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Jesse Jackson Calls Gun Owners Terrorists, Racists, And Anti-Government

By , August 28, 2013.

Everyone’s favorite old-time leftist is at it again. That’s right, folks, Jesse Jackson has hit the headlines again with some recent comments he made to the Politico organization on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

According to the Reverend Jackson, those who own guns are terrorists. Yes, indeed. Not only terrorists, but racists as well. Obviously any white person who owns a gun is doing so strictly for the purpose of attacking black people. How obvious. And of course, all of us gun owners have an anti-government mindset, just as if we were trying to revive the old Confederacy.

The shame of these leftist wackos appears to know no boundaries. Of course, these attitudes and ideas are nothing knew to Mr Jackson. In fact, I am sure you have probably heard this and worse coming out of his mouth many times before. I just find it interesting that anyone who does not agree with Mr Jackson he labels as terrorists, or anarchists looking to overthrow the government.

There is an interesting video located on this page. Here, the old leftist talks about how people are armed to the teeth right now and that they they now have the power to ‘act on what they feel’ and can even ‘blow up infrastructure’ with the weaponry that they have right now. And, of course, all of us gun owners are looking to kill us some ‘black folk.’

Guess what else the good reverend said recently? Try this one on for size: “The Tea Party is the resurrection of the Confederacy, its the Fort Sumter Tea Party.” How is that for race-baiting? He must be taking his cues from Obama in trying to incite new racial hatreds. In fact, he has even defended Obama in a way that is possibly even more asinine than his above remarks regarding gun owners and Tea Party members. He said, get this, that the only reason anyone would possibly oppose Obama is because they hate black people! So, we are racist if we own guns. We are racist is we are members of the Tea Party. We may even be trying to resurrect the old Confederacy. And, we are racists in the worst way if we do not support our wonderful leftist, commie, Muslim Brotherhood supporting President!

Certainly there are NO other reasons for opposing the policies of Obama. It must all come down to personal hatred for the black race. Even if Obama is trying to destroy the United States by undermining the Constitution and the rules of law and order.

We should actually get one thing straight first. The Confederacy was first and foremost about State’s rights and not so much about racial hatred. And Jesse Jackson knows this, even if he would never publicly admit to this fact. He is simply doing what all liberals do, twist the facts of history so that a misguided and largely uneducated constituency that look up to him are baited into thinking something about another group of people that is simply untrue.

How do YOU feel about all this? Do you appreciate being called a racist simply for owning a gun or being a supporter or member of the Tea Party? What I dislike most of all is being accused of these things by someone who portrays himself to be a helper and friend of black people everywhere, but is really only about obtaining power, money, and influence for himself.

  • Jim

    Mr. Jackson can kiss my ass I’m not a racist and I own guns, I just don’t like people who try to force things on me that are not, whether you white black green or blue. Jackson and Obama are the racist.

    • http://yahoo zcactus

      I agree Jim, the real racist are the black race baiters like Sharpton et al, when will they address Black race crime like the knock out game, beating white children, etc. Balcks need a wake up call, if you want to be an adult member of American society act like an American!!!

    • jd

      Check his record I believe he was a member of the black panthers in the 60s.

    • Larry Mellette

      Why is this news? What do expect him to think? This is Jessie Jackson. I see he dropped the Rev. He must of felt bad giving God a bad name through his actions.

    • Richard

      Mr. Jackson isn’t referring to the black men and women of the South side of Chicago who repeatedly slaughtered each other all summer long……. he isn’t referring to the armed guards who surround him…… he isn’t referring to the Uzi and AK47 carrying drug sellers at 22nd and Indiana….. he’s referring to people who own guns legally….. people who have them for sport or for protection against those above. Jesse should get his own house in order and, considering the truths about his past and present indiscretions, would suggest he FINALLY keep his big mouth shut for a change. We in Chicago are SO, SO tired of hearing him bleat… after day…. moronic statement after hypocritical farting. A “Jesseless” day would be a welcome day for all of us.

    • Stephen Hasenbein

      What about 30% of the population (Blacks) BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR eighty percent of the crime in the US, that to me is terrorism, and what about all the blacks killing blacks, that isn’t terrorism either, and JJesse you are such a good role model your kid is in prison for tthieving from the very people that entrusted him with campaign money…….as far as I’m concerned you are full of shit just like sharp ton and Obama, and anyone that listens to you is as big an idiot as you are….

