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California Begins Confiscating Legally-Purchased Guns



August 23, 2013

It is not surprising that the first police raids to take legally-purchased firearms from citizens are in California. Until recently, the state had the strictest gun control laws and the liberal run state government has always looked unfavorably on the Second Amendment.

Earlier this year, the state legislature expanded the list of what they call “prohibited persons” – people who have legally registered a firearm but, for various reasons, are no longer allowed their Second Amendment rights. These reasons were expanded to include people who are behind on state taxes, did not pay toll fees in a “timely” manner and a wide range of other minor misdemeanors or reported mental health concerns.

In preparation for the crackdown, the state authorized $24 million to hire additional officers to track down 20,000 people on the list. One person on this list was Joe Mendez.

A police officer came to the door and lured Mendez out of his house with a story of a hit and run report. Once outside, he had M16s pointed within inches of his face, was taken into custody and had all weapons removed from his house.

It is important to remember that these were legally- purchased and registered firearms. That gets to the other issue about this initiative.

This case demonstrates what registration lists really are. They are tools to allow police to confiscate weapons. And, all they have to do in California is come up with a reason you should be on the prohibited persons list; a list that is continuously expanding in its scope and definition.

California gun owners beware: your firearms and rights are being confiscated by your liberal politicians.

  • Len Novak

    They should pull the badge to any cop that does this crap. Not to mention $20m funding from a broke state. They have bigger problems

    • SafeTea

      Keep in mind a simple street cop would not be the one making these decisions. No, the decision to target and steal the rightfully owned weapons of citizens comes from higher up. The names and addresses of the targeted citizens are simply given to the cops to fulfill someone’s hit list.

      • Adam

        True, but those officers took the same oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. By stripping law abiding citizens of their rights protected by the same document they are violating what they swore to protect, making them as equally guilty as our corrupt state legislature.

        • Antix

          The issue is… That they are making up reasons to find the gun owner in violation of law. Which Then gives the state the ability to remove the firearms “legally”. By the time the gun owner gets a lawyer and tries to fight it. They will have destroyed the firearms or said they did to keep the owner from getting them back. It’s a manipulation of the law. I honestly do not think those gun owners will ever see their guns again. It’s all a ploy to disarm everyone. That’s bitch Feinstein will do whatever she can to take every gun she can from Californians and all Americans.

          • Barry Soetoro

            take out Feinstein and all who follow her…let the blood bath begin

          • Rob Griggs


        • Robert

          You are right Adam!

        • Darryl Groner

          I agree Adam and I would treat them as I would any other street thug who attempted a home invasion robbbery of my home.

          • Daniel

            And that’s why, unless your state requires it, you DON’T register any guns you buy. If they don’t know you have it then they can’t confiscate them. Unless someone you know dimes you out and gives you up to these crooked ass politicians.. I can see someone with mental illness problems, but being behind on taxes?? That’s a complete BULLSHIT reason..

        • Jeff

          Actually Adam, they are also sworn to protect the laws of the jurisdiction they patrol in. If those laws supercede the US Constitution, then there becomes the conflict. Unless they are a federal officer, they are bounded by the lawmakers of that jurisdiction. Stop blaming the guys who need to follow the orders to keep food on their own tables, and pay their bills to keep roofs over their and their families heads.

          • Infidel!!

            @Jeff….police officers do have brains (well, mostly). If they know an action to be illegal, and a law to be unjust, they do have the mental capacity to NOT FOLLOW IT!! And if the officers follow the violating orders, they are just as culpable as any criminal trying to commit any criminal act!!

          • Adam d

            No law supersedes the Bill Of Rights. People seem to forget that the Bill Of Rights does not GIVE us any rights, it merely ACKNOWLEDGES our unalienable rights as human beings. There is no law on the planet that supersedes that. And standing up for a cop that violates his oath simply because he has to pay bills? Really? If he was ordered by his higher ups to kill your wife or son or daughter, should he do it just because he has bills? They are the ones who are supposed to defend the Constitution and should be held to a higher standard! They do not legally have to and morally should not uphold unlawful orders! Stop standing up for their abuse of power!

          • Karen

            A classic line from Cool Hand Luke “Calling it your job don’t make it right” as he was digging the hole and filling back up over and over as directed by a prison guard. The Gestapos also stated they were following orders as they killed the Jews and confiscated all their weapons.

          • Robert Williams

            Actually Jeff no matter where you live and no matter what jurisdiction you are in we still are all American citizens and no local law supercedes the constitution. all people should know this.

          • Lew

            That’s exactly the excuse given by the defendants at Nuremberg.

          • Brad

            Wrong….a state law can not supercede the constitution. …..those cops are poor excuses for people and I blame them as well

          • sam

            They were “just following orders” for Hiroshima & Nagasaki too, idiot…

          • Marcus

            Jeff, don’t be a moron. First of all, federal law trumps state law. Second, the constitution trumps both federal and state law. Officers in every department in the country are part of the executive branch and are “executive officers”.”This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof;..shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary not withstanding”. (This tells us that the U.S. Constitution is to be upheld over any state, county, or city Iaws that are in opposition to it.)

            In the same Article it goes on to say just who it is within our governments that is bound by this Supreme Law:

            “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution;”. – ART. 6 U.S. CONST.

            We know that Police officers, are a part of the Executive branch. We are “Executive Officers”.

            Article 6 above, is called the SUPREMACY CLAUSE, and it clearly states that, under every circumstance, the above listed officials in these United States must hold this documents tenets supreme over any other laws, regulations, or orders. Every U.S. Police officer knows that they have sworn a oath to the people of our nation that we will not only protect their lives and property, but, that we will uphold, and protect their freedoms and rights under the Supreme laws of this nation, – the U. S. Constitution.

            So they make conflict with the constitution, but they NEVER supersede.

          • Puma Cabra

            Marcus, you have fallen for the propaganda. Federal Law does NOT supersede State Law. For instance, there is no Law, ratified at the State level, that validates the Federal Income Tax.
            If more people woke to this reality, we would put a huge dent in the revenue stream of the elite.
            End the IRS, the War on Drugs, and the Fed. Res.!!! They are ALL fraudulent and HIGHLY UnConstitutional!

          • Richard Carman

            Jeff, No laws supercede the Constitution. Its what our society is based on. The laws and rights it gives are absolute

          • morgan

            To a point I agree they must follow orders to keep food on their table however where do we draw the line? Do we then use the same logic to forgive those who carried out Hitler’s design to purge the world of the Jewish religion, the gypsy population,the mentally ill, the Jehovah’s Witness, the elderly and infirmed because if they refused to obey they could not feed their own family? Do we excuse the genocide happening in multi areas presently and in the recent past because those carrying out their oath of allegiance were afraid there would be no food on the table for their family? At what point do we stand up using morality and what is decent and correct even if it isn’t comfortable?

          • Oregon Intactivist

            Jeff you are an idiot is all I can say. Everybody else explained the rest. If you still don’t get it, then you never will.

          • Brandon

            Ahh yes, the “We were just following orders defense” How well did that work in the post World War 2 war crimes tribunals? Interesting when you examine the methods used then, and now.

          • ralbo

            Following illegal orders is still wrong. It takes a stronger person than you to say no i guess.

          • Jon Fowler

            If you are ordered to break a law that does NOT make you immune to being prosecuted for doing so.You cannot claim to not know that you were breaking a law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. YOUR boss tells you to do something YOU better be damn sure it’s legal.

          • MH Snider

            BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! They are SWORN to protect and enforce the CONSTITUTION. These police officers are flat out guilty of TREASON!!!!!!!!!

          • robert

            when you are sworn in you have to swear to protect and defend the constitution

          • Steve winters

            Uh yea, nice try Jeff. NO LAW SUPERCEDES THE U.S. CONTITUTION. That’s by they call it the supreme law of the land. Its crap like that that got California into this mess!

          • John G.

            They can always find new employment Jeff. It is ones freewill to decide to do good or evil with their life. Abusing innocent humans do not justify ones behavior so their superiors are giving the orders from the top so Diane Feinstein is giving the orders? I would not want the karma embodied by these officers it’s really sad the true fact is that law enforcement officers are as much slaves and guinea pigs to the govt as we the citizens. So under article 9 Californians can sue Diane Feinstein and win. Risking termination for not following orders does not guarantee escaping karma and the downing of his character by his or hers family and friends via the community. A person is judged by their character the rules don’t change. When the nato troops super cedes all local law enforcement eventually and yes that is coming forth ah then the rules will change because local enforcement will have to take a back seat to them now how dumb downing is that. How is the conscious mind of police officers these days are they at peace with themselves do they sleep well without having to get up in the morning and look themselves in the face knowing full well they have perpetrated treasonous acts on innocent citizens. I know there are officers who have morals and do not go over the line these are very far and few these are the ones that have my respect. We see it in our media everyday brainwashing citizens to justify the policies of another policy and illegal acts. Americans are waking up to the fact we don’t need pacifiers in our mouth anymore.

          • Guts Knucklebone

            bullshit. “just doing my job” is not an excuse to violate the constitution and nothing i mean NOTHING supercedes the constitution! it’s not a “conflict” you traitor, choosing to obey an unconstitutional state law is TREASON, PERIOD!!

            do you have any idea how many people died so we could have our 2nd amendment freedoms?
            by making excuses for traitors who violate it you are spitting on the graves of all the soldiers that died for american freedom.

          • Lt. Greyman, NVA

            At Nuremberg they blamed “those guys” even through they were “just following orders” and trying to home and keep a roof over their heads and food over their tables. Same when the Boston Redcoats came to take the guns of our Forefathers at Lexington. “Just following orders” so as to get a paycheck dosen’t make it better, it makes it worse. At Nuremberg they hung ‘em.

          • OKLAW

            Adam, this is part of the problem. How is it that so many people fail to understand the simple concept that NO LAW SUPERSEDES the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They are SUPERIOR and SUPERSEDE any contradictory law in this country.

          • Puma Cabra

            In this failing economy, BY DESIGN, I’m having a problem keeping food on MY table, and a roof over MY head.
            Please don’t blame me for breaking the law in order to survive.
            When you find me in your house ripping of your big screen, please do the right thing and let me “supersede” the law.

        • jtri01

          that’s why u subpoena the Peace Officers for taking there wages under false pretense, and there wives/husbands for “accessory after the fact” under what probably cause did the Peace officers have, to intervene with anyone. that’s the question. courts cant issue warrants without evidence or witnesse(s)!!!!

          • glensan

            those of you speaking of Hitler & Jews (all of them involved be damned)
            , but don’t forget Germany was not bound by US Constitution – or any other country for that matter. This is strictly US Law.

        • sam

          Absolutely right.

        • http://Facebook Ron

          Our Constitution means nothing no more thanks to Obama. This is wrong and should not be tolerated.

        • Dollysd

          Kinda like the movie A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. Just because you are ordered to do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. They are sworn in to protect us not harm us. When they forget that and just do as they are told with no conscience we have a HUGE problem. Just like we tell our kids, if your friends jump off of the cliff are you just going to follow them without thinking for your self? hum I might get hurt or die.

        • Marc W. Mauss

          Does the oath a local cop takes include upholding and defending the Constitution? Wouldn’t that depend on the local authority?

          • Paul

            It’s an oath to uphold the U.S.Constitution the state constitution regardless of local authority. So if the owner had been wise and stayed alert he would still have his firearms and the police would have been kept at bay until the lawyers hammered it out.The police might have been minus one also next time now that this is the ruse to invade.What happens in Ca. transends rest of country. here we go folks load em up.

      • freyguy

        Keep in mind the cop has taken an oath to up hold the constitution so they are no better then the ones giving the order.

        • Daniel

          And if the cops don’t then they risk punishment and possibly being fired for not following orders from their superiors…

          • Barracuda

            Nuremberg. “I was just following orders” is no defense.

          • Ryan Kuban

            Why are we out of majority not firing minority traitors?

          • Jared

            Then you let the cop file complaints for wrongful termination. You don’t violate the constitution to keep your job.

          • Adam d

            We have men and women in our armed forces who give their lives all the time protecting our Constitution, so forgive me if I don’t get all choked up at a cop who might lose his job doing the same. There comes a point where you have to decide what is more important, and that decision speaks volumes of your character. Based on that, any officer who follows these unconstitutional and morally corrupt orders has zero respect from me, and deserves to lose their job and be arrested.

          • Dollysd

            Kinda like the movie A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson

          • Puma Cabra

            OH FUCKING WELL!!!!!
            If you are not a man of pure integrity and honor, get the hell out of that uniform and DROP YOUR FUCKING WEAPON!!!
            You are NOT on our side!

        • Brian

          Well, also keep in mind that all the cop has is a legal order to do his job. Not the details. It may be the person is a mental case or about to go Postal. That is not a decision a cop can make.

          • Brad

            Yrs it us a choice a vop can make. …dont violate tbe constitution……
            They try that shit on me snd ill be on the news.

      • Jeremy

        Anyone that comes to my door to take my firearms will be shot dead. I realize that I will be killed as well but so be it. I will take out at least two before they get me… you can bet on that.

        • http://None Chris

          Right on brother!

        • Darryl Groner

          If every Jew had met the nazis at their frontdoor with a gun there would have been no holocaust.

          • Johhny Geetar

            Exactly right, Darrryl. Folks simply refuse to look at these regional confiscations in a historical context. Try this shit in Georgia….. HA!

          • Joe

            Exactly!! To begin with, I have my doubts the Jewish communities in Central Europe at that time were armed enough to fight back like is being discussed here. The Nazis were sneaky & subtle about it too. They lied about where they were being sent so people believed them & saw no reason to use armed resistance.

          • Paul

            And how did it come to be that the Jews did not have any guns with which to defend themselves?

        • Jeff

          And if you take that kind of stance, they will have grounds to take your weapons as that could be construed as being mentally ill, saying you gun is more important than your life. Sorry but that just doesn’t fly. Seriously, is that what you think? I hope you aren’t living near me. Protecting your rights does NOT supercede protecting your life, since your right to live is why you have those rights.

          • Kevin

            Jeff, I hear what you are saying but try to balance it with history. This country was established by men who believed their rights were more important than their lives.

          • Adam d

            Jeff, you’re missing the point. Protecting our rights IS protecting our life, and more importantly, the lives of our families and future generations and every other American. I happen to believe there are somethings in this world more important than my life.

          • http://f/b,twitter gordon davis

            jeff, kevin is telling u EXACTLY right, the fact that other have put life on the line n many also lost their lives for their GOD given rights , that many have fought for and helped to UPHOLD these freedoms is the sole reason U n I enjoy these said freedoms are able to live in a free society today. well im old n have with staying focussed on the point, thank u for reading my comment gordon,

          • Brad

            My life may depend on my gun later

          • sam

            Shut up you fucking pussy. Go back to hiding in the “safety” of your moms arms.

          • Paul

            the twit actually thinks ‘the state’ will protect him.

            dumbazz was obviously sleeping through history class, or he got the proggie-indoctrination version of it.

          • ralbo

            you just confused yourself. Also you are a spineless jellyfish.

          • moron

            jeff i hope you are the first man aboard the train to camp FEMA.

          • Paul

            You think that someone who believes that standing up for our God-given rights is more important than his/her life is mentally ill?

          • Puma Cabra

            Is that what they teach you in training?!!! That upholding the Constitution can be construed as being mentally ill?!!!! And then you take your Oath? Can you REALLY not see the paradox in your perspective? It’s fucking scary the level of brainwashing going down amongst our “best and brightest”!
            He did not say his gun is more important than his Life. His RIGHTS, the RIGHTS of his children, and the RIGHTS of us ALL, are more important than his Life. I commend him for the conviction. I wish more cops were like HIM.
            If you think that is mental illness, YOU are the only danger to our society. I don’t trust YOU to serve and protect ME!!!
            Without our RIGHTS and LIBERTY, life is hardly worth living.
            You should look into a transfer to North Korea, Jeff. I think you would fit in well over there.

      • Alex

        Yeah, but it is the cop’s job to say no to bad orders, even if it gets him fired. Everyone in this country regardless of their position has the responsibility of refusing orders that deny rights to people. As Martin Luther King Junior said: “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” We have already established long ago from the Nuremberg Trials, that simply following orders is not an excuse for bad actions. To be right, you must do what future generations will approve of not what the current political context wants.

        • Jeff

          That is so easy for you all to say, because you are safe behind your computer, but when it comes down to it, are you willing to risk losing your livelihood in these already difficult times, and a job that some guys have waited most of their lives to get. I am not disagreeing that it makes the officers have to choose a very difficult choice, but come on you guys, would you walk away from your own jobs just like that? If you say yes, I am glad you are NOT police in my neighborhood where serving and protecting the ENTIRE public is my number one job.

          • Kevin

            Definately not easy situatuons or decisions but there has to be lines. Granted those lines will be in different places for different individuals, but at some point principles have to supercede authority. Ones decision to walk away sooner or later or stand their ground sooner or later doesn’t makethem necessarily right or wrong, but guareanteed both will come with a price.

          • sam

            According to the supreme court the police are NOT there to protect you. Only to carry out serving the “law”.

          • Simon Says

            I understand Jeff. It must be a tough call many times, but there comes a time for a man to stand up and take stock of his life. Yes, you are there for the purpose you stated and I think that is great. The cops in my town are real easy going, laid back, they get the job done. We don’t need all those stupid tanks and tactical armor b/c they do their job right, the first time. They keep an eye out for those that might cause trouble. That being said, they would never, ever, take a weapon away from a law-abiding citizen just because of an overdue parking ticket. Most folks don’t want to have to draw down on a cop. The cop will be dead, the other guy will be dead. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s called the Castle Doctrine. And where I live, we generally shoot faster and straighter than the LEO(think South). *lol* This is literalism gone rampant. It has to be stopped and it is up to people like you to make sure a line is drawn. WE WILL NOT GO AGAINST THE 2ND, WILL YOU?

          • Tony

            Jeff the matter is to many Americans, especially our founding fathers, rights were worth dying for, hence the Revolutionary War. So in regards to risk losing your livelihood in these difficult times Yes, I’m here in Florida. I know a bunch of Floridians, myself included, a bunch of friends in Georgia and a bunch of friends in Texas all willing to lay down our lives to protect this great country and this great nation for our POSTERITY. meaning that we’re willing to die so our children and our children’s children may be free.
            The second part of my response comes to the fact that officers have a very difficult choice: in both the United States Military AND in police work they both have the ability to not follow through. During the Vietnam War a lot of the statistics of “are we winning or not” came from casualty counts. Commanding officers were having soldiers slaughter women, children, and men that had no desire to fight in any sort of war, because the kill count went higher and people could chant “Rah rah rah America is winning”. When the massacres became public the military made it a law that soldiers just didn’t have the right to disobey an unjust order, it was there Obligation. Police have a slightly different rule, they are legally allowed to use their judgment to not arrest someone, it’s referred to as Police Discretion. Let alone the fact that we’ve seen that the U.S. Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights trumps all local laws, let’s look at the laws that might come into play:
            Amendment 2: right to have a militia and right to bear arms. Obviously we see that dealing with firearms is how this comes into play, now on to
            Amendment 4: unreasonable search and seizure. This amendment I submit is where most of the legal battle is fought in this argument, it’s broken down into three parts: Who’s allowing this search and seizure, why is it being allowed, and how are they going about it. The middle part in our above case of California is where the problem lies: it shouldn’t be allowed that an American Citizen should have there rights violated for something such as not paying a toll fee. So when people say “The Constitution trumps local laws” they are right, and other people can cite other parts of it that are just as valid, but going to the 4th amendment we can see that this becomes illegal.
            >>Now back to the point again now that we see this activity is illegal we can return to the spot dealing with the military and police having the right to not take action. This seems to be a matter of clear wrongdoing by the authorities so it shouldn’t be a hard call to not follow this order.
            Lastly let’s get to the final part where you point out if something was illegal against the constitution and people actually Doing Their Actual Jobs To Uphold The Constitution were to walk away, you would be glad we aren’t the police in your neighborhood? Jeff this is where the slippery slope get’s slicker. by saying that you state that you condone officers breaking the law, and you support police violating your God given rights. Once that principal is established, then why shouldn’t a police officer rape your wife? Beat your son or daughter? Arrest you for no reason until your family begins to starve? Why not? you already gave them the thumbs up?
            I know my response was winded and comprehensive, but Jeff I hope you can see that even if we’re not safe behind our computers, gun owners like me Are willing to risk losing our livelihoods in these difficult times. Hopefully you see that police officers that have waited most of their lives to get that job have a duty to disobey orders, and hopefully you can see that a police officer that wouldn’t walk away and would continue to work such a delicate job would lead to atrocities, not peace. I think I’ve touched on the points in your answer, Have a great day, and God Bless America.

          • John.G

            Yes actually a lot of us would with your experience I could always start a private investigative firm you would make a lot more money. Start your own private security firm it’s big business right now and can make a ton of money. You lay your life on the line for a mere petty 3,500 a month is your life worth more than that? I have no idea what the person you are behind the badge but I do know the person you can be inside with or without it.

          • Puma Cabra

            I already have. I have dislocated HEAVILY from the status quo. It has taken severe sacrifices on my part, friendships, job opportunities, love interests lost, etc. I have even suffered for my decisions at times at the hands of those you claim I should trust with my “security”. I’ve actually been arrested for “terrorism” under the Patriot Act for defending myself against 5 drunk punks who jumped me in the street. They regretted that night, but I was the one sent to jail.
            In hind sight, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am FILLED with talents and skills, by my own education and actions, (THANK the Great Spirit we still have access to the internet for now!!!!), that have reduced my dependence on the Cy$t_M. I’m trying very hard to live off the grid, and the land. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, tending to my own DIRECT well being.
            I’ve surrounded myself with people who have done the same, and to claim that I, and folks like me are unfit to “serve and protect” your neighborhood is an insult. We are FAR more capable of this than ANY cop I have EVER met. A cop does one thing, enforces POLICY. My peers and I weld, tend crops, sew our own clothing, engineer and build anything we need from the junk and refuse of our consumer based society, educate our children, run heavy machinery, as well as make art and music, I could go on, but you get the picture. We are WORTH something to the community. Not just some corporate thugs bustin’ heads for profit.
            Drop the Hero Syndrome. No offense, but we don’t need you. The Constitution give us the RIGHT to Serve and Protect OURSELVES, thank you very much.

      • skaard4life

        If a policeman doesn’t stand up against a stance which is illegal then he/she has perpetuated the police state. What they have to remember is it does not take much now to find out where they and their families live. It becomes a session of bringing them to reality and that are just as vulnerable. What goes around comes around. Then the true battle begins as the police will then draw out all the automatic weapons they have been given to protect their property and family. A blind public has been watching as major PDs have been amassing quite large arsenals just for the take over not to go after criminals. Some police have questioned the weapons and don’t work for that PD anymore….wonder why…..they only want police who will break the law and beat down private citizens. It worked well under Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and others. In Hitler’s case he used the “Brown Shirts” to do all the dirty work then murdered them off with his elite “Black Shirts” (Night of the long knives) History does repeat itself when people don’t fight back and allow government to take over.

        • Emil Reyes

          You took the words out of my mouth. I am a sibling of deceased WW2 vets who fought against this tyrrany. As a war vet myself along with my eldest brother, I’ll be damned if I allow these facist police bigs force their facism on me and the remainder of my relatives. I would rather see these pigs and politicians die then fellow Americans.

      • http://google bev

        Safe Tea, there comes a time when you do what is right! Not what you are told. You lie down with dogs you will get fleas……………Our constitution is being trampled and buried. Time to step up. California wake up!

      • Tony Archuleta

        I was just following orders… sound familar?

      • davep326

        And they wonder why we would object to registration…

      • Don Juan

        True, but a copy shouldn’t lie to “lure” someone out of their house, nor should he stick an M16 into someone’s face on what should be a routine, if unconstitutional task. The “I’m just following orders” didn’t fly for German’s working at the concentration camps and it shouldn’t fly here.

      • Neil Carpenter

        This is WHY the street cop took an OATH.

      • Matt Bracken

        Every LEO will have to ask themselves if their oath to defend the Constitution matters more than their paycheck. When does compromise become betrayal, in the words of Claire Wolfe.

    • Tzipporah

      Yeah and I think their names are Jerry Brown and liberalism, unless it’s a hoax.

      • http://downtrend eric lockshaw

        I live in a city full of Marxists I expect the Stasi to knock on my door anyday now IDK where to hide my firearms maybe bury them in the hills,somewhere.

        • alan

          No you do not hide them. You carry them and use them, as I and many others will do. This will not go on for long unanswered, guaranteed.

    • mRG2u

      According to politifact this does not exist.

      • Ken Clute
        • Jeff

          Look at the source of this report before you go judging. Infowars is not exactly an unbiased source, and certainly not one where I would go to get my legitimate news. How do we know that this guy was not just a plant by Alex Jones, making up this entire story? Come on guys, I believe in the 2nd amendment, but not at the cost of common sense.

      • Ed in Colorado

        This video says differently, it’s happening..

      • Thomas Morrits

        It Does Exist ! They Have Expanded the list so if you have ever taken any anti depressant , been treated for depression, stress, anxiety, and many other reasons they can take your guns. They just passed a funding to get it done faster, they just show up at your door and that is it. They are going through medical lists now to see who has taken (prozac,etc.) treatment any time in their life!

      • Thomas Morrits
      • quirk

        As I understand this it is people who have be convicted certain types of domestic violence within the last ten years. People who have committed a felony or someone who has been committed for certain types of mental issues. It should be noted that this could effect the gun ownership of someone living with them as they can not have access to guns either. This is really being blown out of proportion get people off on this issue so they don’t notice our do nothing congress.

    • happycruzer

      On 8-14-13 at 10PM I was asleep in bed recovering from a knee surgery. Someone knocked on our door so my wife got up to answer, Someone verbally identified themselves as Dept,
      of Justice officers. There were 3 of them that my wife could see. They asked for me and my wife told them I was in bed and couldn’t walk because of surgery. For some background I will tell you I have lost my right to possess a firearm because I was convicted by the Federal Gov’t for cultivation of marijuana even though it was Calif. legal Medicinal grow that was inspected by state officials and approved. The officers pushed past my wife and came into my bedroom and started asking me about firearms I had bought and registered in my name.I told them my wife had sold them while I was incarcerated and had submitted all details to the federal judge before my release. They then started quizing me about a gun I had sold 30 years prior before all the laws pertaining to gun transfers.This just shows me they have lots of time and money to hunt for straws. Why they came at 10 oclock at night puzzels me also. When the first showed up I thought they were federal agents but when I asked for ID I learned they were from the Calif. Attorneys Office

      • happycruzer

        I meant Attorney Generals office

    • Emil Reyes

      The cops should be killed. They try it on combat veterans, it’s a death sentence to their facism. This is war and these nazis will lose!

    • This is not a test

      Pull the badge? I’d agree but it would be of little consequence. The UN recently had a meeting with their Civilian Weapons Confiscation Group and they will soon be putting together special UN police task forces with the singular mission of confiscating privately owned civilian weapons. Not “assault rifles”, not “military-grade”, or any other kind of scary looking firearm, ALL firearms. The paper they drew up even specifies hunting firearms. Whether you live in California, Montana, or yes, even Texas with it’s big attitude, it will make no difference because the UN is dedicated to disarming everyone because unless it does, it cannot implement Agenda 21 in its full form. This meeting was held from July 29-31 this year and the paper was drawn up August 8th. No joke here. Please keep your heads up and know what is coming no matter where you live. Unfortunately, there is no safe place any more; what is happening in California is just the beginning.

      • http://f/b,twitter gordon davis

        THIS IS NOT A TEST, WOW! thank U, not for the news but for posting it. U r so right on the money. u have told the people just EXACTLY what is gonna happen and for the most part how, and why. i dont have the ability to word it like u have. thank u again, maybe ter most valid point, is dont matter where u live, this is a guarantee. i have precious friends that tell me every day: BY GOD THEY aint taking my GUNS, n i have to tell them the BAD NEWS yeh———, they r going to take them, it may be after u r dead BUT they r going to take them…. U must realize this is the sole reason the UN ever come into existence, end of the conversation. not sure how quick or just when but it will happen. thank u for reading my post, n have a great year. P S im old n hate this as bad as anyone but that dont (change it) good day

        • http://f/b,twitter gordon davis

          i want to make one more comment: a lot of u people do not seem to realize and or understand, the UN is going to and will SOON be the world police force, that is the sole reason it was devised and come into existence. it is gonna happen. when? why? why is simple. who is the un made up of? many different countries, these people dont like u anyway, because u live in and most of us are proud AMERICANS. now given the power n the authority these people will take U out, most RED BLOODED AMERICAN soldiers and policemen wont shoot another AMERICAN. im not gonna keep spouting off. i mean after all, BIG BROTHER is WATCHING n listening. thank u for reading my post good day gordon

      • Simon Says

        Come to MS and try it. You will only try once, I promise you!

    • Glenn Terence Price

      Now where do these guns go to the cartels fast and furious?????The cops have broken their own laws

    • Johhny Geetar

      Law enforcement’s decision to go along with this is a conscious choice! An individual cop’s decision to violate their OWN brethren’s rights via chambered firearms is entirely in their own keeping. That being said, shoot the fuckers if you can. California may put up with this crap, but NO state in the south would even entertain this, even if it became a federal mandate. The Georgia Sheriffs Association is an AWESOME organization, and is stocked with Sheriffs that heve even LESS use for federal authority than WE do…..

    • Robbie

      Also don’t forget it’s the citizens of California that voted these scumbags into office! You get what you vote for.

      • Puma Cabra

        I would agree if they actually counted the votes anymore. This is Corporate run Mafia at the highest level.

    • web cleaner

      Its the eternal question. Where did Hitler get the Troops to starve, torture, rape, murder, and push innocent people into the Gas Chambers? The answer: Its your next door neighbors. They are doing what they are told to do. They are doing what they have been brainwashed and indoctrinated to do. YOU are the enemy. Psychologist Studies have determined the people are just normal people who believe they are doing the right thing. After all, the Government is right, aren’t they??? When you Elected Obama, you elected to end the Safeguards of the USA Constitution. Its happening everyday in every State of the USA.

    • Brandon J. Piddington

      Where are the citations regarding this info? Can this info be found anywhere else?”

    • rosie

      for the cop doing that to joe mendez, he can get them on entrapment and he can also get all his guns back. that is a violation. ect. XD

    • Eric

      Is Mendz a felon?

  • Affirmative Action Anti

    Doesn’t ANYONE defend their rights, anymore?

    What a joke! Californians are pathetic!

    • Bridget Watkins

      Not all of us are. Just some of us that were born here and can’t afford to move out of this pathetic state.

      • Johny

        You know its cheaper to live in other states.

        • Barack D Fraud

          every freedom loving person needs to bite the bullet and leave California and then shoot any liberals that try to follow them.

      • Johhny Geetar

        Bridgett, you cannot afford NOT TO move out. This will only get worse, and the taxes to float these commies and their programs are only going to get worse as money dries up in the state. The handwriting is on the wall, sister. Get out by ANY means necessary. We did this getting out of South Florida which is also turning into a progressive cesspool. We took a financial beating getting out of there, but i’m glad we did it. Georgia is a great state, and the Sheriffs ARE the people; they do not ABUSE the people. It’s time sister……

      • Richard Rowe

        are ur legs broke,get a wheelchair,u cant afford not to move.

    • Tzipporah

      Anyone who has this problem should call the Second Amendment Foundation.

      • mark

        Good luck with that one. I tried getting their assistance. They refer you to a lawyer you pay for.

  • Jason

    This list, was this list created by, “Due Process?” I somehow doubt it, as most of the individuals probably were not even aware of the fact that they were on this list. What happened to the right to face your accuser, or know the charges being levied against you. None of this is Constitutional. Sheeple….WAKE UP! Today it’s guns; tomorrow, it’s the other rights you care about (I realize not everyone is pro-gun, but everyone is pro ‘something.’).

    • sarah moore

      that’s a very good point to make to people that aren’t for 2nd amendment rights in the first place.They need to realize that once they take one thing and are allowed to,they will start taking other things away that are “Our God given right.”Our Constitutional right!

      • Richard Rowe

        yea like ur life, 2nd revalution needs to start now.

  • John greer

    Live free or Die

  • Mireille Diltz

    WTF AMERICANS fight this BS I will not give up my gun.. Come try it ..

    • Stinger

      You’re going to fight, unarmed, with M-16s in your face? Good luck with that.

      • Rod Johnson

        Who is unarmed?

        You know the best way to fight a bully, right?

        And you know what George Washington and the Taliban have in common? They both looked at the biggest, most powerful armies on the face of the Earth and gave them the finger.

  • Mike

    Mexafornia , keep voting democratic and the best is yet to come. You did it to yourselves.

    • Anthony

      This is why the Constitution states our rights are God give. That which is given by man can be revoked but rights granted to use by God are inalienable. God Bless America and God Bless us all!

      in·al·ien·a·ble [in-eyl-yuh-nuh-buhl]
      not alienable; not transferable to another or capable of being repudiated: inalienable rights.
      inviolable, absolute, unassailable, inherent.

    • torin clinton (@torinclinton)

      it’s not just california…the whole freakin’ west coast is full of mexican nationals…

      • Arkansan

        It is all over the US, not just the west coast.

  • girlkansas

    Time to sue California.

  • Doris

    If these guns are legal and registered then someone is violating their constitutional rights. It has to be the Governor of California. The president could not order such confiscation of their guns. Something is very wrong here. Are the people just moon struck, why are they not speaking out against this. What is wrong, are they just willing to stand by and let them take all their possessions.?

    • Jeffrey

      when your high..who gives a shit.

