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Obama to Violate Constitution Again on Gun Control

By , August 28, 2013.

It is amazing that President Obama can public announce that he plans on violating the Constitution and ignoring the system of checks and balances set up by the Founding Fathers and it isn’t one of the biggest news stories of the day. Yet this is exactly what happened. He has decided he will pass his own version of gun control without the US Congress and said so publicly to a meeting of US mayors.

Yesterday, the President held a closed door meeting with a group of mayors, all Democrats, to discuss youth violence and how to stop it. Overwhelmingly, these liberals all agreed the only course was more gun control legislation. The only problem with that is that the US Congress has shown real backbone over protecting Second Amendment rights and it is very unlikely the kinds of gun control they are seeking would ever get passed into law.

Obama said not to worry. Since Congress won’t do it, he’ll take executive action where needed to reduce gun violence. That’s right; he is going to mandate his own unilateral laws, in violation of the Second Amendment, since Congress has sided with the citizens over his liberal agenda.

He did say he will continue to press Congress on getting what he called “common-sense” reforms passed the legal way, including his gun registry program, but he made it clear that will not stop him and his war on the Second Amendment.

  • Steve

    He’s such a disgrace to our country, he should be prosecuted to the fullist extent of the law

    • http://Yahoo Bruce

      He is trying to turn America into a Muslim brotherhood and doesn’t seem to care who knows it. When is America people gonna take our country back. It is getting close to no return.

      • A.J. Woodruff

        Arms Muslim brotherhood with REAL assault rifles, then bitches about American’s ‘assault weapons’, which are merely cosmetic hunting rifles.

    • John

      This guys is a joke! A useless, penis-less, no backbone, pussy! A puppet! He should hang himself!

  • Mike Roberson

    Hey Mr. President, KISS MY SOUTHERN ASS!

    • Larry

      he is not president because he can not prove he was born in the USA

      • Sean Pillow

        Like it or not he is president. A fine example of how well our system works. Money can get you anything. But relax a little and relish every Idiotic move he makes while at the same time praying that we survive it. Everything he does sets the example of why minority and special interest groups should not be in power. These times may well go down in history as the darkest days of america but I believe it will be an example of what must never be allowed to happen again. The worse he does the more the point is proven.

  • Chuck

    why isn’t he so interested in voter control….

    • Rich

      because he’s already got all the illegal voters and dead folks voting Democrat multiple times.

  • Rick

    He is a real shithead. A total moron.

  • http://Facebook Jacob Bryant


    • Barb Davidson

      On September 9,2013 the time is near!! Thunder on the Hill…………is coming!!]

    • Kristina Sturgeon

      how dare we stand for our president sitting down to discuss how to stop youth violence! impeachment!

  • http://yahoo Rey

    Pompous Punk!

    • Dirk Diggler


      • DLW

        Classy, what does his race have to do with it? Nancy Pelosi and the likes are in cahoots with violating the second amendment along with upsetting the whole check and balance system. Was the “reggiN” an attempt to show the backwards thinking of this? Don’t step down to this administrations race baiting tactics with such ignorance. Those of us who support the constitution are supposed to be more intelligent than this.

        • Gary

          I agree with you DLW, don’t stoop to their level. The Constitution wasn’t written and signed by ignorant people. We are better than that and those who would try to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights. By the way the President is sworn to Support and Defend the Constitution of The United States of America, so if anything he should be impeached and then imprisoned for making false statements in the first place.

          • Mike

            Problem is, this asshat (Obama) has already made every effort to divide this country, and he’s succeeding on every front. First it was to get democrats against republicans. Then he divided the parties by pushing rich against poor. Now he’s succeeding at further dividing the country by racial origins. He know black people will never accept any white people, but there are a lot of white people that feel sorry for what we did to black people. The real problem is that these white people are too stupid to realize that white people didn’t start slavery, the crime for which they are so ashamed. In fact, it was the Moore’s and Ethiopian pirates that ruled the seas for centuries. They enslaved everyone they came across, and after 2500 years of being slave masters, they became slaves themselves….and now we’re supposed to feel sorry for it. I say, fitting fucking end!

