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Hillary Fired For “Lying, Unethical Behavior” on Watergate Committee

By , January 12, 2014.

Hillary Clinton might have a pretty hefty scandal brewing.
It turns when she was an attorney working on the Watergate investigation, she was fired by her supervisor for “lying, unethical behavior.”
Jerry Zeifman, who said he is a lifelong Democrat, was a supervisor for 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. When the investigation was complete, Zeifman said he fired Hillary and refused to give her a recommendation.
“Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.
Dan Calabrese reports:
How could a 27-year-old House staff member do all that? She couldn’t do it by herself, but Zeifman said she was one of several individuals – including Marshall, special counsel John Doar and senior associate special counsel (and future Clinton White House Counsel) Bernard Nussbaum – who engaged in a seemingly implausible scheme to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel during the investigation.

Why would they want to do that? Because, according to Zeifman, they feared putting Watergate break-in mastermind E. Howard Hunt on the stand to be cross-examined by counsel to the president. Hunt, Zeifman said, had the goods on nefarious activities in the Kennedy Administration that would have made Watergate look like a day at the beach – including Kennedy’s purported complicity in the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro.
The actions of Hillary and her cohorts went directly against the judgment of top Democrats, up to and including then-House Majority Leader Tip O’Neill, that Nixon clearly had the right to counsel. Zeifman says that Hillary, along with Marshall, Nussbaum and Doar, was determined to gain enough votes on the Judiciary Committee to change House rules and deny counsel to Nixon. And in order to pull this off, Zeifman says Hillary wrote a fraudulent legal brief, and confiscated public documents to hide her deception.
The brief involved precedent for representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding. When Hillary endeavored to write a legal brief arguing there is no right to representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding, Zeifman says, he told Hillary about the case of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, who faced an impeachment attempt in 1970.
“As soon as the impeachment resolutions were introduced by (then-House Minority Leader Gerald) Ford, and they were referred to the House Judiciary Committee, the first thing Douglas did was hire himself a lawyer,” Zeifman said.
The Judiciary Committee allowed Douglas to keep counsel, thus establishing the precedent. Zeifman says he told Hillary that all the documents establishing this fact were in the Judiciary Committee’s public files. So what did Hillary do?
“Hillary then removed all the Douglas files to the offices where she was located, which at that time was secured and inaccessible to the public,” Zeifman said. Hillary then proceeded to write a legal brief arguing there was no precedent for the right to representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding – as if the Douglas case had never occurred.
The brief was so fraudulent and ridiculous, Zeifman believes Hillary would have been disbarred if she had submitted it to a judge.

Zeifman says that if Hillary, Marshall, Nussbaum and Doar had succeeded, members of the House Judiciary Committee would have also been denied the right to cross-examine witnesses, and denied the opportunity to even participate in the drafting of articles of impeachment against Nixon.

Of course, Nixon’s resignation rendered the entire issue moot, ending Hillary’s career on the Judiciary Committee staff in a most undistinguished manner. Zeifman says he was urged by top committee members to keep a diary of everything that was happening. He did so, and still has the diary if anyone wants to check the veracity of his story. Certainly, he could not have known in 1974 that diary entries about a young lawyer named Hillary Rodham would be of interest to anyone 34 years later.

  • actionsspeaklouder

    This type of lawless, unethical behavior is applauded by politicians now-a-days. It’s Standard Operating Procedure for the Obama administration. When no one is held responsible/accountable, this kind of behavior runs rampant. We are becoming desensitized to it because we hear about it happening so much and nothing is done about it. People just shrug their shoulders and say things like – they all do it – which is somehow supposed to make it acceptable. It is NOT acceptable. It is WRONG and people should be punished.

    • geo88diction

      are you out of your mind? there also may be zombies waiting at your back door.

      If you think that what is reported on this site is researched and factual, you should also probably take a look at Rick Dyer’s new photo of Bigfoot.
      How exactly would you know about the standard operating procedure for the Obama Administration? You don’t. But you still speak like you do

      But alas, this will be taken down because uneducated people don’t like facts, or the people who take those to heart.

      • Thom*


        • Jozep

          Still killing em’ with those ‘zingers’? Please, proceed Governor!

        • MAKEMYDAY100


      • JustTheFactx

        Why are you here, roachpaste? Just something to read as you spank Hank?

      • Silly Liberals

        It is searchable and the article is accurate, but don’t let the facts get in the way.

        • in all seriousness

          read between the lines. “She didn’t do it by herself” = she wasn’t really involved. “Against the judgment of leading Democrats” = didn’t follow what her boss said so she got fired

          unprovable allegations 40 years later does not a scandal make

          • eaglestalon

            “She didn’t do it by herself” = she wasn’t really involved.

            LOL, REALLY? So because there were multiple people involved, NONE of them were actually responsible…..right? You Liberals wrote the f’n book on dumb.

            “Against the
            judgment of leading Democrats” = didn’t follow what her boss said so
            she got fired

            Uhhh yeah and you have a problem with that? You seem to actually believe an employee can disregard the directions from a superior and NOT be held accountable? Like I said, you guys wrote the book on dumb.

            BTW, this will make a WONDERFUL campaign commercial in 2016 along with Benghazi and ALL the Clinton era scandals which will be brought back in full force.

          • Tonto

            I don’t think you lo that l…I didn’t roger. U

          • Boydnar

            Wow. Reading your comments and constructing a flowchart of your thinking reveals it to be completely illogical. You truly are intellectually handicapped.

            And . . . they’re not merely “allegations” and they are completely provable. In the words and from the mouths of Democrats, no less.

          • in all seriousness

            if they were provable they would be actionable

            guess what? they’re not.

          • Boydnar

            They would have been actionable had they been revealed by her Democrat bosses back in the 70’s. But the last thing Dems are going to do is reveal nefarious actions on THEIR side that would result in a scandal FOR THEM.
            Not only are we way past any statute of limitations that applies, but charges would have had to be pressed in Washington, D.C., where the overwhelming majority — like 80% — of the population is Democrat and the prosecutors prosecute Republicans but not Democrats.
            You really don’t know a damn thing, do you?

          • in all seriousness

            Your constant use of special words (hitlery, mclibtard, etc) suggests that you aren’t really capable of intelligent conversation beyond your insular bubble (read: echo chamber) that tells you its okay to act as you do.

            I’m fine with that, because it keeps raving lunatics like you from social power and even a modicum of meaningful influence.

            Go peddle your hate on some other downtrend thread. It’s the perfect forum for the meaningless vitriol one such as yourself innately produces. Your impotent rage is their web traffic.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        Blah, blah, blah. And you believe the crap Obama’s been feeding us over the years? LOL. And I’m out of MY mind????? Poor baby – someone needs to burp you because you’re full of it.

      • oreokittle

        Wow, you must be living under a rock… Shaking my head.

      • Bill

        Geo88diction your the uneducated or highly educated fool here, either way your comment above makes me laugh. You can check the facts if you would like to but I’m guessing you will just keep that little brain of yours closed like all the other democrats and keep supporting this administration because if you would admit to all the lying that goes on in the Obama administration then you would be admitting how wrong you have been, and that will never happen

        • harddazeknight

          Hey Bill, you might want to lay off of the “uneducated or highly educated fool” remarks until you learn the difference between ‘your’ (possessive pronoun) and ‘you’re’, the contraction of ‘you are’. Oh, by the way, *your* syntax sucks too. Get some education–can’t hurt.

          • David J Michel Jr.

            I am an uneducated worker bee but even I know when someone is educated beyond their intelligence .you grammar police are such fags!

          • M J

            No, his syntax is fine. Making the wrong choice between “your” and “you’re” is a matter of lexis, not syntax.

          • RetiredTpr

            Also, spell check!

          • in all seriousness

            syntax includes total failure to punctuate, and run-on sentences

          • M J

            True, but he did that only in a later post (not in the one I was talking about).

          • I_lol_ed

            Grammer Police ALERT Grammer Police
            . <– Look a misplaced period, oh no…. msis tpyed wrods!! How wlil we eevr be albe to raed tehm!!!

          • Nasty Man


          • in all seriousness

            aahhhh delicious mediocrity criticizing accuracy

            why am I not surprised to find vitriol against procedure on a Republican talking board?

          • Nasty Man

            Spelling Gestapo? “Blow me”. How is that for syntax, Byatch?

          • Sue Jensen

            So i didnt know this was English 101! Notice the small I in the first sentence! Libertard!!! Head out of ass, read your history FOOL. Have my degree? How about you! You insulting terd!

          • granddad1

            In California English is considered a second language.

          • eaglestalon

            typical lib. Can’t refute the argument so just attack the messenger.

            Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

            “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill disciplined, despotic, and useless. Liberalism is the philosophy of sniveling brats.” – P.J. O’Rourke

          • LostSok

            Funny. Claim someone attacks the messenger…then post idiotic tripe. Typical right-wing hypocrisy.

            Just like Bengazhi was worse than the Iraq war…or IF his story is true..that’s it’s somehow worse than the behavior of Richard Nixon: who cost the lives of TENS OF THOUSANDS of Americans.

            Fucking moron.

          • eaglestalon

            Well know, you’ve lost your liberal mind (I know, I know, an oxymoron to be sure) because I introduced facts and logic along with a quote which exactly describes what the sorry Left is all about.

            You even laughingly introduce a element of doubt into the veracity of the story in a liberal lame attempt to dismiss it’s importance. LOL, put down the bong, lib and take a look around you just once in awhile.

            I never mentioned Nixon, you did but all that amounted to was a 3rd rate burglary and a cover-up which the libs managed to turn into a major candal with the great help of their Lefty media pals. I don’t condone the cover -up or the break in and the Republicans were 100% right to THEMSELVES demand Nixon resign. Compare that to the most scandal ridden Administration in history, the Clinton’s and you will than have a great lesson in hypocrisy. I would list the Clinton scandals but would run out of bandwidth before finishing. The Obumbler Admin is a close second and yet you pathetic sheep continue to defend and cover for what has turned out to be the most unqualified and incapable individual to ever hold an elected office. LOL, he’s so totally out of touch that by his own admission he never knew about ANY of the scandals such as IRS, Gun Walker, AP, NSA, etc until “I read them in the paper”.

            BTW, lib, it was Nixon who ENDED the war in VN and it was JOHNSON who cost the lives of over 50,000 soldiers due to his escalation and incompetent managing of the war. But hey lib, why let the facts get in the way of a drug induced rant.

            “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill disciplined, despotic,and useless. Liberalism is the philosophy of sniveling brats.” – P.J.

          • David J Michel Jr.

            you are one of those over educated libtards Berkley grad? you should suck that black and white dick of Obama more often .you are educated beyond your intelligence .stop trying to prove how smart you are living in your moms spare room.

          • amskeels .

            I’ve been told his mom doesn’t have a spare room. Hmmm!

          • David J Michel Jr.

            ok that’s much funnier than what I said well done.

          • garb67

            I think you mean Kennedy and Johnson. You might want to check your definition of moron there Sparky. I just did and your picture was right there.

          • garb67

            Man, you’re really going to hate when the common core grads start posting.

          • amskeels .

            Got a pretty good laugh out of Bill’s 1st line there about being uneducated.

          • Boydnar

            Hey dumkopf . . . the period goes INSIDE the quotes, like this: “you are.” And you’re supposed to use the single ‘quote marks’ only when you’re already inside the double “quote marks.” <– Notice, again, the period is INSIDE the quote marks.

            And take note of the fact that less-than-perfect composition is no indicator of the rightness or wrongness of one's political philosophy.

            But you can be sure that America-hating leftism is always wrong.

            Figure it out, $mart@$$.

      • David J Michel Jr.

        us uneducated people know Hillary Clinton and Obama are lying cunts.

        • M J

          Ah, but if you were TRULY educated, you would know that the Republicans lie even more boldly and shamelessly, but their followers hear what they want to hear, so they don’t notice how outrageous the lies are.

          • David J Michel Jr.

            the last thing I would do is to defend the Republicans but I find that dems don’t see their party for its politics they see it as a religion . and they see Obama as the new Jesus. the last dem I voted for was Al Gore boy did he fool me. I now know he too is a lying thief.

          • M J

            Obama as the new Jesus? You ARE out of touch. The last time the Dems even got close to such a worshipful attitude was during the 2008 campaign, when he was like Jesus and Moses wrapped up into one for them. But since then, they have been a LOT less deferential. He has had a hard time getting support even from fellow Democrats in Congress, and he has taken a LOT of flack especially from the Far Left for failing to live up to those Messianic expectations. Why, the Far Left even calls him “just like Bush” for his failure to close Guantanamo and his support for drones and NSA spying.

