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Justice Scalia Thinks Its Possible The Government Could Use Internment Camps: “Would Not Be Surprised” To See Them Again

By , February 5, 2014.

Antonin Scalia is the longest serving judge currently sitting on the Supreme Court. So, whenever he takes time out of his schedule to talk with university students it is usually reported. However, on a recent occasion when he was speaking to students from the University of Hawaii, he seemed very interested in making a point about history and government power.

Justice Scalia claimed that the government is not only capable, but also willing to revive the use of World War II style internment camps. Obviously, this is not an eventuality that most people in our country would be comfortable seeing repeated. Yes, for those of the younger generation who do not remember, during World War II the USA did indeed round up Japanese Americans and put them into internment camps for the remainder of the war. This was also done to Americans of German and Italian descent, although to a much lesser degree.

We should point out that this is NOT something Scalia is in favor of. He came out and stated that this practice was wrong, from both a legal and moral basis. Additionally, the camps have also been ruled against on a judicial basis. Scalia also went to great pains to point out to the students that the government could easily do this again. Just as it happened before, they would use the excuse of safety in order to push through such a law. Heck, it might even end up as being an executive action of the president, without any formal congressional support.

He even told the students that, “you are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again…I would not be surprised to see it happen again, in time of war. It’s no justification, but it is the reality.” The point is that just because a law is written does not mean that it will actually be honored, or that there will be people of enough honor and fortitude to ensure that we do not go too far with our zeal. We need to be wary about what is happening and always be ready for what could happen.

This is indeed an interesting and perhaps eery discussion topic, especially after it has recently come to light that FEMA has been building a number of camps. Of course, these are supposedly being reserved for times of ‘national emergency’ but who knows what other purposes they could be used for. There are now camps in just about every state and enough that they could literally hold a large portion of the population that the government might consider to be ‘trouble makers.’

Think this is a bit far-fetched? What might happen if there was some sort of event in the USA that caused the president to declare martial law? Then, he could literally declare all the laws and protections formerly guaranteed to citizens to be suspended. The fact that this warning is coming from a sitting US Supreme Court judge is very interesting and revealing.

What do YOU think? Is Scalia right—could we see a return of internment camps? What do you think would be the pressure event that sets all of this into motion? How would the government decide who belongs in such a place?

  • Barry Blows


    • nordic templar

      you are giving more ammo to the left to paint us as racists . I am sure you know this and it may be intentional .. nobody is listening .

      • ranti


        • nordic templar

          I would say they have many more . all I was trying to say is that posting things that you would read on a bathroom wall in a middle school doesn’t help the cause .

    • ranti


    • ARangerForLife87

      Do you people hear yourselves?

  • John

    I can absolutely see the current administration doing this before he can be kicked out of office. I don’t think he plans on there being another presidential election.
    Barry blows you are a pathetic excuse for a human.

  • carl arasi

    I can see barry doing this in the event of civil dis obedience,and I think in the event he does declare marshal law the closest Patriot to him should blow his fucken brains out! Just an opinion!

    • ranti


      • Psssst

        actually no they aren’t sworn to protect the constitution, rather the continuity of government… big difference… read William Cooper: Behold A Pale Horse . FEMA has nothing to do with emergencies except for creating one, national security is it’s facade and justification. it is a parallel government and fully functional and slowly disbarring the constitution. you will see the camps within the next generation. behold a pale horse and the rider shall be known as death

      • carl arasi

        You patriots need to calm down a little bit. I’m not exactly sure who the Secret Service take an oath to defend, but they are still Americans with families to protect just like we have. I really don’t think they would do. Barry evil doings. I understand how Saddam Hussein took power in a Iraq. This is not Iraq! We have been estimated to have 10,000,000 patriots with arms. This little communist bastard will not take over this country. He may cause a little American blood to

        stain our soil, but in the end it will be mostly communist blood.

        • Jarrod

          10 Million patriots with arms doesn’t mean a thing if there is no organization. You can’t fight an army effectively in small groups.

          • carl arasi

            Fist off,barry don’t have an army.As far as organization goes that don’ take long State by State!

      • koko

        Saddam got in power because of us. He didn’t do our bidding so we got rid of him.

    • ranti


  • carl arasi

    barry thought the muslim spring in Egypt was something to behold,wait till he beholds the American Spring,and he will if he ever declares marshal law against the American People!

    • clemans

      now just why would he have to so that? Our politicians are getting away with anything they want and the majority of the uninformed won’t even get out to vote. And when they do, they often have no clue what the issues are because they listen to FOX, Beck, Rush, and other cable NOT-THE-NEWS shows. And while those keep the masses divided, we are all screwed.

      It just isn’t liberals or all conservatives who have had their jobs sent overseas, not just one side who has had stagnant wages for going on 30 years. It isn’t only workers of one side that are losing pensions, and other benefits, while the rich buy political favors and our justice system and do whatever they want. And the insult to injury is they are doing it right in front of our faces.

