Top 10 Idiotic Quotes to Justify ObamaCare Impact

Top 10 Idiotic Quotes to Justify ObamaCare Impact

ObamaCare, ObamaCare, how shall we excuse you? Although the justifications and excuses for job and wage loss bound, we searched for some of the most idiotic excuses and pseudo-explanations to be found to date. The list of possibilities is almost infinite, but we found a fair representation, although the inclusion here reflects the author’s personal opinion and are listed in no particular order.

  1. “At the beginning of this year, we noted that as part of this new day in health care, Americans would no longer be trapped in a job just to provide coverage for their families and would have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.” – White House spokesperson Jay Carney.
  2. “So it’s not going to cost jobs. It’s going to shift how people make a living and reach their aspirations. … This was one of the goals. To give people life, a healthy life, liberty to pursue their happiness. And that liberty is to not be job-locked but to follow their passion.” – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
  3. “We have the CBO report, which rightfully says that people shouldn’t have job lock. If they — we live in a country where there should be free agency. People can do what they want.” – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev).
  4. “In some cases these people might have two jobs right now … one of those jobs they’re no longer going to work. … these jobs will be filled. It’s not going to have an impact on our economy. We have people waiting to work.” – Senator Ben Cardin (D-Maryland)
  5. “How many of you are single women with children, in a dead-end job? You’re there because of your health insurance. You would rather have the opportunity to spend the next couple of years with your child.” – Obummer, Jr. (Joe Biden, VP)
  6. “It also allows people to take risks that further their careers and benefit the economy as a whole, like going part-time in order to go back to school, leaving a job in order to start a business, or moving to a better job, perhaps at an employer that does not offer coverage.” – Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors Jason Furman.
  7. “What the CBO really said is that people are going to have freedom and choice. Something — liberty — something we thought Republicans were for.” – Rep. Gwen Moore.
  8. “What CBO said is that many American workers would have freedom. Now that’s a good word. Freedom to do things that they couldn’t do. The single mom who’s raising three kids has to keep the job because of health care can now spend some time raising those kids. That’s a family value.” – Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York)
  9. “What the Congressional Budget Office is saying is that we’re going to discourage kids having to have latchkeys. We’re going to have parents being able to come home, working reasonable hours; people are going to be able to retire. People might be able to actually cook dinner rather than have to order out and get some takeout.” – Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.)
  10. “I find it really kind of ironic that back in 2007 when Sen. [John] McCain proposed a health plan, conservatives hailed it as a plan that would break job lock. … Well, the Affordable Care Act does end that job lock, that is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.” – Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) in a statement made during a House Budget Committee Hearing.

My personal response?

“Are you on DRUGS?”

If liberty is your goal, how ’bout liberating people from paying their bills that this idiotic requirement prohibits?

Liberty? Get real.


Author, sometimes-poet and always, marketing expert who is ... disappointed ... in socioeconomic patterns in contemporary America.

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