          • Bill Pearlman

            Your kidding right. There is nothing that Obama could do where Democrats wouldn’t give him a pass, nothing

          • M J

            You just aren’t following the news, are you? They did not “give him a pass” for intervention in Syria, nor for NSA ‘reform’. And those are just the two that come to the top of my head: there are many other instances.

          • eaglestalon

            LOL, BULL! We have seen 24/7 MSM coverage pounding Christie over what amounted to a f’n TRAFFIC JAM on the GWB. This “non” story has garnered SEVENTEEN TIMES the amount of coverage as the NSA scandal and the other multiple Obama scandals like Benghazi, AP, IRS have

          • M J

            You complain the coverage is “24/7″, yet clearly you did not understand it. First of all, what you call jsut a “traffic jam” blocked an ambulance from getting to the people who needed it. Secondly, unlike the “multiple Obama scandals”, this unwarranted bridge closure was done in a purely petty and vindictive manner, showing that Christie cannot be trusted with power, especially not presidential power.

          • eaglestalon

            Lol, you blame Christie without even a SHRED of evidence showing he knew the real reason for the blockage. Yet “Her Thighness” whose lack of action cost FOUR AMERICAN LIVES gets a pass?

            Christie showed leadership by FIRING his head aide immediately wh e n he was made aware of the email she sent.

            Clinton’s response to FOUR DEAD AMERICANS was to say, “WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE”!

          • M J

            “Without a shred”, you say? You could not be more wrong. There is plenty of evidence he knew about it — because he ordered it. You just deny the evidence because you don’t like it. Just like you deny all the evidence that President Obama never said “What’s the difference” to “four dead Americans”.

          • eaglestalon

            I said it was “Her Thighness” Hillary who said “what difference does it make”, not the clueless one in the WH, who only finds out about things such as the NSA, IRS, AP, etc scandals when he “reads about them in the paper”, according to him.

            Like most liberals you get all your news from MSNBC and Al Sharpton and are proud I’m sure to be among the 500 or so who watch the station. Of course you have no PROOF Christie knew what his top aide was doing, you know the one he FIRED (showing ability to take quick and decisive action along with LEADERSHIP). Show me a link to a reputable source in which there is an email or an individual who claims Christie KNEW this action, this traffic study was a political payback.

            Even the very liberal Washington Post admits there is NO EVIDENCE linking him to the event.

            Waiting for YOUR links to proof he was. waiting….waiting….waitimng

          • M J

            What are you talking about? You haven’t provided any links either. You can’t just say “The Washingon Post admits…” giving no link and then pretend you gave a link.

            After all, if you really believe the Washington Post is still “very liberal”, you are unlikely to be able to recognize the proof when it is presented to you.

          • eaglestalon

            Here ya go liberal.

            To this point, there is no evidence showing Christie knew about or took part in the scheme. Christie has issued strong, blanket denials, including saying Thursday: “I had no knowledge or involvement in this issue, in its planning or execution.”


            Still waiting for YOUR links, liberal.

          • Tonto

            If Fat Christie “didn’t know” what his top man was up to, then he’s just as much of a jackass as YOU are or believing him! I live in NJ. I know how much control Christie has over his shit. It’s more of an indictment against his fat ass if he’s singing ignorant…c’mon, dude. Get some brain cells back in that thick, delusional head of yours. Take some supplements, exercise, pump some blood into that thick skull of yours and get off those meds you all are clogging your spineless, pathetic lives. Because pathetic are the people who believe politics isn’t a bunch of self-important liars, cheaters, thieves and murderers. How about turning off Fox News and MSNBC and get off all of your lazy asses and live life. Cos guess what? This shits been going on for hundreds of years and will continue to go on long after your miserable self-righteous insignificant lives are over. And it don’t mean shit whether you’re bitching and moaning about it or not.

          • eaglestalon

            I live in Jersey also and have for many, many years. You obviously hate Christie, you are obviously a partisan liberal (I am a long time registered Ind and have voted both sides throughout my life). You are the typical hate filled Liberal whocannot exist and find your life empty without thehatred so much a part of you and your kind.

            Your claim Christie “should have known” is meaningless since he claims he did not and neither you nor anyone else has a shred of evidence indicating he DID know the purpose of the lane closings (remember he was told it was for a PA traffic study)

            Besides, if you believe Christie “should have known” and is therefore responsible, will you say the same thing about the President? He claims “no knowledge” of Benghazi, NSA, IRS, AP, Gun Walker scandals before “I read them in the paper”.

            The Left hates Christie because he stood up to the Muni Unions (much to the delight of the VAST MAJORITY of NJ Citizens as is witnessed by TWO landslide election victories) and drastically reduced their huge tax payer bleeding pensio grabs going forward, thereby saving the tax payer BILLIONS of dollars.

            In the world of politics where a week is an eternity, this will all amount to nothing. Take a look at some of the National polling which shows just 23% of people following this issue who because of it have a lower opinion of the Gov, while a combined 77% either think more of him or have had no change in their opinion.

            Want to see what a REAL scandal looks like? Pay attention to the Hillary being fired for lack of ethics. This will play far and wide if she decides to run along with a major rehash of ALL the previous Clinton scandals. Don’t think for a moment just because they happened 10-15 years ago they will be ignored. I promise you they will not.

            As for Christie, hatred of him does not indicate guilt. You have no evidence but as your ilk is wont to do you will continue to screech of his guilt using your tired game plan of innuendo and lies in the hopes the dumb sheeple will come to believe. It may work, after all look the useless individual sitting in the WH, put there by a population dumber than a box of hammers who haplessly believe all the liberal media dumps on them.

          • Tonto

            Wow, Mr or Mrs Eagleton, you sure are one smart cookie! How you could know that I am a liberal, when I’ve chosen to remain silent on elections because I believe what a true politician, Mr. Thomas Jefferson said. And that is as long as this country continues it’s two party jack asses and fat rich elephants system, there will always be agendas and lies, and cover ups.
            I do not hate Mr Christie, you pompous arrogant dumbass. How dare you judge me when you haven’t a clue in that time wasting politically charged head of yours. Maybe you’re illiterate. Because if you DID know how to read you would have discovered that I believe All politicians are self serving lying losers. Whether their last name is Christie, Obama, Clinton, Bush…it doesn’t matter. They’re ALL liars. CAN YOU READ THESE WORDS NOW?? Maybe you can ask your Mom to read them to you if you still don’t get it Eagledick. If we all took this information in we wouldn’t be so friggin delusional, and we’d be out taking care of our live

          • eaglestalon

            Your filthy language proves you’re a liberal. Your kind simply cannot communicate by using language in a civil manner. The following describes you folks to a tee.

            “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill disciplined, despotic, and useless.-O’Rourke

          • Tonto

            I guess you think all of these subpoenas issued to Mr Christie are just part of a witch hunt huh? And so if Mr. Christie claims he didn’t know, I guess we should all take his word for it because he’s a politician and he never lies, right? Again, if he didn’t know, then he’s even more at fault for not having an idea what his top aides are up to. You cannot deny this was a politically charged mess whether he knew or not.

          • Nasty Man

            And your a Bigger Poopy Butt than me…………..

          • M J

            Thanks for showing us the elevated discourse typical of Downtrend:(

          • winoceros

            Vernacular aside, David was specific in his condemnation of specific acts by specific individuals. Your specificity is….?

          • M J

            Your question is an irrelevant distraction. Besides: the ‘specificity’ you praise him for is not something anyone should be praised for. Especially when he had to resort to such childish and offensive obscenity to say it.

          • Wayne Patterson

            fly away efette dxuchebag

          • M J

            How often have you got your comments flagged, potty-mouth?

          • garb67

            Just like all of your posts have been “irrelevant” and “distracting”. While I find it hard to believe that Christie had no part in or knowledge of, the GWB shutdown, do you seriously think it compares to blaming the deaths in Bengazi on a stupid movie. Unfortunately, the movie’s producer has spent more time in jail than will anyone from this administration. If you’re going to speak, please have something more than playground taunts.

          • M J

            I take it ‘garb’ in your username is short for ‘garbage’, because garbage is exactly what you just posted.

            No, not one of my posts has ever been either irrelevant or distracting. You are too impatient and dishonest to admit this, you would rather resort to the playground bad behavior of spitting back an accusation even when it is clearly not justified when spat back. When you grow up, then we can talk, and I can explain to you exactly why each one of my posts has been relevant.

          • Boydnar

            You have a fascinatingly loose connection with reality. Ever thought of moving to europe where you belong? Plenty of socialist countries there for you to be happy in.

        • in all seriousness

          hmmm. identified yourself as uneducated, followed by blanket name calling

          definitely par for the course. im gonna follow you for sure

        • LostSok

          Right, because RIchard Nixon as a saint.

          How fucking stupid are you?

          Wait, your post already answered that question.

      • I_lol_ed

        No facts from you, just name calling. I’ll stick with the diary that was written before you were born.

      • Tec Sg Beatty

        Really? How’s the Seeing Eye dog and white cane these days?
        How obtuse can you be? “Uneducated”? Does one really need a high level of education to know a lie when they see one?
        I don’t trust any politician, but I certainly wouldn’t trust a modern day Democrat. They are no more than Communists, only worse, because they have the advantage of being American by birth (except in Obama’s case), while they sh!t on their own nation.

      • coacht11

        So your saying YOUR and uneducated moron, wow they say that admitting your PROBLEM is the first to real HELP. Now to get your head out of your ass and you will be on your way, CHECK IT OUT

      • Nasty Man

        Truth hurts, How’s your Butt feel, “Boy”?

      • jenkem5

        Hahahaha, this is well documented by multiple sources and is even in the public record. What a tool you are geo88douche….

      • Sue Jensen

        Liberal agendas tend to fall away from the consitution to achieve what they want legal or not! THIS IS A FACT!! Hillary IS a traitor to the people just as Odickhead is! They belong in prison not government of a FREE nation!!

      • American-By-Choice

        One knows the SOP of the Obama administration, by the results of their actions.

        For instance,, we know through the oobtusse demannd that tthe attackk upon tthe BegghaziMission, tthat suuch occurred as a result of aa popular uprising due to thhe anti-MMuslim VVideo, that ssuch was plannned.

      • RetiredTpr

        Excuse me, but the Obama Administration is the most corrupt administration in the history of this Country. Where is the transparency that he was espousing when he ran for office. Everything with these corrupt, racist, people is cover-up! Wake up and look around to see what is happening. Stop being uninformed and believing the liberal BS!

      • garb67

        So please enlighten all of us as to where to get researched and factual information. This administration has certainly distanced itself from the “facts” on numerous occasions.


      Yea and send some of them to prison for a time works for me.

      • Jeff

        and it will all start May 16th 2014 …

        • Ladydonnalands

          I hope so.

          • Jeff

            Pleas spread the word the date and the site for us!!! GOD help us all if this doesn’t work, I don’t even want to imagine what plan b would look like!!!

          • Ladydonnalands

            I twittered it as soon as I saw it .

          • Jeff

            Thank you Lady and GOD bless!!!

          • Ladydonnalands

            May your path be blessed also-My the Lord light up your life. Thank you for being kind.

          • Tonto

            Wonder what Gods Twitter is…
            Maybe @christhasdiedchristhasrisen

          • Ladydonnalands

            Some show respect for Gods greatness and essence and then there are folks like you that do not believe in anything greater then themselves.

          • Tonto

            Awe, shucks. Well done Ms., you’ve spoken like a true zealot! The baseless judgement you choose to spew at me, you know, the one void of any sensible knowledge of the person you spew such garbage at, the kind of off base judgement you zealots are absolutely addicted to (you addict!).
            Just as an FYI, try to open thy mind a little, and maybe, just maybe allow yourself to consider that there may be a concept of god that may not be the same as yours, oh righteous religious zealot you are, but just may be as important than yours……
            Peace to all judgemental zealots of ALL religions big and small, may you put aside your tightly wound convictions, if but fot one day, and realize heaven is on earth right now, while we LIVE today. At this moment.
            Praise The Lord
            Hosannah in the highest!
            Blessed is he…

          • Ladydonnalands

            Whatever dude-You do not know me or the path I have walked nor do I of yours but I do know you seem very disrespectful of folks that do believe. Sir please don’t bother writing me as maybe your mama failed to teach you respect! I do not care to have anything to do with evil bad bully hearts such as yourself. Don’t you need to go sniff Obamas ass or something instead of persecuting little people such as myself?

