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Chris Matthews Calls Obama Opponents Racists

By , August 30, 2013.

For anyone out there who is a regular follower of what has been happening in regards to race relations in this country, you will no doubt be familiar with Chris Matthews. You will also recognize his mantra and mode of operation: anyone that he doesn’t like, he labels them as either an incompetent fool or as a racist. Lately, he seems to clearly favor the racist charge. Apparently, this is in vogue now that we have had a number of incidents that are inciting people towards racial intolerance.

During the recent Martin Luther King, jr celebrations (a few days ago it was the 50th anniversary of his “I Have a Dream” speech and there were big gatherings in a number of key locations across the country), Chris Matthews took it upon himself to bring up his favorite topic once again.This time he suggested that anyone who opposes Obama is basically a racist. Not only that, but that all of us conservatives out there are being dishonest by refusing to admit or acknowledge that are real problem with Obama as President is that he is black.

Isn’t that convenient, Chris? This way, you and your cronies in the media are off the hook. You do not have to try and defend all of Obama’s failed policies and ideas on their merits. Obviously just screaming racism is much easier since defending much of what Obama has done…well, clearly it is impossible to defend the indefensible.

After all, we are all familiar with the policies that the Obama Regime has put into place over the past years. We have Obama’s IRS targeting conservative groups, we have his NSA actually spying on citizens without any just cause or warrants, we have Benghazi, we have Edward Snowden… We could go on and on, but that should suffice for now.

No, it simply is inconceivable to people like Matthews that their liberal, communist, leftist-fascist Obama is just simply failing. How could anyone be against a man with such un-American values, ideas, and policies? So, of course, if there are opponents out there it must certainly mean that they hold a personal vendetta against the man, and the only possible reason for this (according to the Matthews bunch) is that those opponents are racist.

That is a lot to bite off, even for Matthews. He has also said that there is a certain amount of people that want Obama to have an asterisk next to his name in the history books. He is talking about the controversy over Obama’s birth and citizenship. Of course, it is still a fact that he has not released his birth certificate, which would certainly put an end to all of these similar claims…provided Obama is what he claims to be.

But, of course, Matthews goes further than this. He claims that the reason why some of ‘us’ (conservatives who would really like to see Obama’s birth certificate) continue pursuing this and asking questions is because we are racist. Gee, what a big surprise coming from Matthews. You know something, as a political writer I would not feel like I had done a very good job until Chrissy-boy called me a racist, how about that! He says that the reason for “all this birther crap” is that we have a superiority of the white race complex.

I see, Chris, so the real reason why I want Obama to prove his claims by simply releasing his birth certificate is because I am supremacist? OK, now I understand. Thanks for clearing it all up, Chris. Oh, wait a minute, I suppose if we were all racists that we would have asked to see the birth certificates of other prominent black leaders and politicians. How about Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Charles Rangel? Nope, have no interest in seeing their birth certificates because there has never been any questions in this regard. The thing is, Obama opened himself up to all this mess when he published his first book. So, the whole thing could have been avoided. And certainly, if he started this, then he should take the steps to end the confusion. However, maybe he is afraid of what it will ultimately reveal?

  • josemann

    He’s as stupid as stupid does. And when a stupid axxhole doesn’t have an argument he can defend or explain, he accuses. He’s more racist than the KKK even if he does it in a covert way.

  • Bilharzia

    Chris’s head is so far up Obama’s butt, it’s rediculous! I think he’s gay for him!

    • brian smith

      Chris Mattews better begin to understand what communism is. When certain people talk about economic equality they are talking communism. When People talk about $ 15.00 minimum wage they are talking communism. Our society is built upon a capitalistic economics where people work to achieve what they want, not what should be given to them by government. Obama is a communist economic believer so anyone who agrees with him is a communist. economic equality is an impossibility under a capitalistic society. If being a believer in the greatest economic system in the history of mankind is a racist, than I am a raciest .

      • josemann

        CM understands perfectly what communism is. How could he not? He’s one of them. And for whatever reason he stands to reap some benefits from implanting a system that has destroyed itself wherever and whenever has been implanted. For the mere reason that’s it doesn’t work and eventually they run out of other people’s money.

    • Josemann

      You mean you’re not sure? Yet?
      If you need more proof you need to get an overnight pass for the White House. LOL

    • Bogart Finsk

      I think Obama is gay for him!

  • John Mentz

    Chris, I think Obama is the worst President, at least in my life time. Truman was President when I was born. I may be many “ists” but I don’t think I’m a racist. I am a capitalist, constitutionalist, a conservationist, but not racist. In the time he has been in office, President Obama has surrounded himself with liars and cheats, most notably; Tim Geitner (tax cheat), Eric Holder (liar about Fast and Furious and basically everything he has been involved with), Hillary and Benghazi and on and on. His promise of “transparency” has been completely debunked. His socialist agenda with health care, redistribution of wealth and big government have all combined to make our economy stagnant and our country so far in debt that we will not see a balanced budget in my life time.

  • http://Yahoo Ekim

    I can see that he sits on his brain (if he has one)
    I can not stand to see him on the tube.
    I change the channel when he comes on.
    I feel real bad for all those who voted for him, they should be ashamed of themselves.
    When will Americans wake up and get rid of him.