  • Anthony

    Don’t blame the police and if you lose your guns in CA. you have no one but yourself to blame. The voters of CA are getting exactly what they asked for. You put these people in office and now you have to live with those extremely poor choices. Blame yourself, no one else!

    • Joanne Arnold

      “Blame yourself, no one else”………. Hold on a minute! I live in Illinois and try as we may we haven’t been able to get RID of the Liberal/Progressive/Socialists running our state government! Just like the last federal (Presidential) election… the elections are FIXED. I dare say that has a lot to do with the condition of California’s legislators too. I you don’t personally have to live under liberal control then count yourself VERY fortunate. But don’t condemn those in our two states for the way things are… trust me, we (perhaps the actual majority) DON’T WANT what we’ve had OR what we’re getting!

      • Joanne Arnold

        ‘IF’ you don’t… (wish we could edit here)

      • Bob

        The same is true in Massachusetts

      • marilee reddin

        I hear you Joanne,
        They are working very hard here in Texas. San Antonio is sooo saturated that they featured them in their convention. Look what Denver has done to Colorado and so on. I was actually born and raised in Southern Orange county Ca and am proud to now be a Texan and conservative. But there is infiltration in both parties, which is why Obamacare has not been defunded. God Bless America the Beautiful.

        • Arkansan

          Hi Marilee, I was born in Oceanside, CA (no maternity ward at Camp Pendelton), but basically grew up in Orange County (graduated Orange High–1963), but returned to my roots (1984) by moving to Arkansas. It is said what is happening in CA., but it is just the start. It will move and probably quickly throughout the US and unfortunately there are so many people that are uninterested in politics and busy just trying to make ends meet that they pay no attention to what is happening or fall for the false reports the media puts out (so and so has a mental problem background or some such story and so they desire to have their guns taken or whatever else happened).. The Muslims have moved to every country I believe and every state in the US. We have the Muslim brotherhood in the White House. It will just be a matter of time (when they have confisgated most of the guns) before we are taken over and will no longer be the United States of America. My father was career Marine and my husband career Navy and it is no longer the US that they fought for. We are living in sad times.

          • Lisa Z

            Arkansan you are absolutely right!

    • Bill

      If 51% of the people vote for something what percent of the people are NOT getting their way and having the will of the majority forced on the minority…. if more than half of america votes to have you ran over by a dump truck i bet you will would have a different outlook on majority rule….

      • Darryl Groner

        Yeah, except we don’t have majority rule. We live in a Constitutional Republic. Ignorance of this fact is the very reason we are losing it and headed for economic collapse and civil war.

    • Darryl Groner

      Yeah because DemocRats would never use the institutions of government to cripple their opposition’s political organizations and vote 2 or 3 times for dead people to steal elections.

    • Beverly

      There are many of us who DID NOT vote for Brown!!!!!!!

  • Betty Chist

    This is just the beginning America. You will be getting a MARK or INPLANT I won’t be with you, because they will have to kill me before I let them mark or implant me. Head my warning.Obama =anti christ

    • Tzipporah

      I love what you wrote, Betty. Obama is the anti-Christ, IMHO anyway and in the opinion of many others.

    • Arkansan

      Beware of the National ID card that I have heard is in the Amnesty Bill. McCain thinks it is great! He and Schummer said you won’t be able to work or buy anything without it. Also plan to put your retina scan or the veins on the back of your hand on it (better than finger prints). I think this card will become your driver’s license, passport, debit card and have all your info. on it. I think it will play out in one of two ways: card issued, then someone says you know carrying this card is a pain. You can loose it, forget it at home or someone steals it. Lets put it on a chip and imbed in under the skin. Or, someone comes up with that idea before the actual card is issued. Mark of the Beast! Also, how many small businesses will have to go out of business because they can’t afford to buy the scanners necessary to scan people looking to work for them or those wanting to buy from them. So will only be a few large businesses, banks etc.

      • Richard Rowe

        what makes u think they are going to go through the expense of making all those chips,this california thing is just like the false flag boston bombing,its a test on the least unarmed or liberal populace to see which way they want to continue.

  • AmericanMorning
  • JC

    Sure you can blame it on Californians for voting in the representatives that violate these people but how soon do they begin to think that it is acceptable in one state then another, How many states does it take before WE as Americans see this as a threat to our Republic way of life! and will their be time to stop it then?

  • Federal law enforcement officer

    Talk about being sheeple, there are only two types of persons on that list, felons and those that are found to be legally mentally unstable. Go ahead and believe what you are told here though.

    • V

      who makes the list?

    • Joseph Collins

      well felons wouldn’t have legal guns so go ahead and take up for law enforcement i defanately wouldn’t believe anyone in law enforcement

    • Jim

      Wow, you’ve been swimming in the cool aid if you believe that. And the NSA aren’t spying on Americans and Obamacare is going to be so wonderful.

    • Henry

      Seig heil!

    • Emil Reyes

      Asshole! The nazi pigs like you make everyone a felon. The courts and the police are the real criminals. The constitution never denied or labled anyone a felon. That is a word used by the nazis running the courts, making illegal laws and enforcing them. When the civil war hits, you facist pigs will have the most deaths punk!

  • V

    You guys are funny, its the dem’s fault like it be any better if the Republicans were in…lol they are all politicians serving an agenda bought and paid for by the federal government who in turn are the puppet of big money. and all the while you all are pissing and moaning about Feinstein. its like going after a foot soldier and thinking removing him or her would fix the problem. face facts your government is corrupt and that masquerade of “freedom ” is over, you got dumb down to the point of paralysis and now the government is steamroll any chance of revolution. you have no rights. rights only work in a system with a government that protects them. a lot of people preach thats there goal, but the last few people that have been chosen to lead that government have done nothing but help in the removal of the rights that were used to build the country. Hitler did it, and history is repeating itself. the bad thing is this time, the bad guys have the most powerful most well armed military at there disposal. and you have seen first hand what will happen if you question that authority. your marked a traitor or a terrorist and are put into prison. Manning got 30 years for doing the right thing and he will never again taste freedom and there are many others in prison by the state that haven’t even been charged with a crime, and the government is profiling people and been given power to incarcerate people because they fit a profile that one day they “might” do something against the state, held indefinitely without charge. I can imagine that even right now post like this are being filtered and one day (if not already) looked on as an act of treason and sedition.

    is there an answer? i dont know, but i fear not . too many Americans have bought into the lies and have a serious case of headupthereownasspride USA USA were #1 were #1….. no, your not. by the time people wake up and try and stand up its gonna be too late and by the looks of things, it already is :(

    “People should not be afraid of there Government, Government should be afraid of there people”

    • Mark

      Dem voters. Are to blame

    • Henry

      This government is afraid of the people; why do think they’re trying to disarm everyone? The nazis did it, the russians, the British alwayse were (their income tax is fifty percent of everyone’s income) you fools need to open your blind eyes and pay attention to the public Gestapo endorsement using every scam they can conceive to get the public under their totalitarian control! They willard a criminal out of everyone that won’t belly up let them be owned!

    • Emil Reyes

      Shut up you libertarian punk! You are just as criminal as democrats. You morons share the same insanity. Manning joined the military and chose to work as military intelligence which requires TOP secret clearance. He did the stupid and wrong thing. He should have gotten out by being a conscientious objector then do the stupid crap he did. I guess you are ok with giving secrets to Hitler and the soviet union? You libertarian punks never served in the military like obama and all you morons do is talk out of your asses. We all know obama is destroying the military. Morons like you and Manning like to help the muslim turds! Go jump off a bridge punk!

  • silaxo1

    It is nice that you report this, but where in California did this happen? Do you have any other reports of this occurring? If so, when and where? Do you know what agency is doing this and where their office is? These guys need to be followed and watched. If you can come up with these things, we can get on it. Otherwise, the state is too large to go seek out this group, if that is what they are.

  • Billy

    They are all brainwashed to believing “the communist state of California is the greatest place on earth” lol

  • Joe

    What a bunch of law breakers…wake up America…vote the liberals out..not just office, but our country!

    • Tzipporah

      Love it.

  • Chuck H

    It might be time for California to declare it’s own nationhood. I, for one, support this initiative. We don’t need a state like this in our Union…

  • punisher


    • sam kellogg

      and just who the fuck are you that does all this great stuff for your fellow man? i know! your rush limbaugh! can i have your autograph mr. limbaugh?

  • Clyde

    It does not surprise me that the very first place that would WILLINGLY violate the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is California. Those left wing Liberals will stop at nothing to speed up the destruction of this once great nation.

  • streetrace442

    You can bank on your bottom dollar they didn’t take the first gun from any of the street and drug gangs that support Obama’s “sharing the wealth” program. They are not going to touch their own kind!

  • milesman

    I wish them the insurrection for which they beg!

  • Bill James Canada

    I laugh when folks are insulted and get all upset when I refer to California as the Socialist Republic of California and think that Sacramento would look real good as a smoking hole in the ground while the state senate was in session while being addressed by the piece of shit that is playing governor. . .

    • Alana Miller

      So, what is Mr. Mendez’ infraction? The reporter didn’t say. If you are in Missouri and convicted of a violent felony involving firearms, you are supposed to surrender your guns. SO: what was Mr. Mendez’ infraction? Not possible to give any credence to this story until we know. Crappy reporting.

  • William

    This is false. These laws have not yet been passed in California. They are being voted on right now.

  • David

    It’s real simple. Pack up your family and move the state!!leave your house quit paying bills ..if enough if Californians do that they can cripple the economy.. Leave the state..leave it to the Brownshirts and the blind sheep!!

  • Robert

    if the cops came in my house or any of my family member houses they would have to pry them from our clod dead hands. PROTECT THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!!!!

  • amosmose

    then start taking them out it you right to protect what is yours and that also means against the govnerment this is what George Washington warned the people about there are no kings of America this is our country so take back what is yours.

  • Ben

    Yup same shit happened to me with believe it or not an AT .22 from feather light industries, because it had a pistol grip it was then put on the prohibited list and because i had registered it I had 90 days to turn it in. this is true, this is real this is happening.

  • matthew

    Lies to lure, just like Satan. They are creating mistrust and it will only come to bite them in the you know what…

  • Kaye

    And they will in turn sell them to the drug dealers or other countries that harbor terrorists. The money will go into the pockets of shady politicians. How about going after the felons and real criminals first?

  • sam kellogg

    all of this is so like the history of 1930′s germany during hitlers’ rise to power. they also have access to your medical records, which are federally protected under h.i.p.p.a. laws. the tree is rotten to the top.

  • scott

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    ― Edmund Burke

  • Jason Walston

    Not all Felons are violent offenders. Most cases are drug charges. If they have done the time for their crime, then gun rights should never be taken from them. They are Americans who can die for their country and vote. It’s bad enough that getting jobs is hard enough for them.

    • silaxo1

      Boy, you don’t live in the real world Jason. I know numerous ex-felons who have managed to keep their nose clean for ten to fifteen years. Most of them are subject to flying off the handle t any minute. I wouldn’t want them running around with a gun. I know, they aren’t ALL like that, but most. There is that one person who smokes three or four packs of cigarettes a day who lives to 101 too. It is called the exception.

      • Jason Walston

        I do live in the real world. I am a felon who was in the wrong place and wrong time almost ten years ago. In Texas, where I’m from, they hand out drug charges like they are candy. Got pulled over with friends and one of them hid their drugs under my seat. I served 11months and 24 days of a two year sentence. Was on parole for the remainder. Yes there are felons that are out there who do have violent tendencies. But, look at all the other violent people who just haven’t got caught doing something wrong. So, for me making a little mistake all those years ago, I’ve lost the right to defend myself and my family. I can vote and die for my country but can’t just go and buy a rifle for home protection. Unless, I coughs lot of money again for a lawyer to get or not get my pardon. I’ve paid my debt to society.

      • Simon Says

        Sorry, but you don’t live in the real world either. There are way too many crimes considered felonies. What about white collar crimes? Do you think they will “fly off the handle” @ any given moment’s notice? Once a non-violent felon completes his time, he deserves to go back into the community. Put yourself in their place. Did you know if you bounce a check in most states over $500 it is a felony, intentional or not? Time to read a bit.

        • Jason Walston

          Thank you Simon.

  • Christine Clark

    I will never allow any mark or implant on my body!

  • Michele

    I will be glad when the San Andreas Fault line finally gives & Cali floats off into the o bliss!! They try to run the USA in so many ways!! Take CARB ( CA. Air & Recovery Board) for one! And I think the land is beautiful, and there are good ppl there, yet they let the nuts and fruits run it!!!

  • billiam

    Really, people?!? WTF? Confiscation for “mental health concerns”? We are sliding FAST down that slippery slope! Who decides the mental capacity of an individual and where does the line stop? “Concerns” is not an indication, diagnoses or treatment! This is the road to ruin for our nation when we try to imply the condition of every citizen to “allow” the application of our God-given and constitutionally guaranteed rights! Come on, people! WAKE THE F@%# UP!!!!!

  • http://n/a kenny B

    I would take a guess that the $24 million was to contract the gun grab out to a private security group. Have a few higher ranking officiers do the photo op…. I would really wonder if a real police officier true to his oath would be a party to this? Another guess I would make is they never got the guns they should have gone after…. you know the ones that are not registered and in the hands of gang bangers, criminals and others not supposed to have them. They can look really good to the liberal dumb asses without any of the grabbers getting hurt. What a bunch of BS. Believe me a person with mental or behavioral problems shouldn’t have a gun…but not paying taxes on time or toll fees, I call Bull Sh*t on this action..

  • Gary Hageman

    When the mayor of New Orleans ordered the police to seize the firearms of the general public not one person fought. They couldn’t believe it was happening. This is exactly what happened to the Jews. Near the end many did try to fight but were crushed by the military. When the end came there was no one to help. This is the great paradox. We are all alone in the end. Will you give up your life and property or will you depend on your neighbors to come to your aid? Alone we are all intimidated by
    force. “Surely we must all hang together or we shall all hang separately.” Gandhi was right of course. Violence is their game and you won’t get what you want that way. A large show of resistance is what’s called for. Where are the marches and demonstrations? It’s time for a new party. The current setup just isn’t getting the job done. I understand that Congress has the lowest approval rating ever but we keep voting for one of the 2 major parties. This country is still strong and I believe in the common sense of my neighbors. We must take responsibility for the mess we have allowed to develop and ‘take back our country’.

  • pberger

    Our constitutions is dead you fools. Look at what obama has done to it. Completly gone around it with his executive orders. Voting people out is a joke these days. Forget that. Its gonna take a second american revolution to regain what was started over two hundred years ago. We have been infiltrared by so many different outsiders who dont care about upholding the original constitution.

    • AD

      No he just wants you to think it’s dead, thereby hopefully skipping the fight that would happen if people realize he is trying to take it away. “It’s already dead” is the lie they all wish you’d believe. The rights you aren’t willing to FIGHT for are the rights they are all so willing to take.

  • mike

    I would move out of thar shit hole california and tax my guns and tax money with me!!!!

  • mike

    Why don’t coservative gun loving people move out of california? Let the libertards deal with all the BS!! Then they would take their tax money out of there and bankrupt the morons!!!

  • http://none pwc

    the article dosent say what the charges were, why not? I hate these stories, tell the whole story or shut up…

    • http://Kraus Jon

      Second Paragraph last half. :)
      “These reasons were expanded to include people who are behind on state taxes, did not pay toll fees in a “timely” manner and a wide range of other minor misdemeanors or reported mental health concerns.”

  • http://Kraus Jon

    So when the hell is Cali gonna fall off this great country so i can start planning my party!? This BS being pulled by hippie Dems and a state that could not make appropriate spending decisions.

  • Kris in AL

    So what is Joe Mendez’s story? Why was he on The List? Maybe he had his gun confiscated for the right reason?

  • jtri01

    that’s why u subpoena the Peace Officers for taking there wages under false pretense, and there wives/husbands for “accessory after the fact” under what probably cause did the Peace officers have, to intervene with anyone. that the question. courts cant issue warrants with out evidence or witnesses

  • joe

    I keep hearing talk about a new civil war or revolution…..To bad it will never leave the forums. This country desperately needs one.

  • Rick Wood

    Let the law suits begin.

  • Richard Cabesa

    I never registered my guns during the 50 years I lived in California, I am now in Oklahoma. I’ll tun mine in with al 20,000 rounds 1 bullet at the time.

  • Bob

    Have they reviewed the records of the police officers? I’ll bet there are a bunch of cops that should not own guns and fall under the “prohibited persons” category. Years ago, Denver, CO was planning to forbid anyone with a domestic violence record from owning a gun. They found out that such a law would have disqualified a bunch of cops. They need to take a closer look at themselves. Really funny!

  • gunfighter1887

    Jason, I don’t know Texas law but in many States there is a route you can take to have certain felonies expunged. Have you ever talked to a good criminal lawyer about that option? If you can get the record expunged all your civil rights including the 2nd Amendment rights are restored.

    • Jason Walston

      Costs money that I can’t come up with.

  • Wolf Gunnerson

    Brad… first of all don’t reply in anger, and then slow down and take your time so you don’t make a bunch of mistakes that makes you look foolish. Then second, you want to re-read the post you are replying to, so that you can be sure you aren’t misreading it or missing something, as replying to something in a way that shows you didn’t take the time to actually read the entirety of the post makes you look just as foolish, or more so, than ridiculous spelling errors.

    Brian was saying (rightly so) that police officers DO NOT necessarily get a ‘reason’ why they are confiscating someone’s guns, and they can not stand up against a legal order that they have no grounds to stand against morally if they do not know why the order was given. It could have very well been given for a completely valid reason. If the person who’s guns they are confiscating is mentally unbalanced, or a convicted felon and they refused, they could be fired for not following a direct command that was legally given.

    I have to say that a number of the comments I’ve seen here on these articles are thoughtful, but the rest are given in heat, anger and outright idiocy. I think I’ll just stop reading comments and save myself the headache. The real patriots here know what’s what.

  • jimmy huddleston

    California is denying American citizens their constitutional right to own arms. The second amendment says nothing about having a licenses.. California government are the ones breaking the law..Take them to court now and get that crap stopped!

  • AD

    They’ll never take my guns. I’ll fight to keep ‘em just like millions of others just like me.

  • http://facebook chris

    ok fellow gun owners, we are the people we are the militia we must NOT allow our government to run us over. this is precisely why the second amendment is in place, so that we can keep our government in check, other then hunting of course. our founding fathers predicted this. im very surprised Californians didn’t put up more of a fight. look at Texas, and Oklahoma… do you think were going to just let them walk in and disarm us? NO WAY! there will be war! that’s why were ground zero for what is to come. if you don’t know what im talking about, research it. I mean why do you think were playing war games with all these other countrys? its because when our soldiers (not the high ranking general) stand up for the American people theyre going to bring in the USA trained soldiers from other countrys to go to war with the American soldiers, and civlians. where do you stand? will you give up your god, and weapons, or will you stand and fight for our freedoms????

  • Debra Anderson

    “Shall NOT be infringed upon” !!!!!!!!! Screw licenses, screw politicians and screw liberal nuts who live in a fantasy world! Our Constitution is being re-written so that not just our gun rights are being taken away but our liberty all around!

  • Larry Cross

    Pleasw come and try to take my guns,I beg you.You will feel the wrath of god when you do.Biggest mistake you will ever make nitwits.

  • Roy Acop

    First of all, California is not banning guns, they are confiscating them under state law. Were this a complete ban, it would be in violation of the US Constitution. As it is written, unless someone can get SCOTUS to say it is, it is not in violation. I am as pro 2nd amendment as anyone out there, but when you live in state like California, you get what you deserve. You don’t want to abide by this law? MOVE! The state is already going broke, and if enough people leave it maybe we can sell it to Mexico before it drops off in the ocean. Secondly, I am sure if the governor was ordering cops to walk into people’s houses and take their weapons, lots would refuse. However, the people, regardless of whether it is pretextural or not, are in violation of what is, at this point, a valid state law that says their weapons are subject to confiscation. Apparently nobody in California voiced their opposition to these laws and they got passed, so quit whining about them now, or call your state legislator and get them repealed ASAP. And finally, I think we all get the government we deserve. This is simply proof of that.

    • Simon Says

      I can’t wait until that applies to a speeding ticket, or jaywalking, or a parking ticket, or sitting nude in SF w/o a towel underneath them. Gotta love CA. It shows America exactly what NOT to do!

  • ForAmerica

    We can complain here on the forum, but the fact remains that our government has just violated our second amendment rights, and nothing is going to be done about it. It will continue.

  • Serana

    For all of you interested in this topic, there is a new show in development that you should be watching for, Article 17. It is about this very subject and what may very well happen in this country if we don’t do something.

  • czechsix

    “These reasons were expanded to include people who are behind on state taxes, did not pay toll fees in a “timely” manner and a wide range of other minor misdemeanors or reported mental health concerns.”

    Citation? Proof? Further information?

    I’ve done searches, and followed the links in other replies. There is nothing that I’ve seen, so far, that the PTB are taking anything more than firearms from felons, folks with DV violations, and persons judged mentally unstable or suicidal. I’d really like to see proof of the government extending the confiscations out to the delinquent tax people, toll booth scofflaws, etc. a

    • Andy

      It’s cause it’s not true. This is what’s scary, anyone can post whatever they want in the internet and WAY to many people eat it up without ever questioning it. Here is a link to what will get you on the list.

      • Jim

        That list you posted says convicted of prohibitive misdemeanors. That could be any minor crime, I would say you are wrong and the posting is true

    • Erik

      Here’s an actual article about it from PBS.

    • G

      I personally know a guy who received a DUI 5 years ago, SWAT ransacked his house to take guns registered to him. SWAT didn’t find any because he heard what our illustrious govt. is doing and gave them to his dad to keep. He is now in jail for a couple months. A DUI isn’t good, but this is way beyond obscene and over-reaching!


    A soldier is only required by the Uniform Code of Military Justce to follow orders that lawful. Which is to say orders that are not immoral, unethical, and illegal. So if the defenders of our nation are able to understand the difference between lawful and unlawful orders, shouldn’t LEOs too?

  • Lee Culpepper (@drcoolpepper)
  • Mike C

    Everyone here automatically assumes that the officers know that they are taking away legal weapons. Do you really think that when given orders that they are to raid a house with illegal guns that they explain that they are illegal because some politician declares them illegal? No, they are told to get the illegal guns with no explanation. Are the officers supposed to question their superiors whether or not the guns are really illegal? Stop blaming the wrong people and rid this country of our worthless politicians with your vote!

    • Gunner

      When the moment comes and you are faced with the decision to fold to pressure of those law enforcement on the scene or wage war on those bringing ill will to you and yours, CHOOSE WISELY!! I have been in that predicament once, believing I should give the cops a chance. Surely they won’t infringe on my rights. WRONG… Next time I will not be peaceful. I am ex military, and know how to wage armed conflict. Feel bad for their potential fatherless children? The widows? They should’ve picked a different line of work, like the rest of us had.

      • Gru

        Amen brother. While the bad cops get lectures on warfare from government agents ppl like you and I and the millions of other patriots have YEARS of experience and training. Says my year and a half in Baghdad with the 82nd Parachute Infantry. I have always taken the constitution literally and the whole part about “all enemies foreign and domestic” didn’t mean I’d give a cop a second chance is they decide to infringe on my rights as a citizen. If they wanna play Nazi we can play… Mine and my fellow Americans courage under fire and experience has already been tested on a similar battleground.

    • Blackbeard

      When you follow orders with no question.. YOU ARE A SHEEP. If your commanding officer asks you to kill someone that has done something illegal.. would you do it without question?? IF SO.. then you dont deserve to be a free American. BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT FREE. You are a slave to the system.

  • Jo

    Doesn’t matter because the real people that need them taken away won’t happen. All of these weapons are not registered. Those that kill on the street and unaccountable for this. What a riot!!!


      these guns are legally purchased…thats how they know where they are at!!..
      read before posting

  • Dustin Leider

    Good for them. Confiscating legally purchased guns may have saved a couple of lives and we had no way of knowing their intentions for their use. What do they need all that firepower for anyway? Is there a massive criminal population roaming the lands of someone’s front yard or are there flesh eating zombies dragging their legs across the streets of a quiet suburban neighborhood.

    • Jim

      You, sir, have not been paying attention to what is going on at all. Guns save lives in the right hands. Every study, including the one Obama himself just commissioned, prove, more guns, less crime, fewer deaths. Just because his agenda disagrees with the facts doesn’t mean it is a good idea. It is never a good idea to give up your rights. If you do not wish to protect yourself, that is your choice, but it is not your place to choose for others.

    • Simon Says

      Dustin. That’s great! If you don’t want a gun, that’s your right. However, don’t come running to me when someone knocks down your front door and starts raping your wife and all you can do is stand there. It happened to a young couple near here in TN. This being said, don’t try to take away my 2nd Amendment rights. If you hate guns so much, move to England or AUS. You might want to think twice on that one; however, the police in AUS says crimes has tripled and their are stabbings everyday in the UK, remember the Muslim idiot that killed the soldier?. Go ahead, don’t arm yourself. I feel sorry for you and love you as a human being, but you have the right to get slaughtered.

      • Erik

        I don’t know who told you these things or why you assume they are true, but the gun restrictions in Australia have been incredibly successful. Firearm homicide rate fell by 59% and firearm suicide rate fell by 65% without an increase in non firearm cases.
        As far as your statement about the UK…I hate to break it to you but there are stabbings every day everywhere. The US is no different.
        Remember that idiot soldier that killed and tortured the Muslim?
        I’m not saying I’m pro gun control. I own firearms and I’d like to keep them and use them at my discretion. All I’m saying is read and educate yourself before you start quoting bullshit statistics, and if you think that Dustin deserves to be slaughtered you probably need to be locked up in a mental facility. If you want this pro-gun stance and you wouldn’t use them to help your neighbor out in horrible circumstances given the opportunity, then you don’t deserve them.

        • danskin

          Don’t pick and choose your news …

        • BlutEhren

          Rights are rights, IE you don’t deserve or earn them, their inherently yours by virtue of birth.

        • Blackbeard

          He never said DUSTIN deserved to get slaughtered. He said he had the right. To not bear arms and chances are get slaughtered. Also… your facts are completely wrong. Mainstream media got you. ARG!

        • Terry Teal

          Actually the evidence as given by Aus’s own government officials who did the study showed gun crimes had started and continued to decline years before the ban and at the same rate after the ban.

    • Aog

      Your just simply gay and unamerican

  • clint

    After the coming American civil war, I hope these police officers (read: Nazis) remember the term, “Nuremberg defense”…

  • Terry

    As a veteran this has reg flags all over it. An over all picture would be to test the American will to come together and oppose this. Should California be successful in this then other states can be sure they will be next. How much of what is read on the net and viewed in YouTube, especially wish FEMA, is factual? I think the constitution is being chipped away by policy and new laws. We need data.

  • Gunner

    The corrupt law makers are doing their job, the lemming law enforcement officers are doing their job by supporting unconstitutional laws, and I will be doing my job-fighting those who attempt to take what is mine. We are all just doing our jobs.

    • Puma Cabra

      Me likey, you thinky!!!
      Nicely put.

  • Who Dat!

    I am an Oath Keeper and spent 20 years fighting for OUR rights! It seems everyone here decided to ASS-U-ME that the officers know they are violating this persons Constitutional rights, but the problem is that it is not spelled out to a street cop like that! All they are typically told is “Here is an address, the guy inside has a warrant and is armed and possibly dangerous”.

    Now as I prepare for the onslaught of criticizm from “some” of you ignroant people, I will say read it again, as you certainly didn’t comprehend what I was saying the first time!

    • FedUp

      Great point..well said.

    • Scott Snoopy

      this is where the distinction between POLICE and cops will quickly become apparent. We have more and more POLICE who simply enforce policies and laws blindly. There is no officer’s discretion used, just; that’s the way it is, the law

      • Madbird

        Yeah isn’t it awful that the police enforce the law?

        • Kris O Dunn

          Laws that go against our 2nd amendment—yes, it is actually truly awful. Very good attempt, sir.

        • pyrodice

          Yeah, when the law is wrong. Or should Rosa have just got her black-ass to the back of the bus?

        • Joe Schelin

          Um….yeah, “Yeah isn’t it awful that the police enforce the law?” ……well, you do realize that the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land(It actually says so IN the Constitution), which means it TRUMPS State laws…..

          soooooo, if you want to state that these so called Police are Enforcing the Law, you would be entirely incorrect as they are in fact in violation of the law by enforcing a state law that violates the Constitution….but that is not unusual these days..

        • Scott Snoopy

          yes in the POLICE STATE that’s what POLICE do…I was just following orders…that has happened several times through out history and always ends badly; unless you are the ruling class.

          • KAS

            It will end badly for them too, even worse for them.

        • Dino Drift

          Any law that defies the highest law of the land has no legal standing. But hey, forget all that, I’ll concede the point if you can actually state what particular law allows the police to seize your firearms (not just property to cover the cost) for not paying tolls quickly enough and I’ll be on my way.

          • KAS

            I’d sue to have my guns returned to me, and then I’d sue the corrupt fraudulent law enforcement agency.

          • Sugarplum Sparkley-Toes

            Haha…you think you would get anything back that was confiscated by the “police”??

          • Paul

            Yeah, I hear ya, but how well has that worked out for those people whose weapons were illegally confiscated in the aftermath of Katrina? Many of them are still waiting to get their weapons back.

        • nosocialism29

          Funny how they selectively ENFORCE the law. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is Law of the Land also ….. Maybe we would have jobs if we would ENFORCE THE LAW !!!

          • juliams


          • Lucas

            Immigration has nothing to do with why we don’t have jobs, corporations are why we don’t have jobs. Want to know where all the jobs are? Look for where slavery is legal, and you will find where the corporations moved all the jobs. How do we fix it? Equalize import tariffs. It’s not complicated.

          • Sugarplum Sparkley-Toes

            Hey, Nobamama has created jobs! They’re all government jobs (IRS, NSA, etc)…LOL

        • Jimmy Z

          Madbird, many conservatives would rather get all wound up and indignant than to THINK about what is really happening here. I am conservative, more so than most people on this thread, and I applaud the state enforcing the law.

          • Scott Snoopy

            sure you are a conservative…just like John McCain and Lindsey Grahmnsety.

          • Jimmy Z

            Law and order conservative. Are you one of the folks who thinks that felons and people with restraining orders against them should NOT have their gun(s) confiscated? You think felons should KEEP GUNS?

          • IFC_Buzzkill

            I must have missed the part of the story that said he was a felon.

          • liberals are destroying the US

            So, Jimmy, you think if you owe taxes you are felon? Wow. You definitely are NOT a conservative. No one has said felons should keep guns. They are going after guns of people for a growing list of things that make it illegal for them to have guns.

          • Scott Snoopy

            yeah that’s it; keep believing that, its apparent you think you know best Jimmy; no where in the article does it say this guy is a felon not have others who have had firearms confiscated in NY, NJ, MA felons..maybe you should do your do diligence and research …what a putz you are; good bye now

          • Paul

            Poor little Jimmy has a reading comprehension level of a negative 1st grader.

          • Jimmy Z

            Well that’s a mature comment. Well said. *L*

          • Puma Cabra

            All right Douchbag, I can’t stand your cognitive dissonance anymore. I was going to let your ignorance slide because you are ONE person here arguing in favor of this encroaching tyranny, and somehow have convinced yourself that you are the only voice of reason. Truly psychotic. What, exactly, AREN’T you seeing here? We are already living under soft martial law.
            I have been arrested for “terrorism” under the Patriot Act for defending myself from 5 drunk punks who attacked me in the street thinking I was someone else. They walked. The cops had nothing, except “the law” on their side, of course. Cost me a career with the F.S. Wildland Fire Dept.!!!! I am now a felon for just walking down the street in this Nation of Great Freedumb. The Freedumb you love so much. Should I not be allowed to exercise my RIGHTS?!!
            You need to take one more step back and decide, first, if your accepted definition of “felon” aligns with true crimes. There are MANY innocent people behind bars in the ever increasing PRIVATIZED Industrial Prison Complex. There is a lot of corrupt money out there paying for corrupt power. Or is that too far from your view from under your rock?
            I’m already bored with this, I’m going to stop now. These concepts are lost on the edge of your bubble of “reality” I’m sure.
            Bottom line, if it is adverse to the Law of OUR Land, The Constitution, it is not law. It is manipulation to benefit a select few. Just remember, everything the Nazis did was “legal”. They wrote laws for ALL of it! They were covered, until they weren’t anymore.
            You are the minority. Make certain you are sure YOU choose the right side. This shit WILL come to a head, and the tyrants will lose. They always do. Hell, they tear themselves apart with distrust of others, just like you are doing.

            I know, I know… Ad Hominem, blah blah… You’re a very “clever” person. You “argue” well enough, even without facts, or Historical relevence to back it up.
            Good luck with that, moron.

          • Jimmy Z

            “All right Douchbag, I can’t stand your cognitive dissonance anymore. I was going to let your ignorance slide because you are ONE person here arguing in favor of this encroaching tyranny, and somehow have convinced yourself that you are the only voice of reason.” << I'm not the only voice of reason, but few reasonable people make the effort to post reasonably on threads with so many hysterical people flitting about.

            "Truly psychotic. What, exactly, AREN'T you seeing here? We are already living under soft martial law." << No, we are not. I'll get to the issue here when you do, or after answering you point by point if you do not.

            "I have been arrested for "terrorism" under the Patriot Act for defending myself from 5 drunk punks who attacked me in the street thinking I was someone else. They walked. The cops had nothing, except "the law" on their side, of course. Cost me a career with the F.S. Wildland Fire Dept.!!!!" << Do you have a link to the story where I read about this?

            "I am now a felon for just walking down the street in this Nation of Great Freedumb. The Freedumb you love so much. Should I not be allowed to exercise my RIGHTS?!!" << The story is far fetched, you must admit. I'd like to see more information.