          • Talis

            Mullah Ladydonnalands has spoken.

          • Tonto

            Oh calm down Electricladylands. Persecution? I do believe it was YOU that proclaimed I didn’t believe in YOUR god. I simply pointed out the problems that we as humans cause when we rely on something silly as “gods greatness”. I try to rely on controlling the lies my mind likes to tell me and focus more on doing the right thing. Something that has nothing to do with gods greatness. I do not persecute, that is not my intent, I just like to find humor in the lies we all like to tell ourselves.

          • Vercors01

            Tonto, there is no such things as a concept of God, same as there is no such thing as a concept of Ladydonnalands. We all are an extension of God. Both God and us — you included– do not need your interpretation to exist. He and we just do despite your interpetation. if you do not agree with what I just said, then prove to me you don’t exist and you are just a concept.

          • Tonto

            Oh. Ok. Well THANK YOU mr varicose for the well educated education. You’ve really opened my eyes on a few things. Let me give you a run down of what I’ve learned from a most enlightened and lucky human being:

            -You’ve been chosen by god HIMself to share with me this (THE) UNDENIABLE truth.
            -god is a HE.
            And last bit certainly not least, that must mean
            -god is a being, not an idea or belief (concept).

            And as for your challenge, I’ll just say that I IS a concept. There is no I, without the lies the mind likes to conjure about I. There is only energy. No self. No creation. Always was, always is.

          • Vercors01

            Tonto, I really touched a nerve there.

            God is a He – Jesus taught us to say “Our Father who art in heaven, otherwise he would have taught her to say ” Our God who art in Heaven”.
            Your reaction just validates what I said.
            You just suppose I am a Mr. Could be right, could be wrong. Obviously, the concept label is so convenient, you just don’t have to know the gender of the person. But believe me I am real, and not a “it”.


          • Tonto

            V, you did touch a nerve, but not as prophetic as you may believe. But give yourself a pat on the back there for being a good boy in spreading the word and words of Jesus. However, let’s just agree to disagree ok? Religions and politics are the most ridiculous ideas to debate. No wonder why humans since the beginning less time have KILLED and SLAUGHTERED and RAPED others because of those two childish concepts made up by our own PETTY AND LYING MINDS. Was Jesus really around way back when? I’m sure he was, as much as I’m sure a man named Alexander the Great existed. Never met him, bit read much him. But I for one choose to focus on my heaven. And that’s right here, this moment. Just like the “self”, the true “self” is a creation of our minds, as is heaven. Rather than a goal to achieve when my body goes thru illness and then dies, I know the only truth. That is now. The present moment. Not the past. Doesn’t exist. Not the future. Also doesn’t exist. So, that being said, why not now. And on that note. I choose to move on with MY heaven, stop wasting my time with Jesus pundits as Mr. V, and start living the only real truth I have….the here and the now. I would hope you do the same.

          • Vercors01

            Tonto, Thank you for your reaction.
            I do have any prophetic aspirations. I am an observer of the words and of people behaviors, and I am interested in the what/why/how/who.
            And you are right, it is humans that slaughter, rape, and kill. That’s why Jesus had to come to set the records straight by revealing who God is–. He is not only human because he understands what/who we are but he is beyond human because he knows what/who we can be.

            FYI, I do have a problem with praying for my enemy and loving them is sometime beyond me! so, I am definitely a very real human being. That is why I am just an extension of God!

            You are searching and this is a good thing. I am sure you will find one day! how exciting!
            A tip: Forgiveness is key.


          • Tonto

            It’s obvious to me that it is very difficult for you as a religious follower to wrap your hands around the godless concept. I am not sure what words you read that suggested to you that I am “searching”… certainly wasn’t mine! I thought I made it perfectly clear (not once but twice) what I know to be true in my life. I’m pretty damn sure of it. And that works for me. I don’t have a problem with forgiveness as there is nothing for me to forgive. Because I know that whatever happens to me, or whatever I have done, is only but a product of my doing and therefore I take full responsibility. You see, the problem arises when we put our mind made labels on things as “good and bad” and put meaning to them. The reality is they carry no meaning at all, except from our judging minds.

            But I thank you for your words of concern, but please understand there is nothing to be searching for. It is always there in front of me….I just need to be aware of it.

          • SmootMahooty

            Amen bro.

          • inquisitor2

            So you’re mighty uneducated yourself. You can’t spell brother? Follow IS NOT spelled “feller”. I’m sure I can list more you hypocritical bigot. See you Sonny boy.

          • Sally

            You do realize that the original Bible was not in English, right? And that MEN translated it multiple times before the one you think is infallible was even printed?

          • Vercors01

            Thank you for your reaction.

            1. Regarding the Bible – format of the text since you speak about the language in which it is written, not its content/substance. So, I will only react on the format.
            Everybody knows that the original bible was written in Aramean (Ancient Hebrew), then translated into Greek and then into Latin by St. Jerome, and this translation has been the basis of the Douai-Reims Bible (Catholic Church). The King James English version came much later (1450s) and is based on the Greek texts version, then in the 1850s came the American bible version.

            And of course the Bible is divided into two parts: the Old Testament (basically the Jewish/Hebrew books), and the New Testament which is composed of the Gospel, the Epistles/Acts of Apostles, and the Book of Revelation).

            Until the invention of the press by Gutenberg,–and I am not sure this is a well-known fact, a bible was plainly displayed in all churches for those who could read it. It was usually in Latin and was produced/copied manually by monks and would years— but each church had its own bible book displayed in church.

            Incidentally, to note the first printed bible was not the King James (in English), but the Mazarin Bible or the Gutenberg Bible – it was printed in Latin. I understand that Cardinal de Richelieu wanted to offer a printed bible(printed press has just been invented!!!) to his protégé Mazarin – who later became Cardinal Mazarin and Adviser/Minister to King Louis XIV of France.

            I could go on and on about the 1000 + versions of the Bible, etc.. That is such an interesting topic.

            2. As for the infallibility of the Pope (or Bishop of Rome )

            The Pope is only infallible when he speaks ex-cathedra –that is officially/when he officially represents/pronounces on the position of the Catholic Church–on matters of faith and doctrine. When he speaks (and is interviewed on a personal basis—that is he does not speak officially on behalf of the Catholic Church—then he is not infallible. On matters of faith and doctrine, he is assisted by the Magisterium.

            This being said – Infallibility of the Pope does not mean he will be always right (infallible), it means : “he will be prevented from erring in matters of faith and doctrine” – which is very different.

            Hence, some dogma have taken years and centuries to be instituted by the Catholic Church. One such dogma is that of the Immaculate conception (i.e., the “immaculate birth of the Virgin Mary—born without the original sin/in all pureness and grace (that is the meaning of full of Grace-without any stain). The virginity and immaculate conception of Mary was traditionally accepted since the beginning of the Church, but the dogma itself was only instituted in the late 1800 following several apparitions of the Virgin Mary revealing first to St. Catherine Labouré (1830s – “O Mary conceived without sin…”) then Bernadette (1850s – “I am the Immaculate Conception” ) that she indeed is “the Immaculate Conception”.
            The reason being is simply: the Church, bound from not teaching errors, could not officially instituted the Immaculate Conception of Mary until such time that it was divinely revealed. Of course, there are a lot of requirements the Church has to meet before it institutes a dogma.

            The infallibility of the Church – i.e., being prevented from erring in matters of faith and doctrine—is all the more understandable, as indicated in the example just cited above, that the Church teaching is based on 3 foundations: The written Word, Tradition (Oral mostly), and Revelation (direct divine intervention/teaching), so the Church is very careful to pronounce itself on such issues that can take centuries to be revealed, but it does respect the tradition of such belief and devotion accepted by Christians throughout the ages.

            Thank you for reading. Theses are such interesting topics.

          • Perrius Maximus

            “Well educated education? If you’re going to be a troll, don’t be a retarded troll, ok?

          • Guest

            Tonto means stupid in Spanish, my friend.

          • Tonto

            Hey, thanks for breaking out the Google Translator….I’m sure you were hunting for a zinger, unfortunately it misfired and flew back into your face. Had this been a Spanish-speaking community it would have worked nicely, and maybe hurt a tad…
            BUT, all is not lost. Your intelligent trolling remark did make me laugh.

            And in the words of the great Vincent Vega, “You ain’t my friend, Palooka”.

          • Guest

            Soy fluente en Espanol, mi amigo ateo.

          • AmericanSpy

            Being Native American myself, I find no humor in your name…if you are also Native American, you simply lack taste…if not, you’re just another racist. Thanks for the disrespect.

          • runnindeer

            I agree. Also for the record, if this person believes that heaven is right here on Earth at this moment that one must not have much to look forward to. Personally I would consider it more like hell than any heaven but to each their own.

          • rdlynn

            Let’s stop the race game.

          • AmericanSpy

            Seems to me, you’re the one running it.

          • pdx73

            I feel we all have our own personal philosophies on existence, God, creation and evolution. Personally, I try to keep mine to myself and I feel we’d be a far better society if we all kept our spiritual philosophies to ourselves. The need to impose one’s faith on everyone else is one of the worst characteristics of our species. The Inquisition was, in my opinion, the worst example of genocide in human history, far outstripping the Crusades (which were enacted by BOTH Christian and Islamic adherents). Ask the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans what they thought of Christianity. Now I know it wasn’t their imperative to spread the word of their God that was responsible for the eradication of those truly advanced civilizations, and like the Library at Alexandria which was destroyed over religious belief, the loss to civilization is incalculable. It was pure and simple avarice that was the root cause of the genocide perpetrated against the Central and South American civilizations, but spreading the word was the launching pad. I wish we could all just believe in what we choose to believe and be comforted in that belief…whatever it may be…. and keep it to ourselves. Meanwhile, you gotta love any post that references Vincent Vega!!!! “Bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good!”

          • AmericanSpy

            You sure seem to like the word “Zealot”. I respect your right to believe as you wish, but like Ladydonnalands, I ask that you show some respect for God, simply as a courtesy to our beliefs.

          • Tonto


          • captaingrumpy

            God will bless you too Tonto.

          • Talis

            Oh look its another Christian Taliban member.

          • Cletus McTeatard


          • Tonto

            Oh trust you me, GOD ain’t gonna help no diddly squat!
            Maybe Satan will

          • Cletus McTeatard

            Which god?

        • May 16th 2014?

          What’s happening on May 16th 2014?

        • Lillith70

          Conservatives aren’t usually willing to be jailed as activists. But patriots of 1776 pledged life liberty and sacred honor, God go with you all.

          • Jeff

            LILITH, I’m not so much a conservative as I am fed up…we have to change the direction this country is going, and for the record not the change Obama is doing lol

          • Sally

            And what direction do YOU want? More breaks for corporations? More wealth for the wealthy? More starving kids? No infrastructure repair? More stupid costly wars? Seriously, what has President Obama done that has the right so angry all the time? At the same time you proclaim Jesus, you admit to hating this country and its leaders. Make no sense.

          • Jeff

            I want what are fore fathers wanted.. for our country to not stick there noses into other countries business for one. then I would also want to be left alone, not be forced to buy health insurance for things I would not normally buy. to be able to keep my land I paid for without being taxed to death or kill myself to be able to keep it!!! what has Obama done? really??!! for one he hasn’t done anything but lie from day one!!! he hasn’t kept his promises that he made trying to get into office ( grant it most politicians have and do). Lady bottom line I just want to be left alone and not forced to do things I don’t want to.. I want a smaller government, one that’s not in my house and my business!!! I want a government that will be more transparent not less like your savior Obama has made, I bet you don’t even think Obama has lied to us that he has been here for us since day one!!! Sally stop drinking the cool-aide and start looking for the truth!!! GOD bless you and this country.. and I don’t hate this country, I hate what the politicians have done to this country, and yes the leaders who have sold this country out!!!

      • marla1

        This sucking site keeps wiping me out> It hates the truth!! I hanging party on the white house lawn would be the greatest thing for this country! All over 75old and all who have ruled our lives for more than 10 years! Hang them!!

