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Muslim Group Wants The West To Criminalize Criticizing Islam

By , December 24, 2013.

A Muslim group – itself known for sexism and intolerance – has called on the Western world to make criticizing Islam a crime.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), based in Saudi Arabia, has released a 94-page document on “Islamophobia” that suggests saying the following things should be felonies: “Islam is an inherently expansionist religion,” and suggesting that Muslims are inclined toward violence.

In the OIC’s Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, there’s no respect for freedom of religion and it repeatedly claims all laws come from Sharia Law. In fact, Sharia law is mentioned no less than 15 times. Every right – every statement – comes with the caveat that it comport with Sharia law. It demands that there be “no crime or punishment except as provided for in the Shariah.”

This would include blasphemy laws, which make “insulting Islam” punishable by death — laws the OIC wants to bring all Americans under.

It complains they play a “negative role” by propagating “stereotypes and misperceptions about Islam.” Specifically, it doesn’t like reporting on the “radicalization” of Muslims, arguing that Islam does not radicalize Muslims to the point where they commit terrorist acts.

Yeah, tell that to the terrorist who last May hacked to death a British soldier in London. At his sentencing this month, Michael Adebolajo said he did it to “make it to paradise.”

The OIC also demands non-Muslim nations observe all Muslim holidays. How is this not “expansionist”?

If the Islamofascists want to curb criticism of their faith in non-Muslim countries, they should rein in their supremacist attitudes as well as the hordes of terrorists who give their faith a bad name.

  • Thom*

    Islam is a cult. It;s followers preach nothing but hate. They are filthy unbathed savages. IMHO

  • Richard Lionheart

    Islam is a cult of pedophiles and inslavers of women.

    • best9rfan

      They incite violence, murder etc. They are NOT a peaceful religion at all.

  • rightffielder

    muzzscums SUCK donkey dick!! I HATE muzzscumms!!!

  • David


  • Lou Bator

    Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Know where the nearest mosk is in your area. When the shi’ite hits the fan, that’s the first target.

  • dcizscumm

    Muslims, GOTHEFCKKKHOME n live your oppressive BS fake religion copied from juuzz and die of mers

  • Bobby Bartlett

    The OIC also demands non-Muslim nations observe all Muslim holidays. Not IN AMERICA Muther fucker.

  • johnanaguski

    They keep pushing and we all know what happens when our bucket gets full.

  • Eagles_USA

    I will never accept islam. Period!

  • kbrockm

    “Islamaphobia” implies fear of Islam. I’m “afraid” Muslims are in for a rude awakening if they believe Americans fear them!

    • D.O. Durant

      I think that’s a grave mistake on their part, as well. They do not understand how easily things could go extremely bad for them if the populace simply had enough…

    • PJMcK1954

      REAL Americans don’t fear those filthy Muslims.
      The problem is that we have been saddled with worthless and cowardly DemocRATs who get elected by the minority groups determined to have a black president; sexual misfits; young and naive voters who are influenced by prima donna celebreties; the social parasites who depend on free money without having to work and of course, the illegal voters.
      Unfortunately, American customs have descended to the point where everyone is worried about upsetting someone, especially someone in a shrill minority group.
      Thanks to the so-called “politically correct,” it seems that everyone is living in fear of getting pinned with labels such as “bigot,” “homophobe,” “mean-spirited,” “rascist,” etcetera.
      …almost everyone.
      Not me.

  • JustTheFactx

    part of the problem is having a mulatto president that is also Shia muslim… look at the huge gains that those scumturds have made over tha last 5 years worldwide… I support outlawing islam form the USA…and deportation of all of the diseased rats.

  • Anto de Chav

    What we should be doing is banning islam. its a gangster cult..

    • best9rfan

      Ban islam, worldwide!!!!!

  • disqus_s4ZMrFa7yS

    Hmmmm….somehow I don’t think the SCOTUS would enforce such a “law” as it would directly violate our First Amendment.

  • Jaysonrex

    Actually, criticizing Islam should be mandatory in all civilized nations.

    • D.O. Durant

      I LIKE the way you think….

  • Mike

    MMMMM….I love bacon. Hey muzzies you want some?

  • carl arasi

    Islam is the religion of Satan. Allah is an Arabic Moon God. All Muslims should be thrown out of all Western countries. Look at the problems they have in caused in Europe, as well as Scandinavian countries! Now that the USA has got a communist Muslim president, the Muslims in this country are starting to demand more and more, but this is not Europe! They will be really disappointed in the end. We should destroy all mosques in our country, and anyone who still wants to be a Muslim will have to leave. China and Japan will not allow Muslims in the country, and the Australian government has told the Muslims, to either live by Australian values, or get out! That’s exactly what needs to be done in this country!