    • http://N/A Mike Beaumier

      Hmmm, don’t his bodyguards carry guns?

      • Tzipporah

        Yes, but they’re black, so it doesn’t count.

    • Nobody

      Yep , My all white ass, I own guns too, and I’am racist. BUT I didn’t used to be, I was forced to by all the things other cultures say I cant have, I cant have white entertainment tv or I’m racist, I cant have a honky college fund or I’m racist, I cant have a where whites meet dateing site or I’m racist,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I could go on n on n on, you get the picture,, plus all the extra news crap ,, but I wasn’t born this way……………

    • mark bigger

      I agree also, gun owners are no where near terrorists, they are only interested in self defense or the defense of a helpless innocent victim in which they can help, I bet ya 99 % of them are good people and would pray that they never have to use their gun to harm another human being. As far as being racist I am not, but Al and Jesse are promoting racism and making things worse by twisting the truth. God and even MLK say men are created equal – that’s all there is to it

    • Randall

      Heck he can kiss my as as well. Damn idiot. Got about as much in the way of brains as the stump he orates from.

  • http://facebook John

    The Grand Dragon of the Kooks, Klucks klowns, mumbles the klown, must mean all the black kids in the hood are terrorists! Is that what he meant when he mumbled what he did? Well since many of us terrorists are legal gun owners, maybe mumbles should consentrate on teen black terrorists all over the country! Oh and one more thing, FUCK Jessie Jerkoff!!

    • http://facebook Melinda

      I love your comment

      • http://facebook John

        Sorry for the bad language, Melinda but I have had all I’ m going to take from the new KKK. I dont know who is the dumbest: is it Mumbles, the Grand Dragon or is it Sharpie the klown, the Imperial Grand Wizard. Help me decide!!

  • lenny

    I just wonder how many guns this asshole has and he is one of the Racist but when a ni..r does it its ok when is the shit going to hit the fan love to get me some fuck him

  • Jake

    I’m white I own a gun so I’m racist? I wonder what my African American wife will think when she finds out?..

  • Brian M.

    If he wants to call me a racist because I own guns, let him. My time is worth more than being worried about that fool.

    • drew

      Brian, I agree. Why worry about what that pencil pushing blowhard says. If you let it get to you, then he’s acomplished what he set out to do. Are we racist because we own guns? No! So don’t worry about it. Words only hurt you if you let them.

  • Rakuun

    So, what does he call all those black gang banging punks running around with GUNS?

    • Ted


      • down with Obama

        Comment Win!

      • John Rosario

        credit where it is due AWESOME!

  • ec

    Your article would make much more of an impact if you used spell check, use correct phrasing, and the right wording to make your points. Doesn’t really help the rest of us when the person writing in a public forum looks illiterate.

    • jacksfork1

      Get a life!

    • missy

      You have a point. I would have appreciated some actual quotes from Jackson.

  • Joe

    I don’t think it would be such a bad idea to resurrect the Confederacy. Let the libtards have commiefornia, WA, and OR, and leave the rest for us. We will let the libtards in the new Confederacy peacefully relocate themselves for the first month, then it will be open season on any that were dumb enough to remain.

    • Jobob

      Amen brother !

  • Linda

    I have never been or never will be racist. these so called Reverends are not doing God’s work they are helping Satan to tear down a great nation. I don’t like the president but I didn’t like Bush either. I go by actions not color. The racist are now mostly the people of color. If you are gonna claim to be a Reverend then act like one. help the members in your area to better themselves by schooling and helping to teach them right from wrong and to be kind to everyone