      All either side has to do is scream about birth control, abortions, gay rights, takers, and liberal judges, and crazies come out of the woodwork, and unite behind things that have nothing to do with the daily lives of the majority of Americans. While giving up all of the focus on good paying jobs, improved education for our children, and anything else that really matters. And all the other side has to do is sit back and let the crazies run the madness and take advantage of the ignorance and lack of focus on real problems.

      And on low wages, no jobs, education based on fantasy instead of fact……both sets of leaders are united together AGAINST THE REST OF US. And there is no chance that the divide between the two sides who ought to be united will end anytime soon. So President Obama has no reason for camps. We let Rush, Beck, FOX, and the others stick us into a prison of their making. Pitting neighbor against neighbor and telling one side that THEY are the true Americans, when liberals AND conservatives working together built this nation with our blood, sweat, and in some cases, tears, but we did it together.

      On 9/11 nobody went around asking who was conservative and who was liberal, they didn’t while fighting bravely in WWII or any of the other horrible things that together we survived. We were ALL Americans when times get bad. Well, we have millions starving and millions needing good paying jobs. This is another time when we are under attack when we both need to work as a team.

  • WitchWay

    Whoever makes the decision to start rounding up one group or another must know and be prepared for the consequences. The American people are so fed up with how things are going in this country and the lack of leadership (in a good way) that we are ready and prepared to fight another revolution in order to get our country back. We are tired of the corruption in Congress as well as the ineptitude in the White House.

  • Ed McGuire

    Well if the Camps start up again ,Prime time to put those who worked against the People and the Constitution so hard, Like All three branches of Government, Especially the Judicial Branch who have been slowly taking our rights away and giving them to the Government. If they would have been Honoring their OATH to the CONSTITUTION, Bush wouldn’t have gotten away with so much and Obama would already be looking for a new job.

    We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the
    -Abraham Lincoln

    • DM

      Lol, Lincoln started the federal government takeover. The civil war was not about slavery. That was a propaganda move to garner internal support in the south for the north. Fact is, even if the south won, slavery would not exist today as it is not an ideal that can survive in a civilized society. What the south was really fighting for was state sovereignty. The federal government had stepped up and declared that its word superseded all state mandate and law. That the federal government had absolute power and authority over individual state law and constitution. Lincoln was an abolitionist, and true abolitionist motive was not only to end slavery but to return people of African decent back to Africa. They were not interested in equality and as a politician and president, he was interested in his administration and government’s absolute control.

      • Ed McGuire

        Yes,you’re right, it goes way back,farther than most people care to go. We love to repeat history don’t we. :-)

  • ranti

    What he is saying is that the Constitution is based on `convenience` In a crises ,real or made up, a Sitting President Can suspend it! And become a semi-temporary DICK-TATER!That means that Our freedom and our `God GIVEN RIGHTS` CAN BE TAKEN BY EXECUTIVE ORDER AT ANY GIVEN TIME!

  • clemans

    I think it was a shame he ever got his job in the first place and we would all be better off without him on the Supreme Court, but I read most of the Patriot Act, and I am surprised bush didn’t make use of camps here, instead of sticking them in foreign nations, where there is no oversight.

    And most all of us have heard something about not locking the barn door after the horses are gone……after bush violated so many Constitutional rights, I have no hope that any future president will repeal the Patriot Act. They will just keep adding to it like President Obama did.

    I am an independent and I tried to warn the republicans to read the Patriot Act, but when it was a conservative in the White House doing it, all they did was snicker.

    • ARangerForLife87

      I agree with you.

  • Vennie

    With the anti-Christian sentiment going on in our country it will be the Christians rounded up next time.

    • koko

      They already started in the Middle East.

  • Jim

    The president is meeting with the Muslim brother hood and Iran says they have men already in place to launch major attacks on America , just what Obama needs to declare martial law.

  • homerbjenkins

    I’d be willing to bet that you level of commitment to the socialist dumbocratic party and their puppet on a string will have a whole lot to do with your free lodging or not. Hopefully I can get to the woods first.

  • koko

    I think if Obama did this , it would be to house all Obama haters. It is possible!

  • sick and tired of the bs

    we already have them….south carolina, minnesota…etc……they are putting people in these camps that speak out already. sickens me!!!

  • Toni Tourville

    and it would be conservatives that ovomit would want rounded up… republicans… whites… he’s been working on this for a while now… Russian troops in America to help implement his plan… irs on the ready to punish everyone that goes against this pos. if they try this… there will be a lot of dead bodies piled up… it won’t go down as smoothly as it did with the Jap/Amer people!

  • Gentry Harms

    I have this odd feeling that if we win the Senate back and begin impeachment proceedings, we’ll see a few of these start to pop up…..