        • Ladydonnalands

          As much anger as one feels, we can never threaten bodily harm and that could be why you couldn’t post your feelings. I think the best weapon one has is the sword of the pen for it changes minds and hearts. We need to wake up and shake up the sleepers who are in a state of unconscience stupidity. Find the leader that has no ties to big money and big corporations and that person will serve the constituent the best. Lawyers are trained to argue and most are not problem solvers,troubleshooters or fix it type minded people. Most lawyers seem great at creating law just not great at fixing what is broken in the law. We need common sense solutions not lawyer poisoned solutions. What America does not need is another lying two bit a** kisser to enrich their treasure seeking buddies in the public union. We don’t need more thieves or grandiose speech givers.

        • Tonto

          You are so cool. That is the best answer I’ve heard yet! “Ruled our lives!”, “10 years!!!!”, “on the White House lawn”…the intelligence just keeps coming! What about the white hoods, and the burning crosses? Oh wait a minute, don’t mention ‘burning crosses’ in this group. Jesùs is a watchin…

      • AmericanPatriot

        I seriously hope your joking about prison.

        There should be one way to treat these people. Well, we can’t give them a very honorable death by firing squad…we sure as hell aren’t going to pussy foot around their demise with a ‘killing shot’ either.

        Well…we will do it the best way we can for the traitorous scum they are – the french used it before; the guillotine.

        • William Swallow

          Attributing English quotes directly to Jesus from the English King James Bible is unhelpful. This is a 17th Century translation of texts written centuries before, recounting events and conversations probably originally in Hebrew and/or Aramaic. The King James version is more for guidance rather than to be taken literally. For serious educated study one needs to read the original texts.

    • meanmarine

      This is where the media has to step in and take these politicians to task when they are caught lying. Unfortunately certain elements of the media pick and choose which politicians they call out depending on whether or not their editorial staff shares the same viewpoints on ideological issues.

      • William Fuller

        Meanmarine may be mean but is also ignorant and clueless about U.S. media. I am an ex-Marine myself (though not so mean any more), and, speaking ex cathedra, say that the U.S. media is hopeless. They all agree on certain topics. Always. There is no independent media informing the American public. That is why Americans know so little about the real world.

        • meanmarine

          Marines do not refer themselves as ex- Marines as you did, that term is only used for Marines who left the Corps under less than honorable conditions. Semper Fi Mac.

          • in all seriousness

            but plenty of Marine’s are #$@@#$%@$#%^ about correcting the etiquette of other people.

          • meanmarine

            Get your facts first, then you can distort them anyway you please.

          • in all seriousness

            lol “mean” marine gets his panties in a knot when someone calls him on being mean

            love it

          • lib_erator

            You actually have to spell it out for some folks. I knew what you meant and agree with you.

          • Tonto

            Just the facts, Ma’am

          • Tonto

            Yeah! Everyone knows that!
            Semper FI Big Mac!

        • lib_erator

          O think he said that same thing only he told you who the liars are. The dems.

        • Jeff

          Thank you for your service William, Hopefully we can count on you spreading the word and attending….

          • interestedobserver2

            I’m thinking that a guy who claims to be a Marine, and then refers to himself as an “ex-Marine” probably never was one. So thanking him for his service is like thanking Hillary for her honesty….

          • Ray Guidry

            anyone who refers to themselves as ex Marine was definitely not a Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine. Semper Fi

          • Karl

            And any Marine who is brainwashed so thoroughly to think he’s “always” a Marine demonstrates a buffoonish mindset. No different than a Hell’s Angel thinking of himself as a member of the gang for life………grow out of your gang culture while still being proud of your service and stop embarrassing yourself.

          • laguna

            You are a pathetic loser. Is there a gang for losers you could join? Perhaps you are already a Liberal, thats loserville.

          • Tonto

            Now THAT was both intelligent and witty…bravo lagunatuna you most definitely are a Marine!

          • in all seriousness

            LOL “loserville” = witty.

          • Cletus McTeatard

            And those right wing, fascist elites who suck Koch are such winners.

          • Boydnar

            Yo, kletus mclibtard . . . ever tried saying something rational and pertinent rather than merely spewing empty, inflammatory insults? Ever have a thought with actual meaningful content rather than just snideness and hate?

          • newark

            Gang culture I’m sure much admired by Obama’s “Choom Gang”. Right?

          • in all seriousness

            after the military, military identity is all they have. they struggle to transition into a civilian environment where they don’t kill people for a living, so they cling to what they once were. semper fi

          • Boydnar

            Not one part of what you said is true.

          • Roy Kokinasok

            karl doesn’t comprehend being part of something bigger than yourself, other than blindly supporting obammy.

          • Boydnar

            You’re wrong, Karl. I’m not a Marine — but wish I had been. Marines are an exceptional group unlike anyone else.
            Once a Marine, always a Marine.

          • FedPAinIdaho

            As the proud daughter, niece, granddaughter and friend of those who have served in the Marine Corp, I will say my experience is that “Once a Marine, Always a Marine” is true. Marines have a discrete experience in the recreation of themselves to become Marines, each as part of a greater and strongly identifiable whole. They are re-formed into what and who they need to be. Once back in civilian life, the changes stick. They are noticeable, and on the whole, admirable. I’m not a Marine and don’t know if I’m allowed to say Semper Fi – so I will just say Thank You. To those Marines I’m proud to know, and to servicemen and women everywhen and everywhere.

          • sirgareth

            My brother weighs 320 pounds…he’s an “ex-marine”

          • interestedobserver2

            No, actually he’s not. That’s just not the way it works. Unless and until he commits treason and is convicted for it, he’s a “former Marine,” just like the millions of others who’ve been honorably discharged after serving the nation. I don’t care if he needs a crane to get out of bed.

          • sirgareth

            I’m not sure I really get it. I spent four years in the Air Force during Vietnam. I spent two years in the inactive reserves to finish my association with the Air Force . I thought I became an “Ex-GI” when I finally got my separation papers. Is this some Marine BS or is this some form of mandatory PC speech?

            Ex-wife or former wife: “I got sued for alimony by my Former????”

            Hell I didn’t even marry the Air Force.

          • interestedobserver2

            Ah! Okay, my bad — I thought you were being contentious. I’ll do my best to explain. I was in both the Army and the Air Force (long story). When I separated from the first and retired from the second, I was “ex-” whatever, just like you. The Marines believe and indoctrinate their people to believe that “once a Marine, always a Marine” and as part of that belief system, there is no such thing as an “ex-Marine,” only “former Marines,” meaning someone who is no longer an “active” Marine. Does that make more sense? So, in a sense, it’s “Marine BS,” but at the same time, it’s something that most Marines consider absolutely fundamental to themselves and their vision of where they fit in in the world. (The ONLY exception I ever heard any Marines actually make was with regard to a USMC Embassy Guard in Moscow who was caught spying for the Soviets back in the 80’s and convicted of treason — him, they called an “ex-Marine” as in he was no longer a part of their brotherhood.) My apologies if I was overly aggressive with you, and I hope this explanation helps! At the very least, it might prevent you from getting into a fight with a Marine over something that just seems kind of silly to everyone else…. ;-)

        • Jeff

          and you too Marine …

        • Mark Talmont

          CoastToCoastAM has alternative news. The John Batchelor show is available on net radio if you don’t get a broadcast signal, his coverage of foreign affairs is excellent. Michael Savage includes domestic news that is systematically excluded by the networks, prominently racial violence against whites.

          Foreign news is examined on some of the left-winger shows on the Pacifica network, though it is so shot through with anti-American venom it is hard to take. The Russia Today channel has financial programming you will never see on the American “news” networks, also foreign news–just remember it’s infused with Putin-ganda. Also the BBC, ITN if your cable or dish can get it, and then there is always C-Span. I can’t believe anybody but the most slobbering Obamites and Clintonistas would bother watching the MSDNC mafia, effectively they all add up to one big Channel One. It’s what Orwell predicted with the MInistry of Truth, and all backed up by the verminous traitors who infest the universties.

          • Cletus McTeatard

            Michael Savage? What is the hate radio host’s real name?

          • Boydnar

            To Kletus McLibtard, telling the truth is “hate speech.” Saying anything libs don’t like is “hate speech.” For instance, any networks that might report on blacks committing violence against whites . . . yep . . . that would be both “racist” and “hate speech.” To libtards, merely DISAGREEING with them is “hate speech.”
            To libtards, it is impossible to espouse a different philosophy and have a different set of values and beliefs than they have — if you don’t agree with them, it can only be because you’re a hate-filled racist. To libtards such Kletus, cutting taxes is “racist.” Cutting federal spending is “racist.” Words such as “welfare” and “apartment” are implicitly “racist hate speech.”
            In other words, Kletus McLibtard lives in an alternate reality. You really should leave America, Kletus. You have no part in Americanism or the greatness of America. Go somewhere else — like Europe — and live there in your socialist utopia.
            And when you figure out how miserable you are there, don’t come back. You’re not welcome here.

        • Cletus McTeatard

          Ex-marine? Liar.

          • Boydnar

            As if you have any business commenting on the Marines in particular or even the military in general. Move to europe and hug your socialist pals there, mclibtard. America doesn’t need leftist libtards like you.

      • Tonto

        Why don’t you do it, MarineMeanie?

      • Flitandersen_99

        “Certain elements”? How about 90% of the leftist idiots? Maybe MORE!

      • sirgareth

        “Certain elements?”….the inmates are in charge of the asylum

    • jharper

      You are right! When they get caught now, they are in your face. Remember Eric Holder saying “I’m not going to prosecute my own people”….And remember what we heard from the media on this? CRICKETS!

    • Derfallbright

      I think your comments are well said. I suspect people from both sides agree with you.

    • Betty G. Withers

      I think this site thinks it is April Fools Day. I have never seen so many lies in one place – not even FOX lies this much. Absolutely, crazy and so apparently are some of the readers.

      • garb67

        What lies are you referring to? Please provide some context. I believe that it has been NBC/MSNBC that has had to apologize for their misrepresentations here lately

    • LostSok

      You realize Richard Nixon scuttled to end the Paris Peach Talks…thus dooming almost 100,000 additional US servicemen to death?

      THAT part doesn’t bother you?

      Right-wingers have no soul. Useless fucking idiots.

      • Wayne Patterson

        There were not 100000 us troops killed in vietnam you ignorant dxuchebag

      • garb67

        Nixon was elected in 1968 and took office in Jan 1969. About 36% of the war’s 58,000 casualties were on his watch. Kennedy and Johnson, about 63%. You do realize that those two “war mongers” were not right-wingers don’t you. If Johnson hadn’t quit, it likely would have been worse.
        The part that bothers me is you either lie to back up your position or you are horribly ill-informed. And you call others idiots?

    • Tonto

      Yeah! They should be burned by Satan himself

    • Tukadoodle

      I think its best to call them all NWO Communosocialts we have laws against? Let’s stop focusing on Impeachment that’s part of their plan! It’s all Treason just by Libya alone! Just Google HB 3741 and see them now trying to outlaw the death penalty for the most extreme crimes including genocide so let’s focus on democrats meeting the definition of the terrorists just by our Constitution alone, and especially by their own NDAA. You bet these are the very same animals millions died fighting against and the very reason we need/have guns. Just can’t miss them appointing a loud/proud NAMBLA Pedophile as our Safe School Czar and lower the age of consent to 13 year olds ” to avoid any future problems” like Mendez and too many others. Immigration is Chained Migration and no different than the fake ” Palestinians” Right of Return and another direct attack on us and the world. Just look at all of the Antisemites still blaming us Jews for Europeon Imperial crimes. Yes this especially includes our 75% /5-7M Commie Jewish Americans directly repeating old history as ” new” to young ” educated” Idiots and immigrants. Sorry, but the Church is the original Antisemite so let’s be very clear.

    • sirgareth

      The truth is that the size of the government has reached critical mass and recovery of our country is now impossible; it cannot be saved. Instead of complaining one can flee, mount an armed rebellion, or accept the consequences of slavery. There are no reform options . Your only representation is by a cadre of well cared for albeit castrated eunuchs collectively called the US Congress.

    • Cletus McTeatard

      We should only shrug our shoulder when it is a rethug committing treason-Reagan or Nixon.

  • bravo27

    “what difference does it make”–hillary clinton

    • MAKEMYDAY100

      NOTHING makes any difference to the Clinton’s – as long as they get their way!!!! They are both “dog crap” and I HOPE both finished politically!!!

  • doug

    This will never come up when WHAT DIFFERANCE DOSE IT MAKE runs for office not with this media this story ‘s just a waste of time

    • MAKEMYDAY100

      You will be “surprised”!!!