    • Blake Jackman

      Linda, there’s an interesting phenomenon in Chicago, that local reverends seem to have the same type of power and influence as the local ‘imams’ have in Muslim communities in Arab countries. Somehow, (probably due in part to the example of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) many black men in that area notice that reverends are able to garner vast amounts of money from various sources, which is naturally a strong incentive for them to attempt the same thing. I’m willing to bet Jackson & Sharpton and their ilk chose this route for the same reason- so they could make a lot of money, but not have to work for it. Consequently, rather than act in the name of God, as servants of Him in their communities, they quickly learned that if they wanted BIG money, they had to find a wide audience, which is where they learned to create controversy and get on TV, then go around with their hands out for money to “help fight the racist white man.” It worked really well for those two for a while, but now they’re having to compete against a whole generation of “up-and-comer’s” who have learned by watching them. A few years ago we had the misfortune of dealing with a man from that area who offered a sports opportunity to one of my boys. He was a ‘big-time youth sports supporter’ who used his radio station to promote opportunities for youth. Oh, and we found out later that he is a ‘reverend,’ too. He charged us many thousands of dollars for a “world-class” sports opportunity for our boy. With the budget he had per kid, they could have easily done so. But our son lived in the basement of this guy’s rental house, ate bologna sandwiches with 14 other kids, and travelled around in a rusted-out, rickety old van with no seatbelts for several weeks before we really knew what was going on. They DID go to Puerto Rico as promised, but played only pick-up games with local kids because this sleazeball hadn’t planned ANYTHING. He used our kids (and our money) to subsidize his neighborhood kids on the team, and his personal Puerto Rico vacation. At the “big tournament” in Florida, the team wasn’t allowed to play because half the kids were from around the country, instead of being local to his area. If the guy was who he said he was, he would know those kinds of details– but he was just another sleazebag con-man who essentially stole from us “stupid white folk” in order to be the benevolent, giving “man of the cloth” he made himself look like to the locals. And that’s the persona he played up when he subsequently ran for office over there. That’s the way it works in Chicago these days, and it makes me sick.
      The best thing Americans can do is remember never to elect a Chicago politician, “than which there is nothing lower on this Earth,” to borrow the quote. Being crooked is the norm, and if you fall for it, it’s your fault.
      Well, Chicago… Screw me once, shame on you. But I’m never giving you the opportunity to do it again.

  • Dale

    so with what the great reverend is saying is the government is terrorist and racist then because does the government also have guns. Remember Mr.Jackson when you start pointing fingers sir you will always have three pointing right back at you.

  • John Rosario

    Hey Jesse Jackson, do your fucking history the majority of Slave owners were BLACK and there were WHITE slaves, not only that, there were BLACK SOLDIERS in the Confederate army! So you want to spout racism about something you don’t know? Go right ahead, I’ll give it right back if I have the knowledge to do so!

  • Jim3031

    I don’t like Obama’s philosophy, policies, or his disrespect for the Constitution, among other things. He’s half black so that makes me a racist? But I really like the philosophies of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Allen West, Clarence Thomas, and Condi Rice. That last I checked they were all a lot more than half black. So what does that make me? Just wondering.

  • James

    You know, I take great offense to his statement..! I don’t have a gun specifically for harming/killing black people !! Trust me.. Black,white, orange, green,yellow..the gun is for anyone who tries to do harm to me or my household .. Leave me alone and we will be just fine.. Just another way for him to spread racism and hatred and get away with it! He needs GOD!!

    • John Rosario

      I agree James, except I am not armed with a gun, but I still am armed in a way it would be foolish to attack me, and no I do not mean hand-to-hand, though I could do that too if pressed. I mean I have 3 swords at home and I know how to use them to their maximum effect, oh and a Rottie-mix.

  • John Henry

    Hey Jessie, how’s about you getting off your soapbox, and help yourself to a big ol’ heaping bowl of BIG COCK AND BALLS?!?!? Stuff em’ in that great big cocksucking disrespectful racist mouth of yours….. AND FUCKING CHOKE ON IT!!!!! You are a waste of oxygen and should be put down like a rabid dog.

    • Gunrunner

      I own guns and have for many years.Have yet to ever even point any at a black person.Never had a need but if the need arises color won ‘t matter.Jesse you are a worthless piece of crap.You should be ashamed of what you have done to your own race.The truth never comes out of mouth.You embezzle from everyone including your own people.

  • Wayne

    Jake, your wife is an American woman who happens to be black…..she is not African…..I am a veteran who has been to several places in Africa & trust me if 2/3 of the people that call themselves African had ever been to Africa….. They would never return there……We are all Americans….but I do appreciate your point…..I have mixed nieces & nephews myself & are far from a racist…..I have served this country for 12 yrs with some great men I consider brothers….family…..& yes some also happen to be black…..I would have died protecting them without a moments thought!!

  • Sues

    Anti-government? Have you even bothered to read the Constitution? The Bill of Rights? Twenty – seven amendments to the Constitution – the second in particular? Maybe your mind is on a path, but it’s not my path. I will be getting my concealed carry permit this Saturday. I live by the law. The law of the United States of America.