            "You need to take one more step back and decide, first, if your accepted definition of "felon" aligns with true crimes. There are MANY innocent people behind bars in the ever increasing PRIVATIZED Industrial Prison Complex." << If only it were more privatized.

            "There is a lot of corrupt money out there paying for corrupt power. Or is that too far from your view from under your rock?" << You're mixing a lot of issues together in this stew of yours, now. Are some people unjustly convicted? Of course. That doesn't mean that, overall, felons should be considered less than felons.

            "I'm already bored with this, I'm going to stop now." << I didn't force you to respond.

            "These concepts are lost on the edge of your bubble of "reality" I'm sure. Bottom line, if it is adverse to the Law of OUR Land, The Constitution, it is not law." << Specifically, what are you saying?

            "It is manipulation to benefit a select few. Just remember, everything the Nazis did was "legal". They wrote laws for ALL of it! They were covered, until they weren't anymore." << Oy vey with the Nazis. Good God. Like Obama is Hitler. Sheesh.

            "You are the minority. Make certain you are sure YOU choose the right side. This shit WILL come to a head, and the tyrants will lose. They always do. Hell, they tear themselves apart with distrust of others, just like you are doing." << Again, this is pretty vague.

            "I know, I know… Ad Hominem, blah blah… You're a very "clever" person. You "argue" well enough, even without facts, or Historical relevence to back it up. Good luck with that, moron." << Well, you never got to the point:

            The question is, should people who break the law, to the extent that they cannot BUY a firearm, be allowed to keep the firearm(s) they had before they become felons? You never got around to that. My answer is firmly "no."

          • Paul

            But wait, you kept saying above that it was a lie. Which is it… a lie or they were lawfully confiscating weapons?

          • Jimmy Z

            The article is a lie – the state authorities are NOT confiscating weapons from people who are legally able to own them.

          • KnowTheDifference

            Yea,… you, John McCain and Chris Christie are all about the same level of “conservative” logic. We’ll see how well you can applaud when the State takes away your Constitutional right to the 1st Amendment next. SMH,… *rolls eyes*

          • Jimmy Z

            Non-sequitur. What would that have to do with anything? I still have the right to bear arms, right here in California. What has you so panicked??

      • KAS

        The U.S. Constitution Trumps all state and federal laws.

        • Jimmy Z

          No, it doesn’t. That’s just ignorant.

          • Optix334

            Are you kidding me? You don’t think the Constitution is above the law? How stupid are you?

          • Jimmy Z

            Ah – no, I’m not kidding. Not only is it not trumping state law, it GIVE AUTHORITY TO THE STATES FOR MOST ISSUES AND LAWMAKING!

          • IFC_Buzzkill

            How many times a year do you get your wool sheared?
            State OR Federal law cannot contradict the US CONSTITUTION.

          • Jimmy Z

            Oh, Hahahaha! A sheep reference! That’s SO funn… Zzzz…. You must be using “Insulting People On The Internet For Dummies”. Now then, I NEVER said that state law did or could contradict the constitution. EVER. You did – not me. I said the constitution gives states the right and responsibility to govern on most issues. So what’s your problem with keeping guns away from felons?

          • Dave Gustavson

            At what point were felons involved? Nothing in the article mentioned criminals being disarmed, only California government agencies disarming registered gun owners on the excuse of charges- sans convictions. Disarming felons would be great! Perhaps Chicago, DC, Baltimore, NY and the state of California should try it. Instead they only act against those foolish enough to obey laws and register their firearms.

          • Jimmy Z

            That’s what I’m saying about the article. Poorly written.

          • Remmy700P

            JimmyZ is right. The article is completely full of holes. If anyone can point me to the municipal and/or penal code that says those who are behind on paying their state income taxes are subject to LEGALLY OWNED firearms confiscation I’ll be glad to admit your veracity. Until then, this article is just unsubstantiated hyperbole.

            Further, the argument about the U.S. Constitution and state law is fallacious. We don’t live in a land of absolutes. Rights, as we experience them, are ‘unalienable’ in their source, but not their absolute scope. We have the 1st Amendment which protects rights to free speech, political opinion, (constrianed) artistic expression, etc, but, by way of example, it does NOT allow someone to go into a crowded theatre and yell “FIRE!!” in an effort to cause panic. It also does not allow you speech that has as its sole outcome to be deliberately inflammatory. It’s just the nature of a nation with 310 million+ people trying to live in a polite society.

            One must recognize that the 2nd Amendment hasn’t been absolute since the passage of the National Firearms Act of 1934. For example, fully automatic firearms are subject to a Gun Check/NICS (federal) background check, paying a $200 Federal ‘Tax Stamp’, registration, and it must comply with the (current) laws of the jurisdiction of possession. It also banned civilian ownership of most fragmentation projectiles, many incendiary rounds, etc that was more clearly only applicable within the realm of military orders of battle.

            Also, the laws regarding the illegality of firearms possession by certain individuals (convicted felons, those under restraining orders, those convicted of misdemeaner domestic violence, those deemed mentally incompetent, etc) has been determined to be legal under the U.S. Constitution by many courts of appeal for years.

            Now, having said that, an argument can be made that the creeping of these laws into covering more and more conditions, if true, would be alarming, especially given the totalitarian nature of the governing methodologies of the current administration.

          • JJ

            FINALLY! Someone else gets it.

          • Jimmy Pugh

            The problem is that even non felons will soon be targeted to be forced to give up their gun rights….and furthermore, Myself and many many others believe that just because one is a felon doesnt mean that he/she wont find a gun to own illegally anyhow. I’ve known a few felons myself, and it wasnt even a challenge for them to find and illegally buy a gun.

          • Jimmy Z

            I’m not saying this will not happen, but it’s not happening now, and the article is wrong.

          • Jimmy Pugh

            Our Government is not on our side and everyone needs to wise up and start protecting ourselves by not buying into this illusion that “liberal” and “conservative” politicians are arguing against each other. All politicians have to answer to another form of government sooner or later and so on until they are a part of the same agenda (little by little via problem, reaction, solution tactics,to strip the American PUBLIC of most rights that could be potentially threatening to an order) whether they know they are puppets or they actually think they might make a difference.Meanwhile, the general population is so concerned about what comes out of mouths of the media, they dont see what is actually on paper and documented. In short, the government will wave one hand in the air to get your attention, while the other hand jams its fingers up your ass. Make sure you are looking at both hands.

          • Jonathan Summers

            Easy, show me where it says in the Constitution that a prior convicted felon has their rights removed from them. It doesn’t. Anywhere. It SPECIFICALLY states that the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. Even prisoners are covered by Constitutional rights. So, why wouldn’t a person that has done their time not have their Constitutional rights? The amendment doesn’t say the right shall not be infringed, unless; it ends in a period. It wasn’t until the latter half of the 20th century that convicted felons lost their rights. In fact, previous to that, upon release from incarceration, a releasee was given $50 and a six-gun. The $50 is still present in most states even today.

          • Jimmy Z

            Jonathan, you are one of those who believe in no limitations. People should have no limitations on speech either, right? And Americans should be able to own Howitzers, flame throwers and rocket launchers. And people who are violent felons should never lose their right to own a gun. You can believe anything you want, but it’s crazy talk you espouse.

          • Jonathan Summers

            Absolutely. In the case of the ability to defend yourself, your family, and your nation, if the government can possess a specific weapon, then it’s citizens should be able to possess a weapon in it’s likeness. And people that ARE violent felons are people that (A) haven’t been caught, or (B) are incarcerated. But, I suppose you’re speaking about people that WERE violent felons. As far as freedom of speech; no there should be no limitations. Are there laws that abridge the freedom of speech? I’ve found none. I believe in limitations; any law that does not abide by the Constitution has superseded it’s limitations bound by the Constitution.

          • Jimmy Z

            Jonathan – Okay, not only is this NOT going to happen, ever, it is sheer lunacy for anyone to advocate that citizens own these weapons. You make 2nd Amendment advocates sound dangerous, you really do. I’m embarrassed, as a staunch believer in my right to bear arms, that you would tarnish my reputation and that of most 2nd Amendment advocates.

            I’m talking about felons – People who have NOT be caught are not felons! That’s ignorant. You have to be convicted to be a felon. But NO FELON is able to own a gun, and that is as it should be. There is no ‘were past tense felon’ unless the verdict is expunged or found to be in error. Once a felon, always a felon.

            There are limits to freedom of speech, and so you cannot yell fire in a theater, or threaten the life of the president online. Go ahead and try and see what happens. That is also as it should be.

            Because of people like you, limitations must be set. You do not have unlimited 1st or 2nd amendment rights.

          • Jonathan Summers

            You’re mistaken. As a matter of fact, felons can own guns. Read the laws. There’s three rights that grant a felon the ability to own firearms again: the right to vote, the right to hold public office, and the right to serve on a jury. If you have all three, you have the right to own a firearm. How do I know this? Because I was convicted of a felony, and I LEGALLY own firearms. Several. Your right to vote and right to serve on a jury are reinstated once your sentence is complete. Depending on the state, the right to hold public office is reinstated by several different means. The Supreme Court has held on MULTIPLE occasions that additional sanctions may not be added on to a sentence once you’ve completed your sentence. For example, if you were sentenced to 5 years, the Division of Parole couldn’t give you 5 more years of post-release supervision unless it was specified in the sentencing. By adding sanctions to a sentence, you a serving a sentence, but remain in the community, which means you are not free. The purpose of incarceration is to remove you from society to punish you for your wrongs. Once you’ve finished your sentence, your time is done. By adding sanctions, you are not only creating double-jeopardy, you’re committing the individual to perpetual incarceration and the loss of rights….. Yelling “fire” in a theater when there is no fire, is not a speech, nor is it covered in the constitution. Yelling fire in a theater when there is no fire is an act of deception and a threat to people’s lives. Threatening people’s lives is not covered under the freedom of speech either. There’s a big difference between somebody stating that they “would like to” do something violent to somebody, the President included (this form of speech is covered in the Constitution), and somebody stating that they “will do” something violent to somebody (this is not a form of speech recognized by the Constitution). There are absolutely zero laws on the books in the United States that restrict your right to speech. There are laws that restrict threats of violence, as threats are not a type of speech granted by the Constitution. The dictating word in the 1st Amendment is “peaceably”. However, there are no gray areas in the 2nd Amendment, or the entire Constitution for that matter, that grant a state, or the federal government, to restrict the rights of people that have been previously convicted of a felony, other than people that have held public office and have been convicted of a crime while holding that office. Furthermore, the mere fact that somebody committed a crime at one point in their life doesn’t guarantee that they’ll commit another crime. Being a 2nd Amendment advocate is more than being a gun owner or gun lover. The 2nd Amendment is in place to GUARANTEE the the federal, or state, government can not become a tyranny, as well as to allow the citizens of this nation to defend against tyranny, a foreign invasion, or even domestic hostilities. If the government attacked you with 6 soldiers, all carrying fully automatic rifles, wearing full-body armor and infrared/nightvision scopes, will you be able to defend against that with a bolt action 30/06? No, you wouldn’t. Not by yourself. So, would you stop to ask the man, helping you to defend your home or nation, if they were a convicted felon? No, you wouldn’t.

          • Jimmy Z

            Now, semantics. You’re way off the topic here. In some cases a felon might regain his right to own a gun? Probably unlikely in California. We live in a country with logical, reasonable limitations on speech and arms ownership. If you don’t like it, that’s something you can work on.

          • The Total Totalitarian

            Nevada used to be $20, a gun and a horse.

          • pyrodice

            I heard that as Texas. a double-eagle, a six-shooter, and a horse.

          • Victor Palumbo Jr.

            You do realize that not all felons have committed crimes involving firearms or violence? There are felonies that have absolutely nothing to do with any of that. So you are telling me someone who has had multiple DWIs who is just stupid and can’t stay out of a vehicle when they are drunk in your eyes doesn’t deserve to own a firearm? If that’s how you feel then you are more ignorant then anyone else posting on this blog.

            The only felons who don’t deserve any right to own a firearm are the ones who have violent crimes who could possible use a firearm to hurt someone. Even if they haven’t yet it’s better safe then sorry. You are too ignorant for words. I shouldn’t have even posted because I honestly feel stupid for just talking to you. I’m getting dumber every post I read of yours.

          • Jimmy Z

            “You do realize that not all felons have committed crimes involving firearms or violence?” << Non-sequitur.

            "So you are telling me someone who has had multiple DWIs who is just
            stupid and can't stay out of a vehicle when they are drunk in your eyes
            doesn't deserve to own a firearm?" << Uh, not just yes, but hell yes.

            "If that's how you feel then you are more ignorant then anyone else posting on this blog." << Right. That's what we need – drunks who can't stay out from behind the wheel owning weapons. Responsible gun ownership. Awesome. Dude, you must be joking.

            "The only felons who don't deserve any right to own a firearm are the
            ones who have violent crimes who could possible use a firearm to hurt
            someone." << Ah, right. And the drunkard would NEVER use the gun to hurt anyone! Boozers are usually very good with guns. *L*

            "You are too ignorant for words. I shouldn't have even posted because I
            honestly feel stupid for just talking to you. I'm getting dumber every
            post I read of yours." << Lovely ad hominem, but I'm not the one espousing that drunks and felons own guns. YOU are.

          • Victor Palumbo Jr.

            A drunk was is not the only example. You are just a fking retard with no brains. Computer hackers get busted all the time for breaking into computers. Some of them don’t even take anything or harm anything. They are felons and have nothing to do with firearms. You are what is wrong with this country. You aren’t conservative you are a dip shit trying to act like you are. Little control freak who would cry if they couldn’t control someone for some reason. You are a retarded lib is what you are. You can’t fool us.

          • Jimmy Z

            “A drunk was is not the only example.” << It's the one you gave.

            "You are just a fking retard with no brains." << Nice mouth.

            "Computer hackers get busted all the time for breaking into computers." << Good. If you want to own a gun, DO NOT commit a felony.

            "Some of them don't even take anything or harm anything." << And some drunk drivers don't wreck cars or hurt anyone or even speed. What IS your point?

            "They are felons and have nothing to do with firearms." << Do you know how easy it is to avoid a felony? You act like it's as easy to commit as catching a cold.

            "You are what is wrong with this country." << Right, it's me. I'm the problem. What America needs is felons with guns. Good plan. I can smell the increase in safety.

            "You aren't conservative you are a dip shit trying to act like you are." << I have a record of conservatism unmatched by anyone on this website.

            "Little control freak who would cry if they couldn't control someone for some reason." << I have no desire to control anyone for any reason. What I want, Victor, is for people to control THEMSELVES.

            "You are a retarded lib is what you are. You can't fool us." << You don't even know what conservatism IS.

            I read from these comments on my show today.

          • Victor Palumbo Jr.

            No you just think you know everything about anyone and have no sense and completely clueless about the world. Trying to act like you know everything that is going on and you don’t know shit.

            My dad has had more DWIs then anyone I know. Thanks to him being responsible around guns I learned responsibility around firearms and how to use them safely. Just because a person is stupid and gets behind the wheel drunk doesn’t make them irresponsible with everything else. Your bullshit logic is completely outrageous and you are completely clueless.

            You are just a mad lib because your ignorant govt are going against the Constitution and you are just here trying to defend them. You don’t know anything about anyone that is a felon and you want to take their right away from owning firearms. I love when idiots like you come post on these blogs. I’m glad I can wake up every morning and thank God I didn’t turn out like you.

          • Jimmy Z

            “No you just think you know everything about anyone and have no sense and completely clueless about the world.” << ROTFL, I'm not the one advocating felony drunk drivers have firearms.

            "Trying to act like you know everything that is going on and you don't know shit." << I know that it's very easy to go through life without committing a felony.

            "My dad has had more DWIs then anyone I know." << I knew this was personal. You're too close to the issue to think rationally.

            "Thanks to him being responsible around guns I learned responsibility
            around firearms and how to use them safely. Just because a person is
            stupid and gets behind the wheel drunk doesn't make them irresponsible
            with everything else." << But it does mean that it is illegal to own a firearm.

            "Your bullshit logic is completely outrageous and you are completely clueless." << Incorrect. I think we'll go with safety for all and not take a chance.

            "You are just a mad lib because your ignorant govt are going against the
            Constitution and you are just here trying to defend them." << Wrong, I am an NRA member and very pro gun rights.

            "You don't know anything about anyone that is a felon and you want to take their right away from owning firearms." << No I don't – they already don't have the right to own a firearm. You want to GIVE IT TO THEM.

            "I love when idiots like you come post on these blogs. I'm glad I can
            wake up every morning and thank God I didn't turn out like you." << I'm glad you feel so good about it, but you are wrong.

          • Victor Palumbo Jr.

            If you really feel that strong about it I hope one of these days some control freak pig stops you and plants some drugs in your car and you get arrested for doing absolutely nothing and you have all your rights including your gun rights taken away from you. You know since it would be better safe then sorry like you said. You don’t deserve to ever own a gun if you were framed for a crime you didn’t do. Its nice to see a lib retard come on here and try to act like a conservative. It’s really entertaining.

          • Jimmy Z

            “If you really feel that strong about it I hope one of these days some control freak pig stops you and plants some drugs in your car and you get arrested for doing absolutely nothing and you have all your rights including your gun rights taken away from you.” << Classy wish. I wish I could be as 'conservative' as you are.

            "You don't deserve to ever own a gun if you were framed for a crime you didn't do." << Yeah, well if I were framed for a crime, owning a gun would be the least of my worries.

            "Its nice to see a lib retard come on here and try to act like a conservative. It's really entertaining." << I have years and years of conservative radio behind me. My conservatism is unquestionable. Conservatism is NOT about keeping guns in the hands of felons and drunkards.

          • Victor Palumbo Jr.

            Conservatism is about keeping gun rights to everyone that deserves them. When a crime is committed the rules and laws should be for that crime only. If that person didn’t commit a violent crime then gun laws shouldn’t pertain to that person at all. Period. Your ignorance only proves you are nothing but a fake conservative. Too blinded by everything to protect what is right. Your views are exactly as a libtard keep trying to tell yourself that you are conservative you don’t fool me.

          • Jimmy Z

            Unfortunately, I see ALL felonies as serious crimes. You can try and change the law, but you won’t find many sympathetic people to support you.

          • IFC_Buzzkill

            Look at your posts above^^^ YES YOU DID SAY THAT!
            “The U.S. Constitution Trumps all state and federal laws.”
            YOU: “No, it doesn’t. That’s just ignorant.”

            Where did this story say that he was a felon?

            People like you are what happens when you let someone else do your thinking for you.

          • KnowTheDifference


            Please read how the Constitution is responsible for the Supreme Court’s overturn of the Washington D.C. gun ban back in 2008. Again, this is just another example of how the Constitution trumps ALL laws of the land. I am absolutely POSITIVE that California If you are misinformed about what powers the Constitution holds and entitles to the States, I highly recommend that you READ it! And if you already have, you obviously need to READ it again!


            You can follow that up by reading the Bill of Rights,…


          • Jimmy Z

            A gun ban is altogether different from what the issue is here!

          • Optix334

            Which have to abide by the Constitution to make those laws. You are clearly an idiot. Federal and State legislatures have no authority to defy the Constitution. All laws they make must be in accordance, or they are unlawful, and should be abolished.

          • Jimmy Z

            Depends on the law, and what the constitution says about it. Want to be specific please?

          • Optix334

            It applies to any law. If any law breaks any rules set forth by the constitution, it is unlawful. State, Federal, Province specific laws, it doesnt matter. We have added Judicial review over the years, but its still the same.


            Sums it up. Our current government has been allowed to get away with a lot of unconstitutional shit. Guns being at the forefront for the moment. “Shall not be infringed” remember?

          • Jimmy Z

            Courts decide what is and what is not constitutional after a new law is passed and signed. You know that.

          • Optix334

            Right, but it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when that was not needed, and people did the right thing. There are so many unconstitutional laws out there now its ridiculous.

          • pyrodice

            Let’s explain this with actual wording. The constitution describes itself, and treaties with foreign nations, as the highest law in the land. The Bill of Rights then goes on to explain that IF a condition wasn’t written into the constitution or BoR, then the states and people retained supremacy.
            Of course, that lasted right up until the Whiskey Rebellion, or for those who don’t think that was wrong, Lincoln usurped it completely to declare that the states didn’t have the right to secede (despite the entire point of the 4th of july).

          • Bill MacDonald

            Actually Jimmy it does. It is the basis for law in the US this is the standard that all laws are measured against. That is why every time a law is passed, challenged or repealed it is on a Constitutional basis.

      • Jimmy Z

        However, it is GOOD and RIGHT and JUSTIFIED policy.

        • BigBeardedBadass

          You are completely delusional. You keep using this word “Conservative,” but I am not sure you know what it means. These guns are not being taken away from felons, they are being taken away at gunpoint from people who have committed minor, white collar misdemeanors. NOT FELONS. No gun law in the world will ever take guns away from felons/criminals in general. Only an armed populace can equalize the threat of armed criminals. I too, live in California and our laws are completely UNConstitutional, and the police state is in full effect here. It is an absolute travesty how we have let a few cities in this political shit hole ruin our rights. I love California as a region (geography, weather, etc) but the politics here are full fledged Communism. No argument you can come up with will change that, no deterrence of the truth will make that untrue. If you think that a law like this is “GOOD, RIGHT, and JUSTIFIED”, then you are a Liberal derelict that likes to pretend to love America for show. This law is quite possibly the biggest corrosion of our 2A rights that California has thus far. I tell you what, you go ahead and hand over your guns when they come knocking, and enjoy the FEMA Internment Camp. I am sure they will take care of you really well. 3 hots and a cot. Good luck Liberal.

          • Mike Gray

            Nice screen name, google “overcompensation”.

            Look, not even China is a quote, unquote “communist” country anymore. Whining that California is an unconstitutional police state communist shit hole leads me to believe you don’t have the slightest idea what the word actually means.

    • pyrodice

      Ignorance goes both ways. ANYONE who thinks “I was only following orders” is TOLERABLE, never mind laudable, needs to find some daylight between themselves and Nazis, ASAP.

      • Terry Fidler

        Those who fail to remember are doomed to repeat. The further we distance ourselves from the evils of communism by putting the focus on terrorism we have an entire generation that are being conned into communism under the guise of socialism. Socialism + Totalitarianism = Communism. None of the obombya supporters took the time to find out who he actually was. These were not LOW information voters, these were NO information voters. The global elite are patient this has been going on for decades, the erosin of the Constitution is nothing new. And the IDIOTS are still chanting YES WE CAN (destroy the US) People are so gullible. The US Constitution should be posted in every school, office building, bar, or any other establishment where people gather, AMERICA love it, or leave it! and I don’t mean the government.

        • Jimmy Z

          This has NOTHING to do with communism. I’m conservative, and I live her. The headline is false. That’s NOT happening.

          • Terry Fidler

            I beg to differ, perhaps I should have used collectivism which is the ideology used by both communists and facists. Same game different names. So gun confiscation is not happening in California, is that what your saying?

          • Jimmy Z

            I’m saying that the headline is giving the wrong impression – which is the pseudo-conservative blogger tactic today to get people wound up and upset, misinformed and angry. It gets more traffic that way, but it’s dishonest and deceitful.

          • liberals are destroying the US
          • Jimmy Z

            Right. ILLEGAL guns! ILLEGAL! Are you against the state confiscating ILLEGAL guns??? What is so !?*%@! hard about this?

          • AFuddyduddy

            They were completely legal until the state imposed arbitrary, unconstitutional laws, making them ILLEGAL.

            So, as an unconsitutional law is a not a law that need/should be obeyed…. those guns were legal.

          • Jimmy Z

            To be clear, you want felons to have guns?

          • Porterfield Exotics

            “These reasons were expanded to include people who are behind on state taxes, did not pay toll fees in a “timely” manner and a wide range of other minor misdemeanors or reported mental health concerns.” These are not FELONS!!

          • Jimmy Z

            That’s bull, it’s not true. It’s false. A lie.

          • Sean Barrett

            bro you are a stubborn person.

          • Jimmy Z

            It’s fake. You can’t find any corroboration for this fiction.

          • Joseph D’Agostino
          • Not of this World

            The felon issue: the guns themselves are not illegal, felon ownership is…HUGE difference, law school 101.

          • Jimmy Z

            Right on the money.

          • Shawn

            This is a hand out society, give people what they think are free programs and they will support just about anything you throw in front of them. It’s a shame that a State has gone so far off the deepend as CA has…

          • Ben Enjerry

            Let’s round up the 11.5 million that call themselves “illegal” instead of illegal guns.

          • Mike Gray

            So you want people who break the law to have guns.

          • Simon Williams

            So I guess you always go the speed limit? No? No gun for you, idiot.

          • Kathleen Maurice

            People who commit felonies rarely register their firearms. They are not the same people who are having their firearms confiscated because they would never be on a list of registered gun owners.

          • Izzy

            Look up this list of minor misdemeanors and mental health concerns. It is easily available for anyone with internet access. Most of these have been federally prohibited from possessing firearms since the mid 90′s. I do not agree with many of them, but this is not breaking news. As for being behind on state taxes or not paying toll fees, these can become felonies under certain circumstances, which would cause them to trigger a prohibited status. Like I said before, I disagree wholeheartedly on many of these prohibitions, but instead of getting mad at the cops, who are enforcing the laws that have been in existence for almost 20 years now, we need to focus on being angry with the LEGISLATURE for passing the laws in the first place, and also on having them amended and repealed.

          • Izzy
          • Mark Webb

            wow jimmy. you really need to stop talking.

          • Jimmy Z

            Never. I will stand up for the truth and against lies even if I’m the last true conservative standing.

          • James Paterson

            Jimmy just keep drinking your Koolaid just because it isnt happening in your neighborhood now doesnt mean its not happening, you are not the know all so you can’t possibly say it is not happening because you believe it to not be true. Must have been watching MSNBC. You probably still think Obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

          • Jimmy Z

            When it happens, IF it happens, I’ll know. But this is not happening. It’s a lie, from a blogger, who has no credibility at all.

          • Mark Webb

            “last true conservative” Seriously, nobody believes you when you say that, and you sound like a crazy loon no matter what your political leaning is.

          • Jimmy Z

            Mark, you’re the one advocating for felons to bear arms, and I’m the loon? Yeah, right. *LMAO*

          • Mark Webb

            That is a complete and total lie. Please tell me where and when I have ever advocated felons owning firearms. I’ll save you the trouble, you can’t find a single piece of evidence that I have said that. And yes, you are acting like a lunatic ranting about something you know nothing about.

          • Jimmy Z

            If you are against felons having guns, what in the HELL are we arguing about? You AGREE with me.

          • Mark Webb

            You keep saying that they are not confiscating guns. That is not true. There is another article today about this happening in New York

          • Jimmy Z

            Nope, I didn’t say that. NY is a different issue entirely. You want to talk about that, fine, but it’s not the same as California at all.

          • Terry Fidler

            inregard to California every crazy law that has swept the nation came from California. No smoking in bars, now they are trying to ban it in your own home. Giving illegals rights. California has been a jackboot police state for years Cal & Fla. so I find what you are saying about cal. just a little hard to swallow. Afterall you do have libtard hollyweird with all the libtard actors supporting obomya and gun confiscation while having armed bodyguards for protection and the rest of us can go pound crap. Obombya is arming the gangs since he is trying to incite a race war. That is why they are trying to take guns from citizens and you should really try to get a handle on your politicians out there as well as everyone else across the country. Next year the vote should go to LIBERTARIANS since the rebubs and democraps have done nothing but sell us down the river. California seems to be a hot bed for the illuminatti.

          • Jimmy Z

            No question that CA has passed a lot of crappola. But CA are taking guns from people who cannot possess them legally.

            Republicans haven’t gong along with anything in CA. They don’t have the votes to stop them.

          • Mark Webb

            Wrong again. The CA situation is actually more sinister than NYC. Gun registration leads to confiscation. LEOs are given an address with a vague description of the perp (gun owner). They kick the door in and arrest him for what ever reason, confiscate the firearms, charges are dropped, weapons are not returned. The gun owner is left trying to use a liberal court system to have his property returned.

          • Jimmy Z

            I didn’t say one was better or worse. I did say it was DIFFERENT. People in CA who cannot legally own weapons should turn them in. They don’t. When they keep them, we have to take them away. This is very basic stuff Mark. In the case of this process, people are convicted FIRST. I have never said I am in favor of gun registration, but for law enforcement it is an important tool for tracking weapons that are used in crimes AND it is the law today.

            The bottom line is, felons ought not have guns. I support the law and enforcing it.

          • Mark Webb

            Any LEO who participates in confiscation is a dead man walking. “Just following orders” didn’t work in Nuremberg.

          • Jimmy Z

            Hoo boy, a threat! It’s fun to talk tough on the internet.

          • Mark Webb

            And you are the master of internet bravado. You don’t think that American’s will revolt over this? you think American’s will just sit there and let them take away our freedom?

          • Jimmy Z

            People in New York are getting the laws they voted for. They are much more liberal there. And if they get fed up, they will speak with their ballots, elect someone else, and get the laws changed. That’s what we do in America.

          • Mark Webb

            You really have no idea what is happening with the current administration do you. Go back to sleep now.

          • Jimmy Z

            I research more, and know more, about Obama and the left and what’s going on than just about anyone on this thread.

          • Mark Webb


          • Paul

            nice straw man. you sure you’re conservative? you argue like a proggie drone-bot.

            nobody is saying felons should have guns. what is being argued is that failure to pay a toll is not a reason to have your 2A violated.

          • Jimmy Z

            It. NEVER. happened. The story is false.

          • Joshua

            Sounds like an Obama lover…conservative? more like a CINO and a liberalist. CINO: Conservative in name only

          • Jimmy Z

            Joshua, you realize don’t you that you’re saying felons should be able to have guns, and that conservatives don’t think that. Inexplicable.

          • Joshua

            And how do “you” know he was a felon? Got some law degree or experience that makes you suited to tell if they are guilty or not? If so, I’d love to hear it. I have experience as a prison guard and know what quite a few felonies are and depending on the circumstances, yes I would love for a felon to have a legal and “registered” firearm. The fact he has this firearm and it’s “REGISTERED AND LEGAL” means that when they did the paperwork they found him to not be a felon. You cant get that paperwork processed usually unless you have a clean record. And even if he was a felon, if it was oh say for “bad check writing” give the guy a firearm…he hasn’t committed any violent acts, so therefore not really a felon in my view…just saying

          • Joshua

            Now rape, murder, vehicular homicide, assault, battery, those kinds of felonies, keep those b*****ds away from firearms. Just depends on the case I guess

          • Jimmy Z

            What I know is that there is no credible source reporting this. It’s all over the hysteria blogs, and that’s it. Get me a comprehensive article. No one has any specific information on Mr. Mendez. There’s no way to verify any of it – that’s a tell tale sign right there.

            Whatever the felony, too bad. It’s not that hard to keep from committing a felony. Writing a bad check is not a felony.

          • Joshua

            blutigen Herz-Liberaler

          • Jimmy Z

            Mehr konservativ als sie sind.

          • Joshua

            Ehrlich? Lmao…ich spreche Deutsch sich zu beruhigen. Ich hoffe, dass für einen Krieg gegen Obama

          • Jimmy Z

            Gibberish. Waste someone else’s time.

          • Joshua

            Lmao…Sorry I speak English and German and seems you know nothing. But thanks for pointing it out. but hey, ought to give you a congrats…let me know when your idol Obama throws you in the camps he is setting up…will send a condolence package

          • Jimmy Z

            Pointing it out? Like no one knew. You’re the king of the non-sequitur so far. Well done.

            As to Obama, I’ve spent more time criticizing him on SUBSTANCE than just about anyone here. You don’t really KNOW anything.

          • Joseph D’Agostino

            The original story was in March. The guys name was David Phillips. I believe Joe Mendez, as mentioned, is still the drug dealer in the above story.

            The image shown is from the August story according to google image search. They are confiscating guns. Under the “California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) initiative”
            These people are not committing a crime.

          • Robert Williams

            Depends on the size of the check… if it’s over $5 k it can be a felony in some states. Also, why should any citizen, felon or otherwise, be denied their 2nd amendment rights any more than their 1st amendment rights? I think if you check the actual history, there was no crime the founders considered worth revoking ANY rights for.

          • Jimmy Z

            Good, well if someone commits a criminal act, writing a fraudulent check for $10,000 say, and is convicted of a felony, I think we’re better off if he or she doesn’t have a gun. There ARE crimes that are worthy of losing your right to bear arms. That you don’t think so is your problem, not mine.

          • Arbydog

            let he who is without sin cast the first stone

          • Jimmy Z

            Um, that’s fine but a non-sequitur.

          • Terry Fidler

            So let me get this straight your opposed to a non-violent offender owning a gun when the criminals in the regime are giving weapons to drug cartels and terrorists. I say its one more gun in support of the defense of the Constitution which the REGIME is tearing to shreds. If they were to go after the weapons in possession of violent gang members it would be a non-stop 24 hr job and I don’t see that going on.

          • Jimmy Z

            Whatever the Obama people are doing is another topic for another time. Felons are felons.

          • Seanoamericano

            So it would be alright if people lost their First Amendment Rights for not paying a toll

          • Jimmy Z

            Ah, no, I said specifically, felons.

          • That other guy

            You completely avoided the topic though by shifting the attention away from the obvious problem

            A felon is gonna do what they wanna do, there’s no stopping that, taking guns away from people that legally own those isn’t going to change anything.

            The government is going to do what THEY want to do, while shifting your attention away from the obvious problem and pointing it at something else. Exactly the way you just did it.

            E.g. you can just go ahead and shut up now. Everything you’ve said up to this point is useless and from a completely bias standpoint.