  • johnanaguski

    Did we not know about her habitual lying habit? What difference does it make will live on in infamy.

    • carre1

      Didn’t some Republican candidate when called on his fraudulent campaign ads say something about facts don’t matter?


    No worries as Obama and the communist Democrats will create promise zones aka Obamavilles in the near future. You will get your free Obama money,free Obama phone and you will get your Obama check in the mail all paid by the working class which Obama and the Democrats despise. You will not have to work in the Obama world which may cause you to get depressed and you may suffer from the Obamablues. That is okay though because Obama is feeding the stock market with Obamamoney fresh off the printers and the rich folks keep getting richer to convince you that all is rainbows and fairy tales. This of course creates income inequality which the Communists Democrats will push to convince you to keep taking from the beast and keep voting them in.. All the while the Beast draws you in and swallows up all your dreams of freedom and all your rights.This of course is slowly destroying the United States from the inside out but at the same time Obama helps our enemies with weapons and ideas to destroy us from the outside in. I am sure that will all change if Hillary gets voted in and then we will have the United States of Hillary.

    • Valrican-American

      Donna, that was a concise, accurate, and thorough description of Obamanomics and Socialism in general. I wish some of the Repub elected officials could paint thas picture. But, most are not Conservative, aside from a handful, and they cannot articulate the destructive nature of central planning, free phones, free medicine, free money. etc. It is far from free.


        I think any American with a lick of commonsense can see it exactly how I see it. I just think people in power are afraid to commit political suicide by speaking the truth.

      • Ladydonnalands

        Valrican-Thank you. Your right about anything for free. Money does not grow on trees even though the ones in charge seem to believe that is a green fact. Some one always pays. I am on cloud nine as I was blessed with a new grandson born today.

    • David J Michel Jr.

      well said I am a contractor in Ca. once he pushes his amnesty agenda that will be the final nail in the coffin of the American worker that doe’s not speak Spanish .


        Here is a thought: Maybe they are emptying the southern land so we will have a place to move. I think with what happened with Fukushima,the Mexicans will be heading south in ten years when we all start getting cancer. Makes one wonder why the HHS ordered 14 million doses of Iodine. What the hell they didn’t send me a notice. How about you? That will be the nails on our coffins and what is sad is you want even know it when it hits you.

  • mcwsunshine

    Mr Zeifman better get before a Congressional Committee and testify under oath before he disappears or “commits suicide”

  • disqus_59KZkHgegx

    Zeifman said: “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
    Aren’t those part of the job description when a Clinton or Obama seeks political office? “What difference at this point does it make?”

  • JustTheFactx

    Amazing that our press has become so corrupt that a toxic roach like Hillaroid would even consider running… she should be tarred and feathered… then deported to Somalia…after being stripped of all her criminally gained assets… check her (and Willie’s) investments in a big criminal Dubai fund…

    • carre1

      What about Dubya/Darth Vader?

      • JustTheFactx

        time to stop justifying a lying fraud, coward and criminal Obongo with Bush and Cheney. Sure, they were bad… that is why the total fraud Chakka Caca got in, on a wave of bald-faced lies and main stream media propaganda.

  • osamaba bin mooch michelle

    Be careful !!! These guys kill those too close to the truth!!

    • joe

      Veince Foster…

  • Atienza Walker

    This is not news. All politicians are liars…even the “beloved” Barack Obama. None of them are immune.

    • MAKEMYDAY100

      Pardon….”beloved” Barack Obama??? Did you take your *Meds* today or put the pot pipe down!!!!

  • Kuro1

    This actually explains a lot.

  • carre1

    You have to take what Zeifman says with a grain of salt. I know what it was like to be a woman lawyer in the 70’s and I wouldn’t put anything past this guy who probably wanted to get rid of her from the beginning. Secretaries and women were worse than men in their discrimination. Hillary probably didn’t show enough deference to the man.

    • JustTheFactx

      Sure, it is always about race or trampling on women’s rights… what a load of bull crap. Only a moron would not know the LONG trail of lies and deceit, crimes and coverups spun by this caustic, vengeful, dyke horror Hillaroid.

  • carl6352

    this was when they still had eisenhower democrats of the 50’s. those people are long gone and now it’s being run by the socialist party of america who took over in the 60’s. as usual they changed the name like abortion to a more pleasing word progressive. sounds better than sociilsit or abortion. it muddy’s the truth!

  • vanagon

    Shillary’s dirty little secret…..

    • MAKEMYDAY100

      That POS has a boat-load of dirty-little-secrets!!!!!

  • jimbob

    I hope he made copies and gave them to his friends and has a couple sets with different attorneys with special instructions if he has an ‘ACCIDENT’, or ‘kills himself’ in Fort Marcy Park.


    Now do you all see just how “rotten-to-the-core” the Clinton’s REALLY are???

    Wake-up people and do NOT vote for this *Trashy Cow* if she runs in 2016 – then run-away from her!!!!

  • n7mk

    Hitlary is a liar? Big surprise.

  • carsrus

    THIS need be FRONT PAGE news in every paper and on every medai source around the Globe! So the “B” on wheels was a lying cheat even back then……………….I am printing this and sending it to all I know………WE, the PEOPLE will defeat this unethical, LIAR and she will NEVER get the democRAT nominataion………………………..forget about the NON-scandal over Bridgegate, Christie is a Saint compared with hillary ROTTEN clinton!

  • arguethefacts

    And, of course the above is not true. She was not under the supervision of Jerry Zeifman. She was under the supervision of Chief Counsel John Doar and Senior member Bernard Nussbaum. She resigned to move to Arkansas. She was not fired.

    Now Zeifman is putting forth is already debunked theory from 1996:

    But rightwingers will believe anything, even lies.

    • Berferd

      Oh please, the WaPo on “spin cycle.” I suppose she was also just a savvy investor in the futures market turning 1K into $100,000, you may like to eat cr ap but most have heard it all from the Clinton creeps, so give it a rest.

    • stevecrowell

      I resent being told I believe in lies. It is offensive. It damages my self esteem. I think I need some free money.

  • joe

    once a liar…. always…We all know people liker this…they start out lying as kids ..throwing there siblings under the bus ,then there fellow students ,co-workers and finally any one that gets in there way… leopards can’t change there spots… neither can she…

  • jeffroe

    Hillary could have committed mass murder back in the 70’s, and we could put the video of it (if it had actually happened) on television, and yet Libs would still vote for her in a Presidential election. See, there is a reason why Libs are dumbing down the educational system in the US – so voters are so dumb they will believe anything they are told by Liberal politicians. So far it appears to be working quite well.

    Libs are more patient and tenacious than al-Qaida, but instead of violent Jihad, they are destroying America one new law and one new political appointment at a time.

    Good luck with all of that.

  • Dennis

    Just another lying, murdering liberal. The “Butcher of Benghazi”

  • CitizenCan

    A leopard does not change it’s spots. Lie to the people once-shame on us. Continuing a lifetime of lying to the people disqualifies her from ever being the first female President. Retire to NY or Arkansas never to heard from again. Pity the neighbors wherever you live.

  • AmericanFaith

  • craigpurcell

    What does it matter anyway….

  • wittedwarrior

    Get this man a body guard – ASAP!

  • Morgan

    not really surprised. I’m glad this is coming out, but they better lock up all evidence where it is safe or hilary and billary might make it disappear.

    Best have it in triplicate scattered in three different secure places.

  • Berferd

    This is old news to anyone who’s been paying attention over the last 20 years, but it must be repeated often. I’d like to see someone like a Jerome Corsi do a real hilarity bio…

  • leroy

    She has been in things unethical all her life she is just one big f–kup

  • quillerm

    Imagine if JFK was held responsible for the Bay of Pigs disaster or assassination attempt on Castro? If JFK had been a Republican liberals and the leftist media would be using him as an example of the worst President in History. Compared to the Bay of Pigs, which left hundreds of Cuban liberators rotting in Castro’s prisons for decades, the Watergate break-in was a joke. Why is it when Republican Presidents are targeted for assassination it never is a conspiracy, only when democrats are targeted does it become a never ending circus.

  • Rick Vincent

    Well, that certainly qualifies her for the democrat nomination.

  • PlacidAir MoonBat

    Seriously, we’re supposed to believe he sat on this all this time? Through 2 elections for Bill Clinton, through her confirmation for her current job… through everything?

    I’m not buying it.

  • AOL

    Ms. Rodham Clinton does not seem like Presidential Material, more like Federal Inmate Caliber

  • edgineer

    I have been totally amazed for 22 years at how two lying criminals like Bill and Hillary Clinton could get the support of so many foolish people.

  • taxandgardening

    So from what you say/ Hillary covered her ‘ass’ as big as it is!!!!! What a shame that a ‘crooked and unethical’ lawyer go ‘scot free’ all these years?????

  • Dale Brenner

    OK but what about her being bagman for Bill at the Rose Law Firm

  • twopartysystem1

    And she grew up to be Bill’s Doormat. Now that is presidential material.

  • Mark B

    Does this surprise anyone?
    Yet she is the democratic favorite for 2016. Shows you how corrupt government is.
    The dems are the worst; their party symbol says it all. They take NO responsibility for their actions, and claim ignorance, (which they are, but not the way they mean) while they blame others instead.

  • John Johnson

    She hasn’t changed one bit.

  • Defiant

    What a low-down, dirty, Liberal hag.

  • Jan

    oh what tangled webs we weave . . . Hopefully more and more will come out about this lying sea hag.

  • Mikal Gastpipe

    And this story, in a NUTSHELL, is why she should NEVER be CROWNED as the next president. That, and a MYRIAD of other reasons!

  • vlodko62

    Get your facts straight. Carl Albert, not Tip O’Neill, was House Majority Leader at the time of Watergate. I’ll give the same amount of credence to the rest of your “facts.”

    • DaveGinOly

      You are correct. Now, care to find fault with the specific details about Clinton, or are you just going to allow people to presume that a single factual error automatically makes the rest of the article wrong?

    • JDStill

      I have absolute proof it’s true, because The Marxist-Socialist Media never talk about it!

  • paladin911

    Hillary has apparently been a b!tch for a long time.

  • Sally Smith

    Don’t vote for Hillary in 2016! Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 504 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

  • yourfullofcrap

    And, she was born in Kenya! She’s a Muslim too! She wants to take away your guns!

  • Aivilo Truoccm

    Youtube The Clinton Chronicles. There are a couple more films that demonstrate Hillary’s real nature.

  • ncpg

    “Everybody in politics lies, but they [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”
    David Geffen, record and film producer, in an interview with Maureen Dowd February 21, 2007

  • jerseydave

    This has all been put out before, and it must be understood that the “tough watchdog” media won’t care a bit. They’re the cheering section for these guys.

  • Tec Sg Beatty

    And this is a surprise to whom?
    These creatures couldn’t tell the truth without their tongues snapping off of their rollers and flying across the room.
    To quote a certain ex Secretary of State: “…..what difference does it make!!!???!!!???”

  • kevinh1

    “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer”.
    The most redundant statement ever made.

  • Jasonn

    Couldn’t help but notice that Hillary was just as attractive back then as she is now.. besides being just as unethical.

    • chukalukabus

      Yes, looks like someone tied a pork chop around her neck and sic’d the dogs on her face.
      Sorry guys, clicked the wrong comment above.

  • Jittipat

    People in Thailand are sick of this type of thing and have exiled one politician and are in the process of kicking out his puppet sister right now. The US should look to Thailand or Iceland to see how to take care of corruption in government.

    • chukalukabus

      Yes, looks like someone tied a pork chop around her neck and sic’d the dogs on her face.

  • Persuasive

    I knew about Hillary being involved as a lawyer in the Nixon impeachment situation but had no idea it revealed her very ingrained tendency to circumvent the law which she has continually put on display for all these many years right up to and now leading into the next presidential election. When will we all wake up to this sad state of affairs?

  • Vitsing

    I am not surprised after Whitewater and Benghazi. She seems to be a little short on moral values.

  • motherall

    Some people never change. Karma’s a bitch and so is Hillary..difference is karma doesn’t lie.

  • rulierose

    while I am willing to believe this, I’d like to see another source verify it first. some of it just doesn’t ring true–like trying to hide documents about William O. Douglas. I have to think there was more than one copy of those papers.