  • Thom*

    No decent black or white person gives a damn what jesse jackson has to say about anything.

  • Tim Ostermeyer

    Jackson is a racist and and an idiot!

  • snoopy269

    Jackson and Sharpton are the BIGGEST racists in the world!!!! His own son is a criminal. Every morning I wake up to blacks killing blacks with guns in Baltimore. Blacks killing and maiming white people gets the third page of the paper. You pinch a black and it makes headlines for weeks. He and Sharpton need to remember they are free because of white people. Harriet Tubman is a hero, but white people helped her. During the Civil War is was the Republicans who wanted the slaves freed and they were mostly white. Gun owners are hunters, sports people and people who want to defend themselves from harm whether it comes from white, black, brown, mixed, native American, man, woman, young or old person, etc. I can guarantee that Jackson has an armed body guard.

    By the way if a white public office used the “n” word in a speech the way Sharpton used the word “cracker” there would be riots everywhere.

    You, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton are nothings. Martin Luther King would look down on you. He believed in love not hate!!!!

    • Kate

      Maybe white people should riot at being called “crackers”.

      • John Rosario

        We can’t, we’re too civilized to do that, so are several of the educated black men

  • http://yahoo Betty

    This brings one to contemplate the attitudes, prejudices,goals and ambitions of those African Americans who own guns. What does that make them? Just wondering.

  • shannon

    Wow! It sounds like Jesse Jackson is the racist terrorist! …..still playing the “I’m black and your not so I hate you” card! Drives me craaaazy!

  • Micki

    Must be drinking koolaid Miley is drinking!

  • Lorraine Lynn Gilmer

    Aren’t there plenty of black gun owners? I know a lot of them probably buy them off the streets after they’ve been stolen from gun owners that follow the law. And those who are buying them off the streets use them for criminal activities…so who are the terrorists? The people who own the guns legally or the ones that steal them and use them in drive-bys?

  • [email protected]

    This country is going to explode with violence due to this administration. They want to disarm White America so we can’t fight back. Its not going to be easy but we’ve fought for freedom in this country before and won it, lets not give up now. Good luck White Americans our government is against us, as well as obamas muslim friends.

  • Marsha

    When I look at Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton all I see are two bitter,hateful,washed up old men. They’re riding on the coat tails of racial hate, that’s nothing more then tattered rags. They’re determined to work African Americans into a racial war. Why? Are they so ignorant as to not realize that if such a horrible thing comes to pass that the black community will lose lives? That not only will Whites die as seems to be their goal,but many of their race will also? They claim to love their people,why are they pushing them into something that will result in death for both races? My fear is that White Americans won’t stay silent much longer,we are being forced into a corner that we’ve worked so hard to avoid. And it saddens me to think of the mayhem that I see unfolding. Some how the Black community has come to the conclusion that whites fear them and we won’t react to the killings,beatings,and rapes of our ethnic heritage. How very mistaken they are. It’s a sad time in our Nation,that once more we will spill blood because of the color of our skin. God forgive us!

    • Rebeccamumcat

      They don’t care if black people die in a race war. If they cared for their black brothers and sisters, they would address black on black crime, the single mother families where there is no father figure, the high drop rate, the high unemployment rate due at least in part to lack of education. And the list goes on.

  • CelticGyrl

    A has-been race pimp trying to be relevant by jumping on the Obama race war bandwagon. I look forward to him meeting up with MLK in the hereafter so he can find out exactly what MLK thinks of his hijacking of the civil rights movement and his destructive effect on the black community, all to inflate himself and his bank account!

    • zoey kuda

      wont meet MLK. MLK is in heaven.

  • Sean

    So all the blacks that own/have guns must be racist, terrorist as well? Jack wagon.

  • http://downtrend. Linda

    Since 90% of crimes committed with firearms are black seems to me he’s referring to his people. When it comes to terrorist well again his peole are killing innocent people every day.

  • Mr “C”

    Come get’um you worthless piece of shit and bring Al !

  • Tim

    Mr F. just like the episode of south park he wants all whites to get on one knee and kiss his bare ass. Those who seen it it know what I mean those who didn’t, Sorry.

  • jigsaw

    His son JESSE JACKSON JR has guns .

