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Obama to Violate Constitution Again on Gun Control

Obama to Violate Constitution Again on Gun Control

It is amazing that President Obama can public announce that he plans on violating the Constitution and ignoring the system of checks and balances set up by the Founding Fathers and it isn’t one of the biggest news stories of the day. Yet this is exactly what happened. He has decided he will pass his own version of gun control without the US Congress and said so publicly to a meeting of US mayors.

Yesterday, the President held a closed door meeting with a group of mayors, all Democrats, to discuss youth violence and how to stop it. Overwhelmingly, these liberals all agreed the only course was more gun control legislation. The only problem with that is that the US Congress has shown real backbone over protecting Second Amendment rights and it is very unlikely the kinds of gun control they are seeking would ever get passed into law.

Obama said not to worry. Since Congress won’t do it, he’ll take executive action where needed to reduce gun violence. That’s right; he is going to mandate his own unilateral laws, in violation of the Second Amendment, since Congress has sided with the citizens over his liberal agenda.

He did say he will continue to press Congress on getting what he called “common-sense” reforms passed the legal way, including his gun registry program, but he made it clear that will not stop him and his war on the Second Amendment.

2nd Amendment

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