          • Dejesus

            Everything is biased, especially in politics, so that was a pretty moot point.

          • Jimmy Z

            Are you saying that felons will break the law again? Then you make my point for me. Let’s not make it easy for them to have guns.

            The issue here is California, which is where I live and I know that they are enforcing a GOOD LAW.

            All the other stuff you and everyone else prattles on about is not relevant to this main point.

          • cold_dead_hands

            I used to live there. Thankfully I don’t anymore, and have a nice gun collection going. Some of which would be illegal in The Peoplez Republik of Kalifornia. Keep voting for those Awesome leaders you have there Jimmy Z. You are right where you belong. The “left coast”, the land of the “fruits and nuts”….And the list goes on. How’s those “lead free bullets” working out for you? Oh, that’s right….You are a “Conservative” in Anti-Gun/ sheep’s clothing!!

          • Jimmy Z

            I’ll have you know that as a conservative, Christian Republican, I vote against these folks. You’ve got a bad attitude.

          • cold_dead_hands

            Yes I do. Especially to people that sound like Liberals, and claim to be Conservatives. I’m NOT a Christian Conservative, but two of my brother’s are. Two of my brother’s are still in Kalifornia. One a Christian Conservative, and the other a “convicted Felon”. Hence the attitude for convicted felon’s losing their rights. Drugs are the root cause of a kind of BS felony conviction, of a guy that used to be a very skilled, skilled tradesman. Former, avid hunter, and former all around, good guy. Still a good guy down deep, but that conviction is a real deal breaker when it comes to most of the things WE take for granted all too often. I pretty much HATE almost everything about that state, because it is the starting place for a lot of things that spread across this Country. Technology is one of the better things Kalifornia has helped the Midwestern States with, but I would have to say that it stops, right about there. Then you have New York, Massachusetts, and a couple other’s on the other coast, and us in the Center of the Country feel like the Giant Penis, hanging between the two preferable NUTS!

          • cold_dead_hands

            By the way, how do you like those “lead free bullets” your fruity,tree hugging representatives are forcing you to use? Yikes!!

          • Jimmy Z

            Okay, so this is personal for you. You cannot think objectively on the issue, obviously. Let us not waste one another’s time.

          • granddad1

            You keep forgetting when “God” shook the tree of life all the nuts landed in California.

          • Ken

            Luv it can I borrow your quote

          • Seanoamericano

            You seem to have no problem saying its alright when stupid people pass stupid laws making people fellons so their guns can be snatched. Not paying tolls ooo there is a dangerous person. Or not enrolling in ovomit care. Dont see anything to get them from real threats. Maybe its because they dont care about them only people who may oppose becoming socilalist loosers.

          • Jimmy Z

            Hmm… well I haven’t said any of those things.

          • POPEYE

            As long as “We The People” who oppose erosion of the Constitution just do no-more than jack our jaws about it, the liberal faggots who support this movement will stay way ahead of us, and I’m just as bad as the rest of the “Jaw Flappers”…it’ll take much more than to just vent my disgust here on-line…please Google “General Boykin” and listen to what he has to say about this…the “Liberal/Socialistic/Marxist Bunch” is progressively changing this country…and I, like others who oppose this, have NOT done what it takes to support “Preservation of the Concept & Intent of Our Founding Fathers Ideals”…”Freedom Ain’t Free My Brothers and Sisters”…if I continue to sit-on-my-ass and hope these “Socialistic Creeps” are going to go away without me taking aggressive action to oppose them, then I and , more importantly, my children, are in for a future molded by these “Slimeballs”…let’s face it, our government (both Republicans & Democrats), YES, both of them, are responsible for continued movement towards Federal Government Control (Socialism/Marxism) control of “We The People”…the “Bureaucrats” “bottomfeeders” representing and controlled by “Big Money Special Interest Groups” are all about “Regulation/Control Of The Masses”, and NOT about “Governing By The Constitution Of The United States Of America”, as written and intended…the current “Marxist Regime And Followers”, with Obama as their “Puppet” is flagrant about changing The Constitution to fit their “Mr Change” idealistic molds…”Obama-Care” is a major example of bolstering “Regulation/Control Of The Masses”…THINK ABOUT IT!!!

          • finsII

            Writing a bad check for over $500 is a felony. Would you consider National Public Radio a legitimate source? Check their site before you open your mouth and confirm your lack of knowledge.

          • Jimmy Z

            That’s good. I wouldn’t want to write a bad check, then.

            I don’t care one way or the other about NPR and I’m not sure what your point is.

          • finsII

            Next time I’ll write it in crayon maybe then you can follow along.

          • obadiahlynch

            Haha ‘hysteria blogs’ .. Well put!

          • Terry Fidler

            Under the Louisiana Constitution an exfelon can own a firearm legally. It all depends on the grade of the felony. Must be a non violent offence. When the s&$# hits the fan anyone that can shoot is going to be needed.

          • shaun s

            felon or ex-felon should not own a gun at all

          • granddad1

            WHY NOT? If they have served their time are not on parole or in any other manner under the jurisdiction of the courts. Don’t you Libs believe in forgiveness.

          • Guest

            he is not saying felons should have guns.

          • Jimmy Z

            Many are – who isn’t? If they aren’t saying felons should have 2nd amendment rights, we don’t disagree.

          • Denny McFall

            I think the problem is that you are telling them that is what they are saying, when it isn’t. That kind of makes you a tool, don’t you think? I have found that many people don’t hear what is said, but only what they want to hear. It seems you are one of them.

          • Jimmy Z

            No, it’s logic. If I say, “felons ought not have guns,” and someone tells me that what I’m saying is wrong, I would logically assume that they do not agree with me. Duh.

          • shaun s

            lmao … this is why we have to put hot on coffee

          • finsII

            It is going on now. Check with National Public Radio’s site not exactly a conservative bastion


            it HAS Happened. My uncle (who lives in ca)had his one pistol and one Rifle taken away because he was placed on anti depressant meds(he lost his wife) so i now have the remainder of his weapons here in my RED state. where the 2nd amendment is alive and protected. and my uncle as well as other family member in Ca are moving out of that screwed state to Texas next year.

          • Jimmy Z

            That’s good, that’s what people have to do I suppose. I’m no fan of anti-depressant over medication, that’s for sure.

          • IFC_Buzzkill

            Jimmy, you keep trying to convince us that you are a conservative. How do you feel about other topics? Like fiscal responsibility? Or individual rights? Or abortion? Or lower taxes? Or… getting a little TEA on ya, THE CONSTITUTION?

            You can answer yes or no until the last example. That one is special. Please tell me again how states can violate it.

          • Jimmy Z

            I’m not really trying to convince anyone – I’m just saying, I am conservative. But thanks for asking. Fiscal responsibility: I would block any and all increases in spending until we have a specific plan for cutting the DEBT, not just the spending deficit. Individual rights: First with rights come responsibility. Individual responsibility is a requirement when you have rights. Abortion: The law says that abortion is legal, but the way to end abortion is one at a time, and we must appeal to the hearts of women and make sure they know what and WHO they are aborting. Lower taxes: I am against any kind of tax increase. If it were in my power I’d end the IRS and current income tax rates, and figure out a flat tax across the board, with exceptions for the truth needy. But if tax is set at 16%, then if someone makes $19,000, or $190,000, or $19,000,000, the rate is 16%, no deductions. No federal sales tax.

            States can do what they like, unless it violates the US Constitution. In which case, such as if the state of New York goes too far, it is up to the people of New York to file a grievance. So far, they have not. There are limitations, I believe, that serve the country well in the case of the 1st and 2nd amendments. Speech is not boundless, possession of arms is not limitless. Where the line is drawn is the question. Is the line being crossed over in New York? I think it is, as I do think it is in California. It is up to the people damaged in those states to speak out.

          • youareamoron

            You are a moron.Felons always have guns they dont follow the law when did this go over your head???

          • Jimmy Z

            No, all felons don’t have guns. If they do, they don’t have them legally.

          • cold_dead_hands

            To be clear, we want people like you, to have a State, or States where only “like minded people” can live. Then, when they go broke, the people with the opposite view can purchase that State, and kick you, and ALL of your “like minded” people out. Pretty soon, we would once again, have a very prosperous, productive Country, and you and your “like minded” people would have one State to live in, and it would be the Sh*ttiest one left, in the REPUBLIC. After that, we get to kick you to Mexico, or Canada, where you can have your socialized medicine, and HIGHER tax rate (Canada anyways). Sounds like a plan to me!

          • Jimmy Z

            I have a straight yes or no question for you. Do you believe that in your vision for your state that you want felons to KEEP their right to own weapons? Yes or no.

            “Then, when they go broke, the people with the opposite view can purchase that State, and kick you, and ALL of your “like minded” people out.” << You really don't know me or have any clue what I believe. You're making wild assumptions that have NO basis in reality.

          • cold_dead_hands

            I pegged you as a Liberal D-bag. As far as the Xanax or what ever else YOUR Liberal friends decide to use, to revoke Honest people’s 2nd Amendment rights. It’s already happening in your other friend’s state…. New York. You Liberals are all alike. As far as convicted felons go. I’d say that NON VIOLENT Felons, should be able to petition to get their rights back. I believe that drug related convictions (aside from dealing or manufacturing) should be treated differently. I’m a Ron Paul/Rand Paul thinking type. It is cheaper, and WAY more productive to TREAT a drug addiction/addict in a drug rehab, than it is to simply lock them up, and remove almost ANY chance of reforming that person. Rehab is about 1/10th the cost of 1 year of incarceration. Anyone locked up for more than a year is almost guaranteed to get re-incarcerated after release, and as the time served goes up, their chances of leading a productive life drops dramatically.
            Also, my biggest point is that YOU Liberals should take a certain number of States, and not allow ANY Conservative people (like me) to live there. When you and your ilk, run it into the ground by “giving everything” to the “undocumented guest workers”, or what ever new words you use to describe Illegal Aliens, along with giving phones, food, rent subsidies, and the rest of your “giveaways” to the “poor people”, we Conservatives, can come in and purchase that State, and turn it into A Conservative’s ONLY State! Before too long, WE would have a Conservative/productive Country, and you would be living in Mexico, or Canada with the rest of the Liberals/Progressives!! “I have a dream”!! LOL

          • Jimmy Z

            “I pegged you as a Liberal D-bag. As far as the Xanax or what ever else YOUR Liberal friends decide to use, to revoke Honest people’s 2nd Amendment rights.” << Non-sequitur. Irrelevant.

            "It's already happening in your other friend's state….
            New York." << No, NY is not confiscating legal weapons.

            "You Liberals are all alike. As far as convicted felons go." << Liberals, as far as I know because I am not one, are NOT in favor of felons owning guns.

            "I'd say that NON VIOLENT Felons, should be able to petition to get their rights back." << Good, lobby your representatives or run for office. You are in a petite minority, so I doubt you will find many who agree with you.

            "I believe that drug related convictions (aside from dealing
            or manufacturing) should be treated differently." << Not me. If you can't live an upright life, I don't think you should have a gun.

            "I'm a Ron Paul/Rand Paul thinking type." << Yeah, there's a shocker.

            "It is cheaper, and WAY more productive to TREAT a
            drug addiction/addict in a drug rehab, than it is to simply lock them up, and remove almost ANY chance of reforming that person." << Non-sequitur.

            "Rehab, etc." << Non-sequitur.

            "Also, my biggest point is that YOU Liberals should take a certain number of States, and not allow ANY Conservative people (like me) to live there." << Ain't that America?

            The rest of your comment is fantasyland. I don't know why you bother.

          • Terry Fidler

            Any weapon capable of 5 round magazine or better. Pump shot guns and knowing NY any other firearm they can verify through gun registration ie background checks right now only in NYC since NYPD are basically under obombya direction. The Sherriffs association in NYS are opposed on constitutional grounds.

          • Jimmy Z

            No Obama is not directing the laws and enforcement in NY. Liberals elected to the state legislature are.

          • Terry Fidler

            Its all at the behest of the traitor in chief. NWO lackeys. And yes they are taking LEGALLY owned guns in NY. Being in California you have no idea what is going on in NYC. I work there 5 days a week. Its a total police state.

          • Jimmy Z

            Actually, no. There are plenty of liberals in CA, Obama is not a part of it.

            No, they are NOT taking legally owned guns in NY – they are taking guns that are NOW ILLEGAL. They changed the law – or did you miss that part?

          • Vicki Hampton

            what an ass hat….. your constitutional rights are VERY IMPORTANT and for them to be removed (any of them) you should first have to have your day in court then be convicted of a felony before you can be stripped of them. What they are now doing is “CHANGING RULES and LAWS” to create new denied persons without any due process.

          • Jimmy Z

            No, the law has been that felons cannot own guns for some time.

          • Lacsar

            Non violent ones that done their time & paid their fine YES. Break one of the 3000 tax laws inadvertently, your a felon. Some states a DUI is a felony. Whats that got to do with a 2nd amendment RIGHT (NOT a privilege). You use the “N” word & arrested for a hate crime, they don’t take away your 1st amendment right to speak for life now, do they?

          • Jimmy Z

            Um, sorry, but breaking tax law isn’t that easy to do. Honest mistakes are not breaking tax law.

          • Brakechute

            If a person was cleared and legal when they purchased their firearm, and if through no fault of their own after said purchase the powers that be decided some formerly low-level act should now be deemed a felony, then yes – I think that felon should have a gun.

          • Jimmy Z

            I would tend to agree with you, if that’s what they were doing, but it’s not what is happening in California.

          • Markus286

            Just to be fair, all laws are arbitrary. We humans see patterns where there are none and we then write it off as fact or worse, morals. All laws have some sort of basis (please don’t think I’m saying follows laws implicitly because I’m not haha)and it’s up to our representatives to make sure the rationale makes sense. Of course the problem with that concept is that we trust another human to be decent.

          • Paul

            The point is that in our over-legislated society virtually all of us are ‘illegal’ at one time or another. The point is that gun registration lists, combined with over-legislation and over-zealous proggie politicians inevitably leads to gun confiscation. It’s the slippery slope and you’re happily dancing all over it, apparently.

          • Jimmy Z

            Speak for yourself. I’m not illegal, I don’t break the law. This isn’t about misuse of gun lists.

          • Paul

            You’ve never sped? Never driven after a couple of glasses of wine? Never paid your taxes late? Sure you’ll never be in a failed relationship where your ex-partner, out of spite, makes false allegations against you and gets a restraining order?

            Don’t you get it?

            You’re like the proverbial frog in a pot of water on the stove, blissfully enjoying your ‘spa’ treatment.

          • Jimmy Z

            Rarely – I drive like an old man. I love my dirt cheap insurance. Years ago I might have driven after a few sports sodas, but not anymore, not in many, many years. False allegations can happen to anyone, but I don’t leave relationships having pissed off the woman. So no, none of this is relevant, and most of what you listed is a misdemeanor.

            Forget the frog analogy – no one is more informed about what is going on than I am. Not only am I informed in the first place, but I am also aware and informed enough to dispute this fake crap spread in the name of big internet traffic, not in the name of truth.

          • Hammer

            So Jimmy, it would be ok with you for the government to take your weapons if you paid your taxes late?

          • Jimmy Z

            Hammer, that’s not happening.

          • James Paterson

            Don’t you worry, they will find something that will make it illegal for you to own a firearm sooner or later. Then you will be crying “Why me” but by then it will be too late!

          • Jimmy Z

            James, so by your logic, because you fear they might come after YOUR gun tomorrow, you are DEFENDING felons today? Wow man. Just… wow.

          • James Paterson

            You need to understand the difference between Felony and Misdemeanor before arguing with someone about guns being taken away. Im not defending felons, but in your delusional liberal head, you think if someone Jaywalks, they should not own a gun because that is just as bad as murder? Why not go a step further, go ahead and say Christians aren’t allowed to own firearms because they say “Merry Christmas” which according to muslims is worse than murder or rape!?! Get off your deluded high horse and step off of your soap box, you are not welcome here!

          • Jimmy Z

            I understand well the difference. I’m probably more conservative than you are. Jaywalking is not a felony. Saying Merry Christmas isn’t breaking the law. I don’t know what your point it, you jumped around so much.

          • James Paterson

            Also if you don’t understand, the Germans slowly had their rights taken away before Nazi Germany came to power, much in the same way that we are having ours eroded! LITTLE BY LITTLE. Oh and by the way, a person who commits an atrocity like the Newton school shootings doesn’t care about laws! They broke 23 laws entering the school with their weapons, what do you think, they are gonna care about one more law? Are you nuts? They are outlaws and carrying an illegal gun won’t matter to them!

          • Jimmy Z

            I never said anything about psychos that shoot up schools, that’s a different topic.

          • KnowTheDifference

            So then you already ADMIT to breaking the law; driving after a few “sport sodas” as you put it would definitely make you a criminal. Even if you happened to be lucky enough to get away with it. You sound as a hypocrite sounds, since you got away with it then you are free to pass judgment on those who did the exact same but were not as lucky.

          • Stephen J. Ardent

            “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get
            it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One
            declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game,
            and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”~Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

          • J.D.

            Just a heads up, the guns pictures in the Fresno bee article are all legal to own. They are semi-auto with fixed magazines or bolt action and rimfire.

            Sorry to burst your wonderful ignorance bubble.

            It must be blissful to be so ignorant and righteous all at once.

          • Jimmy Z

            I never said anything about whether or not the guns are or are not legal to own. What is your point? That’s not the issue I’ve been on about here, at all.

          • KnowTheDifference

            Jimmy Z
            • 7 hours ago
            −I never said anything about whether or not the guns are or are not legal to own. What is your point? That’s not the issue I’ve been on about here, at all.

            Reference your own prior words,…

            Jimmy Z
            • 10 hours ago
            −Right. ILLEGAL guns! ILLEGAL! Are you against the state confiscating ILLEGAL guns??? What is so !?*%@! hard about this?

            Do you now see the “special” kind of STUPID that you are representing yourself as??? SMH,… sad, truly just sad. I honestly borderline whole-heartedly feel sorry for you. I take it you were dropped as a child.

          • Jimmy Z

            Okay, let me clear this up: The article posted is about people who are no longer able to own a gun legally. So, while a gun might be legally obtained, there are those who cannot possess them. I’ve said the same thing so many different ways to try and explain to fenderheads like you what is going on here, that particular comment should be dismissed. Sorry. Now, what say you?

          • KnowTheDifference

            You are the one contradicting yourself here, so I guess a “fenderhead” best describes yourself. Your sad attempt at “trying” to justify your blatant contradiction as I had pointed out proves how laughable your intelligence is. You have made no REAL validation to your blatant contradiction in argument. An apology is basically an admittance to your contradiction. So, at least you can admit that you are contradicting yourself, and I congratulate you on a step in the direction of mental correction. Let’s continue to gander down this path, shall we?… I am sure you will find it a blissful and enjoyable venture. In fact, I think this quote pertains particularly well to you, and I believe that you could gain much understanding from it.

            “And so, onwards… along a path of wisdom, with a hearty tread, a hearty confidence.. however you may be, be your own source of experience. Throw off your discontent about your nature. Forgive yourself your own self. You have it in your power to merge everything you have lived through- false starts, errors, delusions, passions, your loves and your hopes- into your goal, with nothing left over.”― Friedrich Nietzsche
            Forgive yourself of your own self,… I think that part really strikes a strong chord with you. This path you are beginning down of mental self-correction is not an easy road, but the final destination is worth the journey. Surely you will not be able to complete this journey in one day, or even alone for that matter, but I do believe that if you pull on the reigns of your own stubbornness hard enough, there is even still hope for you. Admitting you have a problem is the 1st and hardest step though, so I do applaud you for taking it. The next step is to whole-heartedly believe that a power greater than yourself can restore you to sanity. Give yourself over to God, and allow him to remove the blinds from your eyes. Once you do this, your journey will be successful. You will no longer be hindered by your own ignorance and contradictory reasoning. You will be able to truly UNDERSTAND without being lead astray by false misinformation.

            Your journey has already begun, so I would hope that you maintain coarse, steadfast on your heading of self-enlightenment. Do not be afraid to listen to the overwhelming majority of your peers who are not here to wish you ill will. We only want to bring you to the light. Help us help you. Unlike many others, there is still hope for you, but you must be willing to succumb to your own stubborn misinformed delusions of grandeur. We are here to help you, I’m sure you would not fight against your medical doctor in such a way when you have a cancer eating away at your body. Allow us to remove this mental cancer you have that is eroding your mind. The damage has obviously been severe, but luckily it’s effects are not irreversible. Come to the light,… we are happily waiting for you! :)

          • Jimmy Z

            “You are the one contradicting yourself here, so I guess a “fenderhead” best describes yourself.” << Never once contradicted myself.

            "Your sad attempt at "trying" to justify your blatant contradiction as I had pointed out proves how laughable your intelligence is. You have made no REAL validation to your blatant contradiction in argument." << Now you're just lying.

            "An apology is basically an admittance to your contradiction." << No, it's not. For the record I admit to no such accusation.

            "So, at least you can admit that you are contradicting yourself, and I congratulate you on a step in the direction of mental correction. Let's continue to gander down this path, shall we?" << All you have is ad hominem. Fanciful ad hom at that.

            "… I am sure you will find it a blissful and enjoyable venture. In fact, I think this quote pertains particularly well to you, and I believe that you could gain much understanding from it." << What I have yet to gain is anything from you.

            Are you or are you not in favor of felons having guns? Yes or no.

            You wrote at length about me, and not at all about the issue. This is what those who are unable to think critically do.

          • KnowTheDifference

            “Illegal” is how you have been brain-washed to believe that MOST weapons are or will become. Please explain where in the 2nd Amendment it deciphers differences in what types of weapons should or should not be illegal? The point of the 2nd Amendment is for citizens to bear the most sophisticated weaponry available in order to defend themselves from tyranny. You can not defend yourself from a tyrannical government with outdated and dummied-down pea shooters. The Revolution was not won by using sling shots against musket loaders. If you actually buy into the concept of “illegal” weapons then you are already lost to the point and hold no knowledge worthy of this particular conversation.

          • Jimmy Z

            I know, like a rocket launcher. Thanks but please.

          • JJ

            Jimmy, thank you for your insight. The dishonesty and lies on the conservative side are ALMOST as bad as it is on the liberal side. Fucking pathetic. Rarely does anyone do their own research anymore. I hate gun legislation more than most but I hate piss poor journalism, spreading lies, and sugar coating the truth. Jumping on the bandwagon makes you no fucking different than an Obamazombie.

          • Jimmy Z

            Thanks for saying so. I’m really not trying to be a dickhead here. *L*

          • Jimmy Z

            Okay, so you believe Americans should be able to own rocket launchers, flame throwers and howitzers. Good luck with that.

          • KnowTheDifference

            Good luck with owning a simple handgun in California with your Libtard friends that you consort with. I guess that a handgun also is way too drastic of a weapon to be owned in California, based on your blind acceptance of the garbage you have been fed all of your simple life??? You obviously do NOT see the big picture here, because your vision has been skewed by the liberal media which you have fallen victim to. It’s sad really,… but please,.. PLEASE,… don’t EVER call yourself “Conservative” again. You sir, have no comprehension of the word!

          • Jimmy Z

            KnowThe – do you have a name? A real name? I’m more conservative than you are, because I put the truth ahead of spin and hoax and fiction. I just considered it, and I don’t think I know anyone (close friends) that does NOT have a gun! And I’m talking here in California. The big picture I see – talked about it most of the day on the show. The liberal media is not my source. I know conservatism. I am conservative. And if you believe that felons should have weapons, then it is YOU who is not at all one.

          • PillowSoft

            Yes, they should. The people that founded this country certainly had all those things (or the day’s equivalent, in any case).

            1. Rocket launchers are necessary to fight armored vehicles. How can the people defend themselves without being able to defeat the tanks of the hypothetical oppressive regime?

            2. Flamethrowers are already legal. There are no regulations or bans on flamethrowers, federally, as far as I know. You can, for all intents and purposes, go out and buy a flamethrower. When is the last time you’ve seen a massacre or murder-spree conducted with a flamethrower?

            3. Howitzers, same deal. Howitzers are modern day cannons.

            In theory, the people should be able to own whatever the hell they wish. The constitution does not place any restrictions on weapon ownership. It does this for a reason. The framers trusted THE PEOPLE to be responsible enough to decide what implements they needed to secure their liberty, their homes, their property, and their persons.

            It’s all about TRUST. If you ban something, you don’t TRUST that the people are responsible enough to have it. It’s like taking a toy away from a kid because you don’t want him to swallow it.

            The whole point of the enlightenment, was a shift away from an assumption that THE PEOPLE need a tyrant, a mastermind, or an elite class to rule over them, because they are too stupid to make decisions for themselves. As history has shown, an informed, educated citizenry is perfectly capable of knowing when and where to use a howitzer.

            Further, things like howitzers, jets, tanks, and other military hardware is expensive. It’s not like every Joe blow on the street is going to go out and buy a damn howitzer or an F-22. The number of people that can own one is already restricted to those that are more affluent. By definition, a more affluent person has more at stake, and has proven themselves to be a responsible citizen. I completely trust someone like Bill Gates to own a howitzer, because someone like him isn’t just going to go out and start bombing me with it.

            Whatever happened to Common Law, which served Britain for over 800 years, anyway? What happened to the concept of a FREE PEOPLE, that can do WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT, so long as it does not harm others or their property?

            I know I can have a howitzer sitting in my garage, and I will NEVER use it to bomb innocent people for no reason, because I am not that kind of person. On what grounds does the government decide it can prevent me from owning one? Because I don’t “need it?”

            Who appointed the government to decide what I do and do not need? The day society begins to structure it’s legal system based on what people “need” or “don’t need” is the day this country becomes the next USSR.

            I know, because my family escaped the USSR, to get away from this mindset. People are not slaves. No one has the right to take things from you, or deny you something because you “don’t need it” for it is not someone else’s place to decide for you, what you need and don’t need.

            All of human government and the very notion of a civil society, rests entirely on the assumption that a collective of humans that have chosen to come together and live under a common banner, can be trusted to be responsible and make good choices.

            We don’t need the government busting down our doors for failing to comply with absurd regulations. If you think there is any justice in this, if you think this is acceptable in a free society, then you are a sheep. You are not worthy of being called a human being, for human beings have free will and bow to no other man.

          • Jimmy Z

            You are insane. Honest to God, where do people like you come from?

          • cold_dead_hands

            If you read the print, it clearly (except to Liberal minds) states that the GUNS WERE LEGALLY PURCHASED. The LEADERS of The PeopleZ RepubliK of Kalifornia are trying a NEW, BACK DOOR method of confiscating LEGALLY OWNED and REGISTERED GUNS. Are you still with me Jimmy Z? Try to follow me here. They are trying to find reasons that have NOTHING to do with being a threat to anyone, to TAKE AWAY people’s guns. Read it again SLOWLY, and try to do this WITHOUT drinking the Barry Juice in your hand, at the same time. If you have an Unpaid parking ticket, you could lose your rights? That hasn’t passed yet, but that is the gist of what they are doing, and from the sounds of it, you are perfectly ok with it, because legally owned guns are a threat to everyone in this Democracy that we live in….Right?

          • Jimmy Z

            Dead: Legally purchased is not the same as legally owned. You might buy a gun today, legally, and then god forbid you hold up a bank next January. If you are convicted, you cannot own a gun legally anymore. That what we’re talking about. Any commission of a felony and conviction, and you’re done with guns.

            Felons are a threat. Absolutely. They’re aren’t TRYING anything. It’s against the law for a felon to have a gun. Even if you purchased it before you became a felon, you cannot legally possess the gun AFTER you become a felon.

            This is pretty simple stuff.

            The parking ticket thing isn’t going to happen. Don’t be absurd.

          • Teresa Banks

            No one though should have their firearms taken because of mental health diagnosis. Depression or anxiety is NOT an automatic that someone will commit a crime. That is something NONE of you seem to want to focus on. That IS being done in todays world. I don’t agree with that and a felon is going to find a way to get a gun, one way or another. I think that what everyone is trying to show you is that the over reach by the government is starting to become out of control. There have been people traveling to NY who have had weapons confiscated, for no more than a magazine that is not below a certain amount. Just stupid.

          • Jimmy Z

            One more thing – I know a lot of gun owners. Some of my best friends are gun owners. I am a member of the NRA and I am 100% in support of the 2nd amendment. But I don’t want felons having guns.

          • plsilverman

            really? Libz? ya mean by restotruing the auto industry and allowing 42 million taxpayers to buy some heathcare and not have U pay 4 it? do you like the Conservatives’ manufactured wars for the ex-employer of the VP?

          • steerpike

            There is nothing in the article you linked that mentions taking guns away from people because they didn’t pay toll fees – only “danger to herself and others” and “felony dui with pursuit.”

          • plsilverman

            except for manufacturing wars for the ex-employer of the VP and obstructing blue collar job development.

          • REOCON smith

            like obama

          • plsilverman

            care to elaborate on that? by the way, Reagan was for background checks.

          • cold_dead_hands

            We already HAVE BACKGROUND CHECKS…Liberal Ass hat.

          • plsilverman

            “Liberal *ss hat”?? why are you so interested in that part of my body?

          • Paul Dragotto


          • Jerry Skains

            Its hard to not see your true face is it?

          • plsilverman

            can you elaborate? :) it *is* refreshing, though, to have an obvious Tea Partier/birther use so many facts in their statements.

          • cold_dead_hands

            You know how you can spot a Liberal tool bag? It’s when they talk about the gun purchasing process, with absolutely NO IDEA of what they are talking about. They think they are all knowing, like the half Mu-Slime, half Homo, half white, all knowing Pesidunce, Barry Soetoro, Liberalism is a mental disorder.

          • plsilverman

            you are very impressive. I’m sure William F. BUckley looks down and smiles upon you. “Barry Soetoro”!! yay!! I have to admit, I’m impressed you can quote Dr. Savage. My point, now get ready, is that the gun lobby and dudes likes YOU (all due respect) want N-O background checks.

          • cold_dead_hands

            That would be YET ANOTHER Liberal Lie. What we do not want, is the Government telling us that we can NOT pass on our guns to our children and Grandchildren without jumping through hoops, and the Government knowing exactly how many, and what guns WE own.
            Liberals say that ANYONE can guy a gun online, or at a gun show, which is true. In “Liberalville”, they forget that those same people HAVE TO go pick up that mean old gun, at an FFL Holder’s business, where what happens????? A BACKGROUND CHECK with the FBI…..OOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOO. Yeah, that’s the part you/they leave out!!
            Now…Let’s START prosecuting, based on the laws (thousands) on the books, and stop trying to add MORE laws.

          • plsilverman

            sure, let’s “pass on” our guns to our grandkids, even if they are violent convicts. there sould be universal backgroyund checks, just as the ol’ Gipper wanted. >>> “liberal lies”! yeah. >>> “more laws”! laws, bad! let’s go back to them good old days, before them government critterz started a – messin’ with us patriotic folk.

          • Terry Fidler

            Gun shows why have a bachground check and let the regime know you have a weapon when there are moorns like diane fienstien and obombya that want to curtail all resistance to NWO take over and clear the way for his jihadists to finish take over. obombya GIVES guns to drug cartels and muzzies that should tell you something. 386,000 NATO troops and 15,000 Russian troops in US and you cant see armed take over coming? obombya is a TRAITOR.

          • plsilverman

            not so easy…gun shows are SUPPOSED TO have a background check….”Obombya”? do I detect unintentional racism? :)

          • Terry Fidler

            It seems everyone coming here has no problem identifying them selves as whatever. Irish American, Afro American, Mex American, whats wrong with born white in America?

          • plsilverman

            not following your thought process from my post. “born white? “Obombya” is a mockery of an African sounding name.

          • Terry Fidler

            As far as obombya being a mocery of African name. He is a muslim Supposedly born in hawii. He has murdered thousands of civilians in both Iraq and afganistan through drone strikes, hence o bomb ya. And as far as bush and Clinton are concerned both of them where also corporate whores like your savior. The US has not had a REAL president since JFK. The presidentcy and congress have been bought and paid for by the global elites. Tell me about the redistribution of wealth? What has he done to improve life in the black communities? He passed out phones? Making a real killing there are you. Open your eyes to the fact that he is no better than the reast of the corporate whores installed in the presidentcy. Its all about the money which is going to the same place its been going under past administration. To the banks and corporations.

          • plsilverman

            “O-bomb-ya”? ok….no “racism” there…but you are wrong about 75% else of what you posted above :) Obama got us out of that WAr For halliburton and switched to drones in A. to relieve troops of a 9th tour. (my take). how you can use the word “murder” is beyond me. I will say, he should have found a way to get the troops home even sooner.>>>>> I agree that wall street and big corps. made out like bandits on the “stimulus”…most of the created since 2001 have been in switzerland. but Oabma has done more for the middle class than every President since LBJ combined. he has not raised taxes on the middle class. Black Community, well, if we are talking about the poor to middle segment, they have suffered not because of Obama but because of the screwball Obstructionists at the Capitol. send back stimulus money, hostile takeovers of viable American companies, and blocking of infrastructure contracts have wrecked the middle class, not Obama, the best friend of the middle class since LBJ.

          • Dave Martina

            Man, I see you keep pointing out supposed racism and pulling the race card out against everyone. Soooo, let me ask you this, are the documented tweets from blacks referring to the animalistic rioting in Ohio and saying that they should be burning and killing white communities and white people,racist? Is racism simply anything a White person says that disagrees with the leftist agenda? Is it racist to think that the squatter in the White House should be taking care of business and not working on his golf game?

