lives of those after they have done their tours and service. I’ve also donated heavily to the Wounded Warrior charity. I appreciate you are upset about this, but there are people going hungry because of this shut down. There are people who have lost their jobs. You want to get swept up in this issue emotionally, I don’t blame you. But don’t mistake my being detached, and cynical about this politicization of certain aspects of the shut down as being indifferent to veterans. Why don’t you address the point I made rather than throw barbs and make inaccurate assumptions?

  • ChiefSteve Grant

    Ooh, they told those rat-infested-maggots, huh

  • DachshundLover

    YES! Thank you WISCONSIN!!!! It is time we showed that we can do without the Federal government.

  • dan

    I certainly don’t sing the praises of the DNR very often…but you guys
    have gone and made me damned proud of you. Well done ,boys and girls !

  • Gottobefree

    We should ram the barricades at Ft.Pickens on Pensacola Beach. Why isn’t the golf course that Barry plays on closed?

  • Gottobefree

    Fear not the military, you better be watching out for the police, why do you think they all are getting these military vehicles and training? Dropping into cities with helicopters,they can tell you it’s for response to terrorism but that’s not it. The military will be used for the terrorism. The police will follow Obummer. Pretty sure we would see a government takeover be the military if he starts killing the people.

  • Gottobefree

    If the states would say f it to sending in federal taxes and ran our states on this why would we need the Feds anyway?

    • Franky Smitherson

      Yes because of this thing called the Constitution.

  • danny.robertson

    I say no more income tax nothing for the Federal government. The government. Has stolen from the SS fund. An everything else. Shut them down.

  • NKG

    GOOOOO WISCONSIN!!!!!! We are PROOF that we don’t need the ‘government’ to ‘hold our hand’!

    • mydnytmover

      lol you must be one of the many Wi. drunks we have, GGGOOOOOOO WISCONSIN YEAAAAAA WHOOOOO WHOOOOOO

  • mydnytmover

    Well the DNR is a little corrupt also.

  • Greg Kay

    It’s time – PAST time – we start defying the Feds every time they get unreasonable, like now, and do it on state, local and individual levels. They can’t arrest us all.

  • Kesondra Key

    obama didnt shut the goverment down, it was the republican party’s fault … duh.

  • jhmdeuce

    States should make more frequent use of the 10th Amendment and also fight for the repeal of the 17th Amendment and make senators answerable to state legislatures and governors.

    • Franky Smitherson

      Ummmmm a State Senator answers to the PEOPLE OF THAT STATE not the elected officials of the state government.

      • jhmdeuce

        I said senators meaning US senators. And I mentioned repealing the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution, which, apparently, you need to read.

  • pen44


  • Tanya Stone

    I think the answer to the out-of-control over-sized Federal government is for all the states to secede at once. We will no longer be at war. We will no longer be in debt. And the people who hijacked our government, looted our treasury, gave our wealth to their cronies, and invaded other countries to seize their resources — also for their friends, will then have no country to run. And then we can arrest them.

    • Franky Smitherson

      See you people talking about how big the Federal Government is, well be greatful that all these people was sent home with no pay. Be greatful the Government is shut down. Because lets be honest YOUR CANT GET ANY SMALLER GOVERNMENT THEN A SHUT DOWN GOVERNMENT. So how well is that small government working for you ?

      • TexasTemplar

        It’s operating at 83% of normal capacity. We’re only 17 % shutdown. Personally, I think we should lay off 50% of the federal workforce tomorrow.

  • Ralloh

    What the hell is with this tyrannical Federal government? These are State parks. It’s none of the Feds damned business if they are opened or not. Come on folks, this crap has got to stop. Impeach Obama now and vote the rest of this progressive garbage out of office no matter what party they are in.

    • Franky Smitherson

      Sorry you cant seem to learn how to read. It clearly stated that parts of the park are FEDERAL OWNED. But hey lets not have facts get in the way of your rant right ?