    • best9rfan

      When referring to allah as an arabic moon god, it is insulting to God, the creator of everything in existence, to use a capital G, when that is nothing more than a god. When God rules and reigns someday, islam will be wiped off the face of the earth, even though they wont like it. They definitely wont like being in hell for all eternity, either. But that will happen if they dont get saved. All those muslims that have anything to do with anything re: death to Israel have written their own death certificate.

      And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Genesis 12:3, KJV
      This verse refers to anyone Israel, they will be blessed or cursed, depending on which side they take.

      • carl arasi

        LOL, that’s a lot of typing for a G, but of course you are correct, and as far as the rest of your comments are concerned, you are 100% correct.

  • Kevin M. Koop

    FUCK ISLAM! Here’s an idea stay in your own shitty country and leave us alone!

  • Robert Grose

    No need for me to Comment , you guys have already got all the good stuff!!

  • jb80538

    So far we have a constitutionally protected right of FREE speech! They are hell bent on changing pout constitution to accommodate their sick, perverted lifestyle.
    As far as I’m concerned, it’s past time to start that rousing game of Cowboys and muslims

  • rona

    After 911 there should have been open season on them until they vacated civilization and went back to their homeland.

  • le

    ISLIM is not a religion, it’s a cult of depravity and evil beyond imagining.

  • David Alexander

    Guess what…..they can KISS MY ASS….best thing that NORMAL people can do is place all Islams on an abandoned island……nuke the damned thing…..eradication of a disease

  • Frank Morris

    These clowns can F*** OFF with their little-shit pedophile woman hating “god” (I spit on all of you monkeys). Bring it on you idiots; we’ll show you how the religious freedom game is really played.

  • Guest

    Im sure Obama will be signing an execution order soon!!!

  • Carl Showalter


  • Hiram Belt

    Shove a pork roll in their mouths, and dip your ammo in pig’s blood.

  • Sevin

    Fuck muslim pigs!

  • Bubbaduck

    The OIC can kiss my A.S.S.

  • D.O. Durant

    Fuck ‘em ! Little pissy bastards, sneaky litte fucks…at least the Japanese had a sense of honor before they humbly accepted our “readjustment offer” in ’45…
    These “convenience faggots” are a scourge on civilization, and one day they’re going to push it too far in this country…leave the rest for your imagination.
    SO FUCKING TIRED of the apologists, Barney the Purple Dinosaur Diplomacy, and a narrative put out by the left that DEMANDS we fall in line and put up with their SHIT !!! Fuck ‘em…..
    I just read down to Jaysonrex comment … Criticism of Islam should be mandatory !
    Again, Fuck ‘em….

  • Ron C

    Lubing up my Ammo with bacon fat!

  • Robert

    How about a new game… knock out the muslim. OH, here goes my name on the NSA… like it wasn’t there already.

  • Angie Pate

    See that picture of them burning MY flag ?? That is where I get MY stereotypes of muslims right there !!

  • Buzzer7

    Can we get a great big “UP YOUR” for our Muslim buddies, here? Note to all of them: We don’t want Sharia Law in our Country! We will continue to criticize you, mock you, laugh at you and make fun of you because your behavior is both repugnant and dangerous to the rest of us! Stay in your own Countries, and practice your religion! Don”t attempt to foist your primitive and savage beliefs on the rest of us! We WILL resist you, of that you can be assured!

  • Lou Bator

    The bloody death cult of mohammedism is best known in the West as satanism, and their gods al-uh and mohammed are satan’s acolytes.

  • Norman Watson

    I’m going to say they are a bunch of murdering butchers and that criticism is the truth.

  • Bob Danley

    Well that would certainly put liberal atheist in a tough spot.

  • KC2013

    In the UK we have a group called TellMama funded by the taxpayer who are trying to get any criticism of Islam on twitter and facebook made a hate crime. More info on them, can be seen here

  • carlberlin

    Islam SCUM of the earth

  • RonzoL61

    Hey, Muslims… F*CK YOU AND YOUR FALSE PROPHET!!! Now, come and get me!!!

  • Sharon Klein

    Live the American way are get the hell out of our country !!!!!!!!

  • TyPrice

    Hahahaha…What idiots, we criticize the irrational to stop it from harming others. If they want to harm themselves by believing arbitrary things that’s fine but when you start harming others it’s criticizing time!

  • ECombs

    Religion is the problem..label it holyism and you will have ppl killing over it in no time…and before you Bible thumpers get all butthurt remember your churches have killed millions in “God’s name”. If there is a god, I sincerely doubt any and all beliefs humanity has come with is remotely accurate.

  • Matt Racicot

    fuck all religion it’s the biggest troll project in history

  • commandergreen

    The only good muslim is a dead one. Start making them good.

  • doug

    Maybe they should start with their own kind, 1st it’s their people who are giving them a bad name, that will be the day when my government tells me I can’nt call muslems or their shitie religion a piece of shit. As far as I see it Allah is Satan,if allah is so wonderful then why do these ass hole kill in his name I have more respect for things I throw away in my trash than these people