          • plsilverman

            racism alive & well, both sides of the aisle. the “obomya” thing, I already wrote I was mistaken. But, I detest all these “mockeries” of his name. >>R U kidding about “golf”? where was W. on 08-06-01? >>>re. Ferguson, U and I were not there, let it go to trial to see if the policeman used excessive force. I am very very pro-Cop, by the way!

          • Dave Martina

            The mockeries of BHO’s name are the result of people being disgusted and frustrated with his policies. Not everyone has the vocabulary to express their feelings without those kinds of attacks. Personally, I find most of them pretty funny (when they are fresh). But then again, I despise Obama, his wife, his minions and his policies.

            Racism is a two way street, as you pointed out. It’s never a good thing, but it’s a fact of existence on this planet and we all have to deal with it. Using race as an excuse for anything is a cop out. This isn’t Selma, AL in 1959. Anyone, yes ANYONE, who really wants to succeed can (or could until the current administration took over. Now he is achieving the equality he promised, by breaking everyone). Rather than promote entrepreneurship and individual achievement, the Dems, under BHO’s leadership have tried to make success a dirty word.

            R U Kidding, too? How is what Bush did relevant to Obama? This is a straw man and after reading your other responses, I expected more from you than that. Defend Obama if you must, but don’t do it by throwing GWB out there. Bush sucked, so what? He’s gone, finished. Obama is still relevant, and at the rate he’s going we, as a country, will be like Bush in short order — gone, finished.

            Pro-cop? I liked your earlier statement — let the courts decide. I am not pro or con cops. Some are good, some stink. All I know is that I don’t want to be waiting for one to show up ten minutes after I’ve been jacked — so I take care of my own defense. They can clean up the mess when they show up.

          • plsilverman

            despise his policies? guess you mean his decisions on ACA and car bailout, student loan reform, credit card reform, DA-DT… I say his #s are decent in consideration of the House policy on making him either a one termer or an impeached President. ok. I can understand asking who is this guy in 2007-8…I think by ’12 he made it to “good President”. I like that he won two terms in a still racially divided country. the confederates came out of the woodwork in ’09, no?>>>>I am very pro cop as I said & I am pro guns! BUT…also pro Full background check, as 80% of NRA members are.

          • Dave Martina

            OK, we’re done here. I thought you were willing to have a serious discussion, but unfortunately, that’s not what you seem to be after. ACA, bailouts, et al. are all unpopular with the largest percentage of the population — even the completely slid to the left news services can’t avoid that. Good president? How? What has he done that is good? Name one unqualified success. Then when you are done with that list, go ahead and list the issues in which he or his staff has been caught in bald-faced lies. Finally, would you care to quote where you came up with your 80% number of NRA members in favor of telling the government who has the guns — I call pure-D bullshit on that one. See ya across the skirmish line.

          • plsilverman

            very surprised > ACA is noty unpopular..only with those with good healthcare. most premiums went DOWN and now insurers cannot deny upon precondition. CB) satys it can’t hurt the economy. that’s bad to you, fine. auto bailout, well, now GM and Chrysler are again competitive. people like student loan and credit card reform, yes; they like DA-DT. they LIKE Obama got us out of Iraq ahead of schedule. that we BL after W gave up (and no enhanced interogations helped him). are you mad Obama did not start any wars? really surprised you’d say that’s all junk. I know none of it is without reservations. is job numbers are marginal but that is thanx to the 01-20-09 Cantor cabal kickoff: no job creation bills will be put thru. (Reid at least passed 40% at one point). you say discussion over…for YOU. most of us who are objective :) will say the first Black President overall – despite 500+ filibusters and general confederate hate – did pretty good. Hillary wins. YOU DISLIKE 94 strikes on ISIS since August. yeah, the pinko.

          • pinkelephant22

            I’ve read some of your comments & you’re seriously one of the most brainwashed & dumbest MFkerrs online. Here are some facts for you:

            Halliburton has been given govt contracts since WWII …. and your Chicago Clown gave them another.

            Obama followed Bush’s original timeline on Iraq after campaigning on earlier withdrawal

            Waterboarding is what led to the eventual discovery of bin Laden’s location

            Even HuffPo admitted that Obama’s job numbers were skewed & that only 125,000 jobs were created his entire first term.

            The most welfare, food stamps, poverty rates & a middle class that’s been annihilated.

            And to show for it: the worst avg approval rating, even lower than Carter’s LOL

            Go slit your wrists.

          • plsilverman

            sorry…ALL wrong: waterboarding did NOT help > I wil find yiou the cite > Bush and CIA DID ghuive up in ’06; job #s terible why, in first term > now think > Bush was losing every mobnth 7-800,000 and in one 6 mo. period lost 4,000,000. WELFARE & unemployment up, of course: when you have a plan to obstruct all infrastructure jobs andb return shovel ready money to DC, then unemployment & welfare go up; approval ratings? I tyhink Bush II’s were lower. Congress lower than both – who cares; Obama expedited retyrn of Iraq soldiers, a fact; middle class WIPED OUT strategically by Reagan-Regan;

          • pinkelephant22

            Let me repeat —- you are a dumb motherfkkrrr.

            Panetta did an oopsie and admitted to NBC’s Brian Williams that waterboarding is what led to the discovery of bin Laden’s location. Plus, anyone with a functioning brain already knew that.

            That many jobs were not lost under Bush for that long of a period. In addition, any educated person knows that liberal affirmative action mortgage policies is what led to that downturn.

            Welfare & food stamps have risen dramatically long after your clown took office w/all his hopey changey policies.

            Middle class thrives in NON-Libtardd places. How’s Detroit working out after a 1/2 century of libtardism?

            And no, dippy — Obama has the worst avg approval in modern history. Look it up.

          • plsilverman

            HALLIBURTON was Cheney’s ex employer who gave him a 45-62 million dollar going away present > he was CEO > he returned the favior in ’03 with a partial NO-BID contract.

          • pinkelephant22

            I know who Halliburton is, you retarded bag of shllttt. Try to let this penetrate into your tiny fkkddd up brain:

            KBR/Halliburton has been given no-bid govt contracts since WWII. Your Chicago Clown gave them another.

          • plsilverman

            Chicago clown gave Halliburton a no bid? got a cite? POINT: Iraq war was based upon hoaxed intel’….a fact. also a fact CHENEY was CEO.

          • pinkelephant22

            Where were you? Whacking off to your “Yes We Can” poster still scotch taped to your wall?

            May 31, 2011 – Bloomberg – KBR/Halliburton Inc. was selected for a no-bid contract worth as much as $568 million through 2011 for military support services in Iraq

          • pinkelephant22

            So your retardedAss goes apeshllt over Halliburton contracts that have been ongoing from WWII thru Obama, meanwhile, you don’t give a shlltt about the billions upon billions upon billions that Obama has given to his mega-donor friends for no reason whatsofknngg ever. Your brain is fkkdddd.

          • plsilverman

            “retarded”? “MF”? “go slit…wrists”? something tellz me you would never say these things to my face. :) donors? Koch has 101 billion to play with. and they do. promoting segregation, as did their DAd in the JB Society.

          • pinkelephant22

            I would PAY to say it to your face, you RetardedPussyBoy.

          • pinkelephant22

            Koch? Do they get billions in TAXPAYER MONEY, you fkngg retard?

            Let’s see… PART 1:

            First Solar – Received $4.7 billion in stimulus funding

            Goldman Sachs: Part owner of First Solar. Gave
            Barack Obama over $1 million dollars. Two Goldman Sachs executives were then named to Obama’s National Finance Committee.

            Paul Tudor Jones: Part owner of First Solar. Obama bundler.

            Michael Ahearn: CEO of First Solar, large donor to DNC.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 2:

            Record Hill Wind – Received $102 million in stimulus funding.

            Angus King: Former Governor of Maine and part owner of Record Hill Wind. Endorsed Obama for President.

            Robert Gardiner: Former CEO of Maine PBS and part owner of Record Hill Wind. Endorsed Obama for President.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 3:

            Exelon – Owns ComEd and Peco. Received $200 million dollar grant from stimulus funds.

            Frank M. Clark: Obama donor. CEO of ComEd. Named to Obama’s National Finance Committee.

            John Rogers Jr.: Exelon Board member and Obama donor. Named to Obama’s National Finance Committee.

            David Axelrod: Obama campaign manager. Hired by Exelon as a ‘consultant’.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 4:

            Powerspan – Received $100 million in stimulus funds. Government audit revealed the money created only 8 jobs.

            Daniel Weiss: Part owner of Powerspan. Named to Obama National Finance Committee.

            Zeb Rice: Part owner of Powerspan. Named to Obama National Finance Committee.

            George Soros: Part owner of Powerspan. Obama donor and advisor.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 5:

            First Wind – Received $232 million in stimulus funds. An audit revealed the money only created 125 jobs.

            David Shaw: Founder of DE Shaw. Obama bundler and one of the top 3 donors to the Democratic Party. Largest shareholder of First Wind.

            Larry Summers: Part owner of First Wind. Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor.

            David Canning: Part owner of First Wind. George W. Bush bundler, Barack Obama donor, Rahm Emanuel donor.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 6:

            Tesla Motors – Received $465 million in stimulus, of which over $16 million went into the pockets of 2 owners.

            Elon Musk: Obama donor, DNC donor. Tesla Motors
            Founder. Also CEO of Solar City which received its own $275 million in stimulus funding. Between Solar City and Tesla Motors, **Musk personally pocketed $15 million immediately after receiving their stimulus**

            Steve Westly: Tesla Motors CEO. **Pocketed $1.2 million immediately after their stimulus payment**

            Steve Spinner: Tesla ‘consultant’. Obama donor, DNC donor. Then appointed to an executive position within the Dept of Energy.

            Nicholas Pritzker: Part owner of Tesla Motors. Obama donor. Related to a number of Obama advisors and high-profile donors.

            Sergei Brin: Part owner of Tesla Motors. Obama supporter.

            Larry Page: Google CEO, Part owner of Tesla Motors. Obama supporter.

            Eric Schmidt: Part owner of Tesla Motors and Obama administration advisor.

            Dan Reicher: Part owner of Tesla Motors and Obama administration advisor.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 7:

            John Doerr’s vast companies – Doerr is one of Barack
            Obama’s largest donors and has donated millions to the Democratic Party. Of the 27 ‘green’ companies owned by John Doerr, 16 received stimulus funding from the Obama administration.

            Fisker Auto – Received $529 million in stimulus funding to create an $89,000 luxury sports car.

            John Doerr: Major Obama and DNC donor. Part owner of Fisker Automotive.

            Al Gore: Former Vice President. Obama and DNC donor. Part owner of Fisker Automotive.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 8:

            Silver Springs Networks – Received $560 million to develop a ‘smart grid’.

            John Doerr: Part owner of silver Springs Networks.

            Al Gore: Lobbied the Obama administration for
            stimulus funding for Silver Springs Networks. Not exactly clear if former Vice President Gore profited on this investment and government perk, or if it was ‘diverted’ to his profits from the Fisker Automotive stimulus money.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 9:

            Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers – Received stimulus funding as one of the many companies owned by John Doerr.

            John Doerr: Part owner. Major Obama and DNC donor.

            Al Gore: Partner and unofficial lobbyist for Doerr’s companies.

            Steve Westly: Part owner. Investment tripled in value in weeks.

            Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Current US Senator. Invested
            $1 million just weeks before the company received its stimulus grant. Feinstein tripled her investment in weeks.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 10:

            Joint venture between the following individuals and their companies. The venture received $25 million in stimulus funds. A government audit found the $25 million created only *2 jobs*.

            Steve Farber: Lobbyist for ZeaChem.

            Jonathan Seelig: Obama donor, DNC donor. Part owner of Globespan Capital.

            Paul Batcheller: Senate aide. Part owner of Prarie Gold.

          • pinkelephant22

            PART 11:

            Joint venture between the following individuals and their companies. The venture received $21.7 million in stimulus funding. A government audit found the $21.7 million only created *13 jobs*.

            Jerry Fidler: Obama donor, DNC donor. Part owner of Solazyme.

            John Luongo: Obama donor, DNC donor. Part owner of Lightspeed Ventures.

            Roger Strauch: Obama donor, DNC donor. Part owner of Roda Group.

          • plsilverman

            guess wghat? the intel’ was what it was…was not vetted properly because it was a mad desire to get to Iraq, got it?

          • pinkelephant22

            “Hoaxed Intel” <– Bahahaha!!! Let's see..

            "He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983." -Sandy Berger, Clinton National Security Adviser, Feb 18, 1998

            We urge you to take necessary actions to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs." – Letter to President Clinton, signed by Democratic Senators Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, and others, Oct. 9 1998

            "Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process." -Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998


            "Saddam Hussein has chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies." – Madeline Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Nov. 10, 1999

          • plsilverman

            funny > it DOERS NOT MATTER that so many LIbs IN 2003 > not befioere when it appeared that Saddam had that capability > follow me > that so many LIbs believed the intel’ WHICH WAS PROCVEN WRONG WHEN WE ARRIVED THERE! a fact. why do you think Tom Kean ran that committee? Tenet, Rice, Cheney, Rove approached the President with very scant “evidence” of a 2003 need for a preventative strike! he said “you gotta give me more than this”. they did not but he allowed the strike and BSed Mr. Powell into addressing the nation with junk intel’. read WORSE THAN WATERGATE. the only rwason that these “slam dunkers” are not locked up is because Obama said let the past be the past {but we need to start withdrawls now}. 1998 was one thing, 2003 another. Yes, many LIbs wanted to follow Bush into Iraq,. believing what he disseminated. got it?

          • pinkelephant22

            Hilarious!! No, you DorkyPussy, “Bush” didn’t disseminate the intel reports. Not only was intel from foreign sources, UNSCOM & UNMOVIC, we have these things called House & Senate Intelligent Committees. The vast majority of military personnel, and especially high-rank, would laugh at your retardedAss. You’re dumber than a box of dog shlltt.

          • plsilverman

            such passion! “*ss”, “p*ssy”!

          • pinkelephant22

            By the way, you stupid MFkrrr ….

            Tell us about your Chicago Clown droning all over the globe killing 10-20 innocent civilians, including children, for every “1″ terrorist. Never mind the fact that zero intel will be gathered from that one terrorist.

            You lefties are some of the most ignorant fkktardds on the planet. You don’t have the brains to manage a fknngg hot dog stand.

          • plsilverman

            LIEZ!!! None. unlike Bush II and Dick Halliburton. “YOU CAN keep your own care” is not “YOU WILL keep your own”. that’;s all you guys got on him and it’s nothing. what you CAN say is he was a bit naïve to think that INDIVIDUAL plan companies would NOT do what they love to do: drop, cap, limit. :) :)

          • plsilverman

            your OPINION on entepreneurship: Obama is pro Green jobs, solar jobs, automobile jobs. just the obstructionist HOuse is not. ask Cops & wall street about Obama, pal.

          • Paws

            May I make a comment to your statement . . . he has done more work (or damage) that Bush 2 ever did . . .

          • plsilverman

            He was born I Hawaii…I know a witness to that…and is a Christian, unless you want to pas judgement on what he says to be true. Why doubt his veracity on his religion? you got that kind of time to waste?

          • TRUTH

            You absolutely positively do NOT know a witness to Obama’s birth in Hawaii. You’re nothing more than a simple liar.

          • plsilverman

            ok, I’ll tell her.

          • Teresa Banks

            Yeah Hawaii, Kenya. Go look it up.

          • plsilverman

            absolutely born in Hawaii…says he’s a Christian…good enough for me. murdfered peole? should I call the FBI? using drones instaed of goround troops…evil!

          • Mark

            Quit while you’re this far behind.

          • plsilverman

            you should look into the computer monitor when you type, not the mirror.

          • Ken

            Too late

          • William Chambliss

            This guy is a Cameleon…..Tell him to stick his forked tongue in his own ass.

          • Terry Fidler

            no racism, put the friggin race card down. the POS in the white house is a TRAITOR, what does that have to do with race? If you want to talk about RACISM lets start with obombya, Sharpton, winfry, Jackson and holder, just to mention a few other traitors. So take that liberal attitude some where else, PATIOT are having a discussion here! Oh I almost forgot the knock out game and the black panthers advocating KILL WHITEY. There is a certain part of my anatomy you can KISS!

          • plsilverman

            “Odombya”? now who is using the race card? :)
            tell me exactly how he is a traitor. I’m eager to learn. and put down the Glenn Beck memo card.
            How are these African Americans traitors? Black panthers? all 27 of them left in the world. You wanna play THAT CARD game? fine. let’s compare those numbers to the KKK or to many, many Confederates left in this country.
            Do you really have the DFESIRE for me to kiss that part of your anatomy? Got a minor fetish, pal?
            Ok, you got some facts to support Obama’s traitorship? for perspective, compare to Regan and Bush II for collosal mistakes. Obama restored the auto industry, told insurers to stop deny coverage to cancer victims, PLUS offered about 4 trillion $$$ in reduction of the big 3 to the House Cryer.
            now…give me evidence of Obama being a traitor.

          • Terry Fidler

            First, He has purged the military of over 200 highly decorated high ranking officers that have REFUSED to fire on American citizens. He is allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into this country, He violated his oath to protect and defend the US Constitution by funding AlQuada that kills American troops, Hes trying to bankrupt the middleclass through obombya care which in all actuality has nothing to do with healthcare, He is attempting to bring 150 million muslim jihadists into the country through the immigration bill. He bailed out GM only to have them move their operations to mexico. He is a self proclaimed communist, He violates the US Constiution on a daily basis. He has out right lied to the American public ever since he took office. He created the NDAA and included the clause to allow incarceration of Americans in FEMA camps without trial a direct violation of the 6th and 14th amendments of the constitution. He heads the UN security council direct violation of the presidency of US and conflict of interest. I can go on and on but I find no sense to it since you OBVIOUSLY are not well versed in the law.

          • plsilverman

            all you stuff is seconday and subjective. I know the law, Brother, never mind all that. He never funded al-Caeda. sorry to dsisappoint you. Whaty he did was have the seals get BL after W. and the CIA gave up in ’06. WE got BL and his 20 PCs and we killed about 22 of his co-leaders under Obama and we have practically wiped out all Al-Caeda in Afghanistan. >”Muslim Jihadists” are you sure about that? He is not a self proclaimed communist…if he is he has a funny way of showing it by restoring the automobile industry. He has not lied once. He said with ACA we can keep our plan and he was right if the providers of Individual plans did not do what they always do, drop clients, limit, spike premiums, and cap on a whim. FEMA camps for what purpose? To lock up non-Globalists as Alex Jones says? Immigration bill? no different from Reagan’s.
            GM was brought back to #1 and GM and CHrysler expect to sell 14 million cars in 2014. Mexico? ever hear of a Trade Agreement? of course we spread out the manufacturing. Odumya? what words do U have for Reagan and Bush II? wanna go down THEIR laundry lists?>ACA is not going to bankrupt the country unless U know more than the CBO. 42,000,000 taxpaying Americans can now afford their own (when ACA fully kicks in) – you and I won’t have to pay an extra grand per yr to cover the uncovered – plus 80 to 95% CAN and WILL keep their plans and the remainder, the poor victims of 3rd rate Individual plans, will go to the exchange and do way better. the middle class pays no taxes on ACA. those 18 taxes are to be covered gy those who mkake about 345k or more in order tro rauise 30 billion over TEN YEARS. So, your information is garbage. (Obama hates the middle class? he has never raised taxes on 95% of taxpayers. Reagan raised taxes 11 times).

          • HighCaliberDude

            You want the right to sell or give your firearms to whomever you wish… Is that right?… And, you’re the best judge of character and feel that your opinions are all that matters? Friends, family, and parents aren’t always the best judge of the people around them, not to say that government is. The fact is, we should all support as many checks and balances that keep firearms away from those people we ALL AGREE should not have them…

            I keep hearing stupid arguments about how it’s only those willing to get firearms illegally that we have to worry about. That’s complete BS. Everyone knows that more incidents occur with legally obtained firearms that illegally purchased weapons. Sure, some may have obtained them illegally, but often it’s from their own family members who legally obtained them and improperly stored them or stored them in ways that were easily breached by those looking to retrieve those weapons for nefarious purposes… Denying these facts does no justice to anyone.

            You want to keep firearms away from the mentally ill, how can you do that if you don’t know who they are?… Do you think they’ll just say, “Hey, I’m crazy!!!” or “I’ve got schizophrenia. You really shouldn’t sell me a weapon, but I’ve got cash.”, is that what you think?… This isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It’s not something I, as a Liberal mined thinker (and for those of you that use Liberal as a 4-letter-word, “F#$K YOU!”, f’ with me in my home and see how fast you get your ass handed to you) think as unimportant. I believe in the second amendment, but I also do not believe that I should have the ability to own my very own nuke. Checks and balances… We all need to get on board.

            What do you think should be done, you Conservative righties, regarding gun safety, the prevention of illegally obtained firearms, prevention of sale of firearms to those that should not have them, and how to determine who should not be sold firearms?!?!… I dare you to answer just 1 of those questions.

          • plsilverman

            U dare me ? what? I’m a little Left of center and like guns. all I want are full background checks on all purchases.

          • William Chambliss

            Molon Labe ! Cameleon…………..

          • Ken

            That’s a blatant lie, ” everyone knows that more incidents occur with legally purchased gun than illegally purchased ones. Guess that excludes me, so it isn’t everyone, so that leads me to , everything you say after that is false. I dare you to think for yourself, quit watching TV, and just think.

          • Dave Martina

            Don’t even bother with this dipshit — I think he’s one of those MDA moms.

          • Dave Martina

            What’s the point in discussing it with you? You haven’t supplied a single fact, and laughably, tried to threaten those who find your particular brand of political bullshit, well . . . bullshit. Go try and hardass someone else and next time you come to the table, actually bring an argument. The crap you’re spewing doesn’t even bear disputing. It’s too damn stupid. This pile of shit wasn’t even worth the 30 seconds I wasted responding. SMH

          • Jean Deaux

            With the state of the current administration and a lying president who cannot be trusted on anything but has the power of martial law in his pen, I believe I should be able to be armed to honor my Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I extend those provisions to include my family and property.

            The trust in our military has been downgraded what with the relief of over 200 flag officers and hundreds of field and company grade officers and the reduction in the size of our forces. Our serene highness has been doing his best to impair the ability of the citizens/militia by trying to have all weapons registered (Hitler loved that one), ammunition supplies made more scarce, and equipping police and sheriffs departments with full auto weapons, body armor and armored vehicles, complete with armored glass. I should be able to have any weapon I deem necessary to defend my family and me in a self defense situation be it full auto weapons, antiaircraft rockets, hand grenades, bullet proof garments, RPGs, mines, you name it. There is no reason any citizen should be required to cower in the face of over assertive, unlawful authority which is being over applied in view of the Rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

          • Ken

            We got BL, bs, navy seals got BL, if you believe that was true, there was no we in this

          • plsilverman

            I think that’s darn cute! YES! But something tellz me the SEals R residents of the USA, which could apply to “we”. I admit I did not think of applying for a seals certificate

          • plsilverman

            you’re saying even the Seals did not get BL? you mean U believe that story he died in 2001 from poor health? ok, fine. believe what you want.

          • Jean Deaux

            Lets not forget his illegal alien policies by throwing open our borders and encouraging illegal immigration to bolster democrat ranks (kind of like the last election where various districts had more democrat votes than they had registered voters). As for the Black Panthers being a threatened species, I recall in Philadelphia where they had BPs with ball bats to discourage white voters. Let me be clear, should I ever encounter a similar situation I would leave the polling place, go home and retrieve my 45 auto and go back and dissuade these clowns of any evil intentions. They leave, either on foot or in a body bag. Do not mess with my voting rights! At any time, for any reason!! We will not debate my right to vote; recognize it or dissolve into an instant cowpie.

            As for our great warrior leader, obama had his clique around him in the situation room when they decided they should take out Osama. Our serene highness felt it prudent to confer with Valory Jarrett prior to giving the final go ahead. She nixed the operation so he returned to the situation room and declared the operation off. His staff again convinced him to go ahead with the operation and he returned to Valory’s counsel. She again nixed it. This sequence played out 5 times. The last time old serenity left for consultation, Panetta stepped up and said something to the effect of “OK, lets go do it”. Obama didn’t have the cajones to make the decision on his own and in effect wound up hiding behind a womans skirt. Now that is the mark of a real leader. Had he been in charge in June 1944, our guys would still be in boats in Britain waiting for the order to invade the continent. So lets not make any more mistakes about who ordered the raid against BL, it sure wasn’t our blundering boob.

            Perhaps you had your set switched off the evening he admitted his strong allegiance to communist theories and policies. There never again was any doubt in my mind that this scum was in the bag against our form of government. That pretty much confirmed my belief that he is intent on overthrowing our form of government and founding documents, for some imaginary Marxist utopia. This, in addition to his refusal to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and failure to cover his heart when our flag passes by pretty well seals the argument as far as I’m concerned. As the ostensible leader of our nation, his sins of omission are extremely damning and as far as I’m concerned, are those of an enemy of the Republic.

            As for him being a towering champion of industry and rescuing our auto industry what happened to all the investors who owned shares of the stock that went to the auto unions. They got a helluva deal; yes sir,

            You seem like a reasonably intelligent person. How can you not see that obamacare is an unmitigated disaster? Remove $800 million from medicare, add 800,000 new patients and put the supply of Doctors in a state of decline. Something about supply and demand. Before this adventure in sublimity is over, everyone will have medical care. You should be able to get a consultation once or twice a year for 10 or 12 minutes per visit. Cure anything? Maybe or maybe not, but not much of anyone but you will care. But the good news is that everyone has it. Whoopee!!!
            By the way, have you worked out how much this “free” care is going to cost you in terms of increased taxes. Or larger insurance premiums That might be frightening. Do you seriously believe anything the CBO originates? I prefer not to join the ranks of the gullible gov’t believers!

            Are you really serious about FEMA camps per your comment? Why do you think the government has built or commandeered vacant buildings and lots, (many on present military installations), surrounded them with barbed wire crowned with tops that lean in (as in keeping creatures in and not out), etc., utilized old buildings and had concrete floors poured with rings attached (the better to secure someone or something). There is one instant solution to the problem. I’ll let you work on it.

            Or how about the stacks of coffins that have been in photos from the Atlanta area. Each is big enough to handle 10 bodies. Really comforting to know we wont have to worry about funeral expenses isn’t it. A bit of searching on Google will probably reveal photos of these delightful devices. But don’t worry, it is government benevolence at its best, won’t cost you anything, or the government if they decide to let you starve. Win/win for the one world population reduction scheme. Goodo.

            As far as your constant derogatory comments concerning President Reagan, remember this. He managed to get things done! If he didn’t personally have the expertise, he was wise enough to have surrounded himself with capable advisors in his Cabinet, not some dumbed down sycophant “czars” that are masters of the art of do-nothing along with his bungling Cabinet. President Reagan’s biggest triumph was perhaps the destruction of the Iron Curtain. I hope you’re old enough to remember that. He was also adept at working with both side of the aisle in Congress, something our current spoiled brat hasn’t a clue about. He’s sure not going to get any help from “foot-in-mouth” Biden or Reid, the biggest nay-sayer in government. I believe the phrase was a “nattering nabob of negativity”. Fits Reid to a T

            In any event, take two pills an hour and maybe your mental constipation will disappear with the passing of the current administration. Hopefully!

          • plsilverman

            Reagan & destruction of Iron Curtain? Tell Putin. by the way the men most responsible 4 that: GORBACHEV, BUSH I, and REAGAN. that wall was on its own way down anyway.

          • 4godandcountry

            you lie

          • plsilverman

            since I just moved to CA, can U be more pacific?

          • Paul Dragotto

            the black panthers protested with all the hippies in the 60′s. i went to a party with all black panthers. they are not whiteiee haters. they are against the government and it’s racist ways they treaeted blacks in the 60′s. i gurantee the Panthers hate obama.

          • William Chambliss

            Paul…this guy plsilverman is a government plant. Be careful, what you say to this guy .

          • Ted

            Wow! Paranoid much?

          • Paul Dragotto

            you conterdicted your self. the pos is black like the racisit sharprton and obama. obama is the poss, moron.

          • Adam Bieber

            How the fuck is obombya racist?

          • plsilverman

            like…I studied the “Obombya” and said it is not “racist” but at first glance, it appears to be an exaggeration of an African name, for comic effect. what do you think of the Yankees?

          • Ken

            MSNBC told Him it was

          • plsilverman

            it’s not…I thought I corrected myself. BUT….this man started no wars. his “bombing” has included drones, as Obama said we cannot expected troops on a 9th tour.

          • Teresa Banks

            Yeah and more deaths in Afghanistan under BO due to his ROE. Even if they are being fired on, they still have to call in to engage the enemy. Yeah right , good CIC to implement that, putting more lives at risk. Also you seem to forget that BO has helped to create IS, also. Need to read. And drones on Americans is not OK!

          • plsilverman

            more deaths? maybe there are more al caeda being shipped in….do you want us to stay there and use ground troops & not drones? >>>>>by the way, how many wars did Obama start? he was against the hoaxed by CHeney war in Iraq. he managed to get BL after BUsh II & the CIA gave up. he got Gadhafi without one drop of American blood spilled. THe Conservatives in DC were the biggest cheerleaders for VIetnam & Iraq…put them together? 62,500 American deaths and over 2,000,000 civilian deaths.

          • Teresa Banks

            Oh come on now. it took that long to find a 6′ 4″ arab man with kidney disease , dying from renal failure. There is a reason Seal Team6 was murdered. There is no other way to call it anything else. They were murdered to cover something up. This administration has no honor at all. IDGAF what BO hasn’t done. He’s done a lot of nothing and finger pointing at everyone else but himself and his lack of experience. As for Ghadadfi, I guess you forget about Ambassador Stevens and the others who were raped and murdered and dragged through the streets. There was blood shed, just not boots on the ground blood shed if you want to put it that way. But still , who the fuck tells someone to wait for permission while being fired on by an enemy combatant, before firing back.I would love to see our top officials be put in that situation and I bet they’d piss their pants and run. I am not talking about drones, I am talking about the men downrange right now , fighting for their lives, doing the American people a favor by keeping war off our streets.

          • plsilverman

            please follow: Bush II and CIA gave up the hunt for BL. (yes the BLs are very tight with the Bushes.
            Obama in ’08 IDs the spot (very closely) where the Seals did get him.
            They got him in the first Obama term > and his 20 PCs. there was no help from “enhanced interrogation”. / my point about Gadhafi is that if McCain won we’d be inLibya with 500,000 troops. WE got Gadhafi. that’s all. Obama got the UN off their…couches…and he’s gone. No Americans died.

          • Teresa Banks

            Yes I am aware of how Bush snuck bin ladens family members in/out of the country. I have been aware of who bin laden was since 1994. Are you aware too that Bush’s Jr’s grandfather ( I think it was.) also supported Hitler. That is until we got involved with WW2 and then bad publicity for them. I don’t believe for one minute bin laden was alive for our SEALS to get him. I believe he died long before that. @ gadhafi i see your point. I am just pointing out that even if we didn’t have boots on the ground, we still lost lives in Lybia due to incompetence. As for being at war, yeah Mc Cain is a freaking nut, i could have pictured that happening. I hope all this turns around soon. Right now America is dying , slowly but surely, but dying all the same. The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

          • plsilverman

            we have a war on terror > some terrorists with guns pointed at real Americans need to be dealt with and not from the ground. understand?

          • Teresa Banks

            I understand fully but to continue to be fired upon , while you have the means to fight back but having to get permission? That’s not cool. We are not talking about calling in for air strikes either. I am talking about just being able to shoot BACK when fired upon. They have to call in and get the OK. If it were you, would you want to have to call in to fire back, to save your life? I don’t think so.

          • William Chambliss

            Thanks, to your god.*OBOZO..we will have to go back in and finish what we had already done berfore we pulled out too soon. Cameleon!

          • plsilverman

            that is very cute! Obama basically follows W’s withdrawal sched. and you say thanks to Obama, we have ISIS. thanks to Cheney we have Iraq.

          • Paul Dragotto

            you want racisim? that muslim nigger in the white house is a lieing commie traitor. they don’t trust white i don’t trust niggas. basically i don’t trust anyone. watch where your walking if you see me cominig.

          • plsilverman

            your post will be reported.

          • William Chambliss

            Careful, with this guy……he’s a cameleon!

          • plsilverman

            ch where I walk”? should I alert law enforcement? :)

          • John Meyer

            Why is it when someone correctly points out Obamabyebye is a dingbat, and just a George Sorros dummy does not equate racism, the clown is a clown whats racism have to do with being, a liar, cheat, idiot, and yes even a demon-crat, but let a conservative say that and they want a firing squad…. get a grip and look at the non-results this pretender has racked up ALL NEGATIVES, wow Jimmy Carter has to be doing handstands knowing he is no longer on the bottom of the dummy pole.

          • Rico Nardone

            igoay buddy you are an ass hole.

          • Jean Deaux

            Lets make this easy. I despise obama’s color, not the black but the red. How we ever wound up with a communist queer married to Michael, both of whom are moslem loafers enjoying an unacccustomed period of luxury in their serene existence at the taxpayers expense is beyond me. He is skilled at nothing but lies although he is working hard at trying to improve his golf game. He is not smart enough to work out a budget, has zero foreign policy skills and frequently forgets to dress with Presidential dignity. He has surrounded himself with sycophants so he doesn’t have to confront reality or learn anything new. By the way, just so you know I’m not racist, I’m a strong advocate for Dr Ben Carson, a true success story, brilliant and hard working. You can take your present piece of garbage and deposit him on the rubbish pile where he belongs. Nothing but a lazy, lackadaisical lump. Let me be clear, I don’t dislike obama, I loathe and detest him!

