Will the Real Job Statistics Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Job Statistics Please Stand Up?

There have been articles for over a year pointing out the inaccuracy of the Obama Administration’s job numbers, usually looking at the inventive math used to obtain those numbers and accounting tricks to back them up. However, the lies have reached a whole new level as the Administration presses forward with its phony statistics.

The New York Times looked at just one area of the President’s job stimulus and loan programs and caught him red-handed. It looked at $1.6 billion spent under the Agriculture Department’s Rural Development loan program that the Administration has claimed was a flagship success.

Several of the companies listed as success stories were interviews by the Times, and it was discovered that the reported numbers and those told by the businesses themselves did not match. And, in many cases, they were not even close. Here are a few highlights:

  • Carolina ACC received $10.4 million to build a concrete manufacturing plant that was supposed to generate jobs in South Carolina. The Agriculture lists it as creating 197 new jobs in a hard hit, rural part of the state. However, a manager at the plant says the company currently has 10 employees. Also, the government backs 90% of the loans it gives out and the company is headed for bankruptcy, so that money is gone and even those 10 jobs are in doubt.

            Difference: 187 jobs – only 5% of the jobs listed are real

  • Singleteary Food Solutions received $4.36 million, on top of loans from the Small Business Association, and has been shown as the example of job creation by the USDA program with the creation of 334 new jobs. The company, which went out of business in 2011, never employed more than 130 workers.

             Difference: 204 jobs or 38% of what the Administration listed.

  • An unnamed borrower listed by the Agriculture Department’s Inspector General received money to save 400 jobs. The company saved two.

             Difference: 398 jobs or .05% of those listed

These are just a few examples of places where the Administration spent millions of dollars and reported amazing success in job creation and recovery. These were companies it blatantly lied about when reporting job growth. If it lied about these three, how many other new jobs are just smoke and mirrors?

Mr. President, could you please tell us what the real job numbers are now?


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