  • TJefferson44

    Only when the states stop a-whoring and prostituting themselves for [fed] money, will they ever gain back their freedom and self-respect from the thug fornicator that pays them to stay in the prone position!

  • Gunslick

    All Federal parks should be immediately turned over to the jurisdiction and ownership of the states. The Federal Government has NO BUSINESS in the Park business,, nor in owning property, unless it is for military or basic government functions.

  • Scott Pam

    Unfortunately this is exactly what the chief infiltraitor wants: divided and conquered states that are separate. We need to stand TOGETHER against tyranny.

    • Franky Smitherson

      Yea I mean it was Obama who secretly called Tea Baggers Reps in the House and said hey lets shut down the Government. Tho if the Dems when Citizen United pass the Supreme Court would had ignored the well of Congress who passed it, Ignored the President who signed it, ignored the fact the Supreme Court found it constitutional legal and shut down the Government because they didnt like the ruling of Citizen United you would be calling them Tyranny.

      • Scott Pam

        What are you going on about? The supreme court said it was not consitutional and ruled it a TAX. which can only be passed by the HOUSE.

      • Scott Pam

        Huh? they did not say it was legal, they said it was a tax. Clearly you live in a potsmoking state.

  • DarkCalf

    Congratulations on paying for your own state parks? Why didn’t you earlier?

  • Tyler Dahl

    You played your hand in your first paragraph…

  • TET68


  • Tannim

    Good for Wisconsin!

  • Joe Black

    Encouraging, but more states need to follow suit.

  • donald

    Wisconsin Rocks !

  • best9rfan

    Take back our freedoms, 1 at a time.

  • cuinsong

    People tell this wanna be little dictator to kiss you posterior. Let him know which way the wind blows. He can’t arrest everyone and he needs to be grounded now.

    • BillMM1

      He’s not a dictator… yet.

  • Charles Dykes

    Totally out of control federal gov’t with the current occupant of the WH telling his agents to make the closings as difficult and uncomfortable as possible to the taxpayers in this Nation! Does anyone agree that this is shameful and vindictive behavior such as we have never seen before?? Time for the States to take care of their own business – cooperating with each other of course to carry on commerce as per normal and usual – that’s the way we can do it!!!!! God Bless America!!!!!

  • Runtheirassover

    Good deal !

  • aircraftmech

    Good for Wisconsin and I hope all the other states do the same. Impeachment proceedings should’ve started long ago for the Divider/Racist-in-chief. Why not start now?

    • BillMM1

      If Obama is not stopped…

  • b l

    More states need to follow.
    In the end, only states have the power to stand up to the fed.
    States should insist on collecting the income tax on behalf of the IRS. If the government is shut down, the states should collect our taxes, deduct what is needed, and send what is left to the IRS.

  • The Reader

    G-d Bless my state and G-d Bless Gov Walker for standing up for our rights. It is our busy season here because of the leaves changing. Obama be damned for taking revenue out of our coffers. Evil this Obama and the democrats are pure evil.

    • Ronnie Grizzle

      Spell the word GOD out unless you’re ashamedof him

      • The Reader

        I am a Jew-what is the matter with you? The custom of substituting the word “God” with G-d in English is based on the traditional practice in Jewish law of giving God’s Hebrew name a high degree of respect and reverence. When written or printed, God’s Hebrew name (and many of the stand in names used to refer to God) cannot be erased or destroyed.

  • BillMM1

    Will Obama try to close Lake Michigan too?

  • Keith Earle

    all states should do the same thing

  • Ronnie Grizzle

    It’s time WE THE PEOPLE take our country back. Government has forgotten they work for US not the other way around. We ARE NOT their slaves.

  • Brandon Jim Brinson

    How long will it take the liberal from Wisconsin to run to Illinois again like they did last time a vote was not going their way???

  • James A Renfroe

    vote for the other guy no matter the party

  • Vernez Gonzalez

    Good for Wisconsin! Proud that we have a Gov. who will stand up to this administration and tell him who is the Boss in his state, just as Jan Brewer did!