According To Sen. Schumer, ObamaCare Not Number One Issue In 2014; Americans Do Not Want An ObamaCare Repeal

According To Sen. Schumer, ObamaCare Not Number One Issue In 2014; Americans Do Not Want An ObamaCare Repeal
Joseph R. Carducci

Did you happen to catch Meet the Press on Sunday? One of their guests was New York Senator Chuck Schumer. Since he is always good for a laugh and entertainment purposes, I decided to tune in and hope that he would give some sort of sound bite that made this a worthy investment of my time. After all, no one is really interested in hearing more liberal hot air that amounts to nothing. Fortunately, I found this time to be richly rewarded. Take a listen to just a piece of what the good Senior Senator from New York had to say regarding the upcoming 2014 mid-term elections:

“I think what most Americans want us to do is not repeal ObamaCare, which is what our Republican colleagues are focused on, but fix it. The President is working to fix it, we are working in the Senate to fix it, we urge our Republican colleagues to join us in fixing it. The bottom line is there are a lot of good things in ObamaCare that people like, and the more people see that, the more positive it’s going to be…The number one issue in the 2014 election is not going to be ObamaCare or the deficit. It is going to be who can get the middle class going again. Who can expand middle class incomes, who can create jobs? That is far and away the issue that most Americans care about.”

Quite entertaining, yes? I thought so myself. I suppose that if the Senator is going to dream, he is right to dream big. After all, all of the latest polls are showing that a majority of Americans are indeed now in favor of repealing ObamaCare. As many as two-thirds of the people would favor at least a one-year delay in the entire law. So, Schumer is very far wrong by saying that what people want is not to repeal the law, but fix it. In fact, Mr. Senator, repeal of this seriously damaged and flawed law is exactly what people want. Hopefully, you and your Democrat colleagues ignore this fact and see what happens to your party in 2014.

It could also be debated about who exactly is so hard ‘at work’ fixing this law. The only things that Obama has done are to issue kingly proclamations to delay certain parts of the law or to obligate insurers to un-cancel some of the plans that had already been canceled. Obama has not put forth one legislative fix or other change that might actually help to improve this law. And the Democrats in Congress have been just as silent. In fact, they have actually rejected many different Republican plans that would have made various changes to the law. They even had a chance back in September, before the roll out started, to make some major changes to the plan but these were all rejected out-of-hand.

I also enjoyed Schumer’s comments about how getting the middle class going again and creating jobs was going to be the main issue in 2014 (and beyond). We should no doubt be prepared to see more unworkable plans like increasing the minimum wage and other types of ill-effective federal intervention. Clearly Obama and the Democrats cannot run on any type of record about putting American back to work. The jobless rate is still officially hovering around 7 percent and real wages are at their lowest point since Obama took over. Not to mention the fact that if we actually included all the people who have simply given up looking for work, that unemployment number would be really scary. Some estimates put this as high as 13 percent.

The middle class is also be squeezed by ObamaCare. More and more people are beginning to see how truly unaffordable these healthcare plans really are, putting a crimp in their finances. Just imagine what will happen when the employer mandate goes into effect next year and people begin receiving more cancellation notices.

What do YOU think? Did you find Schumer’s remarks entertaining or comical? Do you hope that the Democrats end up ignoring ObamaCare and focusing on these ‘bigger’ issues? Can the Democrats, given the effects of ObamaCare premiums, effectively argue that they are the party who can best manage the economy and get the middle class going again?

Joseph R. Carducci

Joseph R Carducci is a seasoned writer, observer, and thinker with a very conservative outlook. He believes we need to start thinking critically about our government and their use/abuse of power.

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