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According To Sen. Schumer, ObamaCare Not Number One Issue In 2014; Americans Do Not Want An ObamaCare Repeal

By , December 23, 2013.

Did you happen to catch Meet the Press on Sunday? One of their guests was New York Senator Chuck Schumer. Since he is always good for a laugh and entertainment purposes, I decided to tune in and hope that he would give some sort of sound bite that made this a worthy investment of my time. After all, no one is really interested in hearing more liberal hot air that amounts to nothing. Fortunately, I found this time to be richly rewarded. Take a listen to just a piece of what the good Senior Senator from New York had to say regarding the upcoming 2014 mid-term elections:

“I think what most Americans want us to do is not repeal ObamaCare, which is what our Republican colleagues are focused on, but fix it. The President is working to fix it, we are working in the Senate to fix it, we urge our Republican colleagues to join us in fixing it. The bottom line is there are a lot of good things in ObamaCare that people like, and the more people see that, the more positive it’s going to be…The number one issue in the 2014 election is not going to be ObamaCare or the deficit. It is going to be who can get the middle class going again. Who can expand middle class incomes, who can create jobs? That is far and away the issue that most Americans care about.”

Quite entertaining, yes? I thought so myself. I suppose that if the Senator is going to dream, he is right to dream big. After all, all of the latest polls are showing that a majority of Americans are indeed now in favor of repealing ObamaCare. As many as two-thirds of the people would favor at least a one-year delay in the entire law. So, Schumer is very far wrong by saying that what people want is not to repeal the law, but fix it. In fact, Mr. Senator, repeal of this seriously damaged and flawed law is exactly what people want. Hopefully, you and your Democrat colleagues ignore this fact and see what happens to your party in 2014.

It could also be debated about who exactly is so hard ‘at work’ fixing this law. The only things that Obama has done are to issue kingly proclamations to delay certain parts of the law or to obligate insurers to un-cancel some of the plans that had already been canceled. Obama has not put forth one legislative fix or other change that might actually help to improve this law. And the Democrats in Congress have been just as silent. In fact, they have actually rejected many different Republican plans that would have made various changes to the law. They even had a chance back in September, before the roll out started, to make some major changes to the plan but these were all rejected out-of-hand.

I also enjoyed Schumer’s comments about how getting the middle class going again and creating jobs was going to be the main issue in 2014 (and beyond). We should no doubt be prepared to see more unworkable plans like increasing the minimum wage and other types of ill-effective federal intervention. Clearly Obama and the Democrats cannot run on any type of record about putting American back to work. The jobless rate is still officially hovering around 7 percent and real wages are at their lowest point since Obama took over. Not to mention the fact that if we actually included all the people who have simply given up looking for work, that unemployment number would be really scary. Some estimates put this as high as 13 percent.

The middle class is also be squeezed by ObamaCare. More and more people are beginning to see how truly unaffordable these healthcare plans really are, putting a crimp in their finances. Just imagine what will happen when the employer mandate goes into effect next year and people begin receiving more cancellation notices.

What do YOU think? Did you find Schumer’s remarks entertaining or comical? Do you hope that the Democrats end up ignoring ObamaCare and focusing on these ‘bigger’ issues? Can the Democrats, given the effects of ObamaCare premiums, effectively argue that they are the party who can best manage the economy and get the middle class going again?

  • David E. Melton

    Even before the ACA roll out debacle Democrats were looking at nine seats in the Senate in jeopardy. Now maybe more Senator Smuck. And if you want a real laugh, look smuck up in the “Urban Dictionary.”

    • JustTheFactx

      I think he uses the same hair plugs as “Joke” Biden.

  • Steve Randolph

    FIX IT? Those bozos in the Senate and House wouldn’t know how to fix Obamacare or anything else for that matter if their lives depended upon it. They and the Pres are all just a bunch of total losers.

  • JustTheFactx

    HAH!! Just look at this slimy, lyin’ roach… would you buy a used car from this craven Pelosi-Boy? What amazes me is why they want to KEEP ObungaCare… it will crucify the lousy Dems in 2014…

    • musaxeman

      You have that correct—“Those Lousy Dems”—and it will be chopping their Pin-Heads Off for Sure, THANK GOD!!!

      • JustTheFactx

        Maybe he could sell Sham-wow’s or gay thongs or caskets?

        • Michael Santarella


        • William E Dunn Jr

          That btw is brilliant!