  • notanobamaliar

    America does not need a lying, vindictive hateful woman as President of the United States. We the People deserve much better than this. Do we really want a person who keeps an enemies list of people who disagree with her? Over 30 years of unethical sleazy behavior should disqualify this person from being elected. It is truly frightening that some people are so desperate to retain political power that they would readily support any kind of person who could get elected.

  • Common sense

    Why haven’t “We the People” removed these toxic politicians from their positions in the white house?

  • Common sense

    Can’t we demand they step down like people in other countries do?

  • chukalukabus

    This is nothing. Check out the antics and criminal behaviour of the Clintons in Arkansas. There is a reason they were called the “Hillbilly Mafia.”

  • Power_of_Cheese

    This article is utter horseshit.

  • Eva Wright

    No wonder Obama was so quick to hire her for his right hand. Dirty dealers think alike.

  • Stu

    She was a Marxist skank. Willing to say and do anything to promote the Marxist agenda. Just think, she could be the next President of the United States.

  • Brian Farley

    who cares if she mis-wrote. as long as she continues to advance the agenda for liberal women, what difference does it make? also, which democratic voters are going to even understand or care about a little creative writing assignment by Hillary some 40 years ago? we got more important issues to deal with like the what’s up with the Kardashians or where’s my next federal freebie coming from?

  • njguy53

    Wow, that’s unimaginable! Hillary was a lying, unethical biattch? Go figure.

  • attli

    Surprise, surprise, surprise. ;p

  • RalphEaton2011

    Everyone who is surprised please raise your hand. No Hands?

  • moelarryandjesus

    This site is even more ridiculous than the Daily Caller and

    • Callipygian1

      Really? What about this story is ridiculous? Her actions? Odd that if her actions were successful, her husband would have been denied legal counsel for HIS impeachment proceedings…who would have defined is?

      • moelarryandjesus

        The story is a fantasy. Zeifman is a crank who never had the power to fire Clinton. And she didn’t have the power to do what he says she did. She was a low-level employee.

        People who swallow this sort of garbage are the equivalent of birthers. And birthers are the dumbest people on the planet.

        • Callipygian1

          Curious… what is your take on the long form birth certificate discrepancies then?

          • moelarryandjesus

            Oh, please. Grow a fucking brain.

  • willie bee

    The press feels that Hillarity is the favorite among democrats. Most of my liberal friends won’t vote for her because she is a war criminal, like her husband and Obama and like Bush before him. I realize that many Americans take their marching orders from MSNBC or Fox without ever thinking that they are being played into being divided so we can be conquered. We are all Americans, I’m not a Nazi and your not a socialist. The biggest fear of the people who run our nation is that one day we will unite as Americans and grab them by the nuts and try and sell them back. Lets take our country back for us. Don’t vote for the asshole who takes the most contributions from the biggest corporations, vote for the person who funds the campaign with kick-start. Better yet lets have a draft that will force every citizen to serve for two years as president or congress or whatever on down to the town hall level. The people who want to be in government, PUT THEM IN THE ARMY. Some may attack me as an idiot for taking them out of their comfort zone by asking them to think out side of the confines of their own narrow minds. Offer me a better idea instead or convince me of my folly if you can.

  • Vince

    I gues Hillary is responsible for fivedead men: 4 in Bengazi and one in a Washington DC park

    Vince Foster

  • Tim

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Disappearing and reappearing legal note. That sounds vaguely familiar.

  • Arizona

    A dirty, no good, rotten, lying whore,WHY we’ll have the women of america run her for president,we could finish off america in months,cause the one we have now is taking to long…………………..

  • Jesuslander

    This will help her in the Democrat Primaries! Democrats love criminals, especially criminals in positions of power.

  • M.R. Canon

    …Once a liar, always a liar. hillary is just clumsier than many who get away with their lies. They call the whoppers they tell routinely “just politics” or, more timely in Texas for a female governor wannabe’s euphemisms, “I need to tighten my language up” a bit, and my “loose lips” need better control. I guess wendy davis is too young to remember the famous motto from WWIi: “Loose lips sink ships.”

  • scott05

    come on. At this point what difference does it really make.

  • Kimber Smith

    All I can say is that is deep. Not surprising, but very serious. Benghazi probably makes that look like child’s play. Wow.


    Hillary lying. Now there’s a surprise. Bill didn’t have sexual relations with Monica either. And, “what difference does it make at this point.” This woman should not be president. All this lying is going on because the main stream media is covering up everything they do. Has anyone asked BO, his wife and Bill and Hillary why they were stripped of their law degrees?

  • Peter York

    Mr. Zeifman! Get a bodyguard, QUICK!

  • Apothis

    Why did none of this come out when Bill was running for president or when Hillary ran in 2008?

    • jpchiesa

      It did. In b clinton’s case the internet didn’t exist and the story did not recieve the headlines and was “Forgotten” on page eight. After all he was running for president, not hillary. In 2008 it was given the same “page 9″ coverage. It was as if the media doesn’t want to be percieved as Not p.c. Heaven forbid they be critical of hillary for fear of being labeled “against women”. The clinton p.r. machine is very sofisticated. Just look at the fact that you have a US president that was impeached by the House of Representatives and yet is still favorably received in public media.

  • revolverdude

    This article needs to make it to the liberal news networks, not just left here basically out of sight.

  • Bob

    Nothing to see here, let’s move along….

  • in all seriousness

    LOL how long ago was this? keep trying to drum up scandal how many years later? pathetic

    • Don B Reedekulous

      Hillary is a constant drumbeat of scandal. It’s the pattern of corruption going back to at least the Watergate investigation and ending – at least currently – with Benghazi. In between there are an incredible number of scandals including Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, running on the tarmac in a hail of bullets, etc. She is a lying, conniving shrew on her best days. I bet you were hoping we would forget.

    • nocoteabagger

      Not pathetic at all. It is a clear and early sign that Hillary has no respect for the Constitution or the law or this country, and it is consistent with a lifelong lack of ethics, honesty, integrity..

  • duelles

    Oh come on, “‘what difference does make now”. Let’s hope for a wonderful primary season for the Hilster and much mud slinging. No more racism, that is out. But sexism will now raise it unethical head. Oofah!

    • nocoteabagger


  • Don B Reedekulous

    Yet here she is….a former FLOTUS, former Senator, former Secretary of State, and angling to become the Democratic nominee in ’16. How does this happen?

  • picomanning

    “So who cares! That’s already DEAD!”

  • William Fuller

    I don’t know where Meanmarine got that bit of foolishness about Marines never referring to themselves as “ex-Marines,” but I am offended, extremely so, that you would dare imply that I left the corps under less than honorable circumstances. I received an honorable discharge, and I would sue you for slander if possible. You are not a public figure, so a lawsuit is out of the question, but I will defend my honor, my honorable service, and my honorable discharge in person. Dueling is no longer an accepted practice, but I will be happy to punch your teeth down your throat. You coward. You base born spawn conceived in a ditch.
    You can write what you please from now on. I never intend to reply to you again. You are beneath contempt and certainly not worth spending any more of my time on you. Coward.

  • 1POdCitizen

    Being an accomplished, unethical liar is a MUST for top Democrat contenders…..just look at EVERY current Democrat in the house, senate, and executive branch.

  • allamer

    It’s the Progressive way – the end justifies the means.

  • Malcom Tent

    Rights, like the 6th amendment right to the effective assistance of counsel, are available for SOME people – like cop killers, illegal aliens etc. But they are absolutely to be denied to right wing tea baggers (and even RINOS like Nixon). Hillary is the smartest woman in the world. If we can’t trust her to figure out who deserves which rights, then we are completely lost as a society. You GO girl!!!

  • rowleya

    Core of Progressive Lib Politics
    Lies and Cover ups
    Latest Dem Liars are Wendy Davis and Liz Warren.

  • fred

    If the accusation were not true Hillary should sue for slander. If no suit she is a liar.

    • ken bowser

      I’ve known about this for 20 years.

  • lawdawg541

    This is a surprise? Her and her lying husband have made lying a lifestyle.

  • canto28

    Would someone like Hillary, who braved sniper fire in Bosnia, ever be as big a liar as Obama?

    • nocoteabagger

      Perhaps not. The apprentice has risen above the master.

  • GoldenRudy

    Will the Republicans have the intestinal fortitude to bring all of the dirty laundry and suspecious dead bodies out during the 2016 election season? And will they do it repeatedly until it finallly sinks in just how corrupt the Clintons are?

    • nocoteabagger

      Sadly, no…

    • brooksmd

      With the lame stream media and LIV’s it won’t make a difference.

      • GoldenRudy

        I fear/believe you are right. But let me hold onto the hope the courage will be found.

  • M.J.

    Wow! Why am I not surprised?

  • MisterMan

    Hillary is a saint leave her alone. Anyone that says anything bad about her is a terrorist.

    • nocoteabagger

      Or a sexist. Or a conservative.

      • ken bowser

        a sexist? What the hell do you call her husband?

        • nocoteabagger

          Complete and total narcissist and liar.

  • nickmeister

    I guess we can expect Mr. Zeifman to have some sort of “accident” or “heart-attack” in the near future then? Would be par-for-the-course based on the Clinton’s past history with dissenters and naysayers.

  • dynecmiserg

    When are you righty idiots gonna start shooting up the government? I hope it’s soon.

    • ken bowser

      I guess that would have to be “us” righties since you “lefties” have no guns. Except of course for all those mass shootings we’ve had in the last several years. All committed by leftists, chump.

  • ET

    Article states: “Jerry Zeifman, who said he is a lifelong Democrat, was a supervisor for 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. When the investigation was complete, Zeifman said he fired Hillary and refused to give her a recommendation.
    “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

  • ET

    When Hillary was busy being a lair on the Watergate Committee, she was so hairy that she was going thru a 55 gallon drum of Nair each week.

  • ET

    I always though that Nixon should NEVER have resigned.

    Nixon had the goods on the Kennedys which (a) Would have destroyed the BS so called “Legacy” of JFK and made Robert Kennedy look like a lawless petty criminal and thug (which he was), and (b) It would have finished off low life Ted Kennedy who, despite being responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969, still had aspiration of becoming President.

    It was the spineless, gutless Republicans who finished off Richard Nixon.
    Contrast this with Barrack Obama whose incompetence, malfeasance, corruption, lawlessness and outright criminality are a thousand times worse than anything ascribed to Richard Nixon. Yet the equally corrupt and ethically challenged Marxist Democrats would never do to Obama what the stupid gutless Republicans did to Nixon.

    Nothing has changed since 1974. The Democrats are a bit more out of the closet about being neo-Bolsheviks and the Republicans are still spineless and gutless.

  • Charles Kirtley

    I hope that no one will be disappointed when the media and her political opponents all but ignore this story, because they will.

  • Lee Warrin

    Little did they know that they had seen nothing yet. Things like Vince Foster, the Benghazi murders and much more.

  • bugdust172

    If Hillary is sworn in as President she will do three things;
    #1. She will have Bill Clinton’s law licence reinstated. She will appoint him to run the Justice Department. This will give the Clinton’s unlimited legal cover.
    #2. She will appoint James Riady to run the State Department. This will give the Clinton’s unlimited access to direct bribes from totally illegal foreign campaign supporters.
    #3. She will appoint a six man Seal Team to keep an eye on her husband 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There will no longer be sex-crazed Bimbo’s invading the Oval office.

  • Lib_exterminator

    God sits on the throne and the children of perdition will burn forever.

  • Jan

    Is there a time limit anywhere on corruption and fraud. If not then Ms Rodham should be brought up on charges. She attempted to defraud a Court, the legal system and the Justice system in an attempt to subvert a President of the United States from having his day in court, a freedom and Constitutional Right of all citizens. we have this same liar going to run for the highest office she intended to do all along,
    and look who would be sitting next to her in the White House the man who uses cigars in the White house to have Sex with his aide…and then there is the case of what really happen to Foster? Benghazi. and many who were cast aside on this black widow spiders clawing her way to the top. America beware…this is not a joke this is what is coming next.

  • DockyWocky

    How many “strikes” does a crooked lawyer like Hillary Clinton get before she’s “OUT!”
    Apparently, as many as she likes, which, in the words of the sages, is always the result of the inmates running the prison.
    Note – I didn’t say asylum, because nut-jobs cannot help what they do, but crooked, unethical, downright criminal lawyers – which also appears to be the entire population of the White House, State Department, Senate, and Justice Department can help what they do on a rather constant, hourly and daily basis.
    Hillary is apparently still at bat, which serves to demonstrate exactly how much God cares about us at the moment.