            Racism used to be born from ignorance, now it is born from the action of our dictator. He tells the nation we should weep because an innocent white man was set free after being assaulted by a drugged out black thug because the thug may have, if he screwed the right prostitute, look like his son…and this is to what end other than anger white people?

            Let’s not forget that he has preached anti-colonialism views all throughout his college years, and he developed his religious faith, something that has been the foundation of wars for centuries, at an anti-white church.

            Racism is no longer borne of ignorance, it is borne of action. Black people are murdering white people in the street because Obama said it was wrong Zimmerman was set free, and all these murders are being passed over in the news because they know if they report it, Obama and his CIA will shut down the presses. He’s already done it once. He’ll certainly do it again.

            He’s already destroyed the first amendment and made plans to destroy the second. Only 8 more to go.

  • Louie

    We are all still armed, join a Constitutional militia and they will not be able to enforce it. It is that simple, there is no army large enough that could be brought against the armed masses, For you weak men out there grow a spine.

    • Formerly Proud to be an American

      I think that sounds theoretically plausible. But I honestly do not think it would work in the long run.
      I believe he would follow his present course, which is what he has done every time he runs into an obstacle to his agenda.
      He is going to whip out his Presidential Pen and proceed to write out another executive order, this time making a constitutional militia illegal, and he would probably redefine it as a terrorist organization. Then after successfully labeling it a threat, he would then order the ATF, the NSA, and God only knows what other agencies to take out the malitia members Dead or Alive.

      • Karen

        I think you have it correct. People are ready to go against this administration but lack the organized and practical plan. He is no fool and has a plan to thwart anything citizens may try.

        • Joshua

          He is indeed a fool. A fool isn’t someone who’s stupid, a fool is someone who knows better but does it anyway. We have a nation full of them, If we were doing what we should have years ago, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

    • Kelly

      Louie, where is this Constitutional Militia of which you speak and where do I go to join it.

  • james

    All my fellow americans here, i just wann say i love you all! i aplaude you for exercising your first ammendment, number 2 is on the list, go get it before its too late!

  • Makocee

    But the overwhelming number of Americans will continue to suppor this worthless man, because they now are sucking on the teet of the government handouts. And as more and more people decide to live off the government, then he gets more and more support.

  • Dennis Struble

    Why the hell doesn’t Congress just go home!!!!!

  • warren garrison

    lemme see, checking here, WHO do I have more contempt for, this fool or the ignorant godless fools who put him in office????? This is getting more ridiculous by the day, by the hour. Alllllllllllllll the lives lost in war, the materials, the machinery, the limbs and yet we’re turning into what we supposedly saved others from, a T-Y-R-A-N-T!!!

  • thehutchfiles

    Molon Labe.

  • Wayne Gauthier.

    It just shows that he has no use for OUR Constitution, nor any of the laws that govern this country. He is a foreign born mulatto that has been schooled in socialism and communist dictatorship tactics and will not take no for an answer…He has shown repeatedly that he has no respect for this country, bowing to a Saudi King, apologizing for this country etc. WHY HASN’T ANYONE IN CONGRESS STARTED IMPEACHMENT PROCEDURES to get this dictator wannabe out of office. Do the people in Congress lack the balls to stand up to this person? If not , they all need to be replaced. THINK 2014 AND get it done.

  • edward storm

    Obama is lower than the scum at the bottom of our septict tanks, and sewage systems.. if you are broke,,, get a job or become an entrepeneur. Quit sucking uo to this tyrrant in hopes he will give you things.. he isnt trying to help you. He is trying to make you lose your sense if independence, make you rely on him, and become a dictator .. he bas done nothing but try and strip us of our rights sense he took office!!! We will rise soon!! Enough of your petty bullshit obama.!!! The people make executive decisions in this country!!!! you no good terrorist!!

  • C.L.

    Has as much worth as toilet paper. Constitution trumps E.O. In the end he will not win. Soon enough he will piss off the wrong patriots.

  • Mike

    So, the actual executive orders are:

    “One new policy will end a government practice that lets military weapons, sold or donated by the U.S. to allies, be reimported into the U.S. by private entities, where some may end up on the streets. The White House said the U.S. has approved 250,000 of those guns to be reimported since 2005; under the new policy, only museums and a few other entities like the government will be eligible to reimport military-grade firearms.