          • OzCop

            Unfortunatly for us, the lying POS won’t have to do anything when he’s turned out to pasture other tha collect the insane retirement benifits he has helped vote for all these years…Although he would look good selling caskets…especially if he demonstrates them…

  • Enrico Pallazo

    You can’t fix stupid. Neither Schumer nor Obama live in the real world. That $400 per month that Obama will “symbolically” pay for a bronze plan (that would provide limited coverage for himself but not his family) is a significant amount of real money for most people.

    • George Reeger

      Who is he kidding? He and members of Congress have cadillac plans so they don’t even need Obamacare. We need to clean out the House and Senate as there are a bunch of RINO’s that need to go too. Start the change in the primaries.

  • John Flora


    • ljs566

      First and foremost: There is no implant provision with in the ACA. It is a falsehood/myth that has arose from the part of the law that requires monitoring of the effectiveness of durable medical equipment such as; infusion devices, breathing assist machines for sleep apnea, home O2 generators, etc. It does not create nor require you to receive any type of implantable device for any purpose. Please educate yourself of the actual law so you can intelligently argue the real problems of the ACA.
      Secondly: They can’t call them penalties, for the SCOTUS has ruled them a TAX.
      It does force more people into medicaid – a state run “insurance” program for the impoverished. Some states have provisions with in Medicaid that, upon the passing of a medicaid recipient, any property belonging to said becomes the property of the state for the purpose of “settling the debt”.

  • bravo27

    easy fix—give everybody an exemption

    • George Reeger

      Best fix is to get rid of it. Insure the uninsured and give everyone else their insurance back at the premiums that existed before they cancelled the policies. And don’t insure Illegals or insure stuff like pregnancy care for seniors, birth control and abortions.

  • doug

    How can he say anything good about the bill he didn’t read it. 3000 pages of nothing but bull shit does nothing to help the middle class.Like Poleci says we know what’s best for you what a joke just another liberal talking out his ass.

  • richard

    the democraps haven’t worried about the middle class all the five years ostupids been in there so why now ????? getting a little close to elections huh !!!

    • Rob

      They have to pretend they care about the middle class, after attacking them with Obamacare. Mid term elections are coming up, they will play shell games to get re elected.

  • Dan Wosnitzky


  • seeingeye

    I insist upon nothing but the full repeal of Obamacare. It’s foundation of young and healthy insureds is flawed. They’re not going to go along with being forced to buy a product they don’t want and too expensive for what they need. Trying to fix Obamacare would be like trying to repair a skyscraper that has a foundation made of marshmallows.

    • Vueiy

      At least THAT might be delicious! ;)

  • Lex Gnosticos

    I live in New York. I myself and most people I know want more than anything to get rid of Schumer; he is an embarrassment and a two faced liar and everyone knows it. If the man opens his mouth and says anything you know that the complete opposite is in fact the truth. This is why he loves Obama, they are the same.

    • Michael Santarella


  • lj

    They should have been working since 2008 for jobs and to strengthen the middleclass, instead they spent 2 years on Obamacare when the country was crashing and burning. This shows how the Democrats put their agenda before the Country’s needs. The fact that they are blaming everyone but themselves for this fiasco goes to show they are not willing to be held accountable. Well guess what? We will hold them responsible in 2014 by letting them join us in unemployment.

    • David C Kelder

      OK It is time for those shovel ready jobs. How about the Keystone pipeline? Obamacare has given us 29 and 49 and over 5M cancellations. We also have an obligation to bailout insurance companies that lose money. Please reveal the REAL NUMBER of insurance policies that were obtained through the website and for which a premium payment has been received by the insurance carriers.

      • lj

        You are so right. Obama has stopped shovel ready jobs from going forward. It is just a sound bite for him. People don’t even realize the bailout Obama set up for the insurance industry when he said for them to estimate what the charges are and we the taxpayer are on the hook for whatever number they come up with. The Democrats need to go

    • OzCop

      Amen…the first thing of thought of when he made that claim…where the hell have these idiots been since 2008???

      • lj

        The Democrats main focus has been on solidifying their power not helping American’s. Obamacare is all about control. It creeps into every aspect of our lives. Democrats are living in a bubble that will burst in 2014

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  • Randy Archer

    These clowns couldn’t fix a sandwich…

    • musaxeman

      Plus, if they did, would you Eat It???

      • Vueiy

        It’d probably be poisoned, if not on purpose, merely by their touch.

  • Joyce Riebe

    Emailed this fool:
    Quote “I think what most Americans want us to do is not repeal ObamaCare”.
    You are SOOO wrong. I want this law GONE. There is NOTHING about this that will benefit me. I made $19000 this year. I work, I’m not one of obama’s welfare bums. If I’m forced to sign up, OVER $2500 of that will go for health care and that’s if I don’t get sick! That’s just premiums and deductible. Co-pay not included. WHERE IS THAT GOING TO COME FROM? My food budget? My electric bill don’t need paid? My mortgage I’ve managed to hold onto thru the last 8 years, unlike thousands of others? Please tell me how to sign up for something that will cause me to lose what little I have now.

