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In The Scandal-Riddled Obama White House, Even Media Now Wondering Whose In Charge

In The Scandal-Riddled Obama White House, Even Media Now Wondering Whose In Charge
Joseph R. Carducci

The secret is now out. Even the lamestream drive-by media is now starting to notice and report on the fact that Obama may not be in charge of his own White House. Reporters from all over the traditional media world are now questioning if Obama has actually lost control over his White House and administration. After all, with the many scandals, failures, and outright lies, Obama has either lost control…or he is simply incompetent (or continues lying and hopes that someone will finally believe him).

Joe Klein at Time starts us off today. He actually calls President Barry a “buckpasser” and says that perhaps it is our fault for electing someone with no executive experience to the most difficult executive office in the world. He also says that firing for cause does not seem to be any consideration in the Obama Regime. Of course we all know that he does fire when someone does not fit his ideology or he wants to conduct a purge of the military. On the topic of ObamaCare, maybe it was just too big and complicated to implement. But at the very least someone should be fired for incompetence over this, and maybe we should be able to get some taxpayer money back from the contractors who failed in this as well. Remember all of this is coming from someone who is generally consider to be an Obama supporter!

NBC News political analyst Michael O’Brien says that the questions are even tougher in Washington. In fact, many are now asking whether Obama is in charge at all. He claims to have not known about the problems with the healthcare website, not known about NSA spying on foreign leaders, and more. Maybe this is why Obama’s approval ratings are now sitting at all-time lows? Even long time Democratic allies are now questioning why Obama didn’t know about any of this and are also concerned about his personal response to these problems.

This is, of course, going to mean that Obama will be one of the lamest lame-duck presidents in recorded history for the next three years. This is really sad, especially considering most second term presidents do not become ineffective due to lame duck status until after the mid-term elections which are still over a year away.

Obama came into office primarily because he was a likeable and believable person and not a typical politician. After all, he really did not have that much experience even as a politician. He convinced the American people largely on the fact that he appeared to be trustworthy. Now we all know that he lied about so many promises, from being able to ‘keep your healthcare plan’ to how ObamaCare would actually lower family premiums by $2,500 a year. Now, his lack of trust may swing over to other Democrats associated with him and his signature healthcare law.

So, what is it? Is Obama just simply incompetent and does not know what is going on around him? Certainly, he knows that many of his promises were lies. I am also quite convinced that he runs his White House quite unlike any other president. There are some fairly reliable reports that he actually does not even read all of his daily briefings. Yet, I also find it hard to believe that he did not know about the poor shape of the ObamaCare exchanges.

So, what do YOU think? Does Obama not know what is going on around him? Or is he simply a liar? A buck-passer? Or is our wonderful community organizer in chief just incompetent and in way over his head?

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Joseph R. Carducci

Joseph R Carducci is a seasoned writer, observer, and thinker with a very conservative outlook. He believes we need to start thinking critically about our government and their use/abuse of power.

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