  • Sud1

    This guy should get the Medal of Freedom.

  • Hillary Hag

    Hillary is as washed up as she looks. She even looks like a liar; just like her husband, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Oops, wait a minute, you mean that kind of sex…………..

  • ken bowser

    Hmmm, guess she changed her tune when her husband was impeached for lying in federal court.

  • Jonney Hulk

    He better be careful crossing the street.

  • NotARacistIHateEveryone

    I am shocked that someone in D.C would lie!

  • JMorcan

    “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer.”

    That’s redundant.

  • oakhill1863

    so, let’s see the diary so that hillary gets to cross-examine zeifman.

    keevan d. morgan, esq. chicago

  • rnagel

    At this point what difference does it make!

  • retiredbobinFla.

    She was corrupt then——————-and has maintained that status still, to this day! (as do most DAMNocrats)

  • doc holiday

    Will the Stupid republicans have balls enough to use this—probably not.

  • ounceoflogic

    So he fired Hillary ““Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” This is the list of requirements to be a Democrat candidate for president.

    But this guy waited until after the investigation to fire all the unethical liars… hmmm… so what does that say about him?

    In the end… this scandal, like all the others, will roll right off of Hillary’s back. She will deny it, the media will discredit Zeifman and accuse Republicans of making things up… without waking a single Democrat voter.

  • Florida Jim

    Hillary is a liar and scoundrel is not news it has been known and covered up for decades it appears. “what difference does it make” will haunt her all the way to her grave. The Clinton’s have been known as scum all their political lives 60’s hippies who never grew up.

  • JDStill

    The Best and Brightest the Dems have to offer in 2016! HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

  • rlibos

    When will you conservative morons realize that she is going to be the next president?

  • golgothan

    Really enlightening. As much as the well-documented saga of the Tom Delay the Cockroach Assassin. Lame and sad that Robert Gehl, a member of the Calabasas County Nazi Party, took time to pull this out of his sorry ——-

  • Slappyhappy

    Zeifman will need to watch his back, giving up negative info on Hillary could led her and Bill to put out a hit on him.

  • steve Howell

    it could come out that she had killed JFK and no one would care. Liberals get by with anything they want. All they have to do is scream: A. Racism B. Right-wing conspiracy C. Woman hater D. all of the above.
    Clinton will be prez in 2016 and the USA will continue down the toilet. Even quicker if all the illegals get amnesty in the next year and get to vote. You cant start out 12 million behind and EVER expect to win.

  • Mr.Mudd

    Jerry Zeifman, who said he is a lifelong Democrat, was a supervisor for 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. When the investigation was complete, Zeifman said he fired Hillary and refused to give her a recommendation.
    “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.

  • LostSok

    It’s funny how they call Jerry Zeifman a “lifelong Democrat” when he’s spent that last years doing nothing but attacking Democrats. Riiiight. Hey, folks, I’m a lifelong Unicorn! I guess all you have to do is claim something, and it’s true…well, it you’re a ignorant, right-wing douche-nozzle anyway.

    • Realllly

      Why did you call yourself a right-wing douche-nozzle? Oh well, you would know better than anyone else.

  • Mark Talmont

    Not surprising. She lies like most people breathe. She had a lot of practice covering up for The Shill, who never had much of a relationship with the truth either. “Vast right wing conspiracy”? NO it’s the right wing that said there was a conspiracy–against American sovereignty. They were right.

  • Dj
  • bob

    Hmmm, how much you wanna bet this is the last we see of this story?

  • Rotohammer

    LOL. Turns out Sandy “Socks” Berger was only following in Hillary’s foot steps when he stole documents from the National Archives.

  • James T

    Unethical? How about plagiarism? This story was not written by Robert Gehl, nor was it written this year. It was written in 2008 by Dan Calabrese from statements from Jerry Zeifman. Of course, it seems that the supposed and unverifiable unethical acts of Hillary are certainly worth the verifiable unethical actions of “Robert Gehl.”

    • Robert Gehl

      Hi, James:
      If you read the post, you’ll see I specifically mentioned that Mr. Calabrese wrote the article, and provided the source.

  • carl6352

    if i was you i would hide that diary along with yourself because people have a strange way of committing suicide. just look 94 when a guy committed suicide and rolled himself into a rug and drove to a washington park left himself and drove the truck back to the white house. of course the cops have no clue on how he did it! and hillary was now where to be found like the night of benghazi. of cours. WHAT DOES IT MATTER

  • pat roberts

    A lying lawyer? That would not be a first. But someone so high up in government, secretary of state, and aspiring to be president, I get worried. The Benghazi lies are worse than anything Nixon ever did.

  • Rodger in Colorado

    I once worked with a man in Washington, DC who told me that his aunt went to college with Hillary. He told me his aunt said that Hillary was wicked. I asked him what she had done and his aunt would not even say. I thought this was very interesting because I had never had anyone described to me as “wicked.”

  • Lillith70

    Apparently the man with the diary hasn’t read the Clinton hit list site.

    Back in Watergate times a president would resign in shame rather than be impeached and people would not have fawned over serial womanizers and find a clean and moral man boring and not exciting enough.

    Democrats of today are so into power that they have no ethics preventing them supporting the extreme left wing president (who lies–and if you believe his lies you deserve to be lied to IMO) at all cost to the country. Or they so like the socialist utopia experiment they have no clue of the economy or of the JFK fiscal conservative model.

    Democrats invented special investigators so GOP couldn’t invest selves. Their media thralls or social/democrat activist establishment media (5th column from the once vaunted 4th estate) make it possible for dems to deny SI to GOP and then to demand for selves.

    Will the internet and citizens journalists end the 5th column media’s stranglehold on informatio?

  • streips

    A couple of thoughts about this: I must say that I do no get from what Hillary Rodham did in 1974 in the context of the Watergate scandal, to much of anything that can be said about Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2014, much like I do not believe that the Christie Administration in New Jersey is wise in attempting to trash David Wildstein by digging up the fact that his social studies teacher in high school once called him “deceptive.” And the other thing is this: God has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, the Watergate scandal, the House Judiciary Committee, Richard Nixon or E. Howard Hunt. Amen.

  • Jim Nielsen

    “Disappearing documents” is just what she was accused of doing in Whitewater. Seems she’s actually good at something. Maybe that can be her lead plank for her platform in 2016.

  • Ken Thomas

    Really…is anyone surprised??

  • lerose55

    I have said, from the beginning Hillary left office to disassociate herself from Obama, making us think she was not part of the plan. But she is. Obamacare was originally suppose to be Hillarycare, her & hubby have worked a lot of this plan as it is seen

    The Death of Vincent Foster-worked together w/ Hillary @ the Rose Group. This is a key point. The White House is the most secure private residence in the world, equipped with a sophisticated entry control system & video surveillance system installed by the Mitre Corporation. Yet no record exists that Vincent Foster left the White House under his own power on July 20th, 1993. No video of him exiting the building exists. No logbook entry shows he checked out of the White House.

    The FBI lab report reveals that even with the most sensitive chemical test available, no blood was found on the gun that Foster (we are told) inserted into his mouth & fired. Not only that, Foster’s fingerprints were not on the gun. – Whitewater Scandal. “Blood Sport”, hailed as the true telling of the Foster suicide, was so filled with errors that author James Stewert, a Columbia University Professor, described the gun found with Vincent Foster’ body as “silver colored” (obviously having read the FBI files from the Lisa Foster interview). Conflicting cause of death by 2 Dr. Bayer’s autopsy report Dr. Donald Haut.

    Bill Clinton was unavailable, being on camera with Larry King. But Hillary Clinton, who had only the day before diverted her planned return to Washington D.C. to Little Rock, was on the phone from Little Rock to someone at the White House in the moments before the looting took place.

    One set of billing records, under subpoena for two years, & thought to have originated in Foster’s office, turned up unexpectedly in the private quarters of the White House, with Hillary’s fingerprints on them!

    James McDougal-age 57 subsequently defended Bill Clinton, although he pointedly stopped short of defending Hillary Clinton’s roles in the Whitewater real estate investment & as one of Madison’s lawyers. But even his endorsement could cause more harm than good: His gentlemanly testimony about his ex-wife’s competence & savvy during their 1996 trial thoroughly undercut her claim to have been his unknowing dupe in receiving the fraudulent $300,000 loan.

    Hillary’s skeletons are so well-known, they should have their own nicknames. Hey look, it’s “Whitey,” the Whitewater skeleton! Over there is “Pink Slip,” the Travel Office Firings skeleton — right next to the collection of bones labeled “Hillarycare.” That grinning skull on the shelf? His official name is “Cattle Futures Skeleton,” but he goes by “Hundred Thousand” — the eye-popping sum of money she made off those trades. It just sounds more “street.” And that bag of bones in the corner is the one formally known as “Magic Reappearing Rose Law Firm Billing Records Skeleton.” Yeah, it’s kind of an awkward name; just call him “Rosie.” Everyone else does.
    Hillary was fired from the Rose Law Firm for lying & conducting herself in bad deceitful behaviors. They wanted nothing to do with her. They would not even give her a recommendation on her departure.
    Don’t ever forget Benghazi, Hillary & Obama are the murderers of the American’s in Benghazi, choosing not to send help. They were aware that problems might come about back in August, & then in Sept. they left these Americans sit there like sitting ducks. To be tortured & murdered. Stevens & others in August told Hillary & Obama their concerns of & uprising, that fell on death ears.
    To much corruption in the White House. It needs to end, we need a President who actually loves being an American & a Patriot of our Country. Don’t fall for Obama & Hillary they are to much alike, it has nothing to do w/ politics, its the POWER they want. Turning America into a Socialist Communist Nation. Don’t be surprised if in 2016 Obama puts Marshall Law in to effect. I would not put him pass it. We need to Impeach him NOW. If we keep Obama we will become a 3rd World Country in time. He has his ducks in a row. It all comes down to the right time & then it will be to late.

  • sanderdog

    Hillary a liar and unethical? I am shocked beyond words, almost. The Kennedy’s, Clinton’s and the Obama’s make Nixon look like a choir boy. Just ask Vince Foster her personal accountant. But, really what difference does it make now anyway.

  • Michael

    There is a judge who cannot be fooled. Willie and Hillary will someday meet him face to face and they will be disbarred eternally. I pray I will be found faithful so I don’t have to spend eternity with Willy,Hillary, Barrack, Harry and Nancy! That would be HELL!


    Hillary seems to have a pathological problem with confiscating documents (Douglas files; Whitewater billing documents, cattle future documents, etc.), hiding them and then getting her enormous azz covered by the media!! Not this time oh Butcher of Benghazi. We have an honest alternative media now and you will be exposed (sorry, I know the visual there may be a bit distasteful)!!

  • Cletus McTeatard

    Sorry. I landed on this teatard site by mistake. Enjoy the eftardery.

  • wyl5326

    This diary would be the final nail to Hill’s presidential aspiration and so Dems better find an honest alternative to her !

  • Redskinsfan2

    Oh, despicable she.

  • me

    After these past years of lies and manipulation from our government we want Billary as president “WHY?” I am sure that is one part of being elected to any office anymore is to be a CERTIFIED LIAR but enough,,She was fired from a govnmn’t position,,,,Obama and his wife were fired as lawyers,,,what next? Yes all of this IS documented! Isn’t it time “We The People” stand up and take no more bull****? PLEASE?

  • OriginalAesop007

    Sour grapes, or just another pundit trying to sell his book? Who really cares? this happened FORTY (40) years ago … and she has proven her mettle and ability to lead since. Find something else to smear her with.

    • Jibber Jabber Joe

      Hyenas don’t change their motley spots.

      • OriginalAesop007

        Just chitter chatter.

  • Talis

    LOL this is all lies you morons.
    Do some research instead of allowing yourselves to be brainwashed by the K0CHS.
    Rush Limbaugh asserted that Jerry Zeifman, former counsel to the House
    Judiciary Committee, was “the guy who fired” Sen. Hillary Clinton when
    she worked as an attorney on the committee, apparently basing his claim
    on an article that cites Zeifman. But Zeifman’s reported claim is
    undermined by his own previous reported acknowledgement that he did not
    fire Clinton and did not have the power to do so.

    And Zeifman is a deluded fool.

    • Jibber Jabber Joe

      Funny how many people around the Clintons change their tune or end up in a body bag.