    • George Reeger

      That’s where the lies started. Telling people that it was going to be free for a lot of people and more affordable to everyone else. They have to have a lot of people paying a lot more to play that game. Should have just helped the people with no insurance and left the rest of us alone. Lies, lies, lies . . . .

  • Thomas Avery Haff

    Just keep thinking that Sen. Schumer and the joke will be on you!

  • dwddoc

    Senator idiot, what planet are you from. Obozocare is a communistic joke on the American People, it’s bad for the economy, it’s bad for the People and the Country, and it will destroy us as the leader of the free world. But don’t worry stupid it’s great for the lazy, it’s great for the willing permanent unemployed, it’s better for the immigrants that you’re going to dump down our throats. Tell us you damn fool have you actually read the damn thing, the erosion of civil liberties, the elimination of free rights, the invasion of our privacy and our peace of mind. A stupid A*S liberal without a clue and the people keep putting you back in office. I’m worried for our Country with people like you allowed to run loose without a handler.

  • Frederick Lowe

    You can’t fix stupid!!!

  • Jtaras

    What I think is that the GOP is blowing their chances to greatly benefit from the connection between ObamaCare and the Democratic party. WHY would the GOP want to “fix” ObamaCare??? To what benefit??? To help take it OUT of the 2014 election process? Really, really DUMB

  • Jtaras

    The Democrats passed ObamaCare without one single GOP vote. They OWN it now.
    The AMNESTY that Obama and the Dems are pushing, almost EVERY ONE of those ILLEGAL ALIENS if given citizenship would vote straight DEMOCRAT on every ticket.
    NOW, you have to ask yourself, WHY would the GOP electorate push an ObamaCare fix and AMNESTY Bill???????? Morons running the GOP? Maybe.
    More and more though, I am beginning to think that we REALLY only have ONE Political party, as they BOTH have the same principles. One just fakes it a little more than the other.

  • Wallace Gettys

    NEWS FLASH: Yes senator, Americans do want Obamacare repealed! You can lie to yourself all you want, but you will never sell that lie to the overwhelming majority of Americans.

  • Joe Roy

    what a clown. Typical of the Liberal politicains and media, if they say it they think you will believe it, lie or not!

  • Rob

    One side of his mouth he says Obamacare just needs a little fixing, the other side he says we want the middle class fixed. Obamacare is a serious attack on the middle class.

  • stephen

    Doesn’t matter what they say….after mid terms….they are all gone along with their stall on enforcing our current immigration laws, Obama care, and we will see prosecution of those in evolved in the Benghazi stand down order. Democrats have fucked us so bad that even a lot of democrats are switching parties.

  • David Barnes

    I think it is funny when he says “The bottom line is there are a lot of good things in ObamaCare that people like, and the more people see that, the more positive it’s going to be…” If WE knew what was in it or even if THEY knew what was in it, obamacare would never have been passed. THEY have had 5 years to get the middle class going with no success why do THEY think they can do it now. Schumer has always been a moron nothing will change that.

  • Cecelia Henderson

    Just how stupid is this man? If the Democrats could have fixed unemployment in the past 5 years, they would have. The stimulus didn’t work, the investment the “green” industry didn’t work, they didn’t OK the Keystone pipeline, they’re killing coal and their ideas about the new minimum wage and immigration are job killers. As far as Obamacare, has he even bothered to check the recent polls? The American people did not want Obamacare since the day it was forced down our throats by lies and deceit. How much outrage does it take before he hears what we are saying.

  • Barbara Whipps James

    did anyone take offense to the article where he had to have his aides register and they had to go in because it could not be done on the computer,they say they could not find him in the system DING DING DING he is not a legal american ding ding ding.if he was he would of popped up right at the start. why could they not fing him but had to go in to get him registered

  • VHG1

    Schmucky Chucky just doesn’t know when to keep his, “I promise to keep this neighborhood white” mouth shut does he? Oh yeah, he did make that promise when he ran for Congress from Queens! We NY’er’s know this…how come you don’t?

    • Kevin Vance

      Then why does he get re-elected?

  • carl arasi

    Do not buy what these snake oil salesman are trying to sell you. Speaking about Obama care is just a diversion, because Obama care will explode on its own. The real issue in 2014 will be amnesty, and there will be no amnesty!

  • Ilene

    Shumer is POS.