  • singcanary

    You are right Jesse….BUT only in the enemies eyes are we all that you mentioned, not in reality….we will fight every inch of the way to destroy and shut up people like you and Sharpton who are RACE BAITERS and divide this country! Blacks would be a WHOLE LOT better off if they ignored you and moved onward with their lives. The Black community have outstanding black leaders they need to put in both your places such as these people that are successful HONESTLY through hard work: Herman Cain, Allen West, Charles Paine, Dr. Ben Carson, Condolessa Rice, and a few more outstanding role models for the black community not mentioned here. IF the black race wants to get out of the hole they have been in because people like Sharpton and Jackson keep holding them down in it and keep lining their pockets with cash, then check into LISTENING to the truly successful blacks leaders mentioned above. The Democrats pretend to be your friends…but use your shortcomings to make themselves rich while NOTHING changes for them!

  • Sick and tired

    Jesse Jackson is a wanna be Martin Luther King, which he will never be. He is used up, with antiquated ideas and is a race baiter. It is the only way he can get any attention. I know plenty of both black and white people who own guns legally and are responsible gun owners. Instead of bashing legal gun owners, how about we have a constitutional discourse on ways to reduce the amount of illegal weapons in the hands of criminals. Perhaps we should start it with talking about the fast and furious debacle perpetuated by our own government. Wake up America!

  • Connie

    I can not believe this man stood beside MLK, Poor excuse for a civil rights leader! Rev. Jesse Jackson promotes hate not peace!! God dont like ugly Jesse.

  • Brad

    It’s not just Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or even Obama. It’s also Nancy Pelosi, Biden and every other wack job politician in office. We need to clean house and start over

  • Josh Read

    And when Jesse and his thugs shot up Cairo Illinois in 1968 they were what?

  • Carol

    The point that needs to be addressed is why our current administration, along with individuals such as Jesse Jackson, seem to want a potential race war in this country. More fuel is being thrown on the fire to pit black Americans against white Americans (and vice versa) since Obama took office. Why is this happening? As individuals we all know that people of all color commit crimes and own/have guns (illegally and legally). Yet Jesse Jackson and others want to turn the focus on race issues in this country. Really? The American people need to realize that we, as a people, have the ability to disregard such nonsense and work towards being united in this country.

  • http://Downtrend Kevin Parks

    That is correct. All those black gang-bangers with guns; including bloods,crips, Mexican and Asian gangs are terrorists. Thanks jesse. So any non-white that owns a gun is anti-goverment. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

  • Fred

    Jackassson you couldn’t even raise your son right why in the heck would I ever listen to a word that came out of your crusty pie hole!

  • Maurice E. Gilbert Sr.

    When will Jessie James wake up and realize that no one pays attention to him any more? He’s way past his bedtime and he’s become boring…..did I say boring?

  • Barry

    Thank you Mr Carducci, for knowing the true history of the War between the States. I reed your article thinking at some point you would condemn the south and through the Confederacy under the bus with Jesse. Jesse is what he is, a race baiter who makes his money working up the lower educated black community. The shame of it all is the millionaire black entertainers that profess the same thing, yet they some how were able to make it.

  • Donald Hipp SR

    Jesse is jumping on an oppurtunity, as he always has, to come to the forefront of the civil rights industry and maybe pick up some support. Financial support, for the Jackson cause. ‘Cause Jackson has run out of money. I see him as irrelevant. Sharpton is irrelevant. The dream has been here for some time now. People are judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.When a person double parks, tail gates, runs a red light etc, it’s a lack of character, not skin color. Jesse Jackson lost his credibility when he knocked up his secretary. I wonnder if he is reading his youngest daughter any bedtime stories.

  • Cheryl Burkhalter Kiepke

    If I am a terrorist because i believe in the right to be armed, then Jesse Jackson is a traitorous fool because he doesn’t ( oh, except for his conglomeration of bodyguards)…

  • http://Facebook Nick

    Right im a college student and i have black friends. My black friends don’t give two shits about sharpton or Jackson they don’t benefit them in anyway. Take a look peopl our govt. is trying to separate our own people in our own country. Survival of the fittest is a true thing and if you believe and get mad that the higher ups like Jackson sharpton and Obama you are just as ignorant because you are becoming a follower be a leader and choose to believe what you think is right and constitutional. Be true to your selves and our brothers and sisters no matter what race we are 1!!