      • Talis

        Funny how brain dead morons like you believe anything your masters tell you.

  • Usefull

    sooooo, she’s a proven liar. The new question: is that a advantage or a liability when she runs for President? The jury’s still out on that one…..

  • Boydnar

    The klintons and the latest generation of defocrats have absolutely NO RESPECT for the law. They are lawless, criminal thugs, worthy of some third-world country. All they worry about is, “Can we get away with it?”

  • Kadja2

    The part about trying to deny Nixon counsel is what caught my eye. A report was just released that would effectively deny detained Americans their right to counsel as well as benefits of citizenship. This would also allow violations of the Geneva convention and numerous human rights issues. These people must go because they are trying to continue the same tactics and policies they tried with Watergate on a larger scale.. They are an army of would-be despots and will end up causing this country to repeat what is taking place in both Ukraine and Venezuela eventually. This country must vote out the Progressives and the RINOS who side with them in 2014. It is that simple.

  • Christopher Nguyen

    In 34 years, is it not possible she has grown? Digging up mud from someone that is over 3 decades old is a waste of time. People are held accountable, and ideally learn and change from their mistakes. I’m more concerned about her role as a board of director at Walmart that the job she flubbed as an aid.

  • disqus_GS46e5I0h0

    gee, this is fun. muckraking, name calling, digging in for the duration. and that’s the self-righteous ones. going back thirty four years? finish the job. when she was younger, she filled her shorts, and had to be changed. just like all the ex-marines. sorry fellas, if you’re not active duty or reserve, you’re ex. and the repubtards are still drinking their own bathwater. this is fun. your turn.

    • rwm44

      just proving that once a liar and thief always a liar and thief

      • disqus_GS46e5I0h0

        that would be a lie. who did you steal it from?

  • LanceThruster

    Sadly, though I’m a Dem who doesn’t want the only Democratic choice for president to be Hillary, there’s not a GOP candidate worth a warm bucket of spit. She’d get my vote by default.

    The GOP is dying (and rightfully so). I look forward to the day when there’s a party to the left of corporate Dems.

  • vincefosterwaskilled

    Like all this matters to

  • Gyst53

    The truth, with this woman, is but another lie undiscovered…. time will ultimately catch up with her!

  • Max

    That Bitch has lied all her life we dont need another lier in are white house she is a murder and lier her and bill both need to be in prison not in are white house Just call her Killery because the name fits her well

  • Fripperton

    Wow…she’s still fugly.

  • stoky

    she gets away with everything.. even murder…probably murder ie vince foster

  • stoky

    Where’s Bill

  • SmootMahooty

    They should put her in same cell as Cheney

  • Rich

    Uh oh, the tea baggers are are cranking up the anti Hillary machine. This story is just another lame attempt to destroy Hillary. More lies by a desperate gang of old white Republicans who are becoming more irrelevant with each passing day.

  • Roswell Greys

    “Stopping E.Howard Hunt from testifying because of Kennedy’s efforts on Castro” – that’s a joke – E.Howard Hunt was involved in the Big Event – the coup that assassinated JFK with the backing of the CIA/ Mob and Johnson.

  • cattlefuturestrader

    how long before this guy ends up “committing suicide?” Id stay ouf of Ft. Marcy Park Mr.Zeifman

  • Zedsdead

    After reading a few of these posts, I think perhaps there will be vast amounts of whining and crying when HRC becomes the next POTUS.

  • mo

    She is still a liar. It is a trait to have if you want a job in government.

  • JackP32

    After her firing for “lying, unethical behavior,” Hitlery has never looked back. She is simply more experienced at covering up her incompetence and “hate America” attitude.

  • marco a. poshar

    william Safire , called her congenital lier!!!!!!!!

    • William Carr

      Ah. You must make all the Tea Party signage.

  • moviegoer

    Didn’t know Michael
    Caine worked with Hillary!

  • Seriously

    Hillary lie? Say it isn’t so…


    Hillary is only repeating history and isn’t fit to be potus…she is a disgrace…

  • spawn44

    That was basic training for MRS. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE. She hasn’t stopped since. Benghazi being just the latest.

  • Strawberry Garcia

    Didn’t some missing whitewater/rose lawfirm/travel gate paper miraculously appear in the living quarters of the WH after long ago subpoenaed by the house. Hillary is lower than low.

  • Asperger

    It started before Watergate.

  • nickynicole

    she is as slippery of an eel as you will find and nobody died because of Watergate.

  • TMay10

    Reminds me of TravelGate, and of Benghazi.

    • William Carr

      Uh, no. The Obama’s retired their law licenses when they didn’t need them, it’s standard practice.

      When an attorney goes into politics, he doesn’t need a law license, and it costs money to maintain.

      They can simply pull the license out of mothballs at any time.

      This is just another of the BIZARRE and freakish Right Wing beliefs that have no foundation and no proof.

      “as we speak regarding the Bundy Ranch, which may also include Obama and Buffett and the Chinese”

      Still pushing the discredited “Chinese Solar Farm” myth, huh?

      I thought even Cons had realized the ENN Solar Project fell through last June and was outside Laughlin, nowhere near Bunkerville.

      Ah, well. That’s the problem with believing lies, they’re so hard to keep up with.

      • TMay10

        OK. Thank you for telling me. Sometimes things are published and it takes a couple of years to be cleared up. It’s a reminder that things in print are not always true.

      • Judge Joe Dredd

        Yes, the project fell through but Reid’s boy still made quite a bit of cash on the whole boondoggle. Funny how people only keep up with what they want to.

  • working4change

    Sounds like most resumes this WH administration was looking for. They want soldiers loyal till the end for the cause.

  • Texas Belle

    He should release his diary if Hillary runs in 2016

  • Richard Bickleberry

    Look, she despises the values of America. She is a traitor and and enemy of morality and justice. Will she get nominated and elected? I sure hope not. But look who is serving as President now… and was elected twice! There must be something in the water making Americans dumb and forgetful.

    • Judge Joe Dredd

      If a marxist/socialist agitator, “community organizer” can get into the WH, TWICE, then Hitlery’s got it made. The Donks have the electronic ballots all locked up.

    • Sam Spade

      She and Bill are just bunko artists in it for the loot and notoriety.

  • D-Nice

    Hilarious! One guy comes up with this stuff that can’t be corroborated by anyone and republicans eat it up like Sunday dinner. Just goes to show the GOP will believe anything that they like the sound of.

    • Andi Larson

      keep drinking that Kool-Aid, she has admitted it.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Just like the Borgias used to take over small, Italian towns…

    • dave

      Earl: I was banned again from CofCC. I didn’t say anything threatening or call for violence. Someone has it out for me. Can you have do something to get me back on or am I wasting my time?

      • Earl P. Holt III

        The Webmaster usually ignores my e-mails, but I will find out what’s going on…

        • dave

          Thanks. Let me know the outcome.

  • jack

    Hillary’s life has been a lie ever since she went from being a “Goldwater Girl”( a big lie) to getting fired by a Democrat for hiding evidence in the Watergate investigation of the Nixon era, not to be confused with her hiding evidence in the scam she worked on in Arkansas that she and Bubba invested in to defraud investors in the Arkansas Whitewater development. She will probably be the next President of the US, much to the relief of the ruling class, such as the Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO, who want cheap labor to work illegally and collect dues from the millions whom they rely on.for their own agendas. No wonder Bill has had more affairs with real women than most men have gone to do number one.


      At least she did not lie to start a 10-year war like George Bush did.

      • jack

        A lie is something said that the person saying it knows to be false, such as “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare” Bush believed the intelligence sources who briefed him and Congress, as did Hillary when she voted to go to war. It is a trope of the Left to keep repeating their lie about “Bush lied” when he did not.

        • JOHN KLINE

          You just keep believing that. Even Republicans keep trying to distance themselves from him for those lies and for his bringing us to the verge of another great depression.

          • jack

            Have another gallon of Kool-Aid. So Hillary voted for the war because Bill told her that Monica was just the pizza delivery girl who kept his cigars moist.

          • JOHN KLINE

            At least your humor is a lot better than your intelligence.

          • jack

            Unfortunately you have neither given the nonsense you post. But most true-believers are pretty clueless about the real world, regardless of whether they are a brain-dead lib like you or a jihadist who wants to kill you because have the freedom to share your stupidity online.

          • JOHN KLINE

            Still better than the Republican/Tea Party/KKK/Christian Taliban merger of hate-filled bigots and racists.

          • jack

            We all understand that you come from a part of the country where brains and intelligence make you incapable of reasoned thought. Something we all have to accept as part of a country where Hillary votes to go to war and her hubby lied to poor intern Monica about how he was going to leave the Hildebeaste once he was out of the WH and marry her. Some people , like you, are dumb enough to vote for them, and thus we have Iraq war III, with the Syrian add on, thanks to O”bama’s and Hillary’s incompetence.

          • JOHN KLINE

            You are really pathetic. I pity you. At least we have a great president now. Once he is out of office Hillary will be in. Then the Republicans will go from being racists to being sexists. Still, none of them will be true Christians because they follow the Republican Revised Edition of the Bible which is against helping others.

          • jack

            So why do Republicans give more to charity than the Clintons who give Bills used underwear for a tax deduction. Claiming full price since he didn’t keep them on very much while screwing real women instead of the Hildebeaste. Remember that it was the Republicans who voted in greater number for the Civil Rights Act than the Dems from your ignorant part of the country that voted against it. But we forgive you since being Christians, we understand that the dumb like you will always be with us. Inbreeding never stops. So how many many members of the KKK were Republicans? zero, you moron.

          • JOHN KLINE

            let’s clarify this
            The voting on the civil rights bill was closely correlated to one thing: regionality. Southerners mostly voted against, Northern and Westerners mostly voted for.
            Since then the GOP has disgraced itself by enthusiastically embracing Nixon’s Southern Strategy which purposely took advantage of white resentment in the south. This is why today the south is largely a GOP stronghold–something to be ashamed of, not proud

          • JOHN KLINE

            I lived in Louisiana during that period and saw the defection en masse from Democratic to Republican by those against the Civil Rights Act. Now the Republicans are the party of discrimination and bigotry. The Democrats are the opposite.

  • pdx73

    I had heard about Comrade Hillary’s complicity in unethical and dishonest behavior in the Watergate investigations a few years ago but had some difficulties tracking down the particulars. This is a great beginning to my “Average American’s Tutorial into Hillary Clinton” and why she must never, EVER be elected president. I hope by tracking down all the unethical and illegal actions she’s undertaken over her career, I can perhaps open a few eyes and encourage all Americans to get off their butts and do their homework when considering a candidate to support. This coming election in 2016 could make or break us as a country, it’s that important, and I refuse to sit back and allow the “low information” voters to choose based on gender, race, religion or what goodies a certain candidate says he or she will hand out. I urge every voter to please, PLEASE inform yourself about the candidates, their histories and policies. There is no excuse in this information age for not knowing who your candidate is, what your candidate represents and how they got in the position to be elected. I know I will spend as much of my free time gathering everything relevant to Comrade Hillary as I can and put it out there in a neat, readable package. Hopefully it will inform a few who wouldn’t have been before. I urge all you reading this to do the same. Those of you who cared enough to read this article and comments are not the ones we have to worry about. You have demonstrated your desire to be informed and it’s now up to us to spread the word to those too lazy or unconcerned to educate themselves on their own.

  • SansJeux

    She is evil.

  • Tj

    And what is anyone going to do about it? Look at the idiots that voted for obi. Look how many still think he is trying and working to better America. Notice what he is actually doing…and how no one is doing anything to stop him…or the other dirty dems. People won’t stand up and fight these people as they must be fought. Even with this, unfortunately she still has a good chance. (Low information voters)

  • Sam Spade

    She has tried to take credit for “what did the President know and when did he know it” line. Idiots in Hollywood were going to push that. However, that question was asked by Howard Baker and coined by Fred Thompson.


    Did not expect Republicans to go from being racists to being sexists this soon.

  • Mball Zitch

    Tell your wives to put away their ready for Hillary stickers and get back in the Kitchen. YOU Need a Sammich and a Beer!

  • craven moorehead

    once again Hillary’s criminal past is revisited, this time in scrubbing Benghazi documents.

  • alaskat

    So, what did cause the dis-barment of Bill and Hillary Clinton?

  • rsoski

    Ask Billy Dale…Ask the women BIll raped or harassed….ask about the Rose law records…ask about Benghazi. This woman is a total POS …