  • mjbrother

    You can not fix something built on quicksand.

  • Byron Shutt

    Chuck ‘the used car salesman’ Scumbag. Sorry car salesman everywhere but….

  • rwinger

    Schumer is a blithering blundering idiot. This man is an anti American criminal who lied when takeing his oath to uphold the constitution and has not stopped since. That being said, He does know that the people hate and want Obamacare GONE. Also the Democrats wanted no input from any Republican on a single part of the complete and utter failure called the affordable care act. (the name is even a lie) The reason they want Republican input now is so the can try to call this a Bi-partisan bill instead of a 100% Democrat bill and share blame. Republican’s beware, as usual it’s a trick. The Democrats are a shifty bunch of low life scoundrels that cannot ever be trusted.

  • Curt

    I hope they continue to ignore the issue and get their collective arses kicked in the mid-terms. We better be watching out for massive voter fraud again though, it’s clear they will try to use it again. These low-life liberal scum will stoop to any level to get their way.

  • Doubleace

    By fix it, he means pour yet more money into a system that cannot be fixed. Since young people aren’t willing to pay such outrageous costs upfront, not to mention, the high deductibles, it will require a bailout. it needs to be repealed.

  • musaxeman

    There is ONE SINGLE FACT that the American people need to know, and understand: The U.S. Government Cannot Force Any Citizen to purchase ONE ITEM, At All, If Ever, and Never!!! Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There is NOT ONE Word, or Provision which states that Any citizen MUST Purchase-Buy-Obtain, by spending one cent on Any Idea-Concept-Whim, coming from the Misgovernment of a Dictator!!!—or any words to that effect!!! Now Don’t confuse this with S.S., or any social program that comes from “earned money”. These are two different things altogether. AND, Don’t forget, we are dealing with a THUG, who will send the IRS on you & your business, once they find out “You Don’t Like This Bum”—If the stinking NSA people have found out Anything, with all their Spying, is that AMERICANS HATE THIS CREEP!!! Money Well Spent???

  • Outlawcajun

    Another lyin’ democRat bastard

  • Cora Urquilla

    this is a out and out lie… repeal the dang thing.. and thrown him in prison for treason !!

  • CowboyUp Mayer


  • tracymae

    Fix it hell, we don’t want it. Stop the distractions.

  • Jay Rettaliata

    Obamacare is/will be the greatest burden ever imposed on the middle class – thanks to Senator Schumer and his Democratic colleagues. Just wait until they start to tax everyone on their Employer-provided health coverage.

  • Michael Santarella



  • Matthew Wilson

    If it is such a good thing then why are they all exempt? Screw them.

  • MikesLocatorService

    Why fix something that isn’t broke? The web site is broke, but not odumbocare. It just hit me that Shumer is really the JOKER!

  • hhjgmayo

    We are not buyin what he is sellin……Bamacare is causing the middle class to flounder. Limiting employers to hire under 50 employees to not buy them health care. Limiting employee hours so employers don’t have to give health care. Who is kidding who ? All the pages in this massive bill that not even Schummer bothered to read before passing it and jamming it down our throats.All those words have little to do with actual health care. Bama and Pelousie and Reid, all they cared about was this massive take over of Government. They have made a mess and I hope the voters remember it at the mid term elections. It is the only way to take our America back.

  • bindog49

    Please keep the lies coming…Schumer, Pelosi, Reid…Obama. All of you. America’s defining moment in History will begin with the Congressional elections in 2014 when WE close the curtain and vote our minds and philosophy of what America IS and WILL BE. Remember that there will be no second chance to get things back-on-track if we don’t stop these people from robbing us blind and wiping their asses with our founding documents and principles. You cannot afford to screw this up, people. The obvious intent here is a takeover of America and has been so since 2008. It is undeniable. Be vocal, be loud and do NOT cower….the vote is the way to show what you feel and what you DEMAND from OUR Public Servants…and, yes, they are SERVANTS !!

  • Merle Burbaugh Jr

    Lunatics, Lies, and Liberals all start with L.

  • Joseph C. Krywalski

    Ok SCREWBALL what’s in it that’S SO GOOD??? NAME 5 THINGS!! OK TOO HARD? NAME 1 THING!!! AGAIN TOO HARD? THERE is NOTHING GOOD IN IT FOR THE PEOPLE just good things for THIS ILLEGAL government !! ie taxes and fees!