  • Flan

    I’m a nurse who takes care of all patients with the same level of quality, compassion, dignity, respect, etc regardless of sex, race, religion, cultural beliefs, etc! I believe that all life is precious and wouldn’t hurt a flea! I am a law-abiding citizen with only one speeding ticket on my record from over 7 years ago. But none of this matters to someone like Jesse Jackson because I’ve been a gun owner for over 25 years which, according to him, makes me terrorist, racist and antigovernment?

  • Jennifer Baugher Recktenwald

    I find this very amusing! My father (a white man) has a picture taken years ago of himself in full hunting garb about to embark on a hunt. Jesse Jackson (who was hiding in a hunting lodge from a death threat) posed with my father. The photo was taken in the lobby. While Jesse did not participate, he was very friendly towards all the hunters he now calls terrorists. What’s up with that?

  • Robert

    I am just a guy living in a world that everything that happens I don’t agree with.. But I know I can not force my opinion on all or even other people. I am tolerant I feel each his own.. And with truth, education, they may come around to my view…But what I hate most is when someone disagrees with my stance they try to force it down my throat, I do not force my opinions upon you..If your gay, racist, or like to dress in a clown suit.. That is fine with me just don’t try to make me one.. If you wanna marry someone that looks like you when you look in a mirror fine.. When someone sits next to me I do not ask them are you this are you that I treat others the way they treat me, If they are nice, I will be nice, If you try to force your ideal on me I will force mine upon you.. If you strike my face I will strike yours.. In other words what ever your thought what ever your Idea.. Fine do it just don’t try to force it upon me or my children or my family.. We are us.. You are you.. keep you to yourself and enjoy.. For you are the only one that has to wake up in the morning with yourself and if yourself feels ok with who you wake up with.. Fine .. So be it!!

    • Bethany

      It’s one thing I’ve never understood. WE are supposed to be tolerant….but others don’t have to be. WE are supposed to agree with others views and beliefs, but others don’t have to appreciate that we have different views and beliefs. I’m with you, do want you want. It’s not for me to judge. You are the one that has to live and die with your actions.

  • Debra JM Smith

    I think Jesse Jackson is a terrorist, racist and anti-government (what our government is suppose to be.)

  • Bethany

    So my best friend, who is white and owns guns, is racist and a terrorist? AND she’s married to a black man, so…….I’m confused. She’s a gun owning racist terrorist white woman in love with a black ??? I wonder if Mr. Jackson could explain this for me?

  • snopright g cuthbert

    The blacks are the real racists, they constantly preach hate for whitey, call us “crazy ass crackers”, commit more crime and murder per capita than whites ever have, call US racists?

  • jo

    So let me get this straight, “gun owners are RACISTS. And TERRORISTS ” . Well then what your saying is that the “BLACK PANTHERS ” are indeed a terroristic, anti-government, hate group, driven by race and supported by the same dumbasses calling all the gun owners the same thing! Cause there’s no way in hell your gonna convence me or anyone else that the black panthers are an anti – gun group! Such a mindless Dumbass.

  • Pat Goebel

    I have been watching this bum since the 60’s, and he is a race baiting, Commie thinking, who has made his fame and fortune not by preaching the good book like Billy Graham. His thinking is the same as Al the slime Sharpton and his half white leader, Oblama. If they all had their ways there would be NO white people, anywhere. These people are the enemies from within and Lincoln said it best when he said that the Mississippi would never be drunk my outside enemies, but America would fall from within and are now seeing it.

  • Steve Bernier

    Honestly, who really takes Jesse Jackson seriously?

  • ablestophat

    Jackson is the racist. Let him crawl back under his rock and stay there.

  • http://Yahoo Alice

    Does he and all the racist mongers forget it was a ‘White’ president , honorable President Abe Lincoln who liberated the black people?

  • harley121

    F that negro!!!!!! All he is good for is stirring the pot!!!!!! Totally worthless as a human being!!!!!

  • Bill Ding

    Jackson is a big mouth black and is the most racist of all. He hates whites, hispanics and anyone who isnt like him. Yes I own guns, so I can blow the crack head nigger who comes through my door at 3am straight to hell. According to Jackson, the crack head nigger should be asked nicely to leave and not rape my wife, not get blown to bits. Bullshit ! Ill open a hole in the sonofabitch big enough to stuff Jesse Jackson through and go out to dinner after i clean up the mess.
    Jackson isn’t a real preacher, and he is a sinner, he pushed his big black dick up a woman he wasn’t married to. Hippocrit ! Reverend, MY ASS !