    The Obama administration is also proposing a federal rule to stop those who would be ineligible to pass a background check from skirting the law by registering certain guns, like machine guns and short-barreled shotguns, to a corporation or trust. The new rule would require people associated with those entities, like beneficiaries and trustees, to undergo the same type of fingerprint-based background checks as individuals if they want to register those types of guns.”

    Hardly the death of the Second Amendment.

    • Erik

      That may be, but how do these Executive Orders prevent guns from getting into the hand of criminals. More gun control and gun laws aren’t going to help when they already fail to enforce the ones we already have. Secondly, regardless of how they affect the individual or not, these EO’s are against the constitution and thus illegal. That’s the real issue here.

    • Sean Pillow

      Are these same violent teenagers mentioned in the article the one who own the corporations or trusts that you speak of? Smoke and mirrors. The most adamant gun supporter would agree that there are some changes that may well be made, but not by the government. Everyone knows that if they are given an inch they will take a mile. Who in their right mind would support a president who took an oath to “preserve and protect the constitution of the United States” and then spends his entire time in office violating that same constitution and attempting to change it to suit him. When his guards lay down their guns he has the right to ask me lay mine down but not til then.

  • John Ashburn

    IMPEACH !!!!

  • John powers

    What say someone just put a bullet in his thick, Muslim, anti-American skull and be done with him and we can all move on! Just an opinion, or wishful thinking.

    • Susan F.

      Careful John…that could be construed as a threat.

      • scooter

        John’s comment may be the wrong thing to say out loud but there probably is group’s making plans . There is a lot of really serious patriots out there about how he ruling and dictating.

    • http://fb sid hamilton

      Why do you think Biden would be any better. This is not the middle east we vote with pen and paper not 7.62×39.

  • amishmechanic

    IMPEACH HIM!!! Not cause he is a different color but because of what he stands for!! This is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LETS GET OUR FREEDOM BACK!!

  • David Tibbs

    When you use racial slurs, you bring yourself down to their level of race baiting and when you are on their level, they will beat you with experience.

  • mike westerbeck

    please everyone read Mark Levins new book tHE LIBERTY AMENDMENTS It debuted #1 onthe bestseller list real solutions

  • Mark

    It’s only a matter of time before someone snaps and does something crazy. It’s starting to smell like it’s going to be ugly.

  • aj

    We will not go quietly into the night we as Americans will defend our right!!!


    time to vote all assholes out, before they TAKE OUR VOTES AWAY

  • http://facebook JC

    the house and senate are totally incapable of doing anything. this despot will continue to do as he pleases and Hillary will come right behind him. America as we know it will cease to exist . I am beginning to believe the doomsday preppers are not the crazy ones. We are too comfortable, lazy and cowardly to do what our forefathers did!!!!!!

    • Erik

      I’m no “dommsday’er”, but I do believe in being prepared. Some people I know have gotten out of control(it is almost impossible to find ammo in Colorado). I am prepared enough to do exactly as our forefathers did, and more than willing. Uncle Sam spent a great deal of money teaching me things, what better way to put them to use than keeping this countries ideals alive. Contrary to the MSM reporting of Colorado, there are many like me. Lets hope there are across the country.

  • David Boggs

    He must have stopped reading the 2nd amendment about where most liberals do, to protect you from the government, so come get mine!!!

  • Jeff Wernz

    Congress and Senate have made it so sweet on themselves their not going to do anything to jeperdise that!!

    Our “leaders” have made it so sweet fpr themselves their npt going to do anything to jepordise that!

  • fuck you Obama

    this piece of shit knows if we are armed he can’t control us completely, but unarmed we will fall quicker than the twin towers his friends destroyed.

  • SherrysCamera

    Dear Lord. I know how much you love us. Please love this one enough to bring him home and could you hurry?

  • http://Facebook Shauntelle Page

    It’s about time. Congress is stupid for not implementing stricter gun control laws. Anyone can buy a gun and that’s why there’s so much chaos. Stop the crazy psychopaths from purchasing weapons. Stop making it readily available online. Use full ID in order to purchase one and stop selling fucking SMG’s and LMG’s. Who the hell needs a semiautomatic weapon who isn’t at war or in the military? No one. Thank you Obama for doing what millions of idiots wouldn’t.

  • suzi