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ALERT: Newspaper Chain Creating Database Of All CCW Holders Nationwide

By , January 25, 2014.

ALERT: A large newspaper chain is about to take it upon themselves to build a national database of all concealed-carry permit holders to publish in their 100+ publications.

Civitas Media, which owns 88 newspapers and other publications in 12 states, considers this an important “enterprise” project across all their newsrooms. An internal e-mail received by the Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio tells all:

Civitas Media editorial report – Jan. 13- Jan. 17
From Jim Lawitz

We are launching two enterprise projects across our newsrooms this month. …The second project examines the explosion of “conceal and carry” gun permits across the U.S. Through public records act requests, we will attempt to build state-by-state databases that list those who have the right to carry a concealed weapon.

The Buckeye Firearms Association contacted Lawitz, who said the newspaper chain “currently” has no plans to publish the database, but it seems ridiculous to go to the effort to collect all the data and just sit on it. It’s inevitable it would be published, putting all CCW owners in danger.

Following the Newtown tragedy, a New York newspaper published an interactive map of all CCW holders in their coverage area. The website sparked outrage and the newspaper removed the interactive capability, making it impossible to individually identify CCW owners.

Here is a link to the newspapers that Civitas owns. If you live in their coverage area, contact their editors immediately and demand they put a halt to this dangerous privacy violation of law-abiding Americans.

  • Thom*

    I don’t trust any stranger that knocks on my door anymore, so it really doesn’t mean shit to me if they publish my name or not. I would prefer they didn’t but “Oh well”

    • AverageJoe1987

      They want to try to get legal gun owners killed, but instead they’ll probably get a bunch of home invaders shot by law-abiding gun owners.

  • AverageJoe1987

    Its an attempt by liberals to try to get gun owners killed, because as that one liberal professor showed when he proudly boasted that he hopes every NRA members’ children are killed to teach them a lesson, liberals want anyone who owns a gun (except criminals of course, just look at Chicago, libs don’t care about that) to die for committing the evil crime of exercising their Constitutional Right to bear arms.

  • downwiththesystem

    I wonder what those jackazz’s would say if we started publishing the names of women how have abortions, or gays that have AIDS? How is one ANY different from the other? It’s interesting, (not really becuase it’s predictible) that these same people who SCREAM about the “publics right to know”, would lose their minds at the mention of any of the above because it goes against the so called, right to privacy. Where is that in the Constitution, by the way? I know…it’s not!!!

    • John Rosario

      4th, 9th take your pick

      4th protects against unlawful SEARCHES and seizures

      9th protects ALL rights not stated in the constitution

      • JustTheFactx

        that all went to hell with Cheney (and his puppet Bush) and more so under Lord Chakka Caca Obunghole.

        • Thom*

          I believe Bush had good intentions, can’t say the same for obunghole.

          • JustTheFactx

            I think Cheney, Wolfowitz, and others ran that show… Bush was a puppet… and until around 20 BIG questions pertaining to the 911 attacks are fully answered… I will always regard that group as traitors and criminals.

          • Thom*

            Sure you will. Just like you believe obama is honest and transparent.

          • JustTheFactx

            If you are too dull to question the BS put out by ANY administration… go grab another cheap beer and forget all this.

          • StevieRayHubcap

            Before Bush’s 1st election, during the campaign, I asked my cousin who lives and operates several busiinesses in Texas, what he thought of Bush. His reply: “He’s an empty suit.” I don’t know about that, but I do know that his administration fell far short of “conservative,” and the Patriot Act is downright criminal in its scope, intentions notwithstanding. INcidentally, I am a conservative, and I did vote for Bush. It is his great misfortune to have been President during 9-11. It completely altered what his Presidency MIGHT have been. I suspect he would have been nearly indistinguishable from do-nothing, coast-along Clinton.
            Obama, on the other hand, does a good job of keeping his horns trimmed below the hairline.

          • JustTheFactx

            My fear is that the repugnant “Patriot” Act was planned… and that 911 was the trigger to get the sheep to allow their freedoms to be radically altered. As mentioned, I am not sure, but there are REALLY serious questions that must be answered. very smelly. Try to view the original video… it is an eye-opener.

  • jim

    Those Of Us With Any Sense Will Not Register Weapons With A Hostile Govt. They Will See Them When The Time Is Right.