  • fyrefingers1956

    Grow the middle class. Okay. You do not grow the middle class by deliberately forcing health care prices dramatically higher. The phony numbers used to calculate inflation on the personal level are just that: Doctored and pure politics. With everything getting more expensive each week, there is no inflation? So, a 1.5% cola is given cheers and accolades from those who never have been knowledgable on the “middle class” consumers. I retired 5 years ago after 31+ years with a company. Costs have risen on everything since back then, so 1.5% is certainly adequate for those of us sinking toward poverty levels due to washington, dc ineptitude and sellouts. So, yeah, schumer, just continue spouting the rhetoric you embraced years ago, for the health and benefit it gives to us all. As we watch ourselves sinking into an abyss we will never escape. So, by all means, vote demoncrat and continue losing ground for the middle class.

  • Tim Thomas

    how can a bunch of people we elected pass a bill they didnt read then try to preach to us about being patient?

  • William E Dunn Jr

    He looks “Creepy”, “Old White Man Creepy!”

  • Mike Hennessy

    Another DOUCHE BAG politicians completely out of touch.

  • Mark Forrer

    just more liberal clap-trap from the lead moron….since when do they know or care what the American public want?

  • mcd1948

    Schumer has always been a vicious partisan hack. Nothing he says can be believed.

  • louise

    The h**ll they don’t

  • Ed Powell


  • Teufelhund Or

    Propaganda at it’s best…. our media is starting to look and sound like Pravda…

  • Mira Frenkel

    I invite this slime ball to a face to face discussion! I once wrote to this weirdo shaming him for delivering the same commencement speech at graduations of my children. 4 years apart he delivered the same awful speech! He has the audacity to represent Queens college in NY, yet on his CV it is not listed! Ashamed? I wanted him to tell the grads how to get jobs and pay off their loans. Of course I did not get a reply. Nor did I get a reply to why his wife was the commissioner of transportation in NYC…..He is a horrible person and a horrible representative of what NY’er need. Pull his ugly ass out of Washington. Senators should have a term. Congress has turned into a very expensive and exclusive nursing home for rich ****cks out of touch with people and reality. C’mon Chuck…….wanna talk?

  • David Cooper

    I guess he doesn’t understand that Obama Care is killing jobs. This is a mess that can’t be fixed.

  • denvy42

    This guy is the definition of sleazy,why not tell the truth Chuckie you are destroying the middle class with your laws and regulations you are dropping on small businessmen!

  • YuriandLali

    Chuck is wrong about many things. He is especially wrong in his assertion that Americans want to give illegal invaders amnesty. Verrrrrrrry wrong. NO AMNESTY, NO MORE.

  • Driver_S

    I find Schumer’s support and comments on the un-affordable careless act deplorable and disgusting. Anyone that is defending this abomination is really lacking in the intelligence department. It’s all about government control over people’s health care and their life.

  • Chuck Sherman Jr

    This slimy lying Jew snake is just another example of someone who has never worked in the private sector or served in the military!!! Off with his fucki-g head!!!

  • marmaru

    Joseph, what a non-article! Let me try to paraphrase. Ha Ha, we repubs are so right and you dems are so wrong. Is this correct?
    How can this be said gently, hmm, both parties are corrupt from the top down. Both parties carry the water of the globalist agenda. Both parties are complicit in the destruction of the Bill of Rights and both parties have not understood the limitations of the fore mentioned Bill or the “enumerated” powers CLEARLY and literally spelled out in the Constitution.
    Joseph, give me one President in the past 159 years who has not blatantly and consistently violated his Oath of Office? I’ll give you a hint, if there is one it was Calvin Coolidge. NO OTHERS have even come close!
    Please consider reading a book called “Whatever Happened to Justice”. Consider reading a book called “The Creature from Jeckyl Island”. Consider looking beyond the party politics that have created this clusterfuck.
    Do you honestly think that because this regime is corrupt and getting caught that the war crimes and blatant violation of the Oath of Office and the Bill of Rights by previous regimes should be ignored??? What part of the idea that We The People are the sovereign and the governments, both Federal and State are the subservient don’t you believe in?
    You have far too many that read your work to continue with this water carrying for a particular party. They are both working for the same people and it ain’t US. I’ll bet it is not you either.

  • handgunnar

    I’ve always suspected that surgical removal of the brain was a requirement for Democrats seeking to hold public office and this confirms it.

  • akansan

    He is wrong for so many reasons. We don’t want Obamacare and we cannot be bought off with jobs. Meaning, we know ALL the things Obama has done wrong while occupying the Presidency of our country. He now cannot buy our silence. The Democrats have helped him decimate our Constitution and our rights as American citizens. We are privileged to live under that document in this country. No, we cannot be bought off. We need to get the Democrats OUT of Washington. If Republicans have no more integrity than Democrats then we will vote them out as well! It’s time to take back our country!