          • plsilverman

            aw cute! you call him a COMMEE not based upon his ACTIONS but what you THINK he THINKS about! you have no facts at all. Ben Carson is a moron who compares ACA to slavery. he wants to go back to denying coverage to precondition cases. golf game? he has vacationed half as much as W and who was on an extended vac. on 08-06-01? look it up. Obama’s record w taxes is excellent. look it up. foreign policy skill > how many wars has he started or faked like the previous VP was allowed to do.

          • Peabody1911

            We had NO gun control laws for 150 years. As a matter of fact, there was a time when citizens were allowed to operate their own warships.

            The British wanted to disarm us. France, Spain, and the Netherlands supplied us with guns to fight the British. The American people will never give up their guns. Sources of firearms and ammo will never go away.

            The proof of that is in the black communities where gun possession was outlawed. The bangers set up shop and created a narco-economy to satisfy the drug habits of the whites in suburbia.

            Pump psycho drugs into society and remove the right of self defense and we now have a mess.

            Gun violence in the United States is high only if you include Chicago, Detroit, LA, DC, and every other place with restrictive gun control laws. Take a wild guess which political party is in charge of those areas.

          • plsilverman

            not against hand guns or even semi-automatics, etc,. I am pro FULL backgriound checks on all purchases and no sales to violent ex-cons, etc. what is the big deal; out there on that? “right” for a violent ex-con? yes, I know they can get one if they want one but why make it any easier? guns are all around us…except for Chicago and the other state, guns are very easy to obtain legally and TOO easy top obtain illegally. this stuff about defend ourselves against law enforcement leaves me cold…to me another marketing technique to sell as many guns as possible.>>partisan politix? guess which side? they BOTH get $$$ from the NRA, the GOP gets a lot more. the rweality is that the DEms want background checks & the Repubz want none.

          • plsilverman

            ok…I see the disrespectful but non racist take on the President’s name./ explain exactly HOW “obombya” is a traitor? you are implying that he is pro AlCaeda which sounds traitorous in itself. (been watching Alex Jones, Corsi, Beck?). :)

          • William Chambliss

            Never mind about checking with your local NRA office about thier stance on back ground checks as I mentioned earlier. After, reading more of your comments here. I’ve realized your part of the problem. Your one of the communist/socialist that wants to infiltrate and help in the battle of social opinion.
            Your in America friend..You can use all the smooth silver tongue vocabulary you want in these social media pages. The fact remains that Americans will never allow it’s elected officials to sugar coat its reasoning for gun control.
            You can have everything else but the Constitution of the United and our weapons. We are willing to die for the right to keep them.
            Molon Labe ! You Cameleon……………….

          • Jean Deaux

            You, sir, are a real piece of work. Perhaps your grandkids are
            violent convicts, mine are not and if I want to pass family heirlooms to them it is nobodies damned business but mine. I believe your parting sentence has a large nugget of truth in it. Were we to get the government reduced to the size specified in the Constitution we would be immeasurably improved. Too many politicians and intelligentsia are overpaid, under worked bunglers who believe they know at least as much, if not more, than our founding fathers. Be aware, the current crowd are egotists with nothing better to do than go through narcissistic exercises on the taxpayers buck. Now buzz off!

          • plsilverman

            thanks for your fact filled, insightful post. thanks 4 adhering to the house rules here and not getting personal. >>>>hand down guns to grandkids who we know for a stone fact are NOT violent or were ever locked up? excellent! >>>>there are enough underpayed, overworked, conscientious gov’t workers who came to gov’t work from the private sectror who do jobs with no private sector counterpart. but I guess you want your fave donut hole to self inspect.

          • ganderdavis

            @ plsilverman if anyone owns a firearm legally they already went through background checks so who would you want to get one ?Maybe the background checks need to be improved and and make sure people who purchase firearms know all the facts and have proper training on how and when you can use a firearm.Also how to SECURE them and if you can’t supply secure storage then you have to wait to get your firearms.Secure storage area for any firearm isn’t a glass faced display case or your night stand drawer unless your alone and nobody else has access.IMHO

          • plsilverman

            I am definitely pro gun…AND pro universal backround check. that’s it. over. thank you.

          • plsilverman

            lawz R badd!!

          • johnny reb

            criminals don’t buy guns like honest people they steal them avoiding background checks all together.

          • plsilverman

            great argument to never have background checks…sure let’s make it as EASY as possible for the criminals.

          • seriously?

            well background checks arent making it any harder on the criminals, just the law abiding citizens because criminals arent using the system you think is protecting you…..GET IT?

          • plsilverman

            what I “get”
            is that you have accepted what the gun manfactureers want you to elieve…background cvhecks are not necessary because the bad guys find a way. alopt more guns can be sold if there are no baxcground checks. (and if it takes even a day longer for a criminal to find a gun that acutomaticl;aly means lives cannot be saved). I get it, pal. TYou do not. Follow the $$$$. Folow the gun lobby. and use the Grwst Docuimen t for incraed sales in a preferred industry.

          • plsilverman

            you got all the Patriot Movement and gun lobby clichés down pat.

          • Ken

            Need a hammer to knock some sense into his MSNBC head

          • CebVA

            the NRA is very much in favor of background checks. Get your facts straight.

          • plsilverman

            80% of NRA members want background checks….the gun manufacturers do not. interesting enough, La Pierre sides with the gun manufacturers.

          • CebVA

            Really? Name one gun maker who does not want background checks. We already have background checks. Law abiding citizens have no problem with background checks. Criminals could care less about background checks because they are … law breakers. Get it?

          • plsilverman

            why make it as easy as possible for the criminals? If La Pierre wants no background checks, let’s assume many manufacturers do not want them either. There are a lot of profiteers who love to say background checks are against the 2nd amendment, right?>>>we already have background checks…but not enough at gun shows, you agree?

          • Paul Dragotto


          • plsilverman

            hey, thank U for your Service. please control your language here, Sir > kids watching.

          • John Meyer

            Other than making your facts and statements bent with the Obama spin and 100% wrong by the way… the people above correct suggested, get your facts ……….buy a gun and you will understand the only purpose for the checks in the first place is to bring in more tax money to the liberal tax man. Backgrounds checks have never ever stopped a person who was bent on committing a crime……ever more they laugh at obamities who make it easier for them to commit crime……..the inmates are running the institution, wake up and smell the thorns.

          • plsilverman

            my spin? ha! you guyz always say I’m spinning and wrong and NEVER, I mean, NEVER bring up facts to support your statements. first of all, I am 100000% pro-gun, and I wish machine guns were allowed. I am also, like 80% of NRA members, pro-full background checks. you say a thug can get a gun..why make it easier for him? simple. your argument leads to giving any ex con violent person any gun. why?

          • William Chambliss

            Your wrong or mis-informed that we don’t want background checks done. The NRA has comeout publicly and stated they want to keep the background checks in place to weed out those with felonies and those that have mental illnesses from purchasing weapons.
            You need to call your NRA office and re-check your information.

          • libhunter

            Reagan was wrong about that, wrong about amnesty, wrong when he didn’t close the south border & we are wrong for not culling you libs-today!

          • plsilverman

            he was wrong about backround chercks on guns, right? he was right about a lot of things – AND today! he would be considered a Lib’. which I ain’t. love Nixon, Bush I, Ike, and Reagan for the 3-4 things he did great.

          • ginger viking

            like bush, like bush sr. like clinton, like reagan like nixon…etc etc. etc.

          • Terry Fidler

            Gun registration leads to gun confiscation, its happening in NY right now under Coumo the Commie.

          • Robert

            Do you prefer the pseudo-liberal politician tactic? Agree with me or you’re racist.
            That accomplishes dishonest, deceitful, and DISGUSTING…

          • ganderdavis

            @Jimmy why in heck would you confiscate someones firearms just because they didn’t pay state taxes or toll booth charges ? You are either blind as a bat and can’t read or your one of those liberals who claims to want less government control but wet your pants when you can slide in laws that do exactly what liberals claim they don’t want.Jerry Brown is just another PUSSY in California who love the rich and CHITS on everybody else.Lets see how many rich folks loose their firearms.Anyone betting the number will be ZERO

          • plsilverman

            commeez and fascists? in what decade?

          • Paul Sheffield

            I’m with you Terry Fidler. I also believe that the stupid commie presdient is trying to take our guns because he is preparing an assault on America that has never been seen before and needs all of us disarmed to do it. Obongo was sent here as a terrorist to terrorize America from within

          • plsilverman

            no, because it is not happeing…no collecting of guns to expedite a trip to a camp.

          • Wyatt Earp

            Terry, Terry, Terry. You don’t know what collectivism is, either. Collectivism is (1) The practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it. (2) The theory and practice of the ownership of land and the means of production by the people or the state. (Apple dictionary.)

            Communism is just a political theory put forth by Marx and irrelevant in our discussion.

            The most notable fascistic* societies in recent history were: Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, the Japanese Empire and pre- and post-war USSR. Please explain how these fascists practiced ‘collectivism’ as defined? (*Fascism–an authoritarian and nationalistic right wing system of government and social control. [Apple dictionary.] If anything, the US is becoming more and more fascist, not communist.)

            It must be great to have someone to blame for everything you think is wrong in the world. Really saves the time you actually might spend understanding and help fixing things. You’re, at a minimum, lazy is what I am saying.

            I really don’t expect you to be capable of abstract thought or critical reasoning. That would be too much. However, perhaps you could, at least, understand the meanings of the words you use and use them properly?

            You have provided no objective proof that CA is confiscating firearms for any reason. It is impossible for him to prove a dispositive. I know, why too deep for you.

          • workedhardforphd

            You sir…are an idiot…

          • Jimmy Z

            So the word “illegal” stumps you? And you call ME an idiot. *LOL*

          • cold_dead_hands

            So, what if taking Xanax to fall asleep at night, suddenly becomes a “mental issue”, for YOUR Liberal leaders, and allows them to “revoke” your second amendment rights? Oh, you don’t take Xanax. Well, they’ll think of something “Illegal”.
            Liberalism is a mental disorder.

          • Jimmy Z

            Then that will be a DIFFERENT issue, and we’ll have to address that if it happens. But it’s not likely, and all this iff-ing isn’t the least bit productive.

          • Brad Shaw

            Your double standard is showing.

          • Dejesus

            Xanax is highly addictive and tolerance builds quickly. After that .5mg or 1mg at night stops getting you to sleep, you move up to 1.5mg or 2mg if you’re taking is somewhat consistently. At a certain point, you have downregulation in your GABA receptors and you REQUIRE Xanax to not only get through your the night, but also the days (potential of panic attacks, generalized anxiety, seizure, etc. increase greatly). You take enough, you’re blacked out and doing god knows what. This all comes from observation, experience and recovery.

            No, I do not want someone holding a gun if he has a prior legal record involving benzos. That’s downright dangerous and ignorant of neuroscience. Benzos (Xanax especially, due to shorter half life and high effectiveness) are something to be taken for short periods of time (e.g. after panic attacks and NOT typically for insomnia except in extreme cases). If you go to the doctor and get a short-term prescription for insomnia, the government will not be coming after you, plain and simple. If you get consistent prescriptions over time, I don’t think you’ve proven yourself responsible as a gun owner considering the danger potential of benzodiapepines.

            Does that clear up the flaws in your argument? Also, Oregon is a very liberal state with an incredibly high prescription drug abuse rate so I don’t necessarily see where partisanship falls into this…unless you “make it so.”

            ~*~*THE MORE YOU KNOW*~*~

          • Joseph D’Agostino

            You can wean someone off Xanax if you get the GD doctor to recognize it’s an issue. My mom had two doctors feeding it to her and was taking my dad’s too. Pretty awful drug.

          • cold_dead_hands

            Let’s just say that I know a guy that has been taking the same dosage for 7 years because of Tinnitus, caused by a closed head injury/Traumatic Brain Injury. He takes it ONLY before bed time, so he doesn’t lay awake all night listening to his ears ringing. This guy is an avid hunter, shooter, competitive shooter, and functions just fine, every day, without taking anything during the day. As long as he is busy, the Tinnitus doesn’t affect him. I have never heard him or his wife complain about the list of side affects you have listed, like seizures, or panic attacks. I guess if you abuse anything, there are bound to be negative results. Look at the Vicodin “epidemic” in this country for instance.

          • Dejesus

            And if he were to suddenly stop, he’d probably suffer from some panic and insomnia. Consistent dosages of moderate-to-large amounts followed by withdrawals are most definitely shown to have potential for seizure, anxiety, and insomnia. It’s been well studied. Clearly that person is an exception to the rule. Typically long term use at a consistent rate is linked to misdiagnosis, which leads to dependence. As Joseph said, you can wean someone off of it slowly in most cases, but it’s all dependent on the amount taken, period it was taken for and the individual’s biochemistry. Vicodin (and prescription opiates in general) have a huge abuse rate in this country that often starts with it being prescribed for a legitimate injury.

          • Dejesus

            My other point regarding medications like benzodiazepines and opiates is that they have much higher abuse potential due to their anxiolytic and euphoric effects. Take one, you feel better. Take two, you feel great. 2mg of alprazolam (or 40mg diazepam, or 2mg clonazepam, or 4mg lorazepam, etc.) with low-to-minimal tolerance, you’ll probably black out and with ones like clonazepam that have a longer half life, you might have trouble walking in the morning.

            The same goes for opiates, minus the blackout. If one takes them for an extended period of time and then stops, one will probably experience anxiety, headaches, large amounts of pain, etc. It’s an epidemic (without the quotes) among doctors due to their willingness to prescribe large amounts to patients with legitimate injuries. Then they stop taking it and have to adjust back to not being doped up on a daily basis and it sucks (speaking a little from experience). So lots go back and say, “Doctor, I still have this horrible pain from xyz surgery and need a refill on my hydrocodone, but I don’t think the previous dosage was helping enough.” Dr. X then ups the dosage and refills the prescription, or just fills more of the same dosage. Either is not good.

          • Don’tTreadOnMe

            So, it would seem that it is no the guns that are the problem in these scenarios, but the drugs. Who says the drugs are ok? The FDA. But the FDA has only everyone’s best interests in mind, right? So it’s not the guns that make people crazed pshycos…it’s the legal drugs. So let’s confiscate the drugs, then. Makes sense.

          • jasher

            SOme of us dont have to take two. Some of us arent fkn drug addicts. Not a good excuse for gun control. go back to your gay club and stfu

          • NOTcrazy

            I have been prescribed clonazepam for the last 3 years. I am prescribed the same dose each time. 1 mg as needed.they are used for panic attacks and the occasional insomnia, due to my bipolar disease which is basically controlled by other medications. (I am not crazy, just mostly mildly manic. Meaning sometimes I can’t sleep due to the inability to turn off my mind. I have never taken them daily and have no problem not taking the clonazipam when not needed. I also do NOT get euphoria upon using them. They just help with mild panic attacks and the previous mentioned occasional sleep problems. I have never increased my dosage or need to. Thus by your logic I am a habitual benzo abuser and should not have permission to own a gun. I REPEAT, they are not taken daily or habitually. I am a firearm owner for protection of my family and have never taken my firearm out or used it except to fire it at a firing range to allow me to keep the ability to use it as well as i can if ever needed. Now you are saying that it is ok for them to take my firearm, due to my prescription. Guess what, everyone is different and a blanket policy would totally violate MY constitutional rights. I call your argument BS. ONCE again, NOT all people are the same and a blanket policy will NOT work. (By the way I have never had the inability to walk in the mornings, NOR have I EVER blacked out!!!!). I may be the exception to the Norm but I would bet that thousands of people like myself exist. Blanket policies DONT WORK.

          • jasher

            No doubt. The guy straight said he Abused the drug

          • Richard Cranium

            They took away my “Cold Dead Hands”, so I came back a new man!!! Richard Cranium! LOL Phu-king Moderators!!

          • woodgrain

            If you have that problem, recognize it and rotate similar drugs with it to keep from having that issue. EASY huh? Ask your doctor, he’ll educate you.

          • Dejesus

            Good sir, thinking that pharmacology is easy in any way only shows a great naivete. Different drugs affect different people in many different ways. Benzodiazepines and opiates are notoriously difficult to quit as well, especially without a relapse.

          • woodgrain

            As your comment shows ignorance, I have experience in the field. It may be difficult to wean off and not relapse, but like I said, rotating the drugs to prevent an addiction. Once addicted, then it’s up to the person if they are too weak to quit to go get advise on what to do. None of this should put gun ownership in jeopardy getting back on the subject.

          • Dejesus

            Experience of what sort? To what degree? Are you a psychiatrist or mental health expert of some other sort? Just curious. Once someone is addicted, they are past the point of “prevent[ing] an addiction,” no?

            Anyways, I’ve forgotten since I originally posted on this so long ago: isn’t this article just hysteria anyways? I don’t think this story happened in the first place.

          • jasher

            Quote “No, I do not want someone holding a gun if he has a prior legal record involving benzos. That’s downright dangerous” ITS not about what you want. ITS About What The Constitution says. There are many things people dislike. boo fkn hoo. You wanna live in a country where guns are illegal, move to the UK.

          • Dejesus

            So the Constitution is flawed; anyone with half a brain knows that. It’s a historical document that does not necessarily hold true in all aspects today as it did when it was written.

          • Robby Robinson

            Well then, are you also inferring that when the first amendment to our Constitution was ratified, our fore fathers could have NEVER envisioned social media, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace. Yet our first amendment rights still apply. What is the difference?

          • JEFFX13

            According to your perspective it would then apparently be in the public’s best interest to also take away their driver’s license and potentially any children in their care.

          • Dejesus

            It would be in the public’s best interest to take away driver’s licenses and children of drug addicts? Absolutely! Until the parents are well into recovery at least.

          • wygent

            Dejesus – It is sad to see that you have been sucked in by the notion that holding or owning or carrying a gun is so incredibly dangerous that only “perfect” people can be allowed to do so. Millions of imperfect people have guns and do no harm. There are over 250 million guns in the USA and many of them are owned by folks who are old, infirm, young, financially irresponsible, behind on their child-support, cheating on their taxes, sexually confused, developmentally disabled, physically limited, hearing or vision impaired and variously otherwise imperfect (and that’s just the attorneys and politicians- lol) . Literally hundreds of thousands of guns are in their hands yet there are only a couple dozen incidents a day and most of those involve police officers, security officers, body guards and other “perfect people”. Safely owning a gun is NOT a difficult or dangerous undertaking. It only becomes so, when politicians want to regulate it.

          • Dejesus

            I never said a single thing about perfection being a prerequisite for owning a gun. I just said that I don’t think addicts of dangerous drugs or convicted felons should *necessarily* own guns. I like the stretch of logic you made to make your point, though. :^)

          • CommonSense

            As a matter of FACT, the govt is changing the law to make what wasn’t a crime (legal), a crime (illegal). Post ex facto
            I saw this first hand in 1966, as the new ATF was being formed.

          • Jimmy Z

            So you’re saying that felons should have guns, right?

          • MerleTemple

            The vast majority of people with convictions, low level felonies, white collar and nonviolent offenses are banned from having a gun to defend their homes from violent criminals, to go hunting with their sons, to feel that they are full fledged citizens again…and you would take this from them? Why? This lifetime ban on all felons having a gun in an age when everything is now a felony only serves the real purpose…a back door opening to seize weapons and disarm the public. As a former state police captain, it is chilling to see police today being used as little more than gleeful agents of the growing police state.

          • finsII

            Where in the article does it say Menendez is a felon? Do you have privliged information your not sharing with us? If not stick with the facts and you might not look like quite the fool you look like now.

          • Jimmy Z

            I’m not sure Mendez (not Menendez) even exists. There is no credible source reporting this. Only the hysteria mongering bloggers.

          • cold_dead_hands

            Speak for yourself, you hysterical, Blabbering Liberal!!

          • Jimmy Z

            Hardly hysterical. I’m so far the most calm person here in the thread. And I’m more conservative than 99% of conservatives on this thread as well.

          • cold_dead_hands

            Like all of the gun grabbing Conservatives I know….NOT!
            Happy Thanksgiving to you, and all of your other “Anti Gun Conservatives”!! LMAO

          • Jimmy Z

            Again: You can believe that felons should have guns, but that’s not conservatism.

          • lillian fletcher

            No, Jimmy-so far, you’re the most IDIOTIC and unseeing person in the thread- a detriment to the rest of us,who support and uphold true human rights and liberties-get a brain and life!!

          • lillian fletcher

            Too many blind idiots like you are all too common, Jimmy-and,it is because of this that ,for the rest of us, our freedoms and rights are hopelessly compromised

          • Patriot

            You are living in la la land! It sure as hell is going on as we speak you ignorant fool!

          • Jimmy Z

            Where? Not here in California.

          • 5CCG

            I do believe you are a commie pinko nut job!

          • Jimmy Z

            You’d be wrong.

          • ken clute
          • Jimmy Z

            Simple law enforcement.

          • ken clute


          • Jimmy Z
          • jasher

            Jim, You realize that when those of us with guns have all been “Put away”, That the storm troopers will sodomize you with impunity? ….oh. Nevermind.

          • Jimmy Z

            Yes, good Lord, never mind indeed.

          • Robert

            Yeah, that’s what the Jewish people said too. They wouldn’t do that…they couldn’t do that…they didn’t do that….oops, they did that.

          • Jimmy Z

            Well… you’re not digging deep enough. Because for me, it’s a GOOD thing to take guns away from felons.

        • steve

          Though those in the government who do not beleive the constituion and support it to defend the rights of the people should resign. A key question when a law is proposed is how does it enhance the consttuional rights of all its citizens not corporataion not illegal aliens not non-citizens. Of the people for the people by the people. To those in the 3 branches of our government if they disagree to this or are in some type of fear or diress should step aside and allow the courageous true patriots who have the heart of their people in their souls represent us.

        • shaun s

          ha,ha.. i bet terry you are one of the reason why we have to have these stupid laws, relax. communism??? no way.. we as the people will stop it before it get’s to be like that… now day’s everything is a mentle disorder……………i’m with Reagan man ”the government’s first duty is to protect the people not run their lives.. Ronald Reagan said that

        • plsilverman

          low info. voters…doomed to repeat it..can U avoid the cliches…mainly because none of them apply. name one time Obama has “torn up” the constitution. Socialism? no. Communism? no. It’s called Omni-Capitalism, which is GLOBALISM. you are living in 1987. and all Obama wants is full background checks. did you know the Brady committee gave Obama an “F” because he has not advanced that agenda and has come over the conservative side? yes. but stick with them guvvamint varmintz is a comin’ all U want…you and LaPierre and Pratt.

        • Mare Luisa Denis

          you’re apparently the gullible one sir. the conservative pieces of garbage trick the morons in the usa to think ‘freedumb’ means guns for all, but no choice for women (abortion issue), no teaching of evolution, no gay marriage…etc…just $ in their pockets from big biz poisoning our water, air, soil, bodies….freedom to do only what they deem okay and demonize the rest. ..”evils of communism”…good one…capitalism has ruined the world.

        • Wyatt Earp

          Your knowledge of political science is a bit shaky. Socialism is an economic system. Totalitarianism is a form of government. Communism is a political theory put forth by Karl Marx advocating class warfare to establish a socialistic state. Communism and totalitarianism have nothing to do with each other. The Soviet Union was a democracy, on paper. (In the 1950′s Stalin announced he had been re-elected leader of the USSR by something like 97% percent of voters.) Totalitarian in reality. Meanwhile, you are a poorly informed or intentionally uneducated person.

          You realize you just called everyone, but you, someone who votes without any information or critical thought? You really think calling people “NO information voters” is going to attract them to your way of thinking?

          How would posting the US Constitution on every flat place in the country help? Perhaps you think posting Das Kapital would make people realize that Terry Fidler is the right person to be making decisions for them, despite his inability to even understand what he’s saying?

      • cold_dead_hands

        I was TAUGHT to question authority. If I was a “beat cop”, I’d want to see the said warrant, and what the reason for it was. Also, and ESPECIALLY in today’s climate, I would seriously want to know WHY I was ordered to confiscate all of this person’s guns. Liberalism is a mental disorder, which means a lot of California’s Finest, should be stripped of their second amendment right, and no longer be LEO’s.

        • pyrodice

          Honestly, I refuse to believe there are any good cops left until I see some of them start arresting the bad ones.

      • jaklin badr
        • pyrodice

          You must be a bot. I never mentioned communism, and you’re posting a bunch of spammy links. Shoo. And of COURSE it’s happening there, people only have to look this information up on any number of other sites to get independent confirmation.

    • Joe Schelin

      Your probably right, I would not be surprised in the least that the Police conducting the raids are just being pointed in a direction and told to attack…..but the fact that, even though they KNOW the system is corrupt, and that laws are being made that are illegal….they continue to enforcing them……reminds me of an old saying “Evil can only win when a good man does nothing.”……so, by all means Police of this Nation, continue to just follow your orders, don’t question them….that way you can’t be held responsible for your unlawful actions…….

      • dgn1960

        Police officers need to be aware of the law and the constitution, and when an unlawful order is given, refuse to obey it….preferably in large numbers. Then when they are fired, turn around and sue for wrongful termination. Once it goes to court, the issue would be brought to light and government would have to try and defend their position. The next concern would be, who is hearing the case (both juries and judges).

    • Jim

      So sorry if our rights get in the way. Perhaps Mr. and Mrs police officer would like to ask questions pertaining to the context of such warrants as it is they who are supposed to uphold their oath. Surely, ensuring one is not breaking such an oath is paramount, is it not? Or perhaps wearing the symbol of the new SS is a far better approach to securing one’s own ass in lieu of what is right.

      Perhaps it’s time the oath keepers in active, official, police duty walk the fuck off the job en masse and display just how much they care about keeping their oath over losing their jobs. Somehow, I think the paycheck will win every time.

    • Angry Leprecauhn

      You nailed it!

    • Grizzly907

      Its going to be moose hunting time once the Obama/Commieprog instigated civil war jumps off. They will be stacking the dead bodies of low IQ roidhead cops like cord wood. Part of me doesn’t want it to happen, but another part of can’t wait to see Nazi roidhead cops get their come uppings.

    • Robert Lounsberry

      That kind of blind obedience is not acceptable. If they don’t know what rights citizens have, then they have no business in law enforcement. If the officer does not ask why are we doing this then he is not doing his job. To just go and do something and not ask why you are doing it, is how people ended up in the Nuremberg trials. “I was just doing what I was told.”

    • KAS

      People who blindly follows orders are idiots.

    • Arley

      Who Dat! – I have a problem with them lying to get him out of the house. Why couldn’t it just be, “Sir, we have a warrant to search the premises”.

      • ronkgman

        He slams the door in their face’s, runs back inside and grabs one of his guns…..ends badly for all…

        • Ballistic Otter

          So you’re telling me that I should point a gun at everyone I talk to in case they try to hurt me? Or can we please go back to not assuming everyone is out to get us? Cops would be less stressed out if we stopped telling them that everyone wants to shoot them.

    • Threefiftyseven Sig

      Being a cop in Commifornia is getting harder and harder; however if citizens are being told that ignorance of the law is no defense, shouldn’t that apply to these officers??? There was another article that said CA had a TEAM of 36 special officers tasked with only confiscation. I doubt any of the officers on that team are OATHKEEPERS, and there’s the rub.

      • sue

        How sleazy to lure people out of their homes under false pretense. If it’s the law, and there’s justification in doing so, why wouldn’t the cops just be truthful about their reason for coming to a gun-owner’s door??

        • Mike Gray

          Because there’s way too many paranoid wingnuts who would put up a fight? Let’s be real for a second, if you’re a cop and you arrive at one of those barricaded houses with a huge stockpile of guns inside, how safe would you feel about nonchalantly informing said panaroid gun owner that “The government is here to take your guns away!” Isn’t that literally your guys’ worse nightmare?

    • Urban Armed

      Though I understand what you are saying, it shouldn’t be any surprise to law enforcement in California at this point what’s going down. And if they don’t, they are the dumbest people on the planet.

    • Jimmy Z

      It’s even more specific than that. When a person commits a felony and is convicted, they are NO LONGER legally able to own a gun. Period.

      • Denny McFall

        You do realize, that is not the only reason they are taking these guns away from people, right?

        • Jimmy Z

          Every reason is logical, reasonable and justified. Felons, crazy people and people with restraining orders against them should NOT have guns. In CA, that’s illegal, and knowing what happens when felons, crazy people and people with restraining orders DO with guns, I’m happy that we have the law protecting us from felons, crazy people and people with restraining orders against them having firearms. Do you feel differently?

          • Denny McFall

            Since those groups you keep listing aren’t the only people being put on the list of people who are slated to have their legally purchased arms confiscated, I would say that what you are asking doesn’t address the point I am making. Do you think it is right for someone to have their second amendment rights taken away because they didn’t pay their taxes on time? How about at least being given a warning or some kind of notification that they are being, or will be, put on this list for whichever reason it is? Do you suppose that is too much to ask?

          • Jimmy Z

            Guns are not being confiscated from people merely for not paying taxes.

          • Mike

            Jimmy Z. This is as far as I could read with the comments before I tore out my eyes. This whole topic makes me realize just how stupid Americans have become. People here will believe anything they are told. If I spread a rumor about a huge sale at Macy’s tomorrow, I guarantee people will show up in dismay. These people are not reading your past comments, they are not TRYING to understand what you are saying, they are not researching, they are not listening.. and they think they are right about whatever they say. This is what America is becoming. And it’s a tragedy. Uneducated people thinking they own the world and know everything about it, and yet, have never stepped outside their own state to see how things could possibly be different. It’s like listening to 3rd graders argue. Keep going brother, god knows I don’t have the patience you have to try to keep these people’s heads above water. I’d just let em drown. I hate the fact that they are reproducing. I’m so angry..Sorry this has nothing to do with firearms.. I live in California as well and, as you have said about yourself, I would be another person very well informed about this situation. Good luck with class.. maybe let them have a recess.

          • Jimmy Z

            Mike: Thank you. We must try to reach those who believe the fiction spread all over the internet, because we need as many people as possible to be informed. I have grown more patient over time, I guess, because someone has to throw the truth around a little bit. You might like my show today – I talked about this a lot, AND read a brilliant essay by Wayne LaPierre and listened to Obama hail the great anti-gun policies of Britain and Australia, all in the first hour. Yes, there is reason to be concerned, but not because felons cannot and ought not have guns. The show is always free with mp3s and flash players.

          • Puma Cabra

            And where do you get YOUR fictions?
            Britain and Australia may have lowered their GUN violence after the ban on weapons, but VIOLENT CRIME has skyrocketed. Criminals predate on the weak. The easy meat. The States in our own Country with the strictest gun laws have the highest crime rates. The opposite is true for the open carry States. Rather than getting shot, would you rather be pushed out of a window? Especially if the RIGHT to protect yourself from such attacks was taken, “legally”? The violent crime in America has gone down 49% in the last 20 years, FBI’s own papers. You CHOOSE to believe the hype that the bushmaster “assault” rifle is going to creep out from under your bed and cap you in your sleep. “Assualt” Rifles have been used in less than .02% of all violent crimes.
            You have zero faith in your fellow man. You act from a place of total FEAR and DISTRUST. Again, where do you get YOUR biased fictions? You keep making reference to your “show”. May the Great Spirit give anyone fool enough to listen to you the skills to see through your inabilities to think critically.
            You will ALWAYS be “right”, facts be damned.
            Ignorance is bliss…… …for the ignorant.
            The rest of us have to deal with your shit!

          • Jimmy Z

            You still haven’t answered. You write as if I am anti-gun. Certainly not. I am a proud proponent of the 2nd Amendment and a member of the NRA.

          • Puma Cabra

            Trust me, the feeling is more that mutual, and you TWO are the minority. That really should tell you something. You want to assume that WE are uninformed. I’ve been following the corruption of Government, and the encroachment of this authority for the past 20 years and it’s getting WAY out of hand. Posse Comitatus, GONE. The increased militarization of police with “decommissioned” war machines. 1.6 billion hollow point rounds purchased by the DHS last year. Over 5000 “assault” rifles, and 2700 LRAD vehicles. All on OUR bill. Like I said, Cognitive Dissonance. You have all the info you need slapping you in the face, and you STILL refuse to see the threat. Morons.
            Question; Do you believe the hype about the returning veterans not being mentally capable of owning fire arms? They have what it takes to defend our “Liberties” abroad, but not trustworthy enough to exercise the Rights they fight and die for when they return?
            I know, by the way you’ve been arguing, you’re going to tell me THIS isn’t happening either.
            To claim such intellectual authority over the rest of us when it is blatantly clear that you are obviously uninformed, or misinformed is disrespectful at best.
            “Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.”

          • Denny McFall

            Not to mention that the wording of your response indicates that any reason people dream up to refuse you your inherent right to bear arms is perfectly fine and acceptable. “Every reason is logical, reasonable and justified.” Every reason? Without any qualification to your statement, then a moving violation while driving is also reasonable, logical and justifiable – or a parking ticket, or a ticket for littering, or a citation for jaywalking. It may not be what you are trying to say, but it is what your words plainly mean.

          • Jimmy Z

            When I say ‘every reason’, I am saying that the reasons they are confiscating weapons from people who can no longer possess weapons legally are justified, not that any potential reason would be justified. That’s an odd conclusion for you to make.

          • Paul

            Little Jimmy blindly accepts that all authority is good and never lies and never makes mistakes. Little Jimmy wears his jackboots and his swastika and snaps his heels together like a good little Nazi. Zieg Heil Jimmy, Zieg Heil!!

          • Jimmy Z

            When you are reduced to the very liberal tactic of putting words in my mouth; material I definitely do NOT believe, you’ve been hoisted by your own petard.

          • Puma Cabra

            You keep leaving out the only REAL LAW that “legally justifies” ALL AMERICAN’S DUTY TO OWN A FIREARM!!
            Why do you refuse to start this argument where our Country started. AT THE BEGINNING!