    • StevieRayHubcap

      I am a permitted, concealed-carry gun owner. I do not advertise it. I have no “Insured by Smith & Wesson” or “forget the Dog, Beware of Owner!” or “Molon Labe” or any other such braggadoccio-laden advertisement that I even OWN guns, much less carry them, neither on my car or my home. There are 2 ways to look at this violation of my privacy: 1) bad guys can see that I have guns and my neighbors do not, so who is easiest to rob; and 2) bad guys can see that I have guns, and they can steal them when I’m not there. Well, I have a sophisitcated home security system, so I’m probably insulated aginst #2, and #1 is just too bad for my neighbors.
      The problem you mention about resisting registration, Jim, is that if you have bought a new gun at any retail outlet since 1969, it is de facto registered anyway. The Gun Control Act of 1968 requires all licensed gun dealers to keep records of all gun sales quote “for AT LEAST 20 years,” but since there is no time limit on how long they may actually be kept, in essence they are kept forever; and if you have ever bought TWO new guns at the same purchase, then the Federal government keeps records of THAT at the ATFE’s National Tracing Center for-real FOREVER. They know what we have, if we are law-abiding citizens who bought new guns from licensed dealers instead of from shady guys in long overcoats at dark intersections in bad parts of town. Despite this, I buy new guns for one EXCELLENT reason: I KNOW they were never used in a crime.
      And as long as I own them, THEY NEVER WILL BE.
      The left-wing, government-sympathizing media have no idea the length to which they will someday, likely someday soon, be used as tools against their own next-door neighbors. Because they think with their emotions rather than with their heads, they actually believe they are doing good. They are almost all monumentally stupid, though. Why are MY guns a threat? And to whom are they a threat? Why is the government concerned about legally-owned guns?
      Read what Madison had to say about it in Federalist Paper #46. It is VERY clear.

      • deeznuts

        That’s ok, I bought mine from private sellers, and since I work in a machine shop I’ve made some with no traceable numbers which is legal in my state as long as I don’t sell them

  • JustTheFactx

    Hopefully a CCW will visit the editor and do some serious ballistic testing on his liver.

  • Sal

    what newspaper?

  • Curtis Wendt

    The link to their newspaper, says they discussed and rejected the idea of creating a database of CCW I was about to leave a scathing comment but have found they have changed their minds.

  • EddieGin12

    Well, like I stated many, many times, it’s just a matter of time before the Gum-mint comes for the guns, and abolish our 2nd Amendment rights. For every reaction, there is a re-action. It’s coming people,

  • Craven Moorehead

    so demonize law abiding citizens? welcome to obama’s communist america.

    • Vickie

      How do you take out an illegal poser sitting in our WH using our tax dollars to fund their birthdays, vaca’s, and golf outings? It won’t be impeachment, cause he’s not legally vetted (ask Nancy Pelosi about that), and he deliberately blotched up his oath on inauguration day, and had to redo with no media present! In other words, most of our congress (house & senate) are complicit in this coup to take over our country, and no entity is willing to do what our forefather’s did (cause they had honor and courage) to lay down their fortunes, and life for the freedoms we hold dear! It may come to the point, that We the People will have to do it! God please bless this nation once again!

  • Really

    Have they not considered that many CCW had to pass a federal background check already and also have to pass a firearms safety class? How will that list prevent the mentally ill or a criminal from accessing a gun? Was there no thought process applied to this decision?

  • elimination20

    The newpapers should just print the names of those who don’t possess firearms.

    • Thom*

      Good idea. The Chicago newspapers should try that and see how it works out for them. Post Name and Address.

  • Vickie

    If anyone’s name comes up in these newspapers….class action lawsuit!

  • Tukadoodle

    We got 3 of those bitches so far in CO cos these folks are the very reasons we have/need lot’s of guns. Humm.. Right after Sandy Hook, Feinstein justjust suddenly whipped out an over 500 page bill…. Must be why Elijah Cummings et al slid a new Bill outlawing the death penalty for any/all crimes committed only by Federal Employees during the holidays…. I call it Treason is the Reason…

  • LookSheeple

    Start collecting and mapping everyone who has had an abortion.

  • johnanaguski

    They need to worry about the ones that don’t have CCW. Many don’t want the Govt. to know.

  • ron44

    CIVITAS had better worry about law suits if people wined up dead because felons use their data base to hunt for weapons.