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Jesse Jackson Calls Gun Owners Terrorists, Racists, And Anti-Government

Jesse Jackson Calls Gun Owners Terrorists, Racists, And Anti-Government
Joseph R. Carducci

Everyone’s favorite old-time leftist is at it again. That’s right, folks, Jesse Jackson has hit the headlines again with some recent comments he made to the Politico organization on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

According to the Reverend Jackson, those who own guns are terrorists. Yes, indeed. Not only terrorists, but racists as well. Obviously any white person who owns a gun is doing so strictly for the purpose of attacking black people. How obvious. And of course, all of us gun owners have an anti-government mindset, just as if we were trying to revive the old Confederacy.

The shame of these leftist wackos appears to know no boundaries. Of course, these attitudes and ideas are nothing knew to Mr Jackson. In fact, I am sure you have probably heard this and worse coming out of his mouth many times before. I just find it interesting that anyone who does not agree with Mr Jackson he labels as terrorists, or anarchists looking to overthrow the government.

There is an interesting video located on this page. Here, the old leftist talks about how people are armed to the teeth right now and that they they now have the power to ‘act on what they feel’ and can even ‘blow up infrastructure’ with the weaponry that they have right now. And, of course, all of us gun owners are looking to kill us some ‘black folk.’

Guess what else the good reverend said recently? Try this one on for size: “The Tea Party is the resurrection of the Confederacy, its the Fort Sumter Tea Party.” How is that for race-baiting? He must be taking his cues from Obama in trying to incite new racial hatreds. In fact, he has even defended Obama in a way that is possibly even more asinine than his above remarks regarding gun owners and Tea Party members. He said, get this, that the only reason anyone would possibly oppose Obama is because they hate black people! So, we are racist if we own guns. We are racist is we are members of the Tea Party. We may even be trying to resurrect the old Confederacy. And, we are racists in the worst way if we do not support our wonderful leftist, commie, Muslim Brotherhood supporting President!

Certainly there are NO other reasons for opposing the policies of Obama. It must all come down to personal hatred for the black race. Even if Obama is trying to destroy the United States by undermining the Constitution and the rules of law and order.

We should actually get one thing straight first. The Confederacy was first and foremost about State’s rights and not so much about racial hatred. And Jesse Jackson knows this, even if he would never publicly admit to this fact. He is simply doing what all liberals do, twist the facts of history so that a misguided and largely uneducated constituency that look up to him are baited into thinking something about another group of people that is simply untrue.

How do YOU feel about all this? Do you appreciate being called a racist simply for owning a gun or being a supporter or member of the Tea Party? What I dislike most of all is being accused of these things by someone who portrays himself to be a helper and friend of black people everywhere, but is really only about obtaining power, money, and influence for himself.

2nd Amendment
Joseph R. Carducci

Joseph R Carducci is a seasoned writer, observer, and thinker with a very conservative outlook. He believes we need to start thinking critically about our government and their use/abuse of power.

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