          • Jimmy Z

            Today is the day were are a part of. Today we have many violent felons. I prefer they not have guns, and even if they purchased them legally at one point, they should not have them now. That’s it, that’s my position on the issue. What’s yours?

          • Paul

            Do you realize how easy it is to get a restraining order against someone? All it takes is an accusation.

          • Jimmy Z

            THAT is nonsense. An accusation with no supporting evidence does not get a restraining order, and not all restraining orders are the type that would restrict gun ownership. Read up.

          • Puma Cabra

            You are aware that there is NO DUE PROCESS to put a restraining order on someone, right? Lawyers call it the silver bullet. Hell, I can go into the court office right now and say, “Jimmy Z has me in “fear for my life.”, and have an order placed on you, AND RUBBERSTAMPED WITH THE JUDGES NAME, EVEN THOUGH HE NEVER SEES THE DOCUMENT, and they will come and take your guns, and your kids, and whatever else is deemed, “illegal” upon their illegal search and seizure of your Constitutionally protected private effects, moron!
            It’s a real shame that you can’t see that every time you open your cock hole here you sound more lost than the last dipshit statement you made by almost everyone here. AND YOU CLAIM IT’S ALL OF US WHO ARE LOST! HA!
            You can call yourself “conservative” all you like. It doesn’t change the fact that your thinking is that of a Liberal Authoritarian wracked with FEAR! Drop the predetermined, subjective parameters of the two party paradigm keeping you locked to the illusion of “choice”, and try using your own personal, cultural, and historical perspectives for a change. Or don’t you experience ANYTHING outside of what your told to?
            And please explain, “crazy”. There is no VALID SCIENTIFIC PROCESS to PROVE any “mental disorder”. It’s ALL subjective conjecture. Just another fallacy of an entire, invented industry bent on control, profits, and power. Better question; By what yardstick is the measure of “normal”? YOU?! BWAHAHA HA!!!!
            You have proven that you lack any real critical thinking skills. You sound like the television I used to have. I took that to the “illegal” shooting range in the woods, and shot it to shit with the weapons I’m NOT “supposed” to possess.
            You are a special kind of ignorant. It would be entertaining if this line of bootlicker thinking wasn’t so dangerous to the rest of us.
            Read a History book, moron.

          • Jimmy Z

            “You are aware that there is NO DUE PROCESS to put a restraining order on someone, right? Lawyers call it the silver bullet. Hell, I can go into the court office right now and say, “Jimmy Z has me in “fear for my life.”, and have an order placed on you, AND RUBBERSTAMPED WITH THE JUDGES NAME, EVEN THOUGH HE NEVER SEES THE DOCUMENT, and they will come and take your guns, and your kids, and whatever else is deemed, “illegal” upon their illegal search and seizure of your Constitutionally protected private effects, moron!” << Right, without ANY evidence of any threat. Go for it.

            It's a real shame that you can't see that every time you open your cock hole here you sound more lost than the last dipshit statement you made by almost everyone here. AND YOU CLAIM IT'S ALL OF US WHO ARE LOST! HA!" << Nice mouth. Wow, do you really find that necessary, to speak in such gutteral, nasty terms?

            "You can call yourself "conservative" all you like. It doesn't change the fact that your thinking is that of a Liberal Authoritarian wracked with FEAR!" << I fear NOTHING. Literally. I don't fear any government douchebags. I belong to the God of the universe, the creator of all, and I don't fear anyone.

            "Drop the predetermined, subjective parameters of the two party paradigm keeping you locked to the illusion of "choice", and try using your own personal, cultural, and historical perspectives for a change. Or don't you experience ANYTHING outside of what your told to?" << My experience is my own, my research, my study, my work, my analysis, my evaluation, my conclusions.

            "And please explain, "crazy". There is no VALID SCIENTIFIC PROCESS to PROVE any "mental disorder". It's ALL subjective conjecture. Just another fallacy of an entire, invented industry bent on control, profits, and power. Better question; By what yardstick is the measure of "normal"? YOU?! BWAHAHA HA!!!!" << Right, we don't know if anyone is 'crazy'. Wow, you gotta be kidding me.

            "You have proven that you lack any real critical thinking skills. You sound like the television I used to have. I took that to the "illegal" shooting range in the woods, and shot it to shit with the weapons I'm NOT "supposed" to possess." << That's all your business. You are free to break the law I suppose.

            "You are a special kind of ignorant. It would be entertaining if this line of bootlicker thinking wasn't so dangerous to the rest of us. Read a History book, moron." << Whole lotta name calling and bluster, but you still haven't addressed the one, simple, easy to grasp point. You seem to be running away from it by writing LONG-assed screeds of piffle.

        • liberals are destroying the US

          Jimmy is stuck only on felons. He figures if the name is on the list, even for failure to pay taxes, then the person is a felon. He is a liberal, in spite of his claims to be a conservative, and can not be bothered with facts.

    • Echo5Kilo

      Well said.

    • Mark Webb

      the LEOs involved in confiscating legal firearms are dead men walking and deserve the wrath of the the people.

    • Ben Enjerry

      Sadly, an “oath keeper” isn’t sworn to uphold or protect the U.S. Constitution. It’s about keeping the job and guaranteeing that pension.

    • Unknown

      Nazi soldiers who rounded up Jews to be sent to concentration camps were told “Here is an address, the Jew inside has a warrant and might be dangerous”. They were just following orders and since they did not know it must be okay.

    • Chris Harkins

      I have often wondered and said “do the people who have sworn an oath to “protect” us really know or understand what they are swearing to? The words “to defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic” are great but does anyone know what is in the Constitution anymore? The scary part is also in the oath is to obey the commands of the Commander in Chief, that one is can easily fool especially the younger people when the Constitution is not explained or taught to them anymore. Do the younger people even know they can disregard an order even from their Commander in Chief when its an unlawful order or Unconstitutional?

    • David

      Exemplifying the very real action of “divide and conquer”.

    • Maxx Velocity

      Ignorance of the law is not a defense, the cops are criminals and deserve to die

    • Guy Bennett

      Just following orders, right Shultz?

    • Wraith911

      you have a very valid point that too many people will not get. I’ve been a police officer and we would get handed a list of offenders with warrants and we would go arrest them. This isn’t a case anywhere near the same as what the Nazis did during WW2 and anyone who suggest otherwise is dumb as hell and should have their head examined. Police officers going out to arrest armed offenders with warrants is no where close to mass murder because you were told to do so. Some of these idiots just want to point fingers and complain because they are too stupid to do anything else.

      • Puma Cabra

        So you don’t believe that the Nazi Jackboots simply received a “list” and fulfilled their “duty” to perform the “orders”, questioning anything that sounded fishy? It ALL started with “legal warrants” and “justified gun confiscation”.
        Do you ALWAYS question the validity of the claims on these “lists” and warrants? Where does this information come from in the first place.
        You obviously DO NOT possess the Historical perspective to be so sure of what is “law” and what is illegal as it happens. Let’s ask Christopher Dorner about cops acting as judge, jury, and executioner, shall we?

        From nothing more than a repeating, historical perspective, this is just the beginning.
        If you can’t see what’s coming, you deserve what’s coming.
        To ALL cops and military: I hope you choose the side of Right. The side of the People. You WILL regret it otherwise.
        HIstory says so.

    • ITMITM

      I think it’s interesting you ASS-U-ME you know anything about what a cop does or does not know, apparently never having never been one.

      Actually your “typical” scenario is way off base. That is not your “typical” scenario.

      It’s interesting you ASS-U-ME I’m the ignorant one here and despite your admitted lack of experience in law enforcement.

    • Steve Graves

      So your Defense is “I didn’t know”. Doesn’t work, “Ignorance of the Law” is not an excuse for Illegally Arresting And confiscating property. Sounds like the idiots are working for your police force., what makes it worse, you know this is happening and act like you are immune because you didn’t know in a specific incidence, . Another useless POS making excuses for Law enforcement illegal activities.

    • Lucie Ke

      no critizism here, the cops only know that a warrant is put out for a person. They go and get them.

    • steve

      Police officers should understand basic rights of all citizens and should question orders to defend the people. The laws that are against our constitution are not legal if you truly want to take our rights away change the constiution. The Nazis did this result world war 2.

    • MerleTemple

      With all due respect, when I was a state police captain, no one had to spell out to us when we were violating the Bill of Rights. Everyone who went on a raid was briefed as to why a warrant was being executed, any reason to believe the subject was dangerous, any previous record, and so on. We weren’t perfect, but we were thinking, questioning officers of the law, not mercenaries who viewed everyone as terrorists. To protect and serve was something deeply personal to us. We were all gun owners and recoiled at the idea of the government taking guns from law abiding citizens.

    • Todd Mulholland

      Sadly not ALL in law enforcement share your views jut like with any profession there are good ones and bad ones, ones who believe in upholding our constitutional rights and then there are those who enjoy their power or are just following orders. I also think a lot depends on where you happen to live in this country, I live in a pretty conservative part of FL and the vast majority of the LEO’s I encounter fully support civilians owning firearms including those so called assault rifles, heck I have even shot some competitions with a few. However I have a strong feeling LEO’s may think very differently in Ca, NY, NJ, MD etc.

      Don’t take it personally but people tend to get a little upset when they see police officers taking away someones rights.

      Thank you for your service and being an Oath Keeper.

    • Chandie Bartell

      It is the Police Officer’s duty to know why they swore an oath to protect the people’s Constitutional Rights, and obey that oath first, before carrying out illegal “orders.” This order goes straight to the person that holds the highest power within that jurisdiction, where the firearms were confiscated, the County Sheriff.

    • J S

      I was always told ignorance is no excuse.
      Now, as a LEO, ignorance is an excuse?
      Sorry, I try not to interact with ignorant people in person.

    • Jubal Harshaw

      The excuse “Ich habe nur Befehle befolgt” didn’t fly at Nuremberg. “Police Officers” are supposed to have courses in the Constitution in the Academies. They are supposed to have sworn to protect and abide the laws. I have run into far, far too many LEOs that have no understanding of the first 5 Amendments. This is neither accidental or unplanned. Most are, in point of fact, thugs.


    We need another revolution in this country!

    • Clarence Holmes


  • Clarence Holmes


    • Lyric Thompson

      I’m sorry but who the hell are YOU to tell others to leave this nation? We believe in religious freedom here, you have the right to worship as you choose or not at all. You are NOT free to kick people out because they are of a different faith then you. Your stupid ass mindset is way more dangerous then they are.

      • TheSlot1942

        If they are not here LEGALLY… then you damn right. Out they go! Betcha didn’t think about that crucial little nugget of info did you?

        • Lyric Thompson


          • yeah right

            Lyric T. is an idiot, plain and simple. She needs to be on the first boat away from the dock heading to mooslim land.

          • TheSlot1942

            Is there a complete thought of significant sense somewhere hidden in that comment? Otherwise try again, only this time consider using a thesaurus if you get stuck using singular bits of prose.

        • squid

          Turns out over 60% of them are on expired visas and greencards and thus free to stay as long as they please.
          Whoops your argument breakered.

          • TheSlot1942

            Whoops you’re a moron. If they are about to expire, renew the damn things if possible. If those documents have expired, GTFO. No, they are NOT entitled to stay as long as they please. There are conditions. Damn, how can you people be so unabashedly dense?

          • juliams

            stay as long as they please??? excuse me??? EXPIRED doesn’t mean stay as long as you please.

      • Zombiekid

        Dumb cunt, if they are here illegally then they need to get the hell out of this country because all they do is leech.

        • Im me

          Pretty sure that goes more in hand with the top quartile if you want to go with leach and not people different than me.
          I mean really have you contributed more than 7 million USD into the economy yet?
          If not you are a leach

      • Scott Snoopy

        but a new troll…in days gone by ILLEGAL ALIENS were kicked out…those who posed and eminent threat could be jailed or tossed out…the muslim cult is a clear and present danger to the world

        • Puma Cabra

          The threat to the world has been identified by the World as US!!! And rightly so.
          Our ignorance and hubris will be our downfall.

          • Scott Snoopy

            yeah yeah that’s it…so says the liberal progressive party line..keep on thinking that…bye now

      • Joe Schelin

        Firstly, I have to admit, Clarence Holmes’ suggestion has its….appeal, it is the most expedient and simplest answer….if you have an element of your society that is an issue, kick them….so, once we kick out the muslims, how about the Gays, the Jews, the Leftists/Rightist/Conservatives, what about Asians or Hispanics, we could kick out all the Black people…or the Whites either way…..what other groups don’t we like….how about anyone does not agree with us on something????

        I will openly admit, I myself do not fully trust any muslim these days, it is becoming extremely clear that the supposed “Extremist Fringe” that was supposed to be the enemy is quickly becoming the entire muslim world…..but do I think we need to get rid of them….well like the others said, yes those who are illegal should be sent to prison for a time then tossed over border, we also need to stop all the foreign aide crap……

        • Puma Cabra

          “…it is becoming extremely clear that the supposed “Extremist Fringe” that was supposed to be the enemy is quickly becoming the entire muslim world…”
          Funny, America was just considered the “Biggest Threat to World Peace” by an INTERNATIONAL poll. That’s the REST OF THE WORLD, DUDE!!
          I’m pretty sure the Western World, and the Christian “Extremist Fringe” would become the enemy to any Empirical Force that illegally INVADED an ENTIRE REGION, and technologically overpowered OUR populace of “Insurgents” under total false pretense and LIES!!!! WMDs anyone?
          The Taliban, our countries very own invention in ’79 to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, burned the poppy fields, 74% of the world heroin production, and brought down to nearly 0%. OUR military, AND OUR $$$, is used to protect the poppy fields today. The heroin production from that region is now up to 94%. $7.8 billion in drug money is laundered through Wall Street every year. How do you feel about that?
          Our military has NO business in the Middle East. It’s Empire building, PERIOD!
          And you and me will NEVER see any benefit from that. As a matter of fact the backlash is EXACTLY what THIS argument is about.
          “The guns must be confiscated from “Homegrown, White Al CIAda”!!” To keep us all “Safe” from the boogie man, of course.
          “Those who trade Liberty for temporary Security deserve neither.” Ben Franklin.
          Facts are such pesky little things in an otherwise enjoyable argument, huh?

          • Joe Schelin

            hmmm….well its clear that you did not grasp the meaning of my post, unfortunately I do not know how to dumb it down any more, not do I speak ‘moron, dumb ass or dip shit’ so I guess that we seem to have a communication problem.

            You want to hear my full opinion on the subject….the WORLDS biggest problems are the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions because they promote nothing but hate, greed, fear, and have no Honor….they divide the people of this world more than anything else.

            As for the USA…yeah, we have ALOT of problems, chief amung them, an arrogance that was earn decades ago by right, but has since worn thin and no longer valid. Also, a MASSIVELY corrupt and intrusive government, a system so far out of control that its starting to implode from its own greed. A society of people so self indulgent that they are only just now waking up to the fact that we have let things get so out of control.

            As for Taliban, yeah, thats come back to bite us in the ass, we helped form, train and equip them back in the late ’70′s as part of the Cold War with the USSR….as for burning the poppy fields, I have mixed reaction to that.

            Sure, are the drugs made from that poppy a bad thing….some what….but…..there are legit drugs made from poppy(morphine for one), Those same poppy fields provide almost the only economy that those regions have, not saying that justifies it…..

            As for drug money laundered through Wall Street…honestly, I could care less, the fact of the matter is, that it happens through EVERY single market in the world. The Swiss Bank handled Nazi money, Soviet money….infact, name a a Dictator that has been in power since the inception of the Swiss Banks and I bet they had an account with them…..

            As for the Empire Building thing….EVERY nation has to expand its resources, that is pure fact. Call it Empire Building if you want, but the US version is more human, we go in, we beat the crap out of the Government that we don’t like, we rebuild putting a much more ‘receptive’ one in place…hell, we even defend them afterwards, all so we can BUY their resources….sounds alot better than destroying them, taking the resources and leaving them with nothing afterwards. Like it or not, its better than the way it could be….and to be fair, we do have rules to minimize civilian losses, sure, its not perfect….none of us are, get off your high horse and look at the world for what it is…..shitty, now get over it.

            Though I do agree, we shouldn’t have put boots on the ground like we did…..I would have simply bomb the crap out of them, destroyed the military capabilities of the region then embargoed the crap out of them until the people rose up and pulled their own governments down…fewer American losses.

            As for taking our guns away, i agree some restrictions should be in place to prevent lunatics from from getting them, but NOT if it means the LAW ABIDING Americans are denied their RIGHTS….something that many do not seem to understand(you amung them)…it is a RIGHT….and the Laws that INFRINGE upon that right are illegal and those who enforce them are committing crimes.

    • jared


    • Nicholas Quinton

      You sir are a fucking idiot. I don’t even know where to start dismantling your race baiting, hate mongering little tirade. For fucks sake we are all fucking HUMANS. You aren’t a better person just because you aren’t Muslim or a worse person because you are Muslim. That based of YOUR INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS. So for all you Christians out there how about you start acting more like Christ and NOT FUCKING JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE, but thats too fucking hard for you on your high horses yeah?

      Oh Agnosticism how you make more and more sense to me everyday.

      • Krista

        Meanwhile, you, sir, are judging Christians just as much as you think they are judging others. Perhaps you should take a dose of your own medicine first so we know how safe it is.

    • Puma Cabra

      Put down the Kool-Aid, son. You’re tongue is stained Red, White, and Blue!

  • Clarence Holmes


  • what ever

    to take over a nation you must first disarm its citizens -hmmmm didn’t Hitler say this????

  • MarylandShooter

    CA is in desperate need of an insurgency. Tyranny is spreading across the land and there is only one known cure.

  • Allen Runyon

    That’s why I’ll never register a single weapon on any list.

  • PJParks

    Time to start shooting.

    • Puma Cabra

      Our Founding Fathers would have been shooting by now already!!!

  • Sean Harshey

    As an attorney, I’m curious about the legislative background on this. I fail to see any rational relationship between not paying a highway toll in a timely manner or having a tax dispute and cancelling out a person’s 2nd Amendment right. I understand the convicted felon, adjudicated mentally ill person or minors. But there’s a rational relationship in those restrictions where the state can claim the peoples’ collective interest in those persons not having a firearm outweighs the individual’s right. But I don’t see how any argument like that can be made in this instance. It seems to very clearly just be a pretext to circumvent the Constitutional protection. THIS is why leaders matter. They appoint the judges who are going to hear cases like this.

    • Stephen Zeigler

      Speaking of Calf. and rational in the same sentence would be a oxymoron.

    • Mikhail Kalutskiy
      • Grizzly907

        I don’t believe anything coming out of NPR.

      • Sean Harshey

        Fair enough, Mikhail. I read the NPR story you linked to. I didn’t see where this is a “fake” story. It has a bit different take or angle, but it’s the same information and the same story. I would point out, though, that I can’t understand why NPR covered the lack of notice of people ending up on this list and the author of this piece not mentioning that. Maybe I missed it. But that’s also an enormous problem. Another issue I found fascinating is that NPR reported that they were going to “gun buyers’” homes looking for weapons they had previously legally purchased. This isn’t registration. And I’m not familiar with CA gun laws. So I don’t know if there’s gun registration there or not. But CA officials were, according to NPR, cross-referencing the federal gun purchaser database with CA records to go to individual peoples’ homes to look for the specific guns that they had bought in the past. That is far more troubling than anything in THIS article. The authorities have no reason to suspect that any particular gun is located in any particular house, but they are using old gun purchase records from the feds to go look for them in peoples’ homes. And one sentence in the NPR story is simply false, legally-speaking. They reported that since one man was on probation, police didn’t need a search warrant to search his home when he was not there when they arrived. That is simply not true. I’ve litigated this very issue repeatedly as both a deputy prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. Ones 4th Amendment privileges do not vanish simply because of one’s status as a probationer. This is an ugly power grab by CA authorities.

        • Scott Riley

          As I explained in an earlier comment it is fake I live in the SF Bay area and have seen this picture many times on our local news and here in the Bay Area City’s towns and groups are paying cash for your guns no questions asked for your guns it is all volunteer sell backs not confiscations at all then they take a picture of how many they bought back through the program for release to the press so now you and everyone else with just a lil sense with just one web search you would see that this is a fake story just go to one of the local news stations and search gun buy back and see for yourselves..The news stations are Kron4, KTVU 2, ABC7

          • Sean Harshey

            Scott: Several news sources are all reporting this. I don’t doubt you that a wire service or someone else is putting out a stock photo that they’ve used in other stories. But the use of a stock photo doesn’t mean the story is fake. In fact, the guy above provided a link to the NPR story on this same thing.

    • Crunkomatic

      Then they’ll make us all felons.

      • anthrogirl

        America is already a police state with one of the highest percentage of the population incarcerated in the world.

  • nyglockowner

    Maybe I missed it, but where in the article did the author explain why Mr. Mendez found himself on the list?

    • Michael B

      It never did say why. For all we know, he may be a convicted pedophile or a drug dealer.

  • Matt Smith

    time to use the 2nd for its original intent.

  • Scott Snoopy

    moderates and liberal progressives constantly harp….THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN…and I have some really nice ocean front property to sell you too.

  • Mikhail Kalutskiy

    This is a FAKE article. They’re taking weapons from convicted felons. You’re welcome.

    • Scott Snoopy

      no they are also taking firearms from members of families of those suspected to have mental health issues of course a fine information source like npr leaves that out….

  • benjammin

    Whether or not this article is factual or not is irrrelevant at this point. What disturbs me is that there so many false or true articles on 2nd amendment infringement, that sooner or later this is going to become an actual problem seen by all in the United States. It’s only a matter of time before these states aren’t so “united”.

  • Beatnikman

    I bet ten bucks that the confiscation does not apply to police officers and people in the California government ! People need to start reporting officers that are on the mafia and drug gang dole. That could be a felony and might disqualify a lot of officers. Serpico said the vast majority of police in NYC were being paid protection money etc. I would think NY would want this in there state next. LOL.

  • Grizzly907

    Get ready for the lazy inner city savages to come and rape your wives and daughters once the Commiefornia Gestapo takes your weapons. Its a commieprogs dream come true. I hate liberal scum and want to execute as many as I can once we take this country back.

  • Im me

    So any list of what the guy did?
    Would be sad if it turned out we got upset over some one who would be another shooter like Lanza

  • Milock Tiahart

    So what is with all this talk of civil war?
    And Obama not being the lawful ruler of the US?
    Are you guys not reading the Constitution or are you reading passages you want in the way you want

    • Patrick Keogan

      shall not be infringed douuchebag

    • Michael B

      Obama has NOTHING to do with California law. He’s not to blame for this BS.

      • Paul

        Sorry, but shit rolls down hill. When you have a treasonous scumbag in the whitehouse all the other treasonous scumbag sycophants feel empowered to over-reach themselves. Barry Soetero is indeed accountable.

  • Ronald Reagan

    The destruction of America is well underway. We need to decide where we stand, then act accordingly. Revolution’

    • John Adams

      Right says the guy who passed a machine gun ban, did Iran Contra and violated the Constitution more ways than any Democrat, who dropped taxes on the rich then raised them on the poor then realized that was foolish but didnt undo it, who started our multitrillion debt to be the one to see the Soviet Union die instead of letting it fall on its own.

  • Matthew Higgins

    Where are the lawsuits?

  • Phil Savage

    First of all it should be considered entrapment, no one said the man had a warrant and even if he did the policeman was false reporting an incident that didn’t happen to entice him out of the home, which is legally defined as entrapment. He might not get the guns back until he clears some things up but if he hires an attorney or knows his rights at least he will have a leg to stand on in court.

    • Michael B

      Sorry, but the courts have ruled for a long time that police may legally lie to citizens. Using a ruse to get the man outside is not “entrapment,” it is just a very effective ruse. They HAD a warrant, but no obligation to tell him before he was outside and under “control.” Police can’t make a ‘false report” to a citizen: a report is only false if made to the department.

      He may sue the State for return of the firearms if he can prove that the underlying reason for the seizure was unconstitutional. Long shot in front of a CA judge.

  • Josh

    As a former Police officer I never thought I would say this, but when the police attempt to violate your constitutional rights, steal your property, and do so at gunpoint. They are no longer worthy of the respect of the people nor the protection under the law. If they come for your guns give it to them BULLETS FIRST.

  • no thanks

    Please reference the legislation that includes owed back taxes as prohibiting factor in owning firearms. I believe ( and hope) you have your “facts” wrong on this…

  • srirachi

    Rise up.

  • Patrick Puryear

    Ok…listen. If you don’t want your guns taken…then next election, help elect a pro-gun government official…stop voting for these freaking liberals and then complain they took away your freedoms…

    • Puma Cabra

      The hole in your suggestion is that you actually believe they still count the votes.

  • Scott Riley

    People will just believe just about anything I think this article is so funny along with the! I live here in CA and we fight for our 2nd amendment right these pictures that are being posted along with fictitious story of California Police are taking our guns is just a bunch of BS I have seen this picture on the news along with several others. They are pictures of guns and the types of guns that the Police have received through the gun buyback program to get unwanted guns off the streets and out of the kids and gang members hands..So the true FACT Here is don’t believe everything that you read until you know the truth or it makes you look just as dumb as the writer that this wrote this lie! AS a true patriot it is your responsibility to resource and find out the facts and truth behind what you read anymore before you even act on it and that even includes comments!! Knowing the facts behind this lie just makes me laugh reading all of the comments below of the uneducated people that follow such lies without researchig their facts first before making comments !!

  • Nicholas Quinton

    I really love the joe schmoes who say “They try and take it from me Imma shoot them.” Seventy five percent of you probably have never fired a weapon in anger. Of that seventy five percent I promise you that MAYBE fifteen percent have what it takes to pull the trigger. And of that fifteen percent maybe five squeeze the trigger, before the cops end up shooting them first.

  • Holes in story

    They lost their 2nd Amendment rights for one reason or another. My guess is that they are all convicted felons or charged with domestic violence. I don’t agree with this if it’s for monetary reasons, but then again, if you owe the State and live there, then they have a right to take something as collateral until they are paid. They can find something else, but there is more that this writer is leaving out to infuriate people…if it isn’t obvious, then you have no clue.

  • alan c

    A cop wants to lure you outside, you don’t go out of your house, check. The police have no right to get you out of your house, or come in without a search warrant.

  • Porphyry

    “M16s pointed within inches of his face?” That’s easy grabbing distance.

  • MerlinMedic

    OK, where is the Federal lawsuit? These are the cases that require a Civil Rights violation lawsuit & the NRA & other gun advocating groups need to step up to the plate & bring massive lawsuits with punitive damages.

  • nosocialism29

    And citizens are allowing it.??? What is it going to take for us to take a stand?

  • Chris Moore

    So many things going on in our government today. Some good people actually know whats happening and wont prevent it. Why should they? They are busy getting their own family and friends for the fallout. They understand that US is the longest standing Empire in history, (call it what you want but it is what it is).
    Fact: Every Empire in history has fallen, and it is innevitable and pure physics.

    Lets say for instance there was a speeding train comming toward you and its about to derail and kill lots of ppl.
    Do you:
    A. Stand on the tracks and try to stop it.
    B. Tell others about it so we can stop it together
    C. Tell other ppl you have important information that could save their lives but only for a fee?
    D. Get out of Dodge and let it be.

  • Joe Black

    Be a good little sheep and trust your government. They will do what’s best for you. Run along now!

    • Puma Cabra


  • RM
  • Brett Bader

    Don’t be sheep ! Question Authority !

  • Terry Fidler

    The nations police forces are being turned into thugs, those that go to police today for help end up getting shot. These are not police that do this these are SS, Gestapo, SA, but how to tell the bad from the good? They all dress the same. There is no doubt in my mind that things are headed toward armed conflict. DHS already MADE that perfectly clear with ammo purchases and targets the look like civilians. This all to clear the path for obombyas real army, the 150 million JIHADISTS built into the immigration bill. Once they come in then obombya will not need the police anymore and they WILL BE ELIMINATED! Law enforcement BETTER WAKE UP to what side their bread is buttered on. All true AMERICANS MUST ban together before some slimy MUZZIES are sliding up inside AMERICAS children. There are already MUZZIE terrorists in US that got through DHS, TSA, NSA, These agencies are totally inept at stopping terrorists. Reclassification of pedophilia as a SEXUAL ORIENTATION from a psychological disorder, all because these muzzie scum infect children and its been going on since mohamad. Centuries of inbreeding have created these animals. This WHY the guns are GETTING GRABBED.

  • Common sense

    Know your Constitutional rights people!! Arm yourself with knowledge first!!!

  • Urban Armed

    Say it with me now…Registration leads to….

  • Jimmy Z


  • deadeye

    I’ll say it again….You can have my gun when you pry my dead
    cold finger from the trigger!

  • Tonya-Clay Davis

    Where is the California militia? time to come out of hiding guys.

  • greatgrandmasue

    Serves Californians right for voting liberal.

  • Lucas

    There is nothing “Liberal” about these politicians, they have been using that label as a way to confuse people, this is tyranny at it’s finest, and there is nothing “Liberal” about that, or about violating the Constitution, anymore than there is anything “Conservative” about spending billions of dollars and sacrificing thousands of our soldiers lives on wars based on phoney intelligence in order to line the pockets of a handful of corporations. This is “Plutocrats” vs. “Socialists”. Both of these governmental systems are as anti American as it gets. Wake up people, this is deadly serious stuff going on right under our noses, and we are being divided along imaginary lines by a very small group of people on both sides of the isle who do not represent ANYONE not in their little club. And YOU are not part of that club and will NEVER be, they don’t accept new members.

  • KC Resident

    Did you conservatives and liberals just really get all worked up about a fake story on a shitty blog? For goodness sakes, the author didn’t even attempt to source anything that was stated in the post. Try to employ a bit of common sense before posting.

  • DudeLove

    In reading the NPR story, officials say they acquired names from the “federal instant criminal background check system for gun-buyers” If this is a reference to NICS, then something else is afoul here. NICS names are not to be stored in a database.

  • terrianda

    CALIFORNIA ??? do you expect any less from that state ? they have been so liberal and stoned for the last 50 years they deserve it, they finally get the govt they deserve .

  • terrianda

    get ready cause your next !

    • KC Resident

      There is no next since there wasn’t a first. This post is all lies.

  • BigShmo

    balance this story, with this one below. The Truth has no agenda. (But yes, the leftist want to confiscate your guns)

  • Brian Hulett

    California Uber Alles!

  • Blessed Mary

    was there a warrant for his arrest. I cant see them just coming in and taking guns if the person really is law abiding. Even the Liberal Politicians would not get away with this there are still AMERICANS IN CALIFORNIA. The problem with California is it is a two Tier state Rich Poor no in between because of the expensive living cost & taxes in California. All I know is JERRY BROWN, BARBARA BOXER ARE TWO A-HOLES THAT NEED TO GO.

  • jasonb527

    Isn’t the 2nd amendment in place to specifically prevent tyrannies like this from happening?

    • Puma Cabra

      Only if it is exercised.

  • T B

    if you can’t obey the law 100% you should not be allowed to own a gun. Now, when someone doesn’t pay a fine, a warrant for their arrest is issued. And if it comes down to that, yes a person’s rights should be taken away.

    • oldrndirt

      When a liberal breaks a drug law which shows their lack of moral character then their parental rights should be terminated upon their conviction. Liberals who are proven to be liars should loose their ability to enter into contracts. They can not enter into new contracts or continue existing ones. No cell phone, no back account, no mortage etc. Liars are not to be trusted.

    • Puma Cabra

      How about following the original law? The Constitution!!!

      I rever you to the 2nd, and the 14th. …moron.

  • Joe Clark

    so, if Joe Mendez had lied to the cop, it would be a crime, but for the cop to lie to him, oh, well, that’s just business…’s called bullshit.

  • travis02gt

    I live in California and it is happening. All someone has to do is make a false claim. My friend had his guns confiscated because of a false assault charge. He holds a top secret clearance in aerospace, has a wife with three kids. The cops stormed his house, took is firearms and arrested him on false charges. Court released him of the false charges but still didn’t give his guns back. He has an open case on this matter.

  • JackCuntsler

    Maybe after Californians start exercising their Second Amendment right to BEAR arms when the enemies come knocking, they will rethink things.

  • Ed Perry Green

    It’s time these raids are meet with the sword the wield, “and the war that ensues will be bloody and just!” a wise man once said

  • Joseph D’Agostino

    This guy was a huge drug dealer. Please don’t create fake stories. The real ones are bad enough.

  • Duckworks

    This has happened in Canada, and–even with the Non-Restricted (long-gun) Registry abolished last year, continues thanks to the Possession and Acquisition License database:

    The moral of the story: do NOT allow any registration, or licensing regime, EVER.

  • Jeff Stone

    In just the past 25 years, this country has gone from a religious and conservative nation to a God-less and liberal nation with a government run totally amuck. 25 years ago, no one bragged about being an atheist or humanist and now, the humanists are trying to control the government! Sheer insanity that has been nurtured by the obama administration. If things continue along this path, the USA will not exist in a few years because Iran will nuke us to oblivion… and if that doesn’t happen, this will be a third world nation by then anyway.

    • Elizabeth Van Horn

      What hyperbolic nonsense. The issue and problems don’t have anything to do with religion. Nor, does being an atheist mean one is politically liberal. Also, I’ve never seen anyone “brag” about being an atheist or humanist. But, I have seen people finally come of the the shadows and acknowledge that they are. The reason they hid in the shadows in the first place is due to the prejudice and ignorance of others.

  • Kevin Doty

    Come get.. is all i can say.. rather die than give up my rights.


    Hey there all you little froggies sitting in that pot of water. I know you haven’t really noticed how hot it’s been getting lately, but if you look at the bottom of the pot you can just see the little bubbles starting to form.

  • Josephine Buchanan

    I am sure that if they try that here in NC there will be many people who will fight for their right to bear arms. Thankfully we do have sherrifs and deputies who have refused to take legal owners of firearms and seperate them from their weapons. This is just the beginning. Hitler confiscated weapons from civilians in order to protect them and you can read what happened afterwards when all weapons were taken. California is a drain on the rest of the country as they have all these beneifits yet cannnot pay their bills and haveing to declare bankruptsy.

  • palkema

    The second one to the left is a Mosin Nagant M91/30. This one is definitely of Russian make and was probably used in WW2. I hope they don’t destroy it, it would truly be a shame to destroy such a historic article.

    • palkema

      Oh but on a different note, this is terrible. Our government needs to be confiscated.

  • DDUB

    Hitlers brown shirts were also ” Following Orders”

  • stop crying

    Since when is not paying taxes a minor thing?

    • Puma Cabra

      Since the Federal Income Tax is fraudulent and UnConstitutional, and was never ratified at the State level, and anyone who pays that illegal tax does so voluntarily.
      Because you simply do not have to.
      We JUST “celebrated” the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Income Tax. HIGHLY illegal acts passed during Xmas hiatus by a VERY small band of VERY evil men. The country has been steadily getting FUCKED ever since.
      Know your History!!!

  • LethalNews.Com

    BS long live the AR-15

  • shepard1707
  • Diane Bence


    • crusader2010

      California has been headed that way for decades, their way ahead of the national curve. New York and Illinois are catching up fast though.

  • plsilverman

    if there is a warrant should we always assume it’s a Liberal Judge acting on behalf of a Liberal “politician”?

  • 8OOlbGorilla

    Okay, as big of a 2A supporter as I am… this story has ZERO evidence to support it. I’m not saying it isn’t true, but please provide some credible links or an arrest report or something that supports this story about Joe and the police with M16s.

    • Solevenia

      Thanks for pointing that out. I was getting heated reading all of this. I really try to research everything but have to admit between Obama care and 2nd amendment rights and Benghazi and ad infinitum other lies I am falling behind. It is so depressing. Thanks for your reality check. I will research!

  • johnhorse

    The people in California just like folks in Ill,N.Y, Mich, Wash,.Exct.Exct.Keep voting the SAME Political Hacks Back into Office EVERY ELECTION simply deserve what they are getting from the Local State and Federal Government.Maybe THIS Run On Their Constitutional Right’s and Second Amendments will draw their heads out of the ovomit cave and see just what the hell is happening to this Country and grow a set and regain some back bone.

    • Puma Cabra

      Oh I see. You’re still under the illusion that our votes are actually counted, and that we have ANY say in the matter.
      That’s cute.

  • TomHandley

    “These reasons were expanded to include people who are behind on state taxes” Please explain/cite your source for this. I do not believe this is correct.

  • NEMO

    to any Veterans who service in a combat zone even if you were supply
    clerk or cook. “..reported mental health concerns.” this means you. Any
    and all military who received a paycheck in a combat zone even if you
    never seen any and was 100 km away you are a mental health concern
    unless you are a Law Enforcement or Firefighter they are exempt. They are allowed to be an armed mental health concern.

  • MyTooCommonSense

    Officers are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. It is a violation of their sworn Oath. They should not enforce unconstitutional orders. The officers involved as well as their superior officers should be sued for violation of Civil Rights.

    The Legislators who supported and passed this/these bills should be brought up on perjury charges for violating their Oath of Office. They should also be tried for violation of Civil Rights.

    This abuse is all being done under “color of authority” which carries significant penalties. But good luck trying to find and attorney who will prosecute.

    We, as citizens, must learn how to do it for ourselves.

  • mamabear1966

    It’s past time for me and my family to get the hell out of this state, but I have to wait until my parents are no longer here. I’m the one who cares for them. So, I may have to wait another 10 years, but that’s the way it goes. Happy to be here for them.

  • JR

    doesn’t California have 2 of the most dangerous cities in the US? Oakland and Stockton are practically run buy gangs. I’m pretty sure a good percentage of crime doesn’t get reported in those cities. instead of focusing on getting legally purchased guns from law abiding citizens maybe they should try hitting up the gangs.

  • David Davidson

    If they keep pushing people into a corner like this there will come a revolution. We have more guns than they do.

  • Inkleined92

    This is the exact reason why I manufactured all of my firearms by hand.. So they are legally not on paper!

  • jwhitehawke

    The Constitution is effectively dead. the Patriot act has been perverted to superceed our rights. Obama and the elite have succeeded in the ruination of America, land of the free (stuff).

  • [email protected]

    I don’t blame the cops, it’s your fucking politicians!!! Unless you go off the deep end, only thing you can do is to vote these libtards out and keep the c/suckers out!!!!

  • Casey Freeman

    Vote these mother fuckers out!!!!

  • Cite your sources, people.

    This article fails to cite gov’t sources. In fact, This citation refutes this article:

    More NRA fear-mongering, I’m afraid.

  • fbanta

    2nd: The right of the people to keep and bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
    14th: No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;

    Since no Federal, State or Local government has any Constitutional authority to confiscate Arms, this must be tyranny.

  • Dennis Johnston

    What else would you expect from this jack wagon state! The libs have hijacked the Constitution with the blessings of the people!

  • ffb

    People need to respond with violence.

  • josey wales

    300,000,000 million gun in private hands in U.S. 1000 guns confiscated (guess) in various stings. For every gun confiscated, 10 more are sold. We have them outnumbered. Let’s not get too paranoid, K?

  • Robert

    Then I guess if the law wont follow Constitution as well as Supreme Court decisions, it is time to shoot the cops performing this. The law is the law, not for Calf. to take away unlawfully. Cops WILL be killed by people protected by the Constitution and Supreme Court and I have no problem with it. Remember storm troopers, what goes around always comes around. You will get yours by your people in Calf! Hip, Hip, Hurray for the Constitution.

  • Ruger 1

    It’s Way Past Time For Commifornia To Break Off The Continental United States and Float AWAY!!!!!!! Keep Re-Electing These Idiots To Hold Office And This Is What You Get In-Return.

  • this site is a joke

    This is twisted. This is a good thing. These people are now mentally unstable or convicted of a violent crime. Take their guns so us law abiding citizens can still own ours!!!

  • Mariate

    OK cops…it’s on…Time to start tracking down every one of these thugs, get their home addresses, where their kids go to school, pictures of them and their family members…and one by one …remove them. Make them afraid to even go to work every day for fear that they or their family won’t live to see sunset.

    • HAHA you sad deluded fool

      Sure enjoy being removed first.
      -waves like a ninny with grin on-

  • I Keel Zohmbeez

    funny as hell, you idiots getting in a up-roar over this fake article. have any of you even fact checked this load of crap? smh..

  • Dee

    They are taking guns away from felons, people with violent misdomeanors, and people who have been involuntarily committed to mental health facilities. These are the people who aren’t supposed to possess guns anyway. Which of these is Joe Mendez?

  • bellinR

    Of course i believe in the 2nd A., but no one mental needs a firearm, Every shooting we have had pretty much shows that.

  • bruce

    They have one recourse when they come for guns–They will die-These are terrorists in cop uniforms-Time for war

    • dictobot

      And so are you, turns out a terrorist is a surprisngly uselss term


    This is a sadly twisted story. They only people being addressed are people that have felony records or involuntary mental health holds (that would be Mendez, btw, if it’s the correct case. You provide so little detail in your hysteria). There are a handful of violent misdemeanors you can lose your guns too… off the top of my head a restraining order for Domestic Violence will also get your guns taken away until there is a hearing to determined guilt in the DV case.

    Yeah, sorry, I see nothing wrong with taking guns away from the violent or those who have had a mental health hold on them.

    • Puma Cabra


      All those “laws” are UnConstitutional!
      The Nazis wrote “laws” too, y’know. How’d that workout for them?

  • Julian Fries

    This nation is in so much trouble it’s staggering.

  • Lucie Ke

    I am sorry, but unless it is a medical reason or if a person is a felon then the government has NO Right to take any kind of weapon away.

    • Puma Cabra

      Those aren’t even valid reasons. There are hundreds of thousands of non violent felons. And by what yardstick is mental illness measured? There is no valid scientific process to prove mental illness. It is pure subjective conjecture by a CORRUPT INDUSTRY bent on control, power, and profit.


      No where is there an “accept when…” clause.

      • Lucie Ke

        schezaphenic (sp?) is a very valid reason for no owning a gun! One sympton is they truly believe someone is out to get them! They should not own a gun of any type. That type of medical issue is what i am talking about. Violent tendencies.

  • crusader2010

    Keep your weapons out of the Home except maybe one for protection. And keep your mouth shut about their whereabouts.

  • ginger viking

    Don’t believe everything you read on line.

  • gunnyf

    This is a textbook example of enforcing the law in an arbitrary and capricious manner.

  • Icorps1970

    If the Gov’t at any level can determine who can and cannot own a firearm unless on parole etc then the Second Amendment is meaningless. It was intended to prevent ANY gov’t control of arms since it was intended that the arms in the hands of the people were a stop in Gov’t tyranny. So if this is allowed in CA it will spread and soon only persons specifically approved by the gov’t will have arms. So the Constitution is now meaningless and they are simply giving lip service to it when it does not interfere with something the Gov’t wants to do.

  • Guest

    From Marin Neimoller on Nazi Germany…

    “First they came for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Communist.

    Then they came for the Socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for the schools, for the press, and for the church,
    and I didn’t speak out.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  • MerleTemple

    A warning for us today from Martin Niemoller on his failure in Nazi Germany…

    “First they came for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Communist.

    Then they came for the Socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for the sick, the schools, the press, and the church,
    and I didn’t speak out.
    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  • Robert Breisch

    lets see-according to this report which is on an anti-govt website-claims that the same govt they are against-is now taking away Uzi-submachine guns,AK47 assualt rifles,and other non hunting guns from individuals the article talks about who have mental disorders.Perhaps these fine outstanding citizens had some level of insanity when they bought the UZI for self defense? I do not care that our constitution or Bill of Rights states you can own any weapon your govt owns legally-theres no legitimate reason to own an AK47 or UZI submachine gun-period-the only exception is for bragging rights and if that is all u have going for you in your life-you are a total loser!
    Since this webpage is devoted to anti-govt bs-what do you expect.More than likely these are guns that folks turn in in exchange for a debit card-its gone on in California for 40 or more years every year prior to Thanksgiving! So-I highly suspect that some schmuck took the pictures at one of those events and made up the story to get dummies excited! Until I see a reputable news agency post the exact story-I call this a bunch of BS and a fraud article for fanatics who subscribe to this level of stupidity. The state of California may be taking guns away from felons,mentally insane individuals but the majority written here is bs!

    • Puma Cabra

      “theres no legitimate reason to own an AK47 or UZI submachine gun”

      Except, of course, for the very legitimate, and currently looming reason, that the Amendment was written in the first place. PROTECTION FROM A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT!!! Not hunting, moron.
      Read a damn History book!

  • Lyle

    You know what happens when Communists start making lists of names. Say HELL NO to registration.

  • noman1200

    Good soon confiscate all guns and move the USA out of a 3rd world country to a 1st world country.

  • Joseph Joseph

    This is not accurate. New York has the toughest gun laws of any state. They are not aloud period. California allows people to posses and to buy guns. There are some counties which have more restrictions than others.

  • Joseph Joseph

    This article is misleading. This action simply enforces current FEDERAL law. Prohibiting persons who by should not be allowed to carry firearms by any stretch of the imagination. Here is the text on the action.

    State and federal law make it unlawful for certain persons to own and/or possess firearms, including: • Any person who is convicted of a felony, or any offense enumerated in Penal Code sections 29900 or 29905 • Any person who is ordered to not possess firearms as a condition of probation or other court order listed in Penal Code section 29815, subdivisions (a) and (b) • Any person who is convicted of a misdemeanor listed in Penal Code section 29805 (refer to List of Prohibiting Misdemeanors) • Any person who is adjudged a ward of the juvenile court because he or she committed an offense listed in Welfare and Institutions Code section 707(b), an offense described in Penal Code section 1203.073(b), or any offense enumerated in Penal Code section 29805

    • Any person who is subject to a temporary restraining order or an injunction issued pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure sections 527.6 or 527.8, a protective order as defined in Family Code section 6218, a protective order issued pursuant to Penal Code sections 136.2 or 646.91, or a protective order issued pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code section 15657.03

    • Any person who is found by a court to be a danger to himself, herself, or others because of a mental illness • Any person who is found by a court to be mentally incompetent to stand trial • Any person who is found by a court to be not guilty by reason of insanity • Any person who is adjudicated to be a mentally disordered sex offender • Any person who is placed on a conservatorship because he or she is gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder, or an impairment by chronic alcoholism • Any person who communicates a threat to a licensed psychotherapist against a reasonably identifiable victim, that has been reported by the psychotherapist to law enforcement • Any person who is taken into custody as a danger to self or others under Welfare and Institutions Code section 5150, assessed under Welfare and Institutions Code section 5151, and admitted to a mental health facility under Welfare and Institutions Code sections 5151, 5152, or certified under Welfare and Institutions Code sections 5250, 5260, and 5270.15 • Any person who is addicted to the use of narcotics (state and federal) • Any person who is under indictment or information in any court for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year (federal) • Any person who has been discharged from the military under dishonorable conditions (federal) • Any person who is an illegal alien (federal) • Any person who has renounced his or her US Citizenship (federal) • Any person who is a fugitive from justice (federal)


    Firearm prohibitions for misdemeanor violations of the offenses listed below are generally for ten years from the date of conviction, but the duration of each prohibition may vary. All statutory references are to the California Penal Code, unless otherwise indicated.

    • Threatening public officers, employees, and school officials (Pen. Code, § 71.) • Threatening certain public officers, appointees, judges, staff or their families with the intent and apparent ability to carry out the threat (Pen. Code, § 76.) • Intimidating witnesses or victims (Pen. Code, § 136.1.) • Possessing a deadly weapon with the intent to intimidate a witness (Pen. Code, § 136.5.) • Threatening witnesses, victims, or informants (Pen. Code, § 140.) • Attempting to remove or take a firearm from the person or immediate presence of a public or peace officer (Pen. Code, § 148(d).) • Unauthorized possession of a weapon in a courtroom. Courthouse, or court building, or at a public meeting (Pen. Code, § 171(b).) • Bringing into or possessing a loaded firearm within the state capitol, legislative offices, etc. (Pen. Code, § 171(c).) • Taking into or possessing loaded firearms within the Governor’s Mansion or residence of other constitutional officers (Pen. Code, 171(d).) • Supplying, selling or giving possession of a firearm to a person for participation in criminal street gangs (Pen. Code, § 186.28.) • Assault (Pen. Code, §§ 240, 241.) • Battery (Pen. Code, §§ 242, 243.) • Sexual Battery (Pen. Code, § 243.4) • Assault with a stun gun or taser weapon (Pen. Code, § 244.5.) • Assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, or with force likely to produce great bodily injury (Pen. Code, § 245.) • Assault with a deadly weapon or instrument; by any means likely to produce great bodily injury or with a stun gun or taser on a school employee engaged in performance of duties (Pen. Code, § 245.5 .) • Discharging a firearm in a grossly negligent manner (Pen. Code, § 246.3.) • Shooting at an unoccupied aircraft, motor vehicle, or uninhabited building or dwelling house (Pen. Code, § 247.) • Inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or significant other (Pen. Code, § 273.5.)* • Wilfully violating a domestic protective order (Pen. Code, § 273.6.) • Drawing, exhibiting, or using deadly weapon other than a firearm (Pen. Code, § 417, subd. (a)(1) & (a)(2).) • Inflicting serious bodily injury as a result of brandishing (Pen. Code, § 417.6.) • Making threats to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person (Pen. Code, § 422.) • Bringing into or possessing firearms upon or within public schools and grounds (Pen. Code, § 626.9.) • Stalking (Pen. Code, § 646.9.) • Armed criminal action (Pen. Code, § 25800.) • Possessing a deadly weapon with intent to commit an assault (Pen. Code, § 17500.) • Driver of any vehicle who knowingly permits another person to discharge a firearm from the vehicle or any person who willfully and maliciously discharges a firearm from a motor vehicle (Pen. Code, § 26100, subd. (b) or (d).) • Criminal possession of a firearm (Pen. Code, § 25300.) • Firearms dealer who sells, transfers or gives possession of any firearm to a minor or a handgun to a person under 21 (Pen. Code, § 27510.) • Various violations involving sales and transfers of firearms (Pen. Code, § 27590, subd. (c).) • Person or corporation who sells any concealable firearm to any minor (former Pen. Code, § 12100, subd. (a).) • Unauthorized possession/transportation of a machine gun (Pen. Code, § 32625) • Possession of ammunition designed to penetrate metal or armor (Pen. Code, § 30315.) • Carrying a concealed or loaded firearm or other deadly weapon or wearing a peace officer uniform while picketing (Pen. Code, §§ 830.95, subd. (a), 17510, subd. (a.) • Bringing firearm related contraband into juvenile hall (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 871.5.) • Bringing firearm related contraband into a youth authority institution (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 1001.5.) • Purchase, possession, or receipt of a firearm or deadly weapon by a person receiving in-patient treatment for a mental disorder, or by a person who has communicated to a licensed psychotherapist a serious threat of physical violence against an identifiable victim (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 8100.) • Providing a firearm or deadly weapon to a person described in Welfare and Institutions Code sections 8100 or 8103 (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 8101.) • Purchase, possession, or receipt of a firearm or deadly weapon by a person who has been adjudicated to be a mentally disordered sex offender or found to be mentally incompetent to stand trial, or not guilty by reason of insanity, and individuals placed under conservatorship (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 8103.)

    The following misdemeanor convictions result in a lifetime prohibition: • Assault with a firearm (Pen. Code, §§ 29800, subd. (a)(1), 23515, subd. (a).) • Shooting at an inhabited or occupied dwelling house, building, vehicle, aircraft, housecar or camper (Pen. Code, §§ 246, 29800, subd. (a)(1), 17510, 23515, subd. (b).) • Brandishing a firearm in presence of a peace officer (Pen. Code §§ 417, subd. (c), 23515, subd. (d), 29800, subd. (a)(1).) • Two or more convictions of Penal Code section 417, subdivision (a)(2) (Pen. Code § 29800, subd. (a)(2).)

    * A “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” (18 U.S.C. §§ 921(a)(33)(A), 922(g)(9).)

    Note: The Department of Justice provides this document for informational purposes only. This list may not be inclusive of all firearms prohibitions. For specific legal advice, please consult with an attorney licensed to practice law in California.



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    • Puma Cabra

      Wow. Impressive.
      Doesn’t change the fact that that is ALL UnConstitutional.
      “…shall not be infringed.”
      No room for misinterpretation there.
      Everything the Nazis did was “legal” too. They wrote laws for ALL of it.

  • onceuponatime

    For all of you morons who don’t believe that Jimmy Z is conservative, go take a look at Red State Radio..Jimmy Z is a Christian Conservative who believes that the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the only documents America needs. He is devoted to electing the right people who also believe that our Constitution protects us from tyranny. He believes our government should once again be made small and kept from intruding on the lives of the American people…

    • Puma Cabra

      Except for the part where he came here and claimed everything to the contrary.
      Judge a tree by it’s fruit.
      He’s either a liar, or just to much of a dipshit to know the difference.

  • Max Blood

    fuck that any cop comes to my house trying to take my shit better have swat with them cuz hes getting a clip to the face. goes to show u don’t answer the door for police unless they have a warrant at that time they will just break the door down anyways. ppl need to realize cops and military are the enemy now.

  • J.d. Baird

    Easy there folks, the cops are confiscating guns legally bought by individuals that by law should not have them. California is simply enforcing laws that have been in effect for years. These are not new laws or the breaking of laws by the police or Obama. Blame the sale of the guns to individuals who by law should not be allowed to have them.

    • Puma Cabra

      There is only one law to be followed. The 2nd Amendment.
      What part of “shall not be infringed” are you having a problem with?
      EVERYTHING the Nazis did was “legal”. They had a “law” for everything. And they were protected by that “law”. OOPS! Until they weren’t!

  • Chad Cockcroft

    I am with great anger. This could happen to me or my family. I have been looking for a way to help support our 2nd amendment other then by words. I want to take action before it is to late.

  • Chandie Bartell

    The police officers made an oath to protect the United States Constitution. Our founding fathers framed this, to make sure our government would never disarm the citizenry. Legal law-abiding gun-owners are now being targeted, and where is their County Sheriff? The County Sheriff has jurisdiction over the Federal and State government to protect the citizens he swore an oath to preserve and protect their freedoms under the Constitution of the United States. No police officer or sheriff has the “legal” authority, under the Constitution to infringe on any citizen’s Second Amendment Rights. To simply say you, “were following orders” is not an excuse it is a dereliction of your duties as a Police Officer. Germany forced gun registration, than used that information to disarm the citizenry, which enabled the Third Reich to immediately control the population of German citizens. To claim as a Police Officer that I was only following orders, does not make you unaccountable for carrying out “illegal orders” to disarm law-abiding citizens. The Second Amendment supersedes any government entity from infringing on that right. That is what has kept America free, and the greatest nation in the world. Remember Nuremberg, the Nazi high-command and hundreds of soldiers claimed they were following orders, when morally they knew they were committing war crimes. They were tried at the Nuremberg Trial for obeying those “criminal orders,” and those that were found “guilty” were sentenced.

  • Chandie Bartell

    More information on California’s gun confiscation: The State of California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) has created an einsatzgruppe dedicated exclusively to gun confiscation. Using gun registration lists, the APPS stormtroopers, “arriving in SUVs and dressed in black tactical uniforms … regularly sweep through California cities” to seize firearms from people the state has designated “prohibited persons,” reports the Fresno Bee.

    A criminal conviction is not necessary for enrollment on the civilian
    disarmament register; all that is necessary is an official finding by
    the state’s Welfare bureaucracy that the gun owner is “a danger to
    himself or others.”

  • Chandie Bartell

    More cross-referencing from the local liberal newspaper the Fresno Bee, also collaborates this story.

    California Department of Justice agents sweep Fresno, Clovis for illegal guns

    Read more here:
    The sign in the window warned burglars that the homeowner owned a
    handgun and would use it in self-defense. The state agents knocking on
    the door were there to confiscate the weapon.

    Read more here:

    Read more here:

  • obadiahlynch

    Puh leeze. No one got their guns taken away for not paying a highway toll.

    People buy a gun then later commit a felony, yeah, they should lose the gun. What is WRONG with you?

  • HedgeYbet


    • Ratt Stone

      You do realize Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Schumer, Baucus, Clinton, Biden and half the Senate Democrats are Boomers ?

      • Puma Cabra

        Not to mention MOST of those you mentioned, including that Beast, Feinstein, can be found all over youtube stating that they INDEED want to TOTALLY disarm the ENTIRE public. Their own words!!
        WAAAAKE UUUP!!!!!

  • Paul Kopasz

    Gee, trying to keep guns out of the hands of certified crazies ( nuts ). How
    unamerican, California just take the guns of gun ( nuts ) Then our children
    will feel safer in school every day

  • bddd

    Remove politicians from office for the same offenses!

  • William Wallace

    So here is a question and be honest about it. You are a beat cop, you support your family with your cop salary, you have a kid, or two, and you live your life as anyone else otherwise. You go to work and your sergeant or whoever gives out the assignments and says here’s the address, this guy is prohibited from owning guns, go seize them.

    What, at that point, would you do?

    It’s easy to say, I am going to question everything about the law and why the guy is prohibited and it’s not right and I won’t enforce these laws… blah blah blah… but cops are there to enforce laws. Cops don’t make laws. If the law is on the books, it is presumed to be legally enforceable until something changes, right?

    Think. What would you do? Walk off the job? Have a full on legal debate? Now, I am not saying to follow orders blindly, not at all, but given the set of facts that patrolmen get, here’s a guy with guns who is not supposed to have them… what is your next step?

  • The Truth

    This story contains a falsity. “These reasons were expanded to include people who are behind on state taxes, did not pay toll fees in a “timely” manner” is a completely incorrect statement. The below link is the originating story, and they said that “Later on, the state can easily expand the list of “prohibited persons” to include even people who are behind on their state taxes or did not pay their toll fees on time.”

    This story needs to be updated. This “fact” has spread across the entire internet like a plague and it is entirely false.

  • love and respect firearms

    when did being behind in state taxes become reason enough to take away your right to own firearms. file that one under C S for sure

  • seriously?

    lets look at this from a new perspective. Criminals, the ones that will shoot you and everyone you care about, don’t obey the law. Law abiding citizens, such as probably yourself and everyone you care about don’t shoot people. So hypothetically, making a law to disarm law abiding citizens only, because criminals will not abide by it, only creates more unarmed law abiding citizens so that criminals have even a bigger advantage and more opportunities to shoot you and the ones you care about since you will be unarmed. So, now all these people that had registered firearms and were attempting to be law abiding citizens regardless of their past, will now be criminals and reacquire new firearms, just not registered and feel like a criminal again increasing their odds of now shooting you or the people you care about. Keep up the good work.

  • discripplemation

    huh…yeah.. so, no pic of the guy, no interview, no mention of what city this allegedly happened in. basically, no verifiable facts whatsoever. calling bullspit here. show me a police report, show me the guy this supposedly happened to. ppl come to alternative news sites for being tired of the mainstream media not giving factual info, and this is what we get? as if that’s not bad enough, every other site running a story about this guy IS RUNNING THIS STORY WORD FOR WORD. there is no other info available. frankly, i don’t believe there even IS a “joe mendez” at this point. this is as bad as the fear mongering that has everyone wanting to enact gun restrictions in the first place.

  • Chris Dalton

    Do you find it strange that California has been able to support itself financially for years yet they can use $24 million dollars to go after 20 thousand legal gun owners? Since the rest of the U.S. is paying their way maybe we should cut off their funding until they enforce the Constitution and our rights. They invite illegals into their state with no qualms as to whether they are criminals or not and yet perpetrate this misuse of power on legal citizens.

  • john

    The picture of these (weapons) are considered guns? Hell it looks like weapons to hold a hill in Vietnam.

  • Mark

    California sucks. Not only do I hope they break CA into numerous states, I hope they just secede period.

  • dragos111

    Did anyone do the math? They are spending $1,200 per person targeted. This is government waste at its finest. And that is just a sidebar to the fact that they are abusing registration laws.

  • Guest

    Screw Califruita. They vote Democrat all the time and richly deserve their fate.

  • TheBaldNinja

    A good argument to keep the “gun show loophole” wide open!

  • kneedragon76

    Hide your guns…

  • George W Smith

    ..Will barry sell these weapons to the Mexican Mafia as well??

  • tragene

    Will the last free American to leave California please bring the flag.

  • Allan DeGroot

    I’ve met, worked with and known many law enforcement officers in my life.
    with a few notable exceptions what they BELIEVED was “the law” was often not even close… Ever hear the obnoxiously arrogant phrase: “I’m a Police Officer and I know the law!” I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to say, “Sadly, No, you don’t”.
    “Just obeying orders” is sadly a perfect fit.
    The officers may be “sincere”, but they are all too often “sincerely mistaken”
    Gun owners should RUN, not walk from California

  • twinstick1

    The Nazi’s did the very same thing 80 years ago. Just let me know when the book burnings begin. I’ll bring the marshmallows…

  • David Reamer

    I just told my wife no matter the cost if in Ga it comes to this kind of loss of freedom we will either choose to stand and fight or leave this state. I am a law abiding Christian American Molan Labe

  • sherry8260

    I don’t give a shit what the California Nazi thieves are doing to grab guns…its only going to be a hollow victory. We have a bunch of senile Hitler wannabes running our state…they’re as stupid as the day is long! We are on the border of Mexico…they take all of our legal guns so we just drive to this side of the border and we can get any and all kinds of guns and there is no limit except to your wallet. They won’t touch the Mexicans or that’s “racist”. “Racial profiling”. So all they do is make our guns illegal instead of legal which is better anyway…if you have to use it, its untraceable. They’re stupid as fuck, I’m telling you! We know what gun grabbing leads to…we’ve seen it before in Berlin, Germany in the 1930s. We *know* what’s coming and we’re NOT going to allow ourselves to become setting ducks. And we know they won’t touch any “minority” but minorities like their guns, too…California doesn’t have enough cops or secret keeping people for cops to burst into every home and raid it for firearms so they lose – big time. Their ignorance is dangerous only to themselves.

  • Janice Foster

    Everyone in California who wants to live under freedom should pack up and move to a State that will treat them like true blue Americans….then sue the stupid hot heated undermining politicians in California who think they run the World!

  • Darren Wilkens

    Unfortunately, I’m moving back to CA sometime this year. I’m currently living in TX and I’ll be damned if I’m going to register my guns out there. KISS MY ASS CA!

  • OldDogg

    They can’t even keep illegals out of California what makes them think they can’t keep guns out? It won’t be long before all these people replace what was stolen from them.

  • Robert May

    they will get myne 50 cents at time.

  • Bruce Richardson

    This illustrates why citizens need to oppose registration, Registration of firearms is the first step towards confiscation.

  • jaklin badr
  • Iden1

    President Signed 23 Gun Control Executive Orders, One Comes Back to Bite Him

  • Wyatt Earp

    Have you read the constitution? Particularly the supremacy clause? You know, that the feds (ATF in this case) description of prohibited persons takes precedence over the State of CA’s?

    I am always somewhat incredulous when a conservative blog posts about some catastrophic event; which, conveniently, appear nowhere else. And that NO ONE complains about. Do you really think your readers are stupid enough to believe this would be happening and NO ONE, pro or con, would say anything? Get real.

  • jaki

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  • Charles Benci

    Sounds just like what Hilter did, Hello, same thing, and thank Governor Moon Beam for it
    California is pure Socialist,and needs to fall into the ocean and be sweap away

  • tzsm98

    Jeez, it appears the author has a problem with anyone who ever legally purchased a firearm ever having to give it up for any reason. This is what is wrong with the firearm debate in the US. Knuckleheads like this who fail to see that some people who at one time might have been fine having a firearm have experienced a change and really are no longer a good bet to use it in a way that will not harm their neighbors. If he doesn’t think that it certainly doesn’t come out in the article. People change. Faculties can diminish, mental illness can get serious, a felony conviction involving use of a firearm ought to result in some sort of modification of a person’s free exercise of their right to keep and bear arms. I do not get a sense from the author of a recognition of these being valid reasons. All I get is wild eyed, arm waving, liberal spew about how these people’s rights are being violated. Certainly there must be some reasonable restriction. Rights protected by the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th Amendments have all been found to have reasonable restrictions.

  • kekese

    Why are these cops following unlawful orders!Fight back America its time to start the revolution to get our rights back from a few mentality ill politicians

  • Tomi Glover

    This happened about a year and a half ago. My next door nieighbor of 30 years, husband died 3 years ago, a gun collecter,alot of guns. shes 74 years old. Police came to her back door, busted it down,threw her down and put a boot to her head, completely distroyed her house looking for the guns, when they were satisfied they had them all, took them, no warrent. That very afternoon, the social workers came in and saw the shape of her house and said she was no longer able to take care of herself, and took her. Its taken me a year and a half to find her and get her released, she was at a horrible place three hours away from our town. She said on the way home ,she felt like I saved her life and we were both crying. She cleaned up her whole house by herself, she wouldnt let me help her, in three days. its spotless now

  • max

    and so it starts, we have to fight back, and not let them do this to the americans

  • William Chambliss

    Who Dat ! Don’t worry lets just give California about 2 to 3 years. Then lets go back and check their statistics on crime to see if confiscating weapons from law abiding cititzens reduces the crime in that state.
    I’m willing to bet my life savings that crimes increases seven fold. How much you want to put up ?

  • Jerry Skains

    Communism at its finest!!!

  • Gun Runner

    I looks like this guy may have been mistaken for Jose Mendez, and serious Narcotics Trafficker, hard to tell by internet accounts. Form what I can gather it had nothing to do with CA Gun Laws. Luckily they did not shoot him.

  • Gun Runner

    It looks like this guy may have been mistaken for Jose Mendez, and serious Narcotics Trafficker, hard to tell by internet accounts. From what I can gather it had nothing to do with CA Gun Laws. Luckily they did not shoot him.

  • Jim

    You can take it from my cold dead hand after we have a shootout! Perfect news for Isis to hear. They will be met with little or no resistence, and then law enforcement will wish there w,was no law to take from honest citizens.

    • Hilltowntrader

      Seattle is becoming America’s Islamic murder hotbed – I guess strong coffee doesn’t keep the terrorists away, as a firearm would.

  • Hilltowntrader

    New Hampshire also has a law that anyone convicted of a violent crime must give up their guns. I don’t know if the end game is to have New Hampshire police breaking down peoples doors, but I do no a licensed firearms dealers who periodically goes to peoples homes to buy their guns from them. Folks faced with court mandated gun sales tend to be crabby.

  • wmcraig

    Very important, Obama seems to be planning to set up shop in California when he is done with avoiding the Executive Mansion. So, if he is planning to continue his political objective of fundamentally changing America he might need to insure that the citizens in his chosen headquarters are not better armed then the youth he is bringing in to support him.

  • dxsmopuim

    “These reasons were expanded to include people who are behind on state taxes, did not pay toll fees in a “timely” manner and a wide range of other minor misdemeanors”
    That right there would make me refuse to ever pay another fine, fee or tax again as long as I lived. I’ve already stopped paying my personal property taxes right here in Missouri. Stopped paying my license plate fee’s. Stopped paying traffic ticket fines. I will not support this system of government in any way shape or form for as long as I